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SHINee old news updates.
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Posted 10/4/08 , edited 10/4/08
SHINee's Key, a junior high school water sports representative at national meet level.

Key, a member of 5 member rookie group, SHINee, has recently been known to be a water sports representative in his junior high school days.

Key who has graduated from Daegu ____(sorry i dont know how to translate the name of the school) Junior High School, has represented Daegu on many occasions in the national water sports meet, and has won awards before.

The teacher who has selected and trained Key to become a water sports athlete, Lee Jongwoo(???) said, "Key was very good in sports in his junior high school days, and because he was so innate talent he has for the sport, he became a representative of Daegu."

In regards to this, Key expressed that "I did not mean to conceal the fact that I was a water sports representative at junior high school level." and that "My experiences as an athlete has provided me with a lot of motivation to push on in my current life as an artiste."

SHINee who has debuted with "Noona, you are so pretty" has now released their first full length album. "Love like oxygen" has been rising in the charts on various music shows and has attained the number one spot.

credit : [email protected],
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Posted 10/4/08 , edited 10/4/08
SHInee <333333333333333
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SHINee's smart school uniform CF

omgg so cutee & funny x3 soo much jumping~
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Posted 12/18/08 , edited 12/19/08
Oh my gawd I love them so much. It's cool to see them give FANS lollipops. Man I want one right noww
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Posted 12/24/08 , edited 12/24/08
I love their GDA performance! Really amazing guys!
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SHINee - Love Like Oxygen, A.MI.GO & Replay (Remix) @ SBS Gayo Daejun 29208
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Posted 1/6/09 , edited 1/6/09
6th January 2008

5 Things SHINee Wants to Do

2008 best newbie group SHINee revealed their goals for the new year. Having preorders of 200,000 copies, receiving awards in 3 awards ceremonies are some of their goals. Their wishes for 2008 has already come true. SHINee who wanted to get the newcomer award, had their dream come true and started 2009 with a open heart.

Next is 5 things that SHINee wants. "This is imaginary so we can say anything we want, right?" SHINee who had said this started answering refreshingly.

#1. Jonghyun debuting as a Song Writer

"My dream is to become a singer & song writer. So i am into writing lyrics these days. I write things while listening to music in the rest room. I am writing right now and if i can have it on our album i would be very happy. I get my inspiration from music and my daily life. And the listener's stories i get from the radio is good too. I also go online too." (Jonghyun)

#2. Topping International Charts

"We want to get 1st place in Thailand, China and other Asian Charts. Like DBSK. (laughs) We will follow in their footsteps. The sunbaenims did a very good job so i think that's why we are getting good results. The members to do speak a little bit of Chinese but we have to work harder. " (Key)

#3. 2nd album being a hit

"We will be active in 2009 too. (laughs) Our 2nd album will come out too, won't it? I hope that album does well. Preorders of 300,000 copies? (laughs) Ah that is DBSK sunbaenim's record. Then for us 200,000 copies! To tell the truth our albums sold a little over 100,000 copies this year. Our goal is to get twice that amount! "(Onew)

#4. Get 14 CF Contracts

"We want to film a lot of CFs too. Cellphone, Electronics, Camera, Ice Cream, Drinks and chicken? (laughs)" We did film a lot this year. About 4." (Taemin)

#5. Getting Awards at 3 Awards Ceremony

"Popularity Award, Digital Music Award....what else is there? Its getting more awards at each awards ceremony. (laughs) Ah! After getting the awards i want to go on a trip with the members. We haven't gone anywhere together except for work related stuff. I want to do a barbecue party too. I want to go to the states and buy BoA sunbaenim's CD too. (laughs)"

Translation credits: sanbi


SHINee - "We received a lot of awards thanks to the noonas."

SHINee had a memorable 2008 and started 2009 that will shine even more brighter for them.

In 2008 SHINee was a secret group for SM Entertainment and stepped onto the music industry with Replay. SHINee had gotten all the newcomer awards thanks to the noona's support. They stand in front of the camera with all the trophies proudly. They revealed they want to get twice the amount of trophies in 2009.

We have put the Best 5 Memorable Moments in 2008 that SHINee can't forget.

#1. May 25th Debut "Lots of Sweat, disappointing"

SHINee debuted in May on SBS Inkigayo. They were very nervous and because they recorded 4 times they were sweating a lot. After they finished Jonghyun cried a lot. The members that they have a lot of work to do after monitoring the tape.

"We saw 4th recording go on. Since we worked hard starting from the rehearsal we sweated a lot. After the recording i didn't cry. In one interview they told us to say something to the people we are thankful to. I thought of my parents and started crying. I was getting one step closer to my dream and was proud of myself and was also touched." (Jonghyun)

Before debuting SHINee had trained for 3 years. Idol groups usually reveal their hard times during the trainee years but SHINee was different. They were adored a lot. When the reporter asked if they ate ramen because they had no money or had to walk home they replied with simple things.

"I went home and ate. (laughs)" (Onew)
"I liked walking so i walked home. (laughs)" (JH)
"Thanks to the sunbaenims, the practice room was really nice and the environment was good too. The sunbaenims and staffs were really good to us. We were adored/loved a lot." (Key)

What they realized after monitoring their videos after debuting was 'Working hard on stage and enjoying it is different.' SHINee worked hard to get rid of the stiff feeling they had since debut.

"I thought i fixed it but if i make the same mistake again because i was nervous i get upset" (Jonghyun)

#2. August 16th SM Concert "The stage was so big!"

The SM Concert where they performed with SM Entertainment sunbaes is a unforgettable moment too. SHINee performed Love Like Oxygen for the first time at Seoul JamShil Stadium in front of 30,500 people.

They remember the exciting moment when they stood on the same stage with BoA and DBSK and the advices they gave them backstage.

"Our family and staff members all came. The audience liked us too so it was different from other concerts. I thought this is what a festival feels like." (Minho)

"The stage was really big. I ran on the stage. While going from place to place." (Taemin)

#3. September 21st, getting 1st place with Love Like Oxygen, "We took a commemoration picture."

With the noona's warm support SHINee got their 1st Mutizen song on SBS InkiGayo. Mutizen Song is given to the song that ranks 1st place on the program chart. After getting 1st place on September 18th on M! Countdown, they got 1st place for the first time on a TV program.

"We knew we had a chance of getting the award since we were up for 1st place. When we saw our name we were very shocked. Just being a nominee for 1st place this year was meaningful for us." (Key)

"That day we took a Polaroid picture. As a commemoration. It is in our manager's room with the trophy." (Jonghyun)

#4 November 15th MKMF Newcomer Award "We went blank at that moment"

Besides MKMF, SHINee had swept up all the newcomer awards at many awards ceremony and festivals such as Golden Disk Awards, Asia Song Festival. This was already expected but SHINee said they were very nervous.

"The time they announce the nominees is the most nerve-wrecking moment. When they announced our name we went blank for a moment. When we accepted the award we started crying. I remember that the sunbaenims congratulated us. Especially when Shinhwa sunbaenims stood up and congratulated us at the Golden Disk Awards, it was very touching/moving." (Onew)

#5. November 20th Thailand Promotion "We can tell how hard the sunbaes worked"

They can't forget the day they went to do overseas promotion. SHINee has never gone overseas and they saw the crocodile show & fed the elephant bananas and had a fun time in Thailand.

"We left Korea when it started snowing. We sweated a lot in Thailand. It was very warm. I liked it a lot. The traditional massage was good too." (Jonghyun)

"When we arrived at the airport i was shocked. I never expected to see signs with our names on it. I could tell how hard the sunbaes worked here. " (Onew)

"We did a fansign and i thought that place would come crashing down. Our music video was played on TV often too. It was fascinating." (Key)

News Source:
Translation Credit: sanbi @ SHINee Forums
Add. Credit:
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Posted 1/12/09 , edited 1/12/09
SHINee 10Asia Interview + upcoming song info

SHINee 10Asia Interview

Let’s be truthful. Which noona didn’t laugh when we first heard “Noona You’re So Pretty.” The younger boy era seemed like it was over, and they were only 16 to 20 years old, and the outcome was too obvious. On top of that, over the years, from H.O.T to Big Bang - these awkward proposals weren’t going to work easily. But the change happened when they went on stage and began to sang “Noona You’re So Pretty.” These boys were able to cover the mid-tempo pop song with R&B vocals AND dance at the same time. Shinee won numerous Newcomer awards and they settled into the KPOP scene quickly. With the words “Noona you’re so pretty that the boys won’t leave you alone. I know your changing mind,” they were able to shake the Noonas’ minds successfully.

A system was born, and the kids grew up.

‘Leader Onew, Bling Bling Jonghyun, Almighty Key, Flaming Charisma Minho, and Maknae Taemin’ – Shinee is a third generation idol group following H.O.T and Shinhwa, TVXQ and Super Junior. Taemin, who is going into tenth grade this year, started training in the seventh grade with SM Entertainment. All of them have trained for about three years. While others were going to house->school->after school, they went to the office to not only sing and dance, but to prepare for foreign debuts, they also studied different languages. Like Jonghyun’s belief, “Although trainees are peers and rivals, above all, they are good friends,” the company building was like school to them. Unlike their sunbaes, they did not rush their debut and trained for a while which taught them the basics and a professional mindset. Although they are young and cute, they aren’t faulty and off the basics.

They knew what they wanted to be at a young age, and the path they walked surpasses their age, and they know the real world much better than many adults. Key knew he wanted to be a singer since he was in preschool. “As a ninth grader, choosing which road to walk on isn’t an easy task, but everyone has to choose anyway. We just chose earlier.” They know that being a celebrity isn’t easy. They say, “This is really simple. We’re doing this because we want to. Because we really want to.” That’s why when Onew talks about the musicians Stevie Wonder or John Legend, he says “That artist” or “That teacher” and smiles. Taemin respects Michael Jackson so much that during his solo performance at an awards show, he danced [amazingly] to Michael Jackson’s song. Even the normally quiet Minho opened his mouth to say “I like Usher and Justin Timberlake.”

The boys who walk the straight path they chose

When they receive a trophy, they say, “We know this is supposed to be happy, but tears just flow.”

They still go from school to the broadcasting station in their uniforms, often rehearsing in their uniforms due to their busy schedule. They find time to clean and iron each other’s uniforms and help each other with schoolwork – they’re still young. When they receive an award, they often cry, saying they can’t help it. Because they live away from their family, they often think about their parents, and they say, “We want to call our parents everyday, but it doesn’t workout like we want it to.” But because they chose the job they wanted at such an early age, they don’t regret their past or fear the future. The one thing is that they love the road they’re walking on now, and due to that, they are the shiniest Shinee.

2008 – In between the big star wars, the five member contemporary brand was a small but bright group. Last May they surprised everyone with their mini album Noona You’re So Pretty and suppressed their young image with amazing vocals and performances, securing a place not only in the noona’s hearts, but the public as well. They had success with “Love Like Oxygen” and “A.Mi.Go.” The Shinee that ran to 2009 has an average age of only 18.6. They must have a lot of things they want to accomplish and they have the time to reach those goals. We wonder how they felt after they debuted, and how they feel now. Putting all the noonas’ envy behind, I started the New Year with Shinee.

It is now 2009. What did you do on the first day of the year?
Shinee: We practiced! (Laughs)
Onew: The night before we performed at the MBC Song War, and during the last minutes of 2008, we performed at City Hall.

Before, you guys said that you wanted to spend Christmas with family but you ended up going to Thailand to promote your album. How was it?
Onew: It was fun. We sang at the station, we appeared in a reality show where we went to the market and played games, we had a fan meeting – through these events we were able to meet fans.
Key: Because the weather was so hot, I didn’t know it was Christmas until I saw a hotel employee wearing a Santa outfit.
Jonghyun: We started learning Chinese before our debut. Once I got there, I only understood Chinese, and I couldn’t say what I wanted to say. It was a bit frustrating. (Laughs) But I experienced a lot of things, and I’m pleased.

“We still get the feelings we got from our first performance.”

Since your debut was on 5.25.2008, it’s been a little bit over seven months. Do you remember how you felt on that day?
Jonghyun: I remember clearly. I was nervous, excited. I still feel this way every time I go on stage.

These days before a singers’ debut, they promote themselves, but Shinee appeared out of the blue. What did the people around you say?
Onew: Our parents didn’t know until two weeks before. It was a total secret.
Key: Our friends didn’t know either. One of my friends told me, “A kid that looks like you came out on TV. When are you going to debut?” I told him that I wasn’t going to. (Laughs) But later I told him and he was happy for me.

Shinee was on the spotlight right when you guys debuted. How did you guys feel?
Key: Honestly I didn’t go online so I didn’t know. I still don’t know much.
Jonghyun: We were busy, and we purposely didn’t check. We prepared a lot for our stage, and we didn’t want to be shaken up.
Onew: That’s why we didn’t check the news. We heard “You guys are in the top ranks on the search engine,” and “You guys have a performance tomorrow,” and we felt like it’d be better to practice just like we did in our trainee days.

Before you guys debuted, you guys had a time where you individually practiced. Onew, you are planning to go to college this year, but between now and your high school graduation, we haven’t heard anything.
Jonghyun: He’s jobless. (Laughs)
Onew: I have a job. (Laughs)

Unlike other friends who go to college or have a secure job, didn’t you feel nervous because of that?
Onew: I didn’t feel nervous because I believed in myself and I was sure of the path I’m taking.

Then what was your day like as a trainee?
Onew: I woke up in the morning, went to the studio to practice, then went home. I woke up the next morning and went to the studio, ate, practiced…(Laughs)
Key: Whether they do go to school or not, this is probably a trainee’s average day.

“We remember the stage where we received the Newcomer award.”

When I first heard “Replay” I thought it was going to be happy, but the music was mid tempo and the R&B like vocals that were mixed in on top of the perfect choreography style. I think you guys have a lot of basics covered regarding dancing and singing. What kind of training did you receive?
Key: Before we debuted, we received individual training. Not because of skill, but because of our special niche we were separated to various teachers. Usually the schedule came out one week in advance and if we couldn’t make it because of school, we’d get trained on a different day.
Jonghyun: We started with learning how to bounce and learning how to enunciate. Our company believes that training in the basics over and over again is important. After the team was decided, we got together and trained as a whole.

But when you’re actually on stage, isn’t it different from practice? Did you learn anything from the live experience?
Onew: It’s different for every stage. Sometimes the stage is rougher compared to our practice room, and sometimes due to rain we have fallen. But through those I think we learn more and more.
Jonghyun: Somedays we have to take out a part of the choreography because of the stage set up and just walk out. We didn’t know how to do that at first, but we weren’t nervous because of that. We can’t. And so as we go on, there are parts that we enjoy, and we get used to the environment I feel that we’ve practiced and learned that much.
Key: The only reason why we think this is because we’ve been surprised. (Laughs) They say being on stage nine times and being on stage ten times is different. Every time we go on stage, I think we learn a little bit more.

Not only have you guys performed on stage, you’ve modeled, dj’ed, etc. Personally what was your favorite moment?
Minho: I remember when we won the newcomer award at MKMF and Golden Disk. At the MKMF we received the award after we performed, and at the Golden Disk we received he award, then we performed; they had different meanings and we tried hard.
Jonghyun: I remember when I sang “Nothing Better” by Brown Eyed Soul. When I finished, I was like, “Ah. I’ve done it.” I didn’t show anything really special, but because I liked that song a lot, I prepared a lot for that performance.
Key: When we performed “Wild Eyes” by Shinhwa on Music Bank. I really like Shinhwa, and before I only say them on TV, and once I got to perform their song, the feeling was new.
Onew: We performed at a charity concert, and when we went on stage with the hospital kids and sang and dance, I was very proud. I couldn’t help but smile. (Laughs)
Taemin: At the SM Live Concert, I performed on a large stage for the first time. I thought that I should exert as much energy as I received from the fans. And the fact that I started and ended a concert with many Sunbaes I respect was special too.
Key: We saw BoA for the first time.
Jonghyun: We froze. (Laughs)

Although there isn’t a big age difference between other artists in the company, they must give you some advice.
Taemin: Everyone says that when we go on stage, we should believe that we are the best.

Does that really happen?
Jonghyun: When we’re on stage, I think it does. But truthfully, we’re not. (Laughs) But I think we have to believe that so that we can show a strong and confident Shinee.

“When we rehearse in uniforms, we try a little bit harder”

“Replay” was a soft song overall, but through “Love Like Oxygen” and “Amigo” the beat got stronger, and the lyrics’ meanings did too. How do you guys cover these songs so well?
Key: Hmm…it’s hard to say the words with meaning because we’ve never loved before. I don’t think a girl is sexy when I first see her. (Laughs)
Taemin: I watched foreign movies to help think of those feelings.
Jonghyun: Ah, the first sexy girl? (Laughs)
Taemin: I had to switch my mind and think that I was mature.

Until now you guys have released one mini album and one album. What are the songs you enjoy the most?
Key: Let’s exclude the title songs.
Onew: I like “In My Room” the most. I was able to sing deeply, and the full session in the unplugged version was nice and suave
Minho: I enjoy “Love’s Way.” We recorded the rap part last. When I first recorded it I didn’t know a lot and I learned a lot throughout the process. Because I have a part to myself, my heart goes towards it.
Taemin: Jonghyun hyung’s solo “Hyeya.”
Jonghyun: Yah~ (Laughs)
Taemin: Because while we were recording in another room, Jonghyun hyung was in the room next to ours and he tried really hard and put a lot of effort into it. I really think “Hyeya” is the result of his effort. The song is good, and every time I listen to it I think about the effort we put into our first album.

Because the topic “Hyeya” came up, I’d like to say that in a new group’s first album, having a solo song is very rare.
Jonghyun: “Hyeya” was originally sung in Spanish and when I first received it, I didn’t know what to do. I had to record it over and over, and it took five days and I was mentally and physically exhausted. I didn’t know how to express the song because I couldn’t take it to heart and I kept forgetting the lyrics too. (Laughs) I was more nervous than when we debuted. Truthfully while we dance our eyes meet and we laugh, but I was alone and had no one to lean on. Making the stage by myself was really nerve-wracking. But as I performed it more, I was less nervous, and the members cheered me on too, so I was okay.

There are still members who go to school and so there are pictures of the members in uniform online.
Taemin: Sometimes I’m the only one wearing a uniform and rehearsing, and the people around me have a lot of fun.
Key: I’m a high school kid, so I don’t think that’s special, and I think why. I realized that there aren’t any people who rehearse in school uniforms. (Laughs) We’re used to it, but to other, that may seem special.
Onew: When the kids where uniforms, I think everyone works harder. (Laughs)

“Minho just started to talk. It’s been about two months?”

From 1989 to 1993, the largest age difference is four years. Do you feel any generation gap?
Key: Yes! Taemin doesn’t know Lang Hyun Lang Ha. We’re only two years apart, but when Lang Hyun Lang Ha came out, Taemin was in the first grade. I think there is a difference between being eight years old and being ten years old.

There are some members in puberty. Did anyone grow after the debut?
Taemin: I was 175 cm and I haven’t measured myself after but people around me tell me I grew.
Minho: I was 181 cm and I think I’ve grown a little.
Onew: I think everyone keeps on growing. I’ve grown about 0.0000001 mm? (Laughs)

People may get different first impressions. Is there a difference?
Key: Are you talking about me? (Laughs) People think I have a cold and indifferent personality when they see me. But I’m not like that and I want to show everyone the true key, and I try hard to show everyone.
Taemin: When I first saw Key I though he was on the cold side but now I know that he’s like a mother and a good hyung.
Jonghyun: I don’t know who I am exactly, but I want to become a person. That’s what I learned at home. Being too honest could hurt myself or the people around me but I want to be honest.
Onew: When people look at my face they think that I’m nice. But the people that know me well say…I’m nice. (Laughs)
Jonghyun: When he says it himself it’s really funny! Onew hyung is really kind. The people that are like their first appearance are me and Onew.
Onew: And I’ve also heard that I’m funny.
Jonghyun: …I’m…I’m really honest!
Key: And I’m really nice! (Laughs)
Taemin: I honestly don’t know. Knowing yourself is very hard. But at home, when I was a trainee, even in the team everyone adores me because I am the youngest and I’m really thankful but I want to show a new manly, mature me. Because I’m in high school. (Laughs)
Minho: Hmm….
Key: It hasn’t been long since Minho started talking. About two months? (Laughs)
Taemin: Ah! I realized that Minho doesn’t talk normally except when he plays soccer. He says stuff like “Pass here!” or “Go play defense over there!”
Minho: I’m kind of shy and I don’t go up to people and people have a hard time coming up to me, so people say I look cold but if I get to know them I become good friends with that person.

On stage he’s charismatic, but normally he’s quiet. What do you think at these times?
Key: When we go on stage we say fighting. Let’s change. Minho does too. (Laughs)
Minho: A performance is showing, so while I dance and sing/rap I think about a lot of things. The camera, the choreography, when to do what, when to rap, my expressions…I think about a lot of things.

“We want to show trendy things.”

What are your resolutions/promises to yourself or for yourself?
Jonghyun: Exercise?
Onew: When I was younger I promised myself a lot. “To not go out an night” that kind of stuff.
Key: I change it every week. Last week I didn’t eat instant food. This week I’m reading.
Jonghyun: He really did read before he slept. I did sit ups next to him.
Key: There’s a book, 1 Liter of Tears, and the person, who is younger than me gets seriously ill and when I read it I feel like what I’m going through isn’t as hard and bad.
Taemin: Since I was younger I promised my parents that I would have a positive mind. As I go on with life there can be bad moments but I have to be positive and change so that the bad thing doesn’t happen again, and I try hard to be positive. When something’s hard, smiling helps us in the end, and it becomes fun.

But what if there’s some instance where you try and try but it doesn’t work out?
Onew: That is singing. Really. I’ve almost never been pleased with my own voice. Once while I was singing, I didn’t realize I was crying and that I had made the other person cry. Throughout my life except for that one moment I’ve never been satisfied. That’s why I want to make singing a big part of my life and I plan to practice until the end.

A lot of things happened in 2008. What would you like to accomplish this year?
Key: I want to release a new album and show a new and better side of me.
Jonghyun: I want to show an upgraded person…..right? I will!
Taemin: I want to….
Jonghyun: Enter highschool? (Laughs)
Taemin: I have the same thoughts as the hyungs. I want to show an always improving me, and a Shinee that is trendy.
Key: And we will in 2010 and 2011 and forever!

News Source:
Translation Credit: mUsiCisMYlifEy @ N/A
Add. Credit(s): [email protected], [email protected]


New SHINee song worked on by Sean Alexander!

Sean Alexander, who is the original co-composer of Turn It Up, which is the title of the original song AMIGO is based on (see CD notes in the Vol. 1 AMIGO Repackage Album), recently posted on his MySpace Page about an upcoming song he is working on for SHINee.

The song is slated to be released around March or April of this year.
Whether the song is part of a single or mini-album, we do not know presently.

Source: Sean Alexander's MySpace Page
Credit: SHINee Forums, sarsee @ Soompi
Find + screenshot: soSHINee
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Posted 1/13/09 , edited 1/14/09

Average age 19.2. Debut age 9 months. No matter how much we look they are young. These people gave us the wings of fantasy regarding YunHaNams in 2008. The 5 guys say noona is so pretty and who would not like that?

When I met SHINee at the set maybe because they received a lot of love from the noonas they seemed buff. They answered each question calmly without getting puzzled. They are the youngest of the SM artists and I could tell they grew up in good conditions by looking at their expressions and behaviors. Without any complaints they do what they need to do. “Since you are adored a lot don’t you avoid doing harsh chores like cleaning the practice room floor?”

“Cleaning the practice room is not harsh. The last person who used it should clean it up.” (Jonghyun) “Is that harsh?” (Key) Maybe I was naive for expecting complaints from them.

SHINee cried 5 times in public. The saying that guys cry 3 times in their life is not true. Jonghyun looked back to the past and brought back those memories. “When we debuted, when we had our 1st performance, got 1st place 2 times and winning the newcomer award.” Key who is next to him whispers “I cried 4 times.” Jonghyun was picked as the most emotional member in the group. Leader Onew says “Jonghyun is a very good talker but he is a good crier too.” Minho and Taemin who is younger takes care of the hyungs and comforts them. Key who likes to play jokes calls them ‘Kids with no emotions.’

When the 5 of them are together they get along well. Onew is used to taking care of the members quietly. Seeing him organize the member’s words didn’t seem common and I found out he trained the longest out of the members. He attended the SM Academy for trainees and got casted at SNSD’s showcase. Jonghyun and Key are the mood makers. If Jonghyun makes an insider joke, Key finishes it with an outsider joke.

For example, if he talks about Minho’s eyes Jonghyun says “Minho has the eyes of a cow” instead. Onew asks kindly “Why is it cow and not a deer?” Then Key says “The animal that represents Korea is a cow.”

Jonghyun's lively personality came from participating in a band since Junior High. He was in charge of the base and chorus and his interest in music was different. I was curious about how he went to a boy band from a regular band and he said "I started out in band music and in high school i started liking punk music. My liking for punk music gradually changed to African music. I listened to a lot of genres so i don't think there is any music i don't like. I think the music that comes out these days is hybrid."

Jonghyun's joke partner Key, is the Almighty Key in the team. The youngest Taemin wants to take after Key hyung. It's because he is good at rap, singing and dancing. I think traveling from his hometown Daegu to Seoul, studying and training together had a part in it.

Minho who talks with his eyes rather than actual talking was casted on the streets. Thanks to his tall height and great body he was able to participate in the Ha SangBaek and Andre Kim Fashion show. He appeared in SNSD's new album gee music video and was envied by the members. Jonghyun says he didn't hear about what happened at the set and blamed Minho's quiet personality for it.

Taemin is the adorable maknae filled with cute charms. "I like to attend school and going to my schedule is fun too." "When other students come to take pictures with me my classmates tell him no and make them leave. There is a reason for that. It's because they give us food to eat."

SHINee is not just a idol. They are a well made idol. They are not satisfied with just satisfying the people's taste. They surpassed our expectations of an idol. Their motto is "contemporary band." They want to become a boyband that creates and starts new trends. If its singing, singing, if its dance, dance, if its fashion, fashion. SHINee is showing great talents in these areas. Comparing the time when i was disgusted with the blushing idol group performances they have captivated me. This is also the power that made the noonas open their wallets.

SHINee who made a strong connection with the noonas seemed embarassed about this. "We don't just have noona fans. When we do fansigns, we had many chances to meet the fans and as we attend more of those events the fanbase gets wider. (Jonghyun)" "The youngest Taemin was 16 when he debuted so he had gained a lot of noona fans. When they are the same age as me or younger, they can be noonas to Taemin. (Onew)" They who sang Noona is so Pretty seemed anxious about noonas. When they were recorded Key wondered how he can express the feelings of love for a noona.

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SHINee had a small segment on January 11th's Inkigayo for the "Save Energy, Save Earth" campaign. They sang a small jingle and acted out small scenes to bring awareness on conserving energy.

Key played the role of mother and wore a maid outfit. In the first energy saving scene, Minho was using a lot of water until mommy Key punished him to remind him to Save Energy. The boys were freezing by saving energy by having their heater turned off, Mommy Key came to the rescue by giving them earmuffs.
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