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Who wants to know...
Posted 5/29/08 , edited 5/30/08
The title sucks, I know...
It's only a temporary title until I come up with something better.

I need to set up the background information first...otherwise people won't really understand it.
So, like I say in all my stories:
"This is a work of fiction, any relation to anything real or other works of fiction are entirely coincidental and are in no way intentional."

This one will be different from my other's fight scene after another. With magic, explosions, swords, guns, armies against one guy,'s insane...
Originally, I found A LOT of ways I could've made this more ecchi to even hentai levels.....
But, I realize some of my readers are underage.
I wouldn't care if the PG-13 rule didn't exist so..... *Rattles chains.*
*sigh.* Too bad we can't loosen these chains. T-T
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Who wants to know...
Posted 5/29/08 , edited 8/13/08
Now than...
Background info:
The setting is Earth, somewhere between modern day to the future.
The main character, Sion Kuroushi is the 100th heir to the succession of the Kuroushi family, who has kept a world district safe.(Instead of cities, there are districts...But normal people don't know about them. )
In the last 5 years, the treasure of the Kuroushi family hadn't chosen a single master...until now.
Fights between Guardian Groups are kept secret from the public.
The Kuroushi family is dwindling now. From a strong bloodline of 50 members (Not including unrelated soldiers), now there are less than half that number. The unknown...
Factions of enemies are hunting the Kuroushi family down...but who, where...and why? That is the mystery.
Sion has been thrown into a conflict with he never wanted...the only good thing is the 'treasure' ...sort of.
Sion's 17 year training will have to protect him now more than ever...

That's basically the background. Some things I may have forgotten...but you'll find that out later...through oddly convenient character explanations. X__x
Until I actually draw them out, here's pics that are about the closest I can get of the characters.
(Don't ask me where they're from...for various reasons, I'm not allowed to say.
Also, ignore the various differences from the descriptions and the pics: Like I said, these aren't drawn by me, they're simply a temporary substitute until I actually draw them out. )

Closest pic I could find:

Sion: (This was the closest I could find...props go to the person who drew this and put it on photobucket)
Closest pic I could find:

Shinon: (Minus the eye-patch.)
Closest pic I could find:

Yurika: (This was such a pain in the ass the find...)
Closest Pic I could find:


Closest pic I could find:


Closest pic I could find:
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Posted 5/29/08 , edited 5/30/08
. . . ecchi huh? good job.
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Who wants to know...
Posted 5/29/08 , edited 5/30/08

SakuraSenin wrote:

. . . ecchi huh? good job.

Ecchi is fun...too bad I can't put it here.
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Posted 5/29/08 , edited 5/30/08

Kouta_XIII wrote:

SakuraSenin wrote:

. . . ecchi huh? good job.

Ecchi is fun...too bad I can't put it here.

Michel's an ecchi y'know. I put him in my story. -.- he's obsessed, with, . . . *shudders* Kiara's body.
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Who wants to know...
Posted 5/29/08 , edited 5/30/08

SakuraSenin wrote:

Kouta_XIII wrote:

SakuraSenin wrote:

. . . ecchi huh? good job.

Ecchi is fun...too bad I can't put it here.

Michel's an ecchi y'know. I put him in my story. -.- he's obsessed, with, . . . *shudders* Kiara's body.

I bet I'm a bigger ecchi. >_>
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Posted 5/29/08 , edited 5/30/08
who knows. If you read the chapter I'm writing he'll be pretty perverted. ¬_¬
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Posted 5/29/08 , edited 5/30/08
girls can be perverted too. I try hard enough, i'll be a sick minded-bastard like most perverted guys. ¬_¬
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Who wants to know...
Posted 5/29/08 , edited 6/20/08
(Cool, I'll check it out when I can. )

-Phase 0: "Prologue"-

(Theme music:
TFK - Make me a believer
Found the song. )

-Hundreds of years prior to this moment-

The moon shining high upon the sky, it's fluorescent light shining upon a girl in the middle of a grassy plain.
She wore a black yukata with a blue floral pattern and a red obi, her ice-blue hair tied up into a ponytail with a light-red ribbon. Strands of hair in the front covering her forehead. Her left eye an emerald green color, and her right eye a sky blue color.
"Ahhh..." She sighed peacefully with her eyes closed as she basked in the moonlight, her arms held out wide as if to grasp the moon. "The moon is really peaceful tonight." She brushed her left hand through her hair as the wind started blowing ominously. "...." It was as if she already knew the consequences for her actions.
The howls of wolves were heard nearby, more howls were heard. They seemed to be coming closer.
The girl turned around, and suddenly...a clan of larger than average wolves had appeared. "Traitor." Mummbled many of them at different times, they growled at her with hostility.
"...." The woman said nothing. "I'm sorry, all of you." She started walking towards them, slowly. "....." She had a sad look on her face, but she didn't want to give them an explanation either.
"You broke one of the sacred laws. You should've seen this coming." One of the brown wolves who was the most battle scarred spoke up from the center, his distinguishing feature was the scar on his left eye that stretched from his ear down to his nose.
"...." She nodded, "Don't make me fight all of you." She really didn't want to, because she knew they would be no match for her power.
Two wolves growled at her and looked to the brown eye-scarred wolf, as if waiting for confirmation.
"...." The brown eye scarred wolf simply nodded.
Suddenly the two wolves kicked off and ran straight for the woman.
"...." As they were coming closer, the woman stopped. She had her focus completely on wolf ears with white tips popped up from her head.
They lunged at her from the left and right.
The first thing she did was jump over them as they passed by each other.
Another wolf was coming up, jumping over the two other wolves it was heading straight towards the girl.
She barred her teeth and kicked it in the jaw, it landed hard against the ground.
She landed back as the wolves were surrounding her now. There was no way to she had only one alternative. She got down on her hands and feets, was she going to beg for forgiveness? Nope...the next moment a black tail with a white tip came out of her kimono...apparently there was a hole in the sash for that one reason. Her nails were claws...
She barred her teeth, showing her long pointed cannines at her advisaries. She growled and snarled at them as they did the same to her. Suddenly they all advanced at once!
The woman was dodging, biting, clawing, tossing, and hitting.
They eased up a bit as they ran around her, her kimoni was torn and ripped in various places and she was scratched but didn't look that injured...just small scratched at most. She inflicted WAY more damage on most of them.
3 of them started running at her.
1 from 11:00
1 from 3:00
and 1 from 7:00
She took a step back from the closest one and bit into it's neck, she used it as a weapon to beat one of them away and than she spun around and slammed it into the last one. She let go as the pack was starting to regroup...not a single one of them was uninjured.
The woman did not smile or feel sad. She still had the look of a wild wolf on her face.
"Enough!" Called a female voice from nearby. "Are you done here, Shirayuki?" A woman with the same ice-blue hair but no pony tail, and the same kind of eyes as Shirayuki was coming onto the field. Unlike Shirayuki, she wore a white yukata with a yellow moonlit design, and a purple obi..
"Yuura." She acknowledged the other woman. She stood up on two legs. She had already predicted this would happen...
The other wolves made way for Yuura. "Listen to me," Yuura began. "All of not interfere...this will be between me and Shirayuki."
The wolves kindly obeyed as they started walking a great distance, none of them wanted to be caught up in this battle between demons.
"...." The two women stared at the other, their eyes having the same look and color, even their appearance was similar. But the two were very different from one another.
Shirayuki took a step forward, wiping the blood off her mouth.
"Look at you now," Yuura pointed her index finger at Shirayuki, "Once, you were at the state you're in."
"....." Shirayuki remained silent, looking at her ragged appearance. "....." She still did not say a word.
"You're a traitor now, there's no way we can let you know that right?" Yuura started taking steps towards Shirayuki as well.
"...I chose this of my own will..." Shirayuki answered.
"It's against our laws." Yuura sighed to herself.
Shirayuki stopped, "I know."
The two women stopped when they were back to back. Thinking the same thing they slashed with their claws.
Yuura's wolf features were the same as Shirayuki's but the colors were contrasted.
The two threw claw slash after claw slash at each other, a couple scratched landing but no major damage yet. The two were stuck in a lock. They pushed away from each other, both skidding on the ground and than coming to a halt at the same time. They were both panting, but Shirayuki panting much more...because she had already been fighting previously and had barely any time to rest.
"I seems...I can not defeat you holding back." Yuura said through pants.
"As I you." Shirayuki knew what this was going to lead to.
"Than...lets not hold anything back..." Yuura got down on her hands and feet. Her human-like features were changing again.
"Yes...lets." Shirayuki mimicked her movement and stance, the transformation taking place for her too. The ground was shaking, and the sky blackened...the power of these two wolf demons were so immense that any demon would fear them.
Both their eyes glowed bright yellow. Suddenly there was a howling from both of them, throughout the night sounds of a battle between two of the most powerful demons filled the night air. But, like all battles...their is a winner...and their is a loser...

-in the morning-
Shirayuki's bleeding hands crawled up from the river bend. Grasping the ground as hard as she could so as not to be swept away by the river. She panted heavily, injured greatly...but...she survived. Her ties with her clan had been severed. Now...she was free...

(More later... )
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Who wants to know...
Posted 5/30/08 , edited 5/30/08
I guess I'll start the first phase now.
It'll only take a few minutes, this thing is REALLY fresh in my mind...
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Who wants to know...
Posted 5/30/08 , edited 5/30/08
(Wanna know something funny? Only now do I choose to notice the colors icons at the top. X__x
After this I'll probably go play some video games. And won't be around until.....the game is complete. So just wait until than.
Than there's gonna be amazingly written battles.
I'll try to put as much ecchi as I can. )

Chapter 1: "If you are my master than prove it."
-part 1-

A young boy stood in front of a sealed door. He reached out his hand to touch the chains around the door...he had been told to never come near there. But...he was just a child, and he was curious...he really wanted to know what was behind it. The second he touched the chains alone, a purple circle appeared on the door, along with runes etched inside slowly started spinning and the chains fell off...the door clicked open.
-years ago-

"Zzzzz..." Slept the figure under the bed. The alarm was ringing, but he refused to wake up...he wasn't a morning person.
A figure who looked around 17 stood at the side of his bed, it was obviously female....really...obvious...
"Why aren't you awake yet?" She said darkly, she ran her hand through her shoulder length, black hair. Her outfit consisted of a zipped up blue long coat with a popped up collar and white shoulder guards, she wore simple black long pants...that was about it.
"Oh, Sion-sama..." She called in a sweet sing-songy voice. "WAKE UP!!!" And it was destroyed right there as soon as she pulled out a red, wide-bladed rapier with an silver angel wing hilt, and a gray handle with symbols on it.
She slashed the bed with the back side of her blade. Not intending to kill him, but hurt him a bit...
The figure unconsciously twisted around the slash.
"Heh, so you are aw-" suddenly two arms wrapped around her and pulled her down to the covers.
"ZZzzz...So...sleepy..." Sion said sheepishly, he wasn't awake but talking in his sleep. "I...want you..."
At these words the girl's cheeks flushed bright red. "Sion-sama! You can't do this so early in the morning." She struggled, but not too much...she was enjoying it after all.
Now if only she knew what Sion was actually dreaming:

Sion hands moved around Shinon's body.
"!!!" Shinon's cheeks turned even redder, she was reaching her limit...anger limit that is. "Sion...." She said darkly... "HOW LONG ARE YOU GONNA SLEEP!!!!!" She shouted out so loud that Sion was awake now...but she didn't know...
-On the way to school now-
Shinon was walking steps ahead of Sion, not saying a word to him. "...." She was mad at him.
"...." Sion decided not to say anything, he knew Shinon's wrath as a scary thing...also...he was afraid of being slapped again, the red hand-mark on his face still stinging.
"Sion-sama." Shinon stopped and turned around to her stupid friend, staring at his features intently. His light brown, gravity defying spiky hair.
His strange, burgundy colored eyes.
And his untidy school uniform against his 17-year old body. He wasn't very muscular either, but not exactly weak looking.
She walked slowly towards him, getting closer. "Look at this, you buttoned yourself up wrong." She said, unbuttoning his shirt herself.
"Hey, I can do it myself!" Sion felt a little weird in this situation.
"Nonsense! I am your personal bodyguard, and friend." She started to rebutton it. "Besides, you'll just mess it up again like that time when you got us all lost in the woods."
Sion felt a stab at himself, which caused him to lower his head in shame. She was making fun of him.
Shinon giggled at Sion's reaction, "But, that's just who you are, Sion-sama. The kind of guy who messes up...and that's what makes your foolishness funny too." Shinon laughed at her friend.
"...." -__- Sion couldn't tell if that was some kind of insult or a compliment? "Uhhh, yah-" Suddenly Shinon covererd his mouth with her hands and made a 'ssshhh'ing sound.
Shinon looked around, staring at a couple passing monks from a Buddhist temple.
"What, it's just monks?" Sion couldn't see the truth, if he could he'd be on edge like Shinon.
"'re right." Shinon said with a tone of concern, "Sion-sama, I'm gonna walk you all the way to school today." This was new, usually she left after a certain distance.
"Huh? Why?" Sion asked, the confusion rising...with Shinon's sudden change of tone and everything.
"Don't argue, just do it!" She started shoving him to school.
"H-Hey, come on! I can walk on my own!" He protested.
"You're not moving fast enough!" She pushed him faster.
Sion was able to notice that Shinon kept looking if expecting something to happen...? 'What's wrong with her?'
-in school now, lunch time-

Sion turned the key in the hole, he opened the door to the roof and closed it behind him. The key was a present from an upperclassmen who graduated a long time ago, he placed the key in his pocket as he walked over to the edge of the roof, leaning against the railing. The wind blow through his spiky, gravity defying hair.
He let out a deep sigh, "What's wrong with, Shinon?" His memory flashed to when Shinon dropped him off at school. She had left the moment Sion was within school, vanishing in her ninja-like way when Sion turned away for a second. "She wouldn't tell me anything either," He rest his cheek on his hand, Sion felt the wind change directions. "Hm?" He looked over his shoulder.
But there was no one there, "...." Sion wasn't entirely convinced, something was off and he could feel it. He moved his hand slowly into the air. 'Maybe...I should set the seal. I could probably bait them into coming out, but I don't carry any weapons. Than again, if a seal is set, someone will definitely notice.' Before he could do it...he noticed it got darker now, he looked up to the sky. "I guess I should go back in now." He had wanted to stay out here a bit longer, but this uneasy feeling coupled with the look that it might rain put a stop to that request.
Placing his hands in his pockets he cautiously walked back to the roof entrance door.
The school bell had rung, classes were over for the day and students were going home. Sion walked with other students towards the gates, hearing murmurs of a possible rain, new games, what's on TV, whose sleeping with who, lots of things. -__- If people wanted to keep their business private, why do they say it so anyone nearby can hear them?!
Shinon was waiting for Sion by the gates, she didn't care for the looks she was getting. When noticed Sion, she waved to him.
"...." Sion remained silent. He stopped in the middle of the crowd, 'what's she doing here?!' This was a first for Sion knew for sure there was something going on.
Shinon walked over to him, through the crowds of students. "Sion-sama. I've been instructed to take you to safety from here, we're going to one of the safe houses." She pointed to the black limo at the front of the gate.
You'd think Sion would've recognized it by now. Shinon took Sion's hand and led him to the limo, she opened the door for him. "Hurry, we don't have a lot of time." She said in an urgent voice.
"...." Sion didn't get in, merely stared at the car. He looked around at all the looks, he heard the whispers. He sighed to himself, and got people were gasping. "....." T-T 'Why can't I just be normal?!' Take it from the rest of us, normal sucks. -__-
Shinon got in the front and started driving...she didn't have a permit...but who was gonna argue with her? Nobody that's who!
Sion watched as the outside streamed by, they were driving pretty fast and taking a lot of short cuts. That's it, Sion had to ask. He leaned forward and knocked on the glass window separating the back from the front, it opened. "Hey, Shinon...what's going on?" Sion had to know, he was OBLIGATED to know.
"Why, what are you talking about Sion-sama?" Shinon said, acting blissfully ignorant.
Sion glared, "Don't lie to me, Shinon." Sion wasn't an idiot...okay...he kinda was...but not that much... "I've been feeling this strange presence since morning, and now...all this, picking me up in the limo, telling me to go to a safe house? Is something happ-"
The car came to an abrupt halt. Sion nearly fell out of his seat, he should've been wearing a seatbelt. "Hey, Shinon...what are you-" Suddenly, he could feel it. The surrounding area as far as the eye could see, the red haze covering the area. The world stopping around them, people vanishing. It could only mean one thing. "Whose set the seal!" Sion demanded, he knew that this car would be useless in a sealed district. He stepped out around the same time Sion did. What Sion saw when he got out, was large groups of Buddhist monks coming towards the car. Normal people couldn't move in the seal...or even they're only two things they could be, "A Guardian Member" or "Demons."
Shinon stared at them darkly, "Sion-sama...there's a sword under the seat. Get it." Shinon commanded.
Sion didn't even have to be told, in the seal he was able to feel the evil coming from the monks...But they weren't monks at all. They were without a doubt...demons...
The monks clothe ripped off by themselves, replaced with black, muscle-toned skin that resembled armor. Most were human sized, others were giants.
"Sion-sama, I'll back you up." Shinon pulled out the rapier from her coat. A blue circle with ancient runes appeared around her wrists, it enveloped her as her clothe started changing:
An armored chest plate,
armored gauntlets,
a black tasset around her waist,
and metallic shin-guards.
Sion didn't have that kind of transformation ability, "Shinon...what's going on exactly?" Sion holstered the katana's scabbard on his left side. He placed his hand upon the sword's hilt with his left hand, his eyes not leaving the enemies as they came closer...drawing their twisted blades.
"I don't really know? But I'm guessing we're under attack...why? I don't know...I was ordered to take you to safety before the battle started. But, it seems we're too late." She raised the blade's flat side in front of her face. Staring at her reflection, she took a deep breathe, "In case we were attacked, I was ordered to protect you." She flicked the blade to her side.
She turned her side to the enemies, bent her legs, grasped her sword's handle with both hands and raised it next to her head, the tip of the blade pointed directly at the enemy. She had taken her stance. "Until reinforcements arrive at least."
Sion nodded, "Than, you better do a good job of protecting me until than!" As soon as his sentence was done, Sion unsheathed the blade, he rushed the enemies. '17 years of training better pay off!' He had acted all cool and everything...but inside he was scared out of his mind! This would be his first official battle...!!!
'Why can't I just lead a normal life?!' He complained mentally as an enemies blade was coming from overhead, Sion brought the blade up above his head, spinning it to it's flat side, he blocked the sword and ran forward. He sidestepped as the blade passed harmlessly around his side.
Next he cut deep into the enemies side, running the blade through their iron-hard was difficult, but eventually the blade had finished it's path along the enemies body.
Luckily these things died the same as any other enemies. "1 down." Sion said confidently, he looked around...there were still like around...99 more. His confidence was lowered again... 'Why?!' Sion rushed off to battle once more...!
Whether he wanted to or not...

-part 1 end-

(There's part 1. X__x
I didn't entirely like the way it turned seemed cooler in my head.
The weapons are annoying to describe, so I'll try drawing them and posting them later...if not...than I'll find some pics. )
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Posted 5/30/08 , edited 5/31/08
great storyline!!^-^
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Posted 5/31/08 , edited 6/1/08
oh Kouta, you shouldput some spaces in the story, so it won't be an eyesore.^_^ i like the plot and the setting, though.
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Who wants to know...
Posted 6/2/08 , edited 6/2/08
(Well, I beat the game now. Would've finished it quicker if I didn't have this cursed need to sleep...
Anyways, here's the violency violent part 2...YAY VIOLENCE! )

-part 2-

Within the dark room, lying on the ground, she was covered by a dirty-green sheet, she stirred. Her eyes slowly open, two different colors. Staring through the light coming from the shattered window. Bound to this place she was, and has been for the last 100 years. Her wolf ears twitched, her tail flicked the air, she sniffed the air. "The seal?" She said quietly to herself.
The shadows nearby were moving...
(Ah, in case anyone's curious for the appearance of these demons. .__. They are all heavily armored...and have a humanoid shape.
For those of you saying: "Wait, why are they dropping like flies if they're wearing armor?"
My answer, armor doesn't protect against everything. The armor is like their skin, it's just harder than normal...doesn't mean it's impossible to break...also, if you want, just assume the weapons are 'special' in some way, that's good too... )


Only 4 slashes from Shion's blade, the demons around her were down. "This level of attack is too weak!" She flipped the blade back, thrusting it into the enemy behind her. "...." It really was too easy, Shion could feel there was something wrong here...?
'What's their goal?' She thought to herself. "!!!" She took aim with her sword, and than tossed it like a javelin!
"Grh!" A demon fell right behind Sion that had nearly got him.
"!!!" O.O Sion owed Shion now. "Phew." He faced his enemies...there were a lot of them. "...." This was starting to get annoying now. The two of them were widely outnumbered, and isolated from help. "...Why me?!" D> Sion whined.
A very large demon, twice Sion's size started running at him with a giant halberd!!!
As the halberd slammed down, Sion sidestepped out of the way, seeing his opening he jumped to the demon's level. The sword was in range...!
He swung the sword through the demon's exposed neck. A shower of demon blood rained. Sion landed behind the demon, not being stupid enough to just stand there he jumped to the right.
One of the biggest was down now. "Luckily he was really slow." Sion took his stance when seeing he was surrounded once more. "We have to get out of here." He said quietly to himself.

He waited for them to move, so far they were all just standing there...whoever moved first would die. This gave Sion time to think.
'What are they doing? Why are they here anyways? Is it to kill me?' It was a logical solution...but these were demons...for them, logic flew out the window.
.'Or is it...something else?' One of them was making a move, the one directly behind him, making an upward slash from the right.
Sion turned his body left, he parried and locked the enemies blade with his own. Most people would've thought this was a contest of strength...but Sion knew. He eased up a little, NOT TOO MUCH!
But just enough for the enemy to lose their balance and be completely at Sion's mercy...which in this case, wasn't a lot.
Sion removed his blade from theirs as they stumbled forward, Sion got down on one knee and cut through their knees! They fell right there. "...." Sion waited now.
Footsteps, another was advancing. On his blind side!
While still kneeling, Sion spun around the enemy, stood up, and than cut through their waist.
Only 1 second and there was already another rushing up at him from the left. Sion flipped the blade so it pointed directly at the enemy.
He than rammed the enemy with his shoulder, and ran the blade right through their chest. Sion pushed them off the blade.

"!!!" Sion felt this weird...sensation throughout his body. As if...something was...nearby. 'What the-' And than suddenly!
"AAAAHHHH!!!" The blade cut across Sion's back, for a lesser person, they would've crumbled.....but not Sion. He took the pain like it was nothing!
Next, he spun on his heel and slashed through the enemies torso. He nearly stumbled when centering himself, this was a pretty deep cut. He panted heavily, the fatigue plus this injury had gotten to him. He didn't know how much longer he would be standing?
More enemies were closing in, Sion stepped back...trying to keep some distance from them. Shinon was most likely too preoccupied to come and help, so Sion was on his own here. "Well...if I'm gonna die, might as well go down fighting like a real man." He seemed to accept it quite easily.
What he meant was: 'GOD, SOMEONE GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!!'

It was as if his prayer had been answered.
Suddenly, a blue beam had crashed down and than an entire cluster of enemies had been destroyed right there on the spot.
"Huh?" Sion reacted.
Suddenly, 3 more.
And with those blasts, the enemies that had originally been advancing on Sion were now dead.
"Sion-sama, hold still." A girly voice said from behind.
Something latched onto Sion from behind, a hug from behind? It touched the cut...
The cut...the very deep cut...the one he got shortly ago...that caused him a lot of pain...pain...lots of pain...pain to make an average person give up...that's painful.......still hasn't caught up yet...?

(Here's part 2, actually, there's supposed to be a lot more...but it's kinda I wanted to end part 2 here and put up part 3 already.
I'll work on part 3 as soon as this part is over...)
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Who wants to know...
Posted 6/2/08 , edited 6/3/08
(As promised, here's part 3...put up quickly...because anime songs give me motivation!!!
..........Oh and because I said I would. )

-part 3-

"Sion-sama?" A little girl's voice called out to him.
'Go away weird little girl voice.'
"Sion sama! Wake up!" Same voice called out to him.
'Leave me alone, I'm dead!'

"Sion-sama! Come on, wake up!" It was calling louder now.
'I can't hear you! I'm dead!'
"Yurika, he won't wake up. I think he's dead?!" She sounded worried now.
'Great, now I can die in peace!'
"....." Footsteps were head. "Dead bodies should be disposed of, or they'll rot." There was a sound of something you heard in a videogame before a blast comes around.
'Eh? Charging?' Sion's eyes began to his face he saw the end of a gun barrel...a very large gun. Twice the size of the wielder.
Sion rolled out of the way, barely in time...the shot had made a hole in the ground. Sion was still shaking.
"He's fine." Yurika stated as the gun dispersed. Yurika was a busty girl around her late teens, her eyes were a deep silver color, a trait for a lone gunner, her left eye was covered with an eye-patch making her look badass.
Her long, light purple hair was tied with black ribbons in high pigtails with a layer of hair in the back.
She wore the school uniform of the girl's at Sion's school. (A pain to describe...For reference...refer to Ef~a tale of memories.) The only difference was the black-cloak that was draped around her shoulders.
"Yurika? What are you doing here?" Sion seemed to have passed out for a while. "Wait a minute..." He still remembered the little girl voice a while ago.
"Sion-sama! Are you okay?! You passed out while I was healing you." A little girl stepped out from behind Yurika.
"Miho-chan?" Sion could recognize her instantly. The simple black dress she wore over a white T-shirt...plain and simple. Wearing striped long socks, and simple black shoes.
She stared at Sion with big orange and purple eyes...she was a demon. The small horns sticking out from the top of her waist-length light blue-purple hair were a BIG sign too. Her ahoges twitched...
"Sion-sama, you okay? Sorry I couldn't help you in time." Shion apologized while sitting formally next to Sion.
Sion didn't notice her there, he got surprised! "I-It's no big deal." He was too nice fo a person.
"I shall take my own life in penance!" She raised her sword!
"GAH! NNNOOO!!! DON'T DO THAT!!!" Sion tried to stop her from doing it!

Meanwhile, while those two were doing that, Yurika took it upon herself to file a situation report on the current mission.
In short...she was texting on her cell-phone. "Mission...complete.....send." She pressed the send button.
She than just stood there...waiting for her next orders..............
Her cell-phone started beeping. "Ah," She opened the mail. "Sion-sama." She called.
"Huh?" Sion had finally been able to keep Shion from taking her life in penance.
Yurika pointed down a misty path, "You're to walk down that path alone. Do not stop until you reach a gate. What these enemies are seaking should be that way." Yurika explained in her mono-tone voice.
Sion was hesitant to go, because down that way was... "But down that way, it's-"
"A Kuroushi family shrine." Yurika interrupted, "Go there. You will be safe there, the Kuroushi guardians will deal with the enemies."
A normal person would've taken this opportunity to just go, these girls could obviously handle themselves. A lot better than Sion could've handled it for sure. "What about you guys?" He was worried about them, they were his friends after all.
Shion flicked her bangs with a confident smile, "Sion-sama, we'll be fine. Girls like us don't die that easily." She gave Sion a thumbs up.
"But..." Sion still wasn't convinced, suddenly; Sion felt something soft and sweet touch his lips.....HE HAD BEEN KISSED!!!
'What the heck?' Was the only thing Sion thought would seem, Yurika kissed him. Why? Because what was stopping her?!
Shion's expression: ....
"Go, now." Yurika pointed down the path. "The treasure at the end will turn the tide of this battle, retrieve it."
"Yes ma'am." Sion unquestioningly obeyed as he walked down the path.

"...." Shion remained silent as she watched Sion leave. She stared coldly at him, "If it was that easy, I would've done it." Shion said out of nowhere.
"Ah-ha-ha-ha." Miho laughed cutely, "It's not something that simple." She raised a finger to explain, her ahoges moving in sync with her finger "You see, whenever Yurika kisses someone they have to obey one command from her." Miho knew because she spent so much time around Yurika there was no reason she wouldn't have known.
Than she tilted her head and placed her index finger on her chin, "Althought...a kiss on the cheek would've been sufficient though if it was something so simple?" She looked to Yurika. "Why'd you kiss him on the lips?" She asked.
Yurika closed her eyes and smiled smugly, "Sion-sama's lips...I wanted to taste them..." .....Lucky bastard. "I want to eat him?" ....She's a perverted quiet type now.
Shion stood there with her mouth wide open, "Wait a minute! This isn't a hentai manga, keep it age appropriate!"
Yurika looked over her shoulder to Shion, "...I'm willing to 'share' all of him."
Shion turned to stone inside...with one fell swoop...a possible argument here had been averted. And Shion was left without anything to say.
Yurika looked down to Miho, "This is how you win an argument, Miho." Ironically, she says everything in her mono-tone voice.
"Ah, I see." Miho wrote down notes in a little note-pad with a black pen.
"DON'T TAKE NOTES!!!" Shion shouted with her fists raised in the air...obviously a tsundere.

The shadows moved swiftly again, suddenly, demons wearing black, full-body ninja outfits had appeared. Horns sticking out of heads, and spikes sticking out of their backs. One green-eye staring at the three women. They drew the Ninjatos from the scabbard hanging on their waists. They slowly encircled the girls.
"Comedy time over." Yurika turned towards the enemy, "Miho..." Yurika called.
"Got it!" Miho dematerialized into a green ball of light, she flew inside Yurika's chest. Yurika started glowing with a green hue around her body, her eyes had changed completely emerald green. Horns started growing at the top of her head similar to Miho's.
Yurika drew her gun, but than it split into two guns instead. They were smaller, about the lengths of her forearms but they still had just as much destructive power. On the bottom of the handles were two curved blades, possible meaning they could be used as close-range weapons too.

Shion drew her blade, she swung it over her shoulder and touched the charm hanging by a red string at the pommel. "Otoha...lets go." The blade pulsed and than instantly grew larger. A black hue ran along the blade's edges. She was ready now...

.The two girls stood back to back, "Don't die on me." Shion said with a smug smile.
"My line." She took aim at the enemies.
"Go!" They both said at once, suddenly a flurry of bullets and slashes ensued directly after...

Despite Sion's earlier protests, he obeyed without question, now walking up a flight of stairs, he knew the way by heart. He had still yet to figure out? His mind was currently a-buzz with questions about why Yurika kissed him? Even though it was so simple to figure out...okay, maybe not entirely simple.
Sion took one last step, the big double doors in front of lead inside the shrine area. The REAL shrine area, this door and the walls only appeared when the seal was set. "This is it." He slowly moved his hand to touch the handle. The moment he put his hand on it,
He felt that strange sensation again. It was closer now, and he could see two cold, golden eyes staring at him. It caused beads sweat to drip from his forehead, "What's...this pressure?" He was so afraid of it...he had never felt anything so terrifying in all his scared him so much...why?
His hands shook, he was petrified... "I can't! I can't go inside! I'll die!" He said in a cowardly voice. He shut his eyes, about to pull his hand away...but than he remembered. "Miho...Yurika...Shinon..." He saw them being overwhelmed by enemies in his mind.
His eyes widened, and he was snapped back to reality. Whether it was real or not, they were in danger. "Damnit...I don't want to run and hide like this!" Sion was about to open the door, but found something looked like it had been previously opened already.
"Someone's been here." He pushed the doors open and walked right through. It looked like a regular shrine area that people see in animes. On the stone ground lay mangled and torn up bodies of demons. "!!!" Sion gasped, he nearly threw up...They were evil demons and all, but still.
He placed a hand over his mouth to hold it in.
He heard the sound of moving water. He ran in the direction of the sound, it lead him behind the main a small pond in the middle of a clearing between the trees. A girl was standing in the lake, her deep crimson yukata rolled up to her knees to keep it from getting wet. She had nearly undone her dark blue obi when she spotted Sion.
"...So you've come..." She spoke as if she had been expecting him. There were bodies around here too. She seemed wet, with water and blood...she had probably been trying to wipe it off. She had various weapons sticking out from her body, she was injured...but didn't look like she was in pain.
'A demon.' It didn't take a genius to figure that out. 'But what's this weird familiarity I feel?' He couldn't quite place his finger on it.
She dipped the bucket in the water and dumped it on herself, turning her back to him. "Another Kuroushi trying to make their deal with me?" She started pulling out the weapons, causing more blood to flow...but the wounds seemed to already begin closing up. "I am already promised to a certain someone. So I have no intention of breaking that promise." She discarded the weapons away from the water, she took the bucket once more and dumped the water on herself. "...You are a quiet one, human." She looked over her shoulder to him, "Could it be you like looking at this wolf girl?" She asked, her tail and ears came out.
"Um," In truth, Sion had been speechless BECAUSE he did like looking at her. It was weird seeing a girl doing that in front of him. "Actually, there's..." He scratched the back of his head. "There's a battle going on outside."
"I know." She folded her ears as more water came down. "I felt the seal a while ago, and than these fools came here to try and kill me...They should've sent better demons."
"Actually, I'd prefer these ones." Sion laughed nervously, "I'm only human after all." Sion wondered what Yurika meant by the 'treasure at the end'? Than it hit him! "Wait a minute," Sion remembered his mom once telling him of the treasure of the Kuroushi family. He looked to the girl once more, "Are you by any chance...The Treasure of the Kuroushi Family?" He asked straight forward.
She dumped another bucket of water on herself, "So people still call me that?" She dipped the bucket again. "By the way, human," She dumped the water on herself again. "You're scent is familiar..." She turned to face Sion now.
Sion knew it! He's not the only one who felt that familiarity!
Her ears twitched, "Step to the left!" She commanded!
Sion obeyed! Stepping to the left, suddenly the shrine-house-thingy blew up, sending shards of wood everywhere like bullets!!!
"What the hell was that?!" Sion said, keeping his blade close. He checked to see if the demon girl was okay...
She was just a little scratched up and messy. She raised her arms to her side, looking at herself in the water's reflection. "And I just wiped the blood." She didn't seem at all usual. She dunked herself completely in the water, keeping the top of her head above water level. She made little bubbles...
"Hey..." Sion said calmly, "Do you think you could take this a little more seriously?" He asked politely. He was still freaked out from the sudden explosion...
Her eyes darted to him, "I'm not the one whose gonna fight."
"What? Fight?" Sion repeated, blinking wondering if he heard her right? "Fight what?"
She was already swimming the doggy paddle around the water, humming a tune to herself.
Sion fainted, "She's off in her own little world."
Something was stepping out of the rubble.
Sion could feel the mass power coming from it, a very big demon was coming.
The wolf girl raised her hand out of the water and raised a little flag around, "Go, go,Fight, fight." She cheered on with little energy for Sion.
"Thanks for the encouragement." Sion was trying to keep positive in this situation, keeping a smile...a worried smile...but a smile though.
'What have I gotten myself into?!'
Sion may have been safer back with the others...?

-end of part 3-

(Not as actiony here, but as they say: "It's always calm before the storm."
So, expect some seriously actiony action in part 4...whenever it comes around...)
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