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I don't believe it!

Yo! Anaka here. In the last chapter I found out I'm a vampire. It was quite a shocker, but I think Kai is pulling a prank on me... Or is he??? OMG!!!! ><
Kai: Yeah your a vampire.

Anaka: Yeah right. What kind of prank is this??

Kai: It's not a prank. It's true.

Anaka: Mhm, mhm, yeah so if I'm a vampire why haven't I burned up in the sun yet??

Kai: Thats because when you turn 15 you get ur powers.

Anaka: I am 15 -_-

Kai: You see that necklace around your neck??

Anaka: Duh, I put it on this morning. (is he trying 2 be cool or what???)

Kai: I know, but the gems in it are anti gems. They repell the sun rays so you don't get hurt.

Anaka: Why aren't you wearing one??

Kai: I'm a level 10 vampire. I'm already a day walker.

Anaka: Ok, whatever. I still don't believe you.

Kai: *sigh* You left me with no choice. *pulls a live rabbit out of a bag and holds it in his hand**takes a pocketknife out of his pocket*

Anaka: What are you going to do??

Kai: *slithes the rabbits throat*

Anaka: *shocked*-drops groceries bags*watches the blood drip from the rabbits throat*-gulps- Wha-..whats wrong with you!! Why did you do that?! (why do I feel like licking the blood?!!)

Kai: I'm proving to you that you are a vampire. I'm pretty sure you feel like licking the blood right now... Just like last night you wanted to lick the blood of your friends finger when she cut it with the knife.

Anaka: What?! How you know about that?? (does this mean he's right??)

Kai: *drops rabbit* Yes it means I'm right

Anaka: ........ (can he read minds?!)

Kai: No I can't read minds. Your face expression tells me everything, hehe. *walks out of alley*

Anaka: *picks groceries back up* How you know about Sakura cutting her finger?? *goes after him*

Kai: I had to observe you 2 weeks before you turn 15.

Anaka: Oh.... So areyou the one who passed by my bedroom window last night when I was alone??

Kai: Hmm?? No that was not me.

Anaka: Oh so that was my imagenation.

Kai: Probably.

Anaka: So.... um... are there a lot of people that are vampires??

Kai: Kinda, only in Japan.

Anaka: What do you mean only in Japan??

Kai: Well you have the vampires in Japan, the werewolves in England, the witches in the US and so on, and so on.

Anaka: COOL!! Ok so now that I am a vampire. What am I supposed to do??

Kai: I have to teach you

Anaka: Cool, so your my senpai. Do I have to call you senpai?? Or sensei??

Kai: No just Kai is fine...

Anaka: can I ask you somehting??

Kai: Sure. What is it??

Anaka: Why don't you talk to anyone at school?? Your like the hottest guy and evereygirl wants 2 talk to you and every guy wants to be your friend.

Kai: I only went to that school to find you, and teach you. I stick to my mission. I am not going to waste my time with "friends".

Anaka: Oh ok (waw he's really boring >.>) When do you start teaching me??

Kai: Tonight.


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lord voldemort that's so freakin' great love it love it love it
i love vimpires!!
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WTF?!?!?!?!?!?! lmao
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omg omg!!!!!! can't wait to read the next one...what will happened????
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mmm..interesting i thing more ppl will make their own manga like this~~hahaha
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i luv it i luv it i luv it i luv it <3
(it was kind a freaky when he was reading her expression...)
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