Rockin a 200+ IQ, some kinda Steven Hawking sh1t
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Posted 5/28/08 , edited 5/28/08
Just got done taking an IQ test, turns out my brain is pretty damn jacked with intelligence n sh1t. Aint no one got an IQ like me, the same genes that regulate my muscles geting swoled up musta leaked into my brain or some sh1t cause im getting smarter every damn day.

I always knew my brain was jacked, aalways coming up with crazy assed plans,. You dont become top dog just crackin skulls, gotta work the people, mould their minds with yours, subconcious sh1t. Police got a hundred criminologists all over me, profiling n sh1t, trying to get inside my head, im a damn criminal mastermind. they aint gonna work out sh1t, im alway fifty steps ahead. Hell, im a puppetmaster and i got the whole pussy assed police force on soem strings son. Making em dance like b1tches

Dont even gotta to read books for me to learn stuff either, i jsut know it. At school teachers were filling my head with sh1t about being the next einstein, took me to some college knowledge contest. Me versus the 10 best students they had to offer. I schooled their b1tch asses, shoulda seen their bfaces, they couldnt believe the kinds sh1t i was coming out with, like a walking encyclopedia with 17's. College gave me an honorary Phd there and then, begged me to teach there, couldnt afford my ass.

Probably get my genius self on some game show, like jeopardy or some sh1t, blow their ****ing minds with my 200 IQ's, earn a couple million. Probably make host what with my strong assed Polish good looks, be the countrys number one show.
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Posted 5/28/08
Well since you are so smart, maybe you can find a way not to keep posting these pointless threads?

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