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Post Reply What do you think will happen at the end of the Future Arcs?
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Posted 8/11/08
I say that Tsuna, Reborn, and the other finally beat Byakuran and Ire and got to the eye machine and power it up so they can get back to the past and they are all inside getting ready to leave and the entire millfore family come charging toward Tsuna and his friend way to stop them from going back to the past and kill them. So Everybody say they going to fight and they don't care if they go back or not but all of a sudden Tsuna just slowly walk out of the machine and go hyper mode and just block the whole machine with his dying will power and say that it not ok if everybody die here they go back to the past and kill Ire and stop all these stuff from happening and Tsuna say he will stay and fight so they can go back to the past. And everybody is screaming, crying, and yelling Tsuna that he can't do that just let them stay and fight too and including Reborn is trying to break out of the Machine to get to Tsuna but can't because it was too strong and. Tsuna turn his back and start thanking everybody for what they done for him and he will never forget them. And thank Reborn for making him into what he is now. And then he just Power up his Dying Will Power to the point his body cause a exploison destorying the entire Millfore family and senting the other back to the past and they watch as Tsuna blow up.

So like this is the perfect way to end the anime a sad ending and they all grow up in the past remembering Tsuna for what he did.

Give me some advice on this plz.
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