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I guess....
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Posted 5/29/08
Did it ever occur to you that the anime you know to day was a product of boredom during the post-world war II era of Japan? Much of they style can be attributed to the pop-art culture of American cartoons during the time, some notables include Betty Boop, Felix the Cat, and many others.

People who complain that they have "large eyes" and the like are simply reflecting an artifact of pop-cultural America's cartoon styles that have lived through the decades. If you're making a comparison between cartoons and actual people, I'm sorry to say that you have no basis, whatsoever, and your assumption is nothing short of silly.

In addition, these pictures of anime you're showing is just a small fraction of the large artistic base of which forms anime. For the Japanese, anime isn't about appearance ~ it's about expression. And that's what makes a notable difference between how the Japanese perceive Anime as more than simply a "cartoon", by Western Standards.

Suffice it to say, I'm sorry to have to tell you that your thread has no basis, and has just proved how little you know about Anime, in general. Sorry.

~ Locked
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