The Scare pt2
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Posted 5/29/08 , edited 5/29/08
*As they all walk into the room they see Ryeowook lying on a bed. He has all sorts of wires attached to his small body and a tube in his chest. He looks very pale and for the first time the members notice how thin he looks. He is sedated so he will not fuss around and the heart monitor and the breathing machine can be heard in the background*

Eeteuk – Ryeowook hyung (Says in a sad, surprised sounding voice)

Kangin – He looks so skinny

Heechul – You can see the out line of his ribs. No wonder he’s been wearing baggy clothes.

Sungmin – He was wearing baggy clothes so that we wouldn’t find out. He just didn’t want us to worry about him. Does the doctor know what’s wrong?

Kibum – No, but I heard that the doctor thinks that it’s something in his head, like something in his head is messed up.

Eunhyuk – But what could have caused it?

Hankyung – Maybe it’s just a really bad cold.

Yesung – I doubt that. No cold could be so sever to make you pale, have trouble breathing, have a seizure and make you feel like you have no strength to even move. Not to mention not make you want to eat for like a week.

Donghae – In the ambulance all he kept saying was “Don’t leave me. Don’t leave me”, like I was leaving him forever and never coming back.

Siwon – Well I would say that too, if I were struggling to breathe, lying on a kitchen floor with nobody else around for 7 hours.

Kyuhyun – It must have been so scary for him.

Shindong – Hyung are you crying?

Eeteuk – I was just thinking, what if he doesn’t make it? What if we, all of a sudden, become a group of 12? What if he doesn’t get better? What if the doctors never find out what is wrong with him? What if . . . What if . . .

Sungmin – Hyung! Don’t say that! There is no way we’re going to leave him here! We’re going to remain a group of 13!

Doctor – I thought that you all would be here. I have a couple questions regarding Ryeowook. First who is the person that spent the most time with him in the part week?

Eeteuk – That would be Siwon.

Doctor – Siwon, what did he usually eat for the past week?

Siwon – Well the last 5 days he didn’t really eat anything. He had a couple glasses of water but almost nothing to eat. Whenever he did try to eat, he made a face like it was painful for him to eat anything.

Doctor – When would you say was the worst of it all, besides right now?

Siwon – It was probably last night. He said he couldn’t think, his head hurt, and he had no energy to move.

Doctor – Ok, who was the one who found him?

Sungmin – That was Kangin, Kibum and I.

Doctor – I see. What was he like when you found him?

Sungmin – Well he was sweating a lot and he was able to talk but just barely though.

Kangin – And he had a tempeture of 37-48 °C. I think it was like 46 °C, but I don’t remember the exact tempeture.

Doctor – Thank you for your time but I am going to have to ask you now to wait in the waiting area.

Everyone – Yes sir.
*A couple of days later the Super Junior members received news that Ryeowook was well enough to have a MRI and a CAT scan done. The Super Junior members rushed to the hospital to be with their friend*

Doctor – His head looks normal so lets move onto his chest.

Nurse1 – Yes sir.

*The nurse hits a button and Ryeowook moves further into the CAT scan machine*

Doctor – Oh, it looks like there is small hole in his left lung. That would explain why there was and is blood in his lung. It also looks like his body is rejecting his lung and some other organs and treating it like a foreign object. Ok, this is we are going to do. We are going to have to do a surgery. When can we schedule the operation?

Nurse1 – This afternoon?

Doctor – The sooner the better.

*So the nurse goes to tell the Super Junior members about his current situation and that Ryeowook is going to have an operation this afternoon. Shindong sees the nurse and doctor walk in*

Shindong – Doctor, do you know what is wrong with him?

Doctor – There is a small hole in his left lung and his body for whatever reason is rejecting his lungs and some other of his internal organs and treating them like foreign objects.

Siwon – So what will happen to him?

Doctor – We are going to have to do a surgery this afternoon to fix the hole in his lung and we will give him antibiotics for his body rejection his organs.

Kyuhyun – Will we be able to see him before the surgery?

Doctor – Yes, you can see him right now if you’d like but only for a couple of minutes.

Heechul – I think that we would all like to see him.

Doctor – Then please follow me.

*All of the Super Junior members follow the doctor to Ryeowook’s room*

Eeteuk – Hey Ryeowook. I don’t know if the doctors told you but you are going to have a surgery because you have a hole in your lung, so they’re going to fix that.

Yesung – And don’t worry, we’ll be right here as soon as your surgery is over.

*All of a sudden a loud and rapid beeping sound can be heard in the room and a team of 2 doctors and 1 nurse come running in the room*

Doctor1 – This is bad!

Doctor2 – Nurse get the paddles ready at 150 joules.

Nurse – Yes sir!

Doctor1 – I am very sorry but I am going to have to ask you all to leave the room.

Hankyung – Why? What is going on? What is happening?

Doctor1 – His heart has stopped. Now please leave the room.

*The Super Junior members are all pushed out of the room and are now in a big circle in the hallway*

Kyuhyun – But the doctor just said that he was strong enough to have surgery.

Shindong – What will we do now?

Siwon – There is nothing we can do right now except hope and pray that everything works out all right.

*After about 10 minuets the doctors and the nurse come out of Ryeowook’s room*

Kibum – How is he? Is he all right?

Doctor2 – Yes he is all right now. But the operation will be moves to later in the week.

Eeteuk – If it is all right can a couple of us stay in his room tonight to keep him company?

Doctor2 – That should be fine, but just don’t play with any of the equipment or wires. Got it?

Everyone – Yes, sir.

*That night Donghae and Siwon stayed at the hospital with Ryeowook, because they had a promise to keep. They would not leave him*
*3 days later the doctors decide that Ryeowook is strong enough to have the surgery done to repair the hole in his lung*

*As Ryeowook is rolled into the operation room the sound of the heart monitor, breathing machine, and metal supplies needed for the operation can be heard*

Nurse1 – Doctor, his heart rate is becoming dangerously weak.

Doctor – We can’t stop the operation now. Just continue and keep a close eye on his heart rate.

Nurse – Yes, sir.

*After about 15 minuets the nurse notices something very bad*


Doctor – We can’t do anything right now so please put him on the artificial circulatory machine.

Nurse – Yes sir!

*The surgery ends without any more complications. They close Ryeowook’s wound and then being to try to get his heart working on its own again*

Doctor – Now, nurse, please charge the paddles to 150 Joules.

Nurse – Yes sir

*The nurse and doctors try 3 times to get Ryeowook’s heart started using the paddles. When that does not work they give him intro cardiac epee through an IV in his arm. Suddenly the nurse saw on the monitor that his heart was working again. His heart was racing but it was better than a flat line. When the doctors came out of the operating room they go to the waiting area to talk to the members of Super Junior*

Doctor – Are you all Ryeowook’s friends?

Everyone – Yes
Is he ok?
Is he going to make it?
What happened?
When can we see him?

Doctor – Please stay calm. Ryeowook is out of surgery. His heart stopped during the operation and we had to put him on an artificial circulatory machine. Once we finished the operation we got his heart working again. He is extremely weak. I am going to be straightforward, he might not make it. His heart is just barely beating on its own and complications could arise at any moment. If you would like to see him you can only go into the room 4 at a time.

*At this moment all of the Super Junior members broke out into tears*

Nurse – The reason that he probably was not willing to eat was because one of the organs that his body was rejecting was his stomach. Whenever he would eat anything it would be extremely painful because the lining of his stomach was very thin and weak that when ever he would eat anything it would cause extremely small tears and blood would get into his stomach. It also seems that whenever he did eat something he would just throw it up.

Siwon – But he’ll be able to eat normally now right?

Doctor – Yes, he should be able to eat normally now once he gets better.

Eeteuk – That’s a relief. Can we go see him now?

Doctor – Yes please follow me, but remember only 4 at a time.

*The doctor leads the members of Super Junior to Ryeowook’s room*

Doctor – Who will be the first 4 to go in?

Siwon – Eeteuk, Heechul, Sungmin, and I

Doctor – All right you can go in.

*As the 4 boys enter the room the first thing that they see is Ryeowook. He has a slightly rosy color to his cheeks, but the rest of his body still looks pale. He is not as skinny as before but he is still very thin. His eyes are sunken and he still has the chest tube in place*

Heechul – Oh my . . . he looks really bad.

Sungmin – I don’t want to see hyung like this. (Turning to Eeteuk he begins to cry on his shoulder)

Eeteuk – I know what you mean. I hate seeing him like this. (He says patting Sungmin’ s head trying to comfort him)

Siwon – I just want him to get better right now.

*The 4 members stay in the room a little while longer. When the 4 come out the next 4, Kangin, Yesung, Heechul, and Eunhyuk, go in.

Heechul – He looks worse than before.

Kangin – I know.

Yesung – Come on hyung you have to get better soon.

Eunhyuk – Hyung if you don’t get better we’ll have to perform with out you and none of us want to do that!

*The 4 members stay in the room a little while longer. When the 4 come out the next 5, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Shindong, Kibum, and Hankyung go in*

Kyuhyun – He sort of looks like he’s just sleeping and he could wake up at any time. Don’t you think so?

Shindong – Yeah, I really hope that he just wakes up right now!

Kibum – That would be a miracle if that did happen.

Donghae – I just can’t wait until he is able to come home. We are going to feed him so much that he gets back to his normal weight in no time.

*The doctor then comes in and tells the Super Junior members that they must wait in the waiting area*

Hankyung – I feel so sad knowing that he might not make it.

Yesung – If he doesn’t make it what will we do?

Siwon – Let’s only worry about that if it happens. Let’s not even think thoughts like that.

Everyone – Understood.

*Two weeks go by and Ryeowook does not show any signs of improving. The doctor gathers all of the Super Junior members to discuss Ryeowook’s situation*

Doctor – As all of you know, Ryeowook is not showing signs of improving and is slowly getting worse over time. We are not sure why by a couple reasons could be that, his heart was and is not pumping a sufficient amount of blood to his brain and therefore his brain is slowly shutting down. Another reason could be that because he had spent a long time not receiving a sufficient amount of oxygen to his body his brain began to shut down.

Eeteuk – So what are you trying to tell us?

Doctor – What I am trying to tell you is, is he is showing no signs if improving, we might just want to turn off his artificial circulatory machine and take out his breathing tube.

Shindong – So you’re telling us to give up on our friend. Why? How could we ever do that? What are you thinking?

Manager – Shindong! Please be quiet. (Turning to the doctor) If you could let us have a couple of minuets to ourselves so that we can talk thins over.

Doctor – Certainly

*The doctor then leaves the room so that the Super Junior members and their manager can talk about the fate of Ryeowook*

Eeteuk – Manager hyung you can’t be seriously thinking of letting Ryeowook die!?

Manager – I am, and before you all start to freak out, the reason is that is he has no chance of his condition improving and if he is showing no signs of improving what is the reason for him to live while suffering?

Siwon – But we just can’t leave him to die! He’s our friend, technically like our brother!

Manager – I understand that but what is the reason to live if you are going to end up dying any way? Would you still like to live if you were in pain and you knew that you were going to die?

Kyuhyun – No but, I still didn’t want people to give up on me when I was in the hospital after the accident.

Manager – We are not giving up on him. What we are doing is taking him out of his pain.

Everyone – BUT!

Manager – No buts. I know that you don’t want to do this but we are going to do it!

*As the manager finishes his sentence the doctor walked into the waiting area where the Super Junior members and their manager are waiting*

Doctor – Have you all come to a conclusion?

Manager – Yes we are going to go through with it.

Doctor – Would you all like to be there?

Manager – I don’t think that we should

Heechul – Manager hyung please let us be there as a form of respect! Please let us be there. It’s the last thing that we can do for him.

Manager – All right but I will wait out side.

Everyone – Thank you.

*The Super Junior members along with their manager follow the doctor the Ryeowook’s room. The doctor walks over to the nurse and whispers something in her ear. The nurse then leaves the room. The doctor ushers the members of Super Junior into the room*

Kibum – I can’t believe that it’s come down to this. I never thought that it would have to end like this. I just wish that there were some other way that this could go.

*The doctor walks over to Ryeowook’s artificial circulatory machine hits a button and the machine turn off. The doctor then walks over to the breathing machine and he hits the power button. The breathing machine turns off and Ryeowook can be hears taking short, struggling breathes. After seven minuets Ryeowook cannot be heard breathing anymore, and the machine monitoring his heart rate goes flat. The doctor takes a sheet of paper, that he must complete when a patient dies, and fills in the time of death, date 5/15/2008 time 9:07 PM. All of the Super Junior Members are crying. Eeteuk, Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, and Donghae are all kneeling on the ground while Kangin, Heechul, Siwon, Hankyung, Shindong, Yesung, and Kibum are trying to comfort them.At this time Hankyung walks over to the side of Ryeowook’s bed. Hankyung holds Ryeowook’s hand gently. His hand is becoming cold and pale*

Hankyung – I’m sorry. I’m so sorry

*Just then Hankyung notices something strange. Ryeowook’s eyes begin to open very slowly. Ryeowook’s eyes scan the room very slowly and then fall of Hankyung who is staring at him in amazement. The monitor that was monitoring Ryeowook’s heart is all of a sudden heard in the background showing that his heart is beating again*

Hankyung – Everyone! (Said in Chinese) Everyone! (Said in Korean after realizing he had spoken in Chinese) Come here Ryeowook opened his eyes! Everyone come there!

*Everyone stops crying instantly and rushes over to Ryeowook’s bed. Their manager comes running into the room also. The doctor pushes his way through Super Junior, takes his stethoscope and listen to Ryeowook’s heart*

Doctor – It’s a miracle. All of the monitors showed that he was dead. How could this be? It might be from the fact that because we were keeping him alive artificially his mind did not see the point of working, but now that he was not being supported his mind started to work again.

*Everyone in Super Junior is now in tears again, but this time not for sorrow but for extreme happiness. They are all so happy that Ryeowook is not dead and he will be going home soon*

*After 1 month of rest and recuperation Ryeowook is taken out of his room in a wheelchair and is loaded onto the Super Junior bus bound for home. When they get back to their home Ryeowook begins to cry*

Siwon – Hyung why are you crying?

Ryeowook – Because I thought that I would never see all of you again and I thought that I would never be getting the chance to go back home.

Siwon – But your here now so don’t cry.

Ryeowook – Hyungs, I really want to say thank you for not giving up on me.

Shindong – We would never give up on you or any one in Super Junior for that matter. Manager hyung was the one who was going to kill you! Not us!

Heechul – Now we’re going to feed you so well that you’ll be back to your normal weight by tomorrow.

Ryeowook – Don’t go shoving food into my mouth! Remember I’m still pretty weak.

Everyone – So!

Donghae – We all just want you to be healthy again!

Ryeowook – I got it. I got it. But really guys thank you all a whole bunch for not leaving me.

Hankyung – You made us all so worried! I was so worried that I even spoke Chinese instead of Korean. Don’t ever scare me or us ever again!

Ryeowook – I got it.

Kibum – You even made Eeteuk and Kangin cry!

Ryeowook – Really, wow that’s hard to believe. I thought that you two were the tough ones of the group.

Eeteuk and Kangin– Shut up! Just don’t do that ever again!

Ryeowook – Don’t worry I don’t plan on doing that ever, ever again!

Hope you liked it
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27 / F / Singapore
Posted 7/7/08
This was such a NICE story.
It shows us how they care for each other and treated each other as their own real-blooded kin.
And i believe that they also behave the same way in real life.
Hope that you will comtinue to write more and more this kind of touching stories next time
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Posted 7/8/08
OMG this is likee, so touching!!
poor ryeowook. if anything really happens to him in real life, i'm sure the members will be really worried too.
and the fans as well!
thanks for the story! *thumbs up*
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24 / F / South Korea
Posted 7/8/08
Thank you all! I'm glad you liked it. I was really scared to put it up here because i was not sure how people would react or like it but I'm glad that I did.
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27 / F / Crunchyroll :)
Posted 7/16/08
this was a touching story. and I liked the comedy in it, too. Great Job!
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