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Posted 5/29/08 , edited 6/16/08

"As your headmaster, I'm giving you the freedom to do what you want and enjoy your stay in this Academy while following my very short & simple


1. In Fan Fics, YOU HAVE THE FREEDOM. No format whatsoever! As long as it is written from the bottom of your heart it is accepted. But do CREDIT THE AUTHOR if the story is not yours. A simple note at the top of your story will do.

2. UPLOAD PHOTOS/VIDEOS/MUSIC ALL YOU WANT. BUT TOO MUCH EXPLICIT PHOTOS ARE PROHIBITED. Sexy anime pics are alright, as long as they are still wearing clothes! lol



1. All your Professors or Masters in this Academy are of Royal Blood-- stronger and powerful than any other being, the greatest leaders of all time---- highly respected, looked upon and feared by their own kind in their land! They travel all the way here in Cross Academy by their own free will just to teach the Cross student. All the staff positions are open! You can only have at least 2 positions for others to have a chance. Submit your applications at one of the posts. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS. First batch of applicants will be the Academy teachers, so hurry up guys!

2. Always use the characters you register at Rose Office freely when you RP, aside from freely using the VK characters at RP rooms. These characters are yours and no one can just use it!! Only registered characters will be recorded in CROSS ACADEMY YEARBOOK (which I'm making right now and will be out very soon!^^) for you to cherish or boast :phew:, and I can't just let any of you members to be left out. So register your original characters before you start to RP anywhere in the RP rooms.

(PS: except for Town Building RP, because it's outside the school campus. So you can create separate character/s only for there.)

3. HAVE LOTS OF FUN HERE AND OF COURSE ENJOY YOUR STAY! That's why I did my best and used all my talents--other brain squeezing imagination-- while making these tons of RP rooms to be out soon for you to choose from, because I want everyone to be taking part of it where no one is left out and have fun studying here at this very vast Cross Academy Castle! Remember, you don't need to work your way to become a Pureblood (unlike in most VK groups here in Crunchy). All you have to is to register your Original character no matter what the Bloodline is! Simple piece of cake!

If you have any questions whatsoever, if you have suggestions or if you are confused with something anywhere in the RP Rooms I'll be opening in a short time, then feel free to come and ask me or the Mods at Guardian Posts. Ok? We're here to help you. HAVE FUN MY STUDENTS!

"Please keep these rules at heart. Failure to abide and comply to my Academy Rules will result in disciplinary action. Not with the Guardians, but this time it'll be me. Your Headmaster."

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