what should i watch
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Posted 5/28/08
well im a very picky person ,i usually only watch thing that i can really get into and start to really develop feelings for the characters,but lately i have just been going from anime to anime .
i was hoping if you peopl could tell me anbout an anime that has theses following thigs
1)has more then 15 pisodes
2)has characters that i will love but some i will truley hate ,from the bottom of my soul(saskue<error>)
3)something that doesnt have a lot of fillers
4)sommthing with alot of action
6)some kind of cool powers
8)cute ,not too slutty characters(ex.bleach)
9)you can throw some things in that you think would make up a awesome anime

^__^-very picky girl
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Posted 5/28/08
No personal thread
Posted 5/28/08
Use this

Recommend me an Anime! **Read First Post!**

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Posted 5/28/08
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