The Scare pt1
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Posted 5/28/08 , edited 5/28/08
What would you do if you had to be standing there and watch helplessly has your best friend wastes away to nothing and their hope for survival is very slim? What would you do if every one around you were giving up hope on your friend getting better? What would you do if your best friend was going to die, and you had to decide between life and death for them?

Main Character - Ryeowook
Secondary Characters - Kangin, Heechul, Siwon, Eeteuk, Shindong, Kyuhyun, Yesung, Sungmin, Kibum, Hankyung, Donghae and Eunhyuk
Other Characters - Doctors, Nurses, Manager, and Medics

Kangin - I don’t like it when it rains like this, I don’t get to go outside and have fun.

Heechul - It’s like the saying they have in America, “When it rains it pours.”

Eunhyuk - Where’d you get that? Did you get it from some weather forecast or something?

Siwon - Really funny Eunhyuk, now can I please have some quiet? I think that I’m about to win this card game.

Eeteuk - I really doubt that. You know that you’re really bad at card games. I bet you that Sungmin, Yesung, Donghae, Ryeowook and I all have better hands than you.

Siwon – You’re probably right. I fold!

*Eeteuk and Yesung giggle to each other*

Siwon – What’s so funny?

Eeteuk & Yesung – Nothing!

Ryeowook – I fold too. I just can’t focus on the game right now.

Donghae – Ryeowook hyung, you look really pale. You should go lie down for a while.

Ryeowook – That’s what I plan on doing.

*Ryeowook goes to lie down in the bedroom*

Eeteuk – You know what I’ve noticed? Ryeowook hasn’t been him self lately. He hasn’t eaten much of anything for the past 5 days and whenever he tries to eat something he looks like he’s in a lot of pain. He’s been really tired a lot too.

Sungmin – He’s been wearing really baggy cloths to.

Yesung – Yeah I’ve noticed that too. I wonder if he’s getting a cold?

*The door bell rings*

Shindong – I’ll get it!
Oh Manager hyung! What are you doing here?

Manager – I just stopped by to see how you all are doing.

Everyone – We’re fine!

Manager – Where’s Ryeowook?

Sungmin – He went to go lie down. He said that he wasn’t feeling well, and he hasn’t been eating a lot recently, so something must really be wrong.

Manager – Is he in his room?

Sungmin – Yeah, why? Do you want to talk to him?

Manager – Yes, and I want to see how he is doing too.

Sungmin – He might be sleeping, so please be quiet when you enter.

*The manager goes to Ryeowook’s room to talk to him and to see how he is doing*

Manager – Ryeowook? Are you asleep?

Ryeowook – No (said in a weak, quiet voice)

Manager – Do you think that you’d be up to doing your schedule tomorrow?

Ryeowook – Not really. My head is throbbing, my body is aching, and I have no strength to move at all.

Manager – All right, I’ll cancel you schedule for tomorrow. Just get some rest.

Ryeowook – Yes.

*Manager walks out of the room and quietly closes the door and Ryeowook goes back to trying to fall asleep*

Manager – All of you try to be quiet so that Ryeowook can try and get some extra rest. He will also not be doing his schedule tomorrow; so don’t wake him up early.

Everyone – Got it!

Manager – All of you should try to get to bed at a somewhat reasonable time too.

Everyone – Yes.

*The manager leaves to go back to the office leaving the rest of the Super Junior members by themselves*

Kangin – We all should really get to sleep early like manager hyung said. We all do have big schedules to do tomorrow.

Everyone – All right.

*Everyone gets ready for bed and after every one is done getting ready they all get into their beds and go to sleep*


Eeteuk – Wake up! Come on! Rise and shine!

Kibum –Hyung it’s too early to get up now.

Eeteuk –Come on, get up, we have schedules to do!

Hankyung – Hyung, just five more minuets!

Eeteuk – No! Not in five minuets, not in one minuet. You have to get up now or we’ll all be late!

Everyone – Fine!

*Everyone except Ryeowook gets up and gets prepared for the long and busy day ahead of them*

Heechul – Ryeowook can really sleep. I know that he’s not feeling well and everything but he sure can sleep!

*After the members are all done getting ready, they start to leave to get on the bus*

Siwon – All right everyone lets go!

Donghae – Hang on, I want to tell Ryeowook that we’re leaving now.

Yesung – Hurry up.

*Donghae enters Ryeowook’s room and quietly walks over to his bed. Ryeowook is all curled up like a kitten, breathing lightly and is still pale *

Donghae – Ryeowook? We’re going now. Try to eat something OK?

Ryeowook – Have a good time and don’t worry I’ll try to eat something (Says in a whisper so low that Donghae almost didn’t hear him)

Yesung – Come on we’re all waiting!

Donghae – Coming!

*All of the members except Ryeowook leave for their day*
*After about an hour and a half, after the rest of the members left for the day, Ryeowook gets up and goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water*

Ryeowook – Why am I so tired lately?
I feel so weak.

*Ryeowook gets the glass of water and is about to take a sip when his legs all of a sudden give out from under him. The glass of water breaks on the floor and the water goes all over the place. Ryeowook is lying on the floor in a puddle of water, having a hard time breathing*

Ryeowook – Help me! Please! Someone please help me! (He says in a weak, quiet voice while trying to breathe)

*Kangin, Sungmin, Kyuhyun, and Kibum are all at their schedule together, when Kangin decides to call Ryeowook to see if he is up and how he is feeling*

Kangin – Hey! Im going to call Ryeowook, please be quiet.

*Ryeowook who is struggling to breathe on the kitchen floor could not get up to get the phone*

Kangin – I guess that he’s still sleeping. Oh well, we’ll just let him sleep then.

*Kangin, Sungmin, Kyuhyun, and Kibum come back from their long day about 7 hours after Ryeowook got up*

Kangin – I can’t wait until I get to eat something. I’ve been starving all day long.

Kyuhyun –Speaking about eating something, I hope that Ryeowook ate something today. Because he hasn’t been eating maybe that’s the reason he’s been so sick lately.

Sungmin – I hope that he has at least gotten up and walked around a little bit.

Kibum – Well, when we get up to the room, we’ll have to see how he’s doing.
*Kangin takes his keys and opens the front door. Kangin and Sungmin go to the kitchen to prepare dinner while Kibum goes to the bathroom and Kyuhyun goes to Ryeowook’s room to see how he is doing*

*Sungmin finds Ryeowook struggling to breathe in a pool of water and sweat*


Ryeowook – You came. You really came. Please help. (In an extremely quiet whisper while struggling to form the words)

Sungmin – Don’t talk right now just stay quiet!

* Kibum and Kyuhyun come running over to find Ryeowook. They both quickly pick him up with the assistance of Kangin and move him to the sofa in the living room*

Sungmin – What should we do?

Kangin – Kibum, where is the thermometer?

Kibum – In the medicine cabinet and Kyuhyun, can you get a bowl of lukewarm water and a towel?

Kyuhyun – Yeah, I’ll be right back!

*Kangin goes to get the thermometer, and Kyuhyun goes to get the bowl of water and the towel, while Kibum takes out his cell phone and calls Eeteuk and the rest of the members*

Kibum – Eeteuk, I’ve got bad news!

Eeteuk – What? What is it? Did something happen?

Kibum – Yeah! Kangin and Sungmin found Ryeowook passed out in the kitchen and he’s having a hard time breathing. We’re taking his tempeture and we’re about to put a wet towel on his head what else should we do?

Eeteuk – Tilt his bead back to help him get air and just wait until the rest of us get home. We’re going to leave right now! If his condition doesn’t get better by the time we get home we should call the ambulance.

Kibum – OK, but hurry home, I’m really worried about him; he’s really having a hard time breathing!

*After about 20 minuets Heechul, Siwon, Eeteuk, Shindong, Kibum, Donghae, Hankyung, Yesung and Eunhyuk arrive at the apartment and burst through the door to find Ryeowook with his head tilted back and a wet towel on his forehead still struggling to breathe*

Everyone – Ryeowook!
Is he okay?
What happened?

Eeteuk – Kibum, has he gotten any better?

Kibum – No and if you ask me it seems like he’s gotten worse!

Eeteuk – If you think that he’s gotten worse we should really call the ambulance.

Shindong – I’ll go call them!

*Shindong can be heard in the background saying ‘Yes! We need an ambulance right away to apartment building 15, room number 384 on the 6th floor. My friend passed out and is having a really hard time breathing! Yes we tilted his head back and have a wet towel on his forehead. Please come quickly!*

Eeteuk – Kangin, when you took his tempeture what was it?

Kangin – It was around 37-48 °C, somewhere in between there. I think it was 46 °C.

*After two and a half minuets there is a knock on the door. Hankyung runs to that door and opens it and two men with a stretcher come bursting into the room.

Hankyung – Please help him! (Says in Chinese because he is so worried)

Medic1 – We have to get him to the hospital immediatley! If we wait any longer this could become very bad.

Medic2 – Understood! First make sure that he is secured on the stretcher so he doesn’t fall off.
Which one of you would like to come in the ambulance with him?

Donghae – I’ll go with him.

Medic2 – OK, then please hurry up!

Donghae – Yes sir!
You guys follow us in the car and we’ll meet at the hospital!

Everyone – Got it!

Medic2 – Come on we have to hurry!

Donghae – Yes sir!

*As the paramedics bring Ryeowook out on the stretcher to the ambulance, Donghae thinks he hears Ryeowook say, “Don’t leave me”*

Donghae – Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying right here (Donghae thinks to himself)

*As the ambulance starts towards the hospital, the rest of the Super Junior members are in the car following closely behind them*

Medic2 – Listen to what I say. I need you to help me get him stable while I try to get some IV’s in his arm.

Donghae – Yes sir.

Medic2 – OK. First I need you to take these scissors and cut right down the center of his shirt so that you can get his heart rate.

Donghae – Yes sir.

Medic2 – Then I need you to put these two pads on him. One goes on his left chest the other on his right. Then just hit this button to turn the monitor on. Can you do that?

Donghae – Yes sir.

*Donghae does as he is told and cuts Ryeowook’s shirt off and takes his heart rate. He doesn’t notice how thin Ryeowook is because he is to focused on helping his friend*

Medic2 – All right, his heart rate is pretty quick. Just keep an eye on that monitor and let me know if anything changes.

Donghae – Yes sir.

*When the ambulance reaches the hospital the paramedics rush Ryeowook to the Emergency Room and tell Donghae to wait in the waiting area*

Medic1 – We have a male, age 20, barely conscious, has a tempeture of 46.3 °C, and is having a hard time breathing.

Doctor – All right get an IV in him and get a chest tube kit and see if that helps his breathing.

Nurse1 – Yes sir.

*But when the nurse tries to give him the IV, Ryeowook, who is scared of needles, starts struggling trying to keep his arm away from the nurse*

Nurse1 – Doctor if we’re going to get an IV in him we’re going to need to restrain him or else we can’t do anything.

Doctor – Don’t worry about the IV right now! Just focus on getting his breathing under control.
But first sedate him or else we can’t do anything.

Nurse2 – Yes sir

*The nurse sedates Ryeowook and after about 5 minuets he begins to relax his body but he is still having trouble breathing*

Doctor – You can now start to insert the breathing tube to help his breathe easier.

*The nurse begins to make the 1-2 cm incision but just as she is about to start Ryeowook starts having a seizure. His muscles begin to tighten up and he begins to convulse. Ryeowook is now breathing in very loud gasps. Two other doctors ruch into the room. After 3 minuets of not being able to do anything Ryeowook’s muscels begin to loosen up and his body begins to stop moving. Ryeowook’s heart beat is now rapid and weak due to reastricted circulation. One nurse gives Ryeowook medicen for his heart while another nurse makes the 1-2 cm incision just under his left arm and inserts the breathing tube. Ryeowook’s heart rate returns to normal but immediately blood starts to come from his lung. The nurses and the doctor drain the blood and hope that he will breathe easier now. When Ryeowook shows no signs of his breathing improving the doctor turns on the ventilator to help with Ryeowook’s breathing. The nurse then goes to the waiting area to talk to rest of Super Junior and their manager to tell them about Ryeowook’s condition*

Nurse1 – You are all Ryeowook’s friends?

Everyone – Yes! Is he all right?
Is he going to be okay?
What’s going to happen?
What’s wrong with him?

Nurse1 – Ryeowook just had a seizure but he is fine now. We do not know what caused it but there should be no more. We just inserted a chest tube, also, to help with his breathing. We want to do a MRI and a CAT scan but he is much to weak right now, so over the next couple of days we will let him regain his strength and then we will do the MRI and the CAT scan and progress from there.

Hankyung – What is his condition right now?

Nurse1 – His condition is not life threatening at the moment but his condition is critical.

Shindong – Can we see him?

Nurse1 – Yes, but you can only see him for 10 minuets at most.

*The nurse then leads Super Junior and their manager to Ryeowook’s room in the ICU so that they can see him*

Nurse1 – Remember you can only see him for 10 minuets.

Everyone – Yes Madam.

Please look for part 2
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