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who is your H!S!J....?
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25 / F / Over the Rainbow~
Posted 6/9/08 , edited 6/10/08
Yabu Kota - my sex buddy lol

Yaotome Hikaru - Childhood friend (really fun)

Inoo Kei - my Ex Boyfriend (he was just too sexii lol)

Takaki Yuya - my privite tutor~~~ lol

Arioka Daiki - Good friends (because both or names have "Ari" in it)

Nakajima Yuto - My one and only love 4EVER!!

Yamada Ryosuke - My neighbor & best friend for LIFE (he's soo cool & i'd want him to like me)

Chinen Yuri - not much of a little bro~ more like a cousin (i'd want him to say "im going to get my cousin to beat you up!") lol

Okamoto Keito - Big Brother (i love how he takes good care of chii and ryutaro)

Morimoto Ryutaro - little bro (i wanna hug him & i'd want him to look up to me)
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24 / F / moon
Posted 6/10/08 , edited 6/11/08
1. Yabu Kota- my senpai

2. Yaotome Hikaru - my boyfriend! lol! ^^

3. Inoo Kei- my big bro!

4. Takaki Yuya- my cousin!

5. Arioka Daiki- my boyfriends' best friend! ^^

6. Nakajima Yuto- my BEST friend!

7. Yamada Ryosuke- my best friend!

8. Chinen Yuri- my lil bro by 3 days! haha!

9. Okamoto Keito- my chatmate in english! :)

10. Morimoto Ryutaro- my lil bro!!
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24 / F
Posted 6/10/08 , edited 6/11/08
You never Know this could all be TRUE!!! lol (of course it's not true......yet XD )

1. Yabu Kota - Someone i can talk to

2. Takaki Yuya - My older brother

3. Inoo Kei - My Next door neighbor

4. Yaotome Hikaru - A close friend, because he's my sister's boyfriend!! (wow i wonder how Takaki took that)

5. Arioka Daiki - My cuddle buddy!!

6. Okamoto Keito - We talk to each other in english when the others get us mad

7. Yamada Ryosuke - My Boyfriend!! it's love, trust me, it's love!! XD we also have the same classes

8. Nakajima Yuto - My bestest friend, we have the same classes too

9. Chinen Yuuri - My Play buddy who likes to be spoiled

10. Morimoto Ryutaro - My cousin >.< so cute!
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23 / F / philippines
Posted 6/11/08 , edited 6/11/08
1.Yabu Kota- my big brother....

2.Yaotome Hikaru-my funny brother...

3.Inoo Kei-my lovable,and cute boyfriend.....awww!

4.Takaki Yuya-my father,,,

5.Arioka Daiki-my cousin..

6.Nakajima Yuto-yuri & my bestfriend....

7.Yamada Ryosuke[-my neighbor..

8.Chinen Yuri-my lovable,cute,kind,SUPER HUSBAND!!!!chiii!!!!!!!!i love you!!!

9.Okamoto Keito-my classmate,,,,hahaha...

10.Morimoto Ryutaro-my bestfriend....

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25 / F / The Great White N...
Posted 7/4/08 , edited 7/5/08
1. Yabu Kota - My Boyfriend <3

2. Yaotome Hikaru - My Best Friend

3. Inoo Kei - Also one of my best friend

4. Takaki Yuya - My Big Bro :3

5. Arioka Daiki - Neighbor (Very good friends x])

6. Nakajima Yuto - My 2nd Boyfriend? xD (I dunno who to choose Dx! )

7. Yamada Ryosuke - Very close friend and classmate

8. Chinen Yuri - Cousin (Aha xP would be cute)

9. Okamoto Keito - Also a very close friend and also a classmate

10. Morimoto Ryutaro - My little bro :3
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Posted 7/5/08 , edited 7/5/08
1. Yabu Kota - my cool big brother that all my girl friends have a crush on...

2. Yaotome Hikaru - close friend...the joker of our group~

3. Inoo Kei - childhood crush--turned friend...hehe <3

4. Takaki Yuya
- my BEST friend...i think we have the same sense of humor...?

5. Arioka Daiki - LOVER!! <33333

6. Nakajima Yuto - my best friend of a certain class...but not really outside of that class...?

7. Yamada Ryosuke - my school partner...project partner...or like a science buddy?

8. Chinen Yuri - my little brother!! wait...he's older than me, so my older brother that i treat like a younger brother!

9. Okamoto Keito - pretty much same as certain-class best know, like if you don't have your best friends in a class, you hang out with a different group there?

10. Morimoto Ryutaro
- the young, cute friend of the group of buddies~ you gotta have one of those!
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23 / F
Posted 7/5/08 , edited 7/5/08
Yabu Kota-my best brother
Yaotome Hikaru-my close friend..make me smile when i'm sad
Inoo kei-my lovely boyfriend
Takaiki Yuya-my second best brother
Arioka Daiki-[/red]my neighbor..
Nakajima yuto- my handsome friend..
red]Yamada Ryosuke-
my ex
chinen yuurimy cute partner everytime and everywhere
Okamoto Keito-my best classmate
Morimoto Ryutaro-my scare little brother...young but mature..
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25 / F / Always by Yuto's...
Posted 7/16/08 , edited 7/16/08
1. Yabu Kota- My neighbor. I'm scared of him. He looks so fierce and not friendly. So just neighbors is a good relationship.

2. Yaotome Hikaru - My brother. For surely, my life at home wouldn't be so boring with him.

3. Inoo Kei- My 2nd brother. With Hikaru as my first brother, Kei will surely balance our home. A funny brother [Hikaru] and a serious one [Kei]. Nice household.

4. Takaki Yuya- Hmmm...This is hard. Yuya can be my brothers' best friend. We rarely see each other but when we meet, we're like friends and stuff. You get what I mean?

5. Arioka Daiki- My best friend. He's a year older than me. So I think we can get along well.

6. Nakajima Yuto- MY FOREVER AND EVER HUSBAND!!!! It's simple....Because I love him so.

7. Yamada Ryosuke- My pet. Isn't he so cute?

8. Chinen Yuri- My other best friend. I guess he's fun to be with.

9. Okamoto Keito- My other neighbor. It's just that his aura is not really inviting. Or, he can be my english buddy.

10. Morimoto Ryutaro- My little brother. OMG! WHAT A HAPPY FAMILY WE ARE NEH?
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23 / F
Posted 7/16/08 , edited 7/16/08
Haha, you got me started. xD

1. Yabu Kota - My tutor. (no matter how smart he REALLY is.)

2. Takaki Yuya - My older brother.

3. Inoo Kei - My best friend.

4. Yaotome Hikaru - Lmfao! xD My cousin.

5. Arioka Daiki - My..playmate.

6. Okamoto Keito - My best friend.

7. Yamada Ryosuke - My husband. &&Chef.

8. Nakajima Yuto - My fashion indicator.

9. Chinen Yuuri - My neighbor. HAHA. I'm going to be in his house every give minutes.

10. Morimoto Ryutaro - My little brother. Awww. <3
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69 / F
Posted 7/19/08 , edited 7/20/08
1. Yabu Kota - My,...distant..cousin?


3. Inoo Kei - MY BOYFRIEND AND SOON TO BE HUSBAND!!! [mine.hehehe]

4. Takaki Yuya - My next-next-next-door neighbour

5. Arioka Daiki - My Classmate who sits beside me so i can copy all his notes =)

6. Nakajima Yuto - My good friend and classmate

7. Yamada Ryosuke - My brother =)

8. Chinen Yuri - My,..Pet HAMSTER =)

9. Okamoto Keito - My next-next-next-next-next-next-next-next door neighbour~

10. Morimoto Ryutaro - My little brother =)
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