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Posted 5/28/08
My Falling Love

Just as much as a chance,
Under the blue sky,
The miracle of that meaning is ecstasy
Don’t release your grip, don’t let go.

Oh my falling love,
My skin is wet down there from the glittering sea.
Oh my falling love,
A love parade for you

Those sparkling footsteps,
I want to come with you to the ocean.
Oh God, oh yeah,
Oh God, please come in my mouth.

Reminder: To those who understand the poem hidden meaning, please keep a secret among yourselves....^-^
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F / Canada
Posted 6/1/08
Haha, nice poem~ By the way, the reader isn't supposed to understand the hidden meaning...that is personal and should be the poet's secret alone. Lovely rhythm~^^ Strange use of the word ecstasy, but i guess it's YOUR choice~ ^^ Keep writing~
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22 / F / On chair, decidin...
Posted 6/20/08
Meh ignore them!!! I think the unique wording of ecstacy was great!!!! And also, i get what u were saying about the "hidden meaning". I hope people who r really young aren't reading this........^^
Posted 7/12/08
Hahaha...lets hope so....^_^
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29 / M / Michigan, USA
Posted 7/13/08
o.o uhm... yeah nice poem
Really enjoyed the wording, and the feeling behind it.

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