Best Anime character of the year!
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Posted 5/29/08

Objectives :

- to have fun

- to know whose the best among the rest

- to know the interests of each CR members..

. .!Time is GOLD!. .

Nominies :

#1 Killua

Killua is the bestfriend of Gon...Killua is a 12yrs. old boy...Who lives in Kunkuruu Mountain..
He'd been seeking for a good atmosphere to live and to socialize...
Though he was born from a Assassin Family...
Though his family is a popular Assassin Group and killed a thousands of people..

Will he be able to change his background??
Will he be suit this award??(BEST ANIME OF THE YEAR)

#2 Naruto

Naruto is a 15yrs. old boy who live and grown to KONOHA...Where he learned to be friendly,kindful,respectful....
Though he met new friends still there's one more part of his life that was so negative...
That Sasuke is now taken by Orochimaru...
Though his not responsible to his tasks sometimes,...
Will his kindness to other will be enough to take the reward of being Best Anime Character??

#3 Ueki

#4 Sakura

#5 Vincent

upto now....five nominies were only nominated this time...for the others...pls...give me a message or guestboook me if you have any suggestions to add a new nominies of anime characters....okay???

to the others,vote now!!!reply on this post!!and we will count the votes to know the winning anime of this year..

only for 1 month!!!

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im gonna burst your bubble. . .

there's gonna be a anime award by some other user. . .
so making this is useless

Posted 5/29/08
and agree to ^
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No personal threads, no verses threads. This is also a duplicate thread.

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