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Posted 5/29/08
i like hime since i saw the thai lakorn hua jai sila!!
he's soo kute reminds me of rain and time XD he's such a good
singer i admire his voice and acting skills!! i love his lakorns^^
he's one of my most favoriable thai guy ever!! i think he is
23 nows since he's born in 1985 ^^ still very young...
welps ionoe if he's new or not buttah i juss know him now!! love him..
Ruk Tur Bie Sukrit (Bie the star)

Posted 6/26/08
i like him too since i saw his first lakorn ^_^
my best friend too but she doesn't understand... still she likes his lakorn ^_^
my birthday is 1 week after his birthday ^_^
i really love his songs^_^
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Posted 7/17/08
i love bie sukrit he hot and sexy,,, love everthing about him
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