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Posted 6/28/08 , edited 6/28/08
Dodgeball here! Dodgeball there! Welcome to the Dodgeball Games!!!

*cheering crowd*

Thank you, thank you..Now, I am gonna be your host! The name is Fey!

I just dyed my hair blue. Is it cute? Well, you must be wondering why I have a blue short hair while I have a long hair at the Tennis Match Ups, and I'm both here and there at the same time! The one at the Tennis Match Ups is just and illusion. It's pretty simple to do since I have the Alice of Illusion. Now, quit the chatting and start playing!
Today, we will have two teams to compete. To whoever team wins, they will be awarded. So go on and start cheering for your team! Yay! I'm feeling hyper today than normal. 'Cause I'm usually very quiet, and besides, I haven't really helped much. Heeheehheh....

Meanwhile, Please go here. Thank you! ^^
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