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[KHR] What is your favorite pairing?
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Posted 5/28/08 , edited 5/28/08
Mods told me to put it as a poll (though I think it'd be better if it weren't considering how many pairing choices there are.....)

Just to keep away flamers.....>.>''' Be it het, yaoi, or yuri, what is your favorite pairing of KHR? (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

And just as a disclaimer for non-BL fans, Amano already stated this at an interview:

(Taken from the LJ comm I hope this is allowed there....)

Fan: Hello! This is Kasuya Shou. Is this Amano Akira-san?

Amano: Hello Kasuya-kun. It's nice to meet you.

Fan: Nice to meet you too! It's neat to be talking to you, I honestly didn't expect to get through.

Amano: Yeah, the interview's almost over so there have been a lot of calls. Well, do you have anything you'd like to ask?

Fan: Yeah, it's not so much related to the story but, what sort of impressions do you have about your fans? I know most of the Reborn fans are girls, but I'm sure there are other guys who like this manga besides me/I hope I'm not alone (he's joking around on the last phrase)

Amano: *chuckles* Well, I suppose most people have guessed by now that this manga is aimed towards girls.

Fan: Yeah, your characters are like that. But I still like the manga for the story and fights/I sound stereotypical (note: What is with this batch of questions and double meanings? >< He means that he likes the fight scenes, which is stereotypical of boys)

Amano: Well, I'm glad there are so many people who like my manga. It gives me inspiration to keep drawing and gets me through the chapters, especially when the dealines coming up and I want to just give up sometimes.

Fan: Good luck Amano-sensei! (note: also means don't give up, he's basically just cheerin her on)

Amano: *laughs* Thank you. I appreciate my fans more than anything else. This manga is for them to read and enjoy. I like reading all of my fanmails and looking through the fanart as well. As you said, most of my fans are girls, and I suppose I do cater to them in the manga *chuckles* (note: really Amano? I never knew; I mean, I only melted in a puddle of goo after I saw TYL Mukuro XD) But I"m also glad there are boys reading my manga, because they provide the best feedback on my fight scenes, which I appreciate greatly.

Fan: Aw, thank you Amano-san! I think your manga is doing great.

Amano: Thanks, that means a lot. Well, thank you for calling.

Fan: Thank you for your time, and good luck!

Okay? So she made KHR in the thought of it being for the female audience. xDDD So what's your favorite pairing?

Mine's basically x27 (everyone with Tsuna) except with S, Lussuria, Ryo, Ken, Chikusa, or other Varia without Xanxus. Then there's of course 6918 and 8018 and 8059 and BelMammon and XS and D18 and SD and.........yeah.

But my OTP is 1827~ xDDDD <-- for those who aren't that familiar to the number system~ -_-|||

If you like a pairing that's not up there, then put it here~ Be it angsty pairings, crack pairings, normal pairings, whatever is welcome!!! xDDD
Posted 5/28/08
stupid girl

post this at the poll section!

not in the anime section

-reported again!
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Posted 5/28/08
If she made a shonen that is aimed at girls , then she just might be the dumbest person alive . It doesn't matter though , as the mangaka's have no say in which their demographic is .

Maybe that's why the show has gotten horrible ratings in Japan and still hasn't been licensed yet . It makes sense when the mangaka says something as ridiculous as you posted . Although i still have doubts that the convo actually happened .
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Posted 5/28/08 , edited 5/28/08
cant understand those "numbers"

i do like tsuna and hibari..
tsuna is supposed to be the strongest of them all.. but hes also scared of hibari

and hibari is probably the strongest of all the guardians but don't like crowds...
so i'd like to see how they pair up

might as well..
maybe we can pair up reborn with arcabaleno or lambo just to watch babies kick ass or some laughs in the case of lambo
Posted 5/28/08
I like Tsuna/Chrome.
They're adorable! X3
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Posted 8/22/08
Risa and Otani.
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Posted 7/4/09
i LOVE 3318
but... its pretty rare
for someone to like it...
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