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Posted 5/29/08
On the 27th, Newsen conducted an interview with SM Entertainment's new contemporary boy band SHINee, in which the 5 members revealed their casting stories.

Tae Min (youngest 14): "I started dancing since 3rd grade. I always loved to dance and when I heard that SM Entertainment was holding auditions, I rushed to go try out. I was lucky and got casted. Even now, whenever I have time, I'm always watching dance videos to learn new moves."

Ohn Yoo (leader): "As soon as I entered high school, I felt that I really wanted to sing, I fell in love with music. People around me also kept telling me that I sing pretty well, so I decided that I wanted to become a singer and enlisted in the SM Academy. From there, I was casted and am now a part of SHINee."

Key: "When I was in Kindergarten, I chose "singer" as my future dream occupation. When SM Entertainment held auditions, I tried out."

Min Ho: "I was road casted by chance. Even as a child, I always loved preforming for others, so when I was casted by luck, I was extremely happy."

Jong Hyun: "Ever since middle school, I was actively involved in various bands and performed at many competitions to further my skills. Luckily, at one of the competitions, an SM Entertainment representative was watching and I got casted."

The SHINee members also stated, "When we first met and were under training, we didn't really talk much to each other. We were all very young and we even got into a couple fights with each other, but we think that's pretty normal for all trainees."
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Posted 5/29/08
Korean Fanboard 2008-05-29 오전 3:35:00

Hello I am SHINee's almighty key, Key.

First, thank you very much for your interest in our SHINee!' -'*
Today we had an interview with YTN stage.
As our schedule comes, seeing all the fans' messages gives us a lot strength^_^-
From now on, please watch over us ♪

Noona is so pretty'-'*

Korean Fanboard 2008-05-29 오전 3:53:00

Hello. I am SHINee's Bling Bling JongHyun.


I'm calling for...

Handy Boy....


So that's it -

Korean Fanboard 2008-05-29 오전 4:08:00

Hello I am SHINee Handy Boy TaeMin~!!~^^;;;

I'm sorry..;;TT Everyone has been working hard to write for us
In here.... it's been a really long time since I wrote,..
From now on, I'll write truly with fun~~!^^
Ah! And thank you very much for all your support from the beginning~!~!~
" This is Handy Boy TaeMin~~!!!^^;;; "

Korean Fanboard 2008-05-29 오전 4:02:00

Hello^^ I am SHINee's Leader ONew ~
We can..reply to anyone..
Really, do not be grieved TT_TT!
Today was truly a fun day ~
Today~how was it?
Ah, yesterday..? Yesterday.. We had too much fun~
Thank you very very much for your never-ending support~
We'll become a SHINee who always works hard ^^
-Sincerely, ONew-

Korean Fanboard 2008-05-29 오전 4:24:00

Hello~ I am SHINee's Flaming Charisma MinHo!

It's really been a long time since I last wrote! Have you been waiting long??
I often only read.... so I made a sudden appearance
Everyone be more happy!

From now on, I'll become MinHo who writes more!
Will all the fans spare my writing even more? I believe it!!!

Then, Flaming Charisma is leaving........

Source: SHINee Official Site
Translation Credit: heygingersnap
Credit: SHINee Forums -
Source Finder: heygingersnap
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Posted 5/29/08
This should actually go first so it can be in chronological order but i'll put it here anyway:

SHINee, "After the first debut performance, cried heavy emotional tears in the backstage room"
May 28, 2008

After their first debut performance, SHINee shed emotional tears.

In a May 28 interview with Newsen, SHINee member JongHyun said, "After our first debut performance, to us those difficult minutes passed us by like a movie film," and "All those moments were dazed in my head."In the backstage room we were doing our individual interviews, and all of a sudden we thought of our parents and cried."

"It was very emotional. From then on, we vowed to continue to be more hard-working," and "I shed tears but the other members cried from their hearts," he recalls from their stage debut.

On May 22, their debut album title song "Noona Is So Pretty" was released to the public and on May 23, the album was officially released. SHINee had their first debut performance on May 25's SBS 'Inkigayo.' They are under 'idol birthplace' SM Entertainment and they caught attention as a band from their debut performance, to the eyes and ears of interested people and fans.

SHINee said, "In the backstage room while we were waiting our turn, we were trembling so much and our faces became very white."

"But in reality when we got up on the stage, we knew we had to move our bodies and mouths," and "After we got down from the stage, we didn't see how embarrassing it was on the monitor. On our first stage it seemed really bad," they said.

After the 'Inkigayo' first broadcasting, SHINee had a fan meeting. 'Inkigayo' is in SBS TungChon-Dong public hall, and at a neighborhood park they quickly prepared a fan meeting. SHINee experienced their popularity when they saw 800 fans.

"We are stunned to see so many fans come," and "We debuted at a very young age, so we met many noona fans. Different idol groups hear the sound of 'oppa,' but we heard many encouraging remarks like 'work hard, do well,'" they said with smiles on their faces.

SHINee is a band consisting of five male student members from ages 14~18: JongHyun, MinHo, TaeMin, ONew, and Key.

Bright SHINee has been prepared as a contemporary band concept, and their aspiration is to be a lead with their song and of course trends. All members have spent more than 3 years at SM and received intense high training to be the new group called 'SHINee.'

Source: Newsen
Translation Credit: heygingersnap
Credit: SHINee Forums -
Source Finder: heygingersnap
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Posted 5/29/08
How they got casted
* Taemin started dancing since the 3rd grade! So oneday he heard about the SM casting and auditioned. He luckily got picked....and till this day, he searches for dance videos and learns from them.
* Onew entered middle school and suddenly realized that he wanted to sing. He heard from others that he sang pretty well and so he applied for SM academy, where he got casted.
* Key is from Daegu, S. Korea. Since kindergarten, his dream was to become a singer. When SM was having a audtion in Daegu, he auditioned and got casted.
* Minho got street casted. Since he was young, he loved to show people his talent and his dream to become a singer was very big."
*Jonghyun was involved in a band during middle school and performed in many events. Oneday, he perfomed in some competition and an SM worker casted him.

During their trainee days
* During their trainee days, the 5 members only greeted eachother and had little conversations.
* Because of their young age and different personalities, the members would get into small arguments
* Since all of the members had such strong individuality, they had to try to match along with one another.
* But now, they are like family and their team harmony is the best!!

* After their debut stage on SBS inkigayo, Jong hyun cried at the thought of his parents. It was him who cried, but he said that the other members probably cried with their hearts deep down inside.
* While they were waiting in their waiting room, the members were so nervous that they forgot their lyrics and dance.
* Once they got on stage, their body and mouth started moving for themselves.
* After they finished their debut performance, the memebers were so embarrassed that they didn't even monitor their own performance.
* They were suprised at the amount of fans that attended their fanmeeting.
* Because they are so young, they had alot of Nuna fans at their fanmeeting. Other male singers hear alot of "Oppa" but Shinee heard alot of
"Good job guys" "You guys did well" from their nuna fans.

Other random facts
* They said TVXQ is "The star their were dreaming of becoming". They said, they respect TVXQ.
*As soon as Wonder girl's "So Hot" and BB Taeyang's "Look only at me" came out, they all heard it together. After they heard it, all they thought in their head was " this song is really good."

credit: Daum + Me (qt-princess @ soompi forums)
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Posted 5/29/08
Fanboard 2008-05-29 오후 9:51:00

Hi I'm SHINee's Handy Boy Taemin~!!~^^;;;

We'll work on our health. Thank you so much!

We have a nice stage today, tomorrow we'll show you!!^^

Translation ; shin;bi
Credit SHINee Forums -
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Posted 5/29/08
2008.05.29 l 10:44 PM
"Hello. I am SHINee's Youngest Member, Taemin!

It's weird... The posts I write always go to the back...

I can't find it anywhere...;;

Is my typing slow???

My typing (Words per minute) is about 300. Everyone, how much is your typing (Words per minute)???

I want to see my writing... Hehe...;;"

Translator: 'r.ay
Source Finder: 'r.ay

Taemin is so funny!!
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Posted 5/29/08
Fanboard 2008.05.30 l 12:09 AM

"[From. Tae Min] Hello! I am SHINee's youngest member, Taemin~!

Everyone [Geul Ae Det] leaving writers, the time seems to go by really quickly (Couldn't translate three letters)

Since I think too much on what to write, writing one by one is taking too long, isn't it?? TT TT

From now on, I will work hard to write faster~! ^^;;; Hehe..

Recently, we're working hard to rehearse on live practice and even after our schedule ends, we come back to the practice room~!!

After practice if we have some time we come here too

We read all your postings and sometimes we even leave posts too~!! ^^;;;

But even after we post, we can't seem to find it... Where do you think it went 0_0;;??

This is a picture that was taken with leader Onew Hyung right before our First Broadcast Performace.

We were actually really nervous... But now we gained strength from all the support.

Then, I will now go with my hyungs to practice~~ ^^

Please sleep early tonight...~^^;;;"

Translator: 'r.ay
Source Finder: 'r.ay
Forum: Reach For The Shinee
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Posted 5/31/08
SHINee respect their sunbaes TVfXQ

According to the South Korea fans, the newest and junior boyband <SHINee (shiny)> must be the "second TVFXQ," which is very clear. <SHINee> members said, "We are very surprised. We are afraid to think that as we are". Also added, "We respect TVFXQ so far who have been a longer artists."

A Question "What we feel now, after our debut whiich gathered many attention?" They said, "We felt pressure. But very happy, to be honest. Just thinking our fans, we forget all those painful things."

Juniors JongHyun, Minho, TaeMin, Onew & Key of a five-member contemporary band <SHINEE>, are all trainee members for more than three years in <SM Entertainment> stern a lesson to face their rookie days. <SHINee> is the name of the group,"Shine" to the noun "ee" a term coined which means "A light to others/A recipient of Light," On 22nd of May, they published as the next generation idol group on the rise.

source: yahoo japan
credits translation: ichigotvxq @ SHINee Forum
source finder: ichigotvxq @ SHINee Forum
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Posted 5/31/08 , edited 5/31/08
SHINee International Forum's 1st Project

As you all know our magnae Taemin's Bday is coming up in July!
And SHINee International forum is working on it's first project!
We will be sending presents to Taemin by the end of June. So that means we got to hurry because it's coming up pretty fast!

Along with the presents for Taemin, we will also be sending the other SHINee boys debut gifts!

Ideas also came up about pre-made accounts for SHINee members so that they can log onto the forum.
(Soshified was really an inspiration for this after Tiffany from SNSD logged on when reps gave her the account info at HB)
So these will also be mailed with the presents.

We're going to need all the help and donations we can get! So please visit the bday thread at the forum for all the details!

source: starlight5388 @ soompi
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Posted 6/6/08
2008-06-06 오후 6:02:00

Hello, I'm SHINee's magnae Taemin~!!~^^;;;

Lately, everything has felt so precious,

And so the other SHINee members and I are working harder than ever as we learn and experience many more things!!

Because from a long time ago I've really liked to dance

So I went to the Saturday SM audition in December of 2005,

Even though I was really nervous I did my best in the audition and...

Even now, when I think back I can't forget how nervous I was. ㅠㅠ

Only 2 weeks after joining the SM practices I performed for the first time,

dancing while wearing a blue outfit...

Having to perform (what I had been practicing) in front of the other trainees ,

I was really really nervous and even though I didn't know when I would debut I could only think of working my hardest.

Having experienced and learned from practices with SM

Meeting everyone now as SHINee's Taemin is the happiest Taemin of all.

I won't forget that I'm a beginner and I will become a hardworking magnae Taemin, so everyone, you have to cheer for us~!!^^;;;

I'm going back to my schedule with the SHINee hyungs.~~ ^^

Later on, please listen to our first radio appearance~ So nervous~^^;;;

From now on, we will try and make even more surprising appearances~

You were curious right? I felt like it would be funner to share it with everyone so I posted it here~!^^;;; hehe..
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Posted 6/6/08
2008-06-07 AM 4:24:00

Hello! We are the sparkling SHINee. ^ _ ^

Of course right now... it is Leader ONEW writing

First radio appearance!

Super Junior's Eeteuk, Eunhyuk's radio show

We appeared on KBS-R 'Kiss The Radio',

Because the two treated us so well, we were able to finish the show with no problem.

Thank you~ Super Junior sunbae-nim!! ^_^

Now when the sun comes up we will meet everyone on the Dream Concert stage,

Because this is the first time for us to be standing on such a big stage, we are really nervous as we practice.

To everyone who has been with us... Cheer for us so we aren't nervous!!!

Well then, everyone have sweet dreams~ This has been the sparkling SHINee.

Credit: ~neh~long~ @ soompi
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Posted 6/6/08
SHINee interview

1) Living together
SHINee members have been living together for the past 5 months.
All the members each have their own jobs around the house and live in a systematic and fun way.
In the beginning, it was uncomfortable because their living patterns were different. But after they started having conversations with one another right before they went to bed, they learned alot more about eachother.

When Key sees his members eating cold food, he re-heats the food for them.
Because Taemin likes meat, Onew cooks him meat in the mornings and then sends him off to school.

2) First performance memories

Shinee members could not be any more nervous during their first performace rehearsal.
All the lyrics and choreography disappeared from their minds. As soon as they heard " Shinee come up please" they went onto the stage and saw that all the seats were full of fans. Their parents even came. As soon as they got up on stage, the members shared quick eye contacts with eachother and was able to finish their first performance safely. After they finished their performance, they could feel their body strength loosening up. They say that they will never ever be able forget the feelings they felt after their first performance.

3) School Records
Leader Onew's best school ranking was being #2 (whole school and class)!
Taemin's grades are around average. During elementary school he was a president (idk if they mean of his class or something else).
Jong Hyun is currently taking a break from his highschool (for music students).
Minho was above average during his middle school and beginning of high school years, but after concentrating on his training, his grades dropped a little.
Key attends school in Daegu(a city in S. korea), but after going back and forth from daegu to seoul ( for his training), he thinks his grades dropped.

4) When they first received "Noona is so pretty"
When the members first recieved their title song, they all had huge question marks drawn in their heads. Because none of the members had any experience with this kind of a relationship (I guess they mean an older girl and younger guy relationship), they were concerned on how they should express this song.
Because of this concern, they watched Lee Seungi's "You're my Girl" mv alot

5) How much of an age difference can you cover up to ( Meaning OLDER girls)
Onew: I like any girl I can call "Noona". I can make them feel comfortable.
Taemin: Age really doesn't matter for me. I once saw something in a book where a really young guy married a grandma. They made it in the guiness book of world records. ( it says that all the staff members cracked up when Taemin said this haha)
Jong Hyun: I can cover up to 5-6 years.
Minho: I can cover up to 8-13 years
Key: I can cover up to 5 years ( yes!! but im only 1 year older!! but he's mine!!)

6) Ideal girl type
Onew: I don't have an ideal type made out. I think everyone has their own charm.
Taemin: I like Emma Watson from "Harry Potter"
Jong Hyun: I like Yoo In Young (she is a korean actress). I think her pale/white skin and red, thin lips are loveable
Minho: Kim Tae Hee!! Everything about her is perfect.
Key: My ideal type is a girl who is confident and has no trickiness( like girls who act all gentle infront of people but they really aren't)

7) Atmosphere maker/brightener
Taemin and Key are the Atmosphere makers in the team.
All the other four members think of Taemin really cutely. Taemin doesn't try to act cute on purpose, but everything he does cannot get any cuter.
Key says alot of humerous things and has a very unique mind. When they are in their car, all the memebrs fatigueness disappears becuase of Key. When Onew says something boring and makes the atmosphere awkward, Key takes over and lightens up the atmosphere.

8) Becoming role models to their juniors
They want to do their best to become good role models to their future juniors.
Once, TVXQ all came to their practice room and told them that they thought their song was good and gave them advice on how team work is very important.
Shinee says that they will always take advice from their seniors and develop into becoming better artists.

credit: Osen for article + qt-princess for translating
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Posted 6/15/08
[From. SHINee] Hello! We are the sparkling SHINee! // 2008-06-15 AM 3:08:00

Hello! We are the sparkling 'SHINee'.

- Leader ONEW : Even though it's a little awkward for me to give out signatures,

I'm sure it will become a habit after I keep meeting you, right?

- Magnae Taemin : Every time I do a fan sign I get nervous~ But I'm so happy~^^;;;

- BlingBling Jonghyun : Everyone is 'So Cool'... Then I'll end here-

- Flaming Charisma Minho : I'm happy that I could be with everyone at the fan sign.

- Almighty Key : This feeling of growing happiness after doing a fan sign......♡

Practice has ended so we will go back to our dorms

For a bright morning...We are running forward.

Please look forward to the SBS Inkigayo stage.

Let's go to the land of dreams together..

This has been the sparkling 'SHINee'.
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Posted 6/17/08
2008-06-16 AM 1:47:00

Hello I am SHINee's magnae Taemin~!!~^^;;;

Lately it feels like time is going by so fast~!!!

Meeting everyone at fan signs,

Performing on the Mcountdown stage in Pusan,

It feels like only a quick moment has passed by

Ah !! And did you know yesterday we rose up to SBS INKIGAYO's Take 7!!!????^^;;;

We owe it all to you!!!

Thank you so very much!!!

I'm so happy to be able to always recieve so much love from everyone~

I hope there will only by good happenings from now on~!!

Magnae Taemin is sleepy so I'm going to sleep.~~!!

Everyone please go to sleep~ This has been SHINee's magnae Taemin^^
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Posted 6/18/08
SHINee to Model CLR!DE.n

After less than a month since their debut, contemporary boy band SHINee has already landed a 1 year modeling contract with clothing brand CLR!DE.n.

SHINee was chosen not only due to their quick rise in popularity, but also because of their fresh new image of being fashionistas of the K-Pop industry.

source: allkpop
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