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Who wants to know...
Posted 8/12/08 , edited 8/12/08
Since this story has so many characters, and also because I'm too f***ing lazy to draw everyone.
I'm gonna go lurk through the internets to find pics that are about the closest I can get to what the characters look like.
I'll put it on the front page later.
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Who wants to know...
Posted 8/14/08 , edited 8/15/08
-Part 9-

Right now, the school had a new interior's name was Jack Frost. And this was probably his best work yet.
"Hey, Beriai, what do you think happened to Shirayuki?"

Beriai was keeping Sion warm with her dragon's fire...however...
That meant she had to stick close to Sion. In her case, she was latching herself onto his arm...
Wow...I never thought it was possible...but I think I hate Sion out of every other character whose been in his position. Lucky son of a *beep*
"Not sure, while we were synced, she kinda shut herself out...I don't know what happened to her after you went down."

"I see..." Than it probably was Sion's fault.
'That was probably why the sync felt weird too...this whole blizzard is probably my fault too.'
"Hey wait a minute, what's the temperature right now?"

Beriai wasn't a living thermometer..........
"...It's about 26.F , right about started snowing about 4 minutes ago. And, temperature drops every 1 minute." Never mind, she IS living thermometer...
"Right now, I'm keeping your body at it's regular temperature. So you're safe as long as you stay by my side." She said that...but that was really just an excuse to latch onto Sion.

"....." Sion realized that time was short for everyone else as well as himself, in this case he'd steadily lose his body heat if he got separated from Beriai.
So this issue with Aoi had to be resolved as soon as possible...

Suddenly, Beriai stopped.

"What's wrong?" Sion asked, he had not sensed anything yet.

"Something is nearby." Beriai said in her rarely heard, serious voice.

Sion looked to the ends of both hallways, but he didn't see anything there. "But, I don't see-"

Suddenly, the rotting corpse of a giant talon broke through the wall. It tore Sion from Beriai!
"Sion-sama!" Beriai said with fear in her voice. On instinct she formed a flame disc, and threw it at the hand.
It was cut like a knife through butter.
Too bad Beriai didn't think to secure Sion before attack.
Because now Sion was falling...!

He hit the ground hard.
"Ow, ow, ow..." The pain passed soon.
When he looked around, he realized something...the blizzard had picked up. He couldn't tell east from west, north from south here. He didn't even know which way he was facing...
It looked like he was gonna freeze to death now...
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Who wants to know...
Posted 8/15/08 , edited 8/15/08
-Part 10-

Sion's body temperature was dropping at an accelerated rate. He was now, completely lost...
"I wonder if I'm even still on the school gr-"
Sion hit something. Which was probably some wall of ice or something. "Ow." He fell on his back, he had just about given up on getting out of this blizzard in time when he spotted something on his left, heading off into the blizzard...
'What is that? I think I remember mom once saying: "When in a hostile environment and you see a strange shadow, the most important thing to do is..." how'd the rest of that go again?'
It's been so long, Sion had forgotten...
It was so quiet, you can hear things freezing over the sound of the wind.
"Not like it's any worse than staying here...!!!" While Sion followed the strange figure, he didn't stop and think it might be some....kind of...7 headed monster with the intention of ripping out his organs and eating the remains.
And so Sion followed this strange, possibly carnivorous and hostile, shadowy figure to a shed which was obviously the equipment shed.
"I must still be in school."
The figure had already went into the shed, so Sion assumed the door wasn't frozen shut yet.
He slid the door open, look at that, for once there's no way this can go horribly...horribly wrong...
o(O_O)o !!!!
"Why did I suddenly get a bad premonition?!" Sion said to himself.
o(<_<)o ..... o(>_>)o
"Am I...being watched?"

Uh-oh, looks like he knows what I have planned...story writer, away...!
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Who wants to know...
Posted 8/15/08 , edited 8/16/08
(I originally thought it was gonna take longer to write this...but thanks to my loyal readers, I have enough motivation points to continue!!!
>: D

"......" Sion eyes darted around, searching for the figure. The equipment shed wasn't large but it wasn't small either.....
Medium sized.
In the center was a large mat used for unknown purposes...
And on that mat, in the very center. Sitting with her knees hugged the her chest, wearing a black Yukata with a blue floral pattern...
If you hadn't figured out that it's Shirayuki yet, you deserve this epic cookie....though know the epic cookie will cause you eat it without control, and than cause explosive <beep> don't ever eat it.

Shirayuki turned her head to Sion, "....Sion...?" She wondered why he had come here?
'Was he looking for me?' How right she was.

"Hey, we've been looking for you?" Sion scratched the back of his head and laughed, "Well, technically, I was...since I kinda got separated..." Sion stood at the edge of the mat, moving his hand towards Shirayuki.
"Come on, everyone's waiting for us, and also we have to help Aoi-cha-"

When Sion's hand got close enough, Shirayuki scooted away from him.
"Sion-sama, ask yourself, how do you think I felt...when you had forgotten my name?"

"Forgotten your name?" Had Sion forgotten her name?
Well, luckily I have this remote!!!|
| |
< <

There it is, see, he did forget her name.

"Oh," He remembered now. "Uhh..." He really had no response.

"It was kind of like breaking an important promise." Shirayuki's wolf ears pointing down and her tail lay motionless next to her. Those were signs that Shirayuki was sad...

As a contractor, Sion was obligated to say something...anything! COME ON DO SOMETHING!!!!!
"Shirayuki..." Sion kneeled down behind her, and touched her shoulder. "I'm sorry I forgot your name, so I'll make a promise with you here and now." Sion held out his pinky.

Shirayuki recognized the hand gesture that Sion was giving. She felt that kind of gesture was childish.
"How do I know you'll keep the promise?" She asked.

"It's said, that if a pinky promise is broken than, bad things would happen." Sion didn't know exactly what kind of bad things, some say swallowing 100,000 needles, getting stabbed in the pinky over 1,000 times, etc, etc, they mostly involve sharp pointy objects a very high number.
"The promise will be, that I'll always remember your name." Hopefully, this promise will be easily long as nothing such as mind control or amnesia happens to him...........

Shirayuki suddenly hugged Sion, throwing aside the pinky promise.
"I don't need you to promise because I believe in you."
Apparently it, that went easier than originally thought. Cool...
And now for the problem.

Once that incident was done with, Sion and Shirayuki were going to rejoin Beriai and everyone else to find Aoi. However...
When Sion tried to slide open the door...
"It's iced shut."
A-HAHAHAHA!!! Too bad this isn't a hentai right.

Shirayuki latched herself onto Sion's back.
"Hey, Sion, what are you thinking of doing at this time? Now isn't the time for that kind of things after all." Even though she was the one who looked like she wanted to, plus she was snickering at the same time.

Sion was shivering, "wh-what are you talking about?!" Sion was playing dumb, he knew the kind of situation:
They were alone...a way to keep warm was by sharing body heat...which meant...close contact...
You know where this is headed right?
"Shirayuki, you're not suggesting that we...take off our clothes, and embrace each other tightly to keep ourselves warm until help comes, are you?" Sion said.
'Oh no...not good...' Sion knew what was coming...
The thing about his body specifically that keeps him from making this story a hentai.

Shirayuki moved in closer, her lip next to Sion's ear, in a cute but silent voice she whispered: "M-A-Y-B-E...but only if it's with you..."

That was what did it!
Blood spurted out of Sion's nose, enough to kill a normal person. But this kind made Sion faint...
His eyes going all swirly as he fell on his back.

Shirayuki laughed, this is was her way of having fun. The messed up, and twisted kind of fun that only Shirayuki could have...
Even though she realized that Sion losing consciousness here was dangerous.
"Oh well, I guess it's time to sync." She kneeled down, over Sion.
Now, I'm about to mention something that's about as close to hentai as I can possibly get, so before you start going crazy wondering if I'm finally gonna break the rules. You might as well just calm down or something.

Shirayuki sat a top Sion, her hands on his shoulders, channeling heat to Sion. Because she could do that too.
She leaned down against him, lying on top of him. "'s time to wake up now."
She pressed her lips against his...
Like I said before, there's no hentai stuff going to happen. >_>
A bright light started shining from Shirayuki's body, Sion's body was glowing too. Synchronization was starting...
What? Did you think there was only one way to initiate synchronization? I chose this method for one reason...and one reason only...

A bright light towered towards the sky, the equipment shed was completely decimated.
Once again, for the lulz, and also because I like to destroy things.

A fully synced Sion stood in the light's brilliant light. Standing on a large, round shield...
"This feels much better now." Sion noticed, having regained consciousness when syncing. Something ran through his mind, a feeling...
"Aoi-chan...?" She was near, and possibly in danger. "Time is short...Shirayuki, lend me your senses."

'Understood, Sion!' Shirayuki seemed much happier now.

Sion opened his inner senses, trying to pinpoint Aoi's location in this blizzard.
"There!" He pinpointed her location to the center of the track field.
Which was ironically, 15 meters to their left.
"That was...unusually lucky..." I didn't feel like prolonging this search, so I made things easier for them.
Aoi was sitting on the ground, staring up at something.
It was humanoid in shape, but stood at about 10 ft. tall. It's body looked like it had been stitched together from various body parts...and horribly too.
One arm had more mass than the other.
It's head had 7 eyes, 3 on the left, 2 on the right, 1 one the top and 1 in the center.
It even had a weird looking tail...

From it's mouth spoke a voice that didn't fit at all, a female's voice to be specific: "A demi-god of winter in a place like this. That was quite lucky...I'm speaking to you through this useless scum because you're needed for an important task."

"Whatever is, I don't want to do!" Aoi said as she backed away.

"...I wasn't asking...if you won't come back quietly, I'll have to take you by force." The Franken-monster...thingy...
I'm just gonna call it a Frankenmonster...because I don't want to call it Frankenstein!
It moved it's hand towards Aoi.

In reaction, Aoi tried to freeze it's hand.
It seemed to work...
But than the ice shattered.
Hey, it was worth a try wasn't it?
It's hand stopped in front of Aoi, a black shroud flowing over Aoi...planning to steal her very essence.
"Don't try to struggle, it will only hurt worse."
Okay, step aside, it's hero time!

Sion appeared in front of the Frankenmonster. Stopping it's hand with his own.
Staring at it with apathy, I couldn't think of a cool phrase to say a simple ownage will do.
Sion pulled the hand back and than tossed it forward.
The Frankenmonster was thrown off it's feet.

Aoi fell the moment contact was broken.

"Sion-sama!" Beriai dived down towards him from above. Changing into her orb form, Sion grasped the orb in his hand. Bringing it to his chest as it phased inside.
Sion was feeling the heat of Beriai's dragon fire...

" lets do this right..."

Sion's eyes changed to the color orange.
Like last time, the gloves appeared on his hands. And lit up in flames but did not burn him.
The thing that was different this time, was the addition of shin guards worn outside his pants that also lit his feet on fire.
Horns appeared on his forehead through his hair.
Sion saw that Frankenmonster was getting up. "Beriai, how much time is before it hits below 0?"

"You've got about 10 minutes to destroy that thing, save that ice girl, and stop the's almost like all the odds are stacked against us for some strange unexplained reason."

"No time to think about that now." Sion took his stance as the Frankenmonster was completely back on it's feet.
The flames on Sion's hands and feet became more intense as he readied for battle......

And, that's all for this part.
In the next part:
Sion vs. ...A...Frankenmonster...thing...
Wow...even I didn't expect to fight that kind of monster...
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Posted 8/20/08 , edited 8/20/08
lolz!! frankenmoster!! yays!! shirayuki iz back!!^-^
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Who wants to know...
Posted 8/21/08 , edited 8/21/08
-part 12-

Now that the Franken monster was back up, it tried to squash Sion with it's foot.
He raised his hand above his head, catching the foot...and than he set it on fire with Beriai's flame. Eventually the whole thing caught fire and fell over.
"....That seemed too easy..." Sion felt like there was something he was forgetting. "It was in this zombie survival guide..."
He reached into his pocket and pulled it out.

"You carry that around with you?"

"You'd be surprised how many times it comes up in a conversation around here." He skipped down to the last part...
"Lets see..."

"Ah now I see it...burning it...wasn't a good idea than."

"It's all part of my master plan. Your flames hardly burn out." Sion put it back in his pocket, than jumped right over the rising Frankenmonster. "The head is it's weakest point than..." Sion dived right in fist first through the top of the head inside it's body.
"It's really disgusting in here."

On the outside of the Frankenmonster's body, patches of skin were bulging from Sion's assault from the inside. It would explode eventually.
Sion's fist came out of it's chest...he ripped it open and jumped back out.
And than it exploded...

Sion was grossed out even more. "Disgusting."
"How long was that battle anyways?"

"About 2 minutes."

"So than, the only thing left is..." When Sion turned around, Aoi was on her feet again. Mumbling something to herself, towers of ice started rising out of the ground...
"...Can't it ever be easy?"
My response, nope never...wouldn't make an interesting story...
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Posted 8/21/08 , edited 8/21/08
lolz!! nothing iz easy in dis story XP
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Who wants to know...
Posted 8/21/08 , edited 8/22/08
-part 13-
(Nearly done with this phase. Than we'll move on to something I found hilarious...than the introduction phase is over, and the real story starts picking up.
With the way things are looking for Sion...hopefully he doesn't end up like a certain character from School Days... )

Sion jumped back as shards of ice spikes were shooting down at him.
"What's wrong with her?" Sion asked.

"If I had to guess, her sense of self is broken. That thing probably tried to take her essence forcefully, but we stopped it half way through so...she was able to hold onto her essence but she's currently confused." Shirayuki explained...

"....." Sion still didn't get it. "Explain that in a better way."

"They tried to download her, but the connection was lost and she got a virus somehow."

"That...still doesn't make much-"

"Keep focused!"

Sion brought up a flame dome around him, to block a wave of ice. "So how do I fix her?"

"Complete it, make her your partner through a connection of skins."

"...You want me to kiss her?"


Even though Sion had a cooler personality when transformed...still...kissing someone he hardly knew. It was still a little...
'But she wanted to be my partner anyways. However, how do I know she's not yandere? I prefer my head being attached when I wake up.'

'Either that or kill her.' Beriai said that.

"You know what I'm thinking?'

'We can read your mind when we're like this...on another note...what's with all the dirty images you hide in your mind?'

'I'm a guy.'
Sion saw a pillar of ice being whipped at him from above. 'Can we talk about that later?'
Sion jumped to the left, when the pillar came crashing down it whipped back around to Sion.
Sion snapped his fingers.
The burning carcass left by the Frankenmonster suddenly started burning. Creating pillars of fire...
"Beriai's flames have enough power to melt away the ice." Sion informed. And just like that, the ice attacks against Sion started melting...
"Now is the time to go on the offensive."
Sion leaped towards Aoi.

Ice spikes shot up to get in his way.

Sion counted 6 spikes.
The intensity of the flames on the gloves and shin guards increased. Sion's entire body was on fire, he burst through the ice spikes like a bullet.
But than he impacted a wall of ice, more walls of ice appeared on all sides. And than it trapped him inside...freezing his flame.

"Kuroushi...senpai..." Aoi said quietly to herself, unaware of her own doings. "Do you hate me? You must hate everyone else. People have been afraid of powers. I thought my powers could be used for something else other than destruction.."
She had entered her own monologue...hooray...
"But I guess...that's all I'm meant for? To freeze and break everything..." She moved her hand towards the Sion encased in ice. "Forgive me...this is the role I've been given."

"You're wrong."
Sion's eye twitched, he could still move. He increased the intensity of the flames.
"You're purpose isn't to destroy." Sion was slowly regaining movement. "I'll never use you as a tool for destruction."
The ice was cracking.
"This I swear."
Sion burst out of the ice, straight towards Aoi. To actually initiate the contract he needed to be in his regular form. So Beriai and Shirayuki bailed out at the last minute...
They both looked away...because they were insanely jealous.

Sion pulled away now. He felt that he had gained another contractor...

Aoi changed into a sphere like Beriai and Shirayuki and floated down to the ground.
Sion picked her up...
"Aoi-chan?" He wondered if this really worked or not?

The sphere started lighting up.
Hooray she was alive...!
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Who wants to know...
Posted 8/29/08 , edited 8/29/08
-part 14-

Skipping over the stuff that happened in between, than having to bringing everyone back to their homes so they thought it was all one big dream...which probably didn't work. And than some more stuff that I'm too lazy to fill in...
Back to the story.
-Sion's house-

He stood beside a window, thinking to himself...not moving...wait a he going to...OH CR-
-Transmission intercepted-
"Well, it looks like my odds of leading a normal life and not having to fight are decreasing every day. There was an assault on our district, I had to fight, I got injured, healed, nearly killed again, kissed, opened a scary door, fought Beriai, joined with Shirayuki, went home, found Shirayuki and Beriai, gained Beriai as an ally, passed out, went to school, nearly got killed again, ran around, fought again, nearly killed again, woke up, ran around, nearly killed, lost, ran around some more, found Shirayuki, passed out, joined with Shirayuki, scanned the surrounding area, half saved Aoi-chan, fought a monster made up of dead monsters, made it worse, destroyed that monster, defended against Aoi-chan, went on the offensive, frozen, unfrozen gained Aoi-chan as an ally, stopped the blizzard, brought everyone home, fixed thins, than went home myself...And it's only been 2 the rate things are going now I'll be dead within a week..."

Sion sighed to himself in defeat.
'Also, my home seems to have livened up a bit.'
While Sion was having his little monologue, his 3 contractors were having dinner...rather...fighting over their dinners.
Shirayuki stole some food off of Beriai's plate.
Beriai was complaining about it.
Shirayuki was saying: "One must be ready for anything."
Aoi, who had come to stay with them for a while, had been trying to keep a war from breaking out...poorly...

Sion looked over his shoulder to the three of them. "...." He didn't say anything.
But he was certainly thinking something alright: 'There's never any peace is there?' Sion started walking to his room. "I'm turning in early." Sion was EXHAUSTED!!!!
Dude performed 2 unifications in one day, that's not easy for a newbie.

"Goodnight." Shirayuki commented.

Sion didn't respond.

The three contractors stared at their master for a little bit...before losing interest and going back to what they were doing...which involved food and thievery and than negotiating.
As Sion walked into his room, he closed the door behind him. Leaning on the door he fell against it, than falling on his side.
"That's's like...I don't have...any...strength left..." He kinda passed out right then and there.
-yay, dream sequence! The plot is thickening at last-

Sion found himself in a type of alternate space. He was floating in a dark place, but he could see as clear as day.
" I?"
There was a sound close by, to his left.
"Footsteps?" The pitter patter of the footsteps grew louder...

A young girl flew by Sion.
It didn't seem like she'd noticed him?

"What the heck?" Sion was as surprised as he would be if he'd had woken up next to Yukari.

Following the little girl was another girl wearing a white hood. She carried no weapons on her. Unless you count the cloth attached to the hood that streamed next to the girl.
She moved her hands.
And the cloth mimicked her movements, attempting to wrap around the little girl.
There was no way she could defend as she was close to be fully encased in a sphere made of the cloth.

Her teary eyes turned to Sion. Who felt a type of clenching in his heart and gut...
She looked to him as if silently screaming for help.
But what could Sion do from where he was? As far as he knew this was just some kind of...very...realistic dream...

Suddenly something moved past Sion. It moved so fast Sion couldn't see anything. All he could see was a black hood and cloak rushing straight for the white hooded girl...
A sphere of concentrated power in hand. Thrusting it towards the hooded girl.

Sensing the attack beforehand, she moved her cloth to defend against the attack.
The cloth was completely burned by the explosion of power from this man's attack. He stood unharmed as he moved towards the hooded girl once more.
Employing the use of hand-to-hand combat. Since it seemed he didn't seem to carry any weapons...

"Wait..." Something was clicking inside Sion's mind. He...remembered seeing that fighting stance before...but...where...?
Sion dug inside his memories to find out...
-wow this is turning out pretty long-

Sion remembered watching his mom train in the mountains. It was one of the many adventures she'd taken him on.
By the way, she was fighting bears...very big fact, so big you could never imagine how big they were. They were some very huge bears!
She beat them all using a special hand-to-hand combat style she developed with her husband...who will remain a mystery for plot reasons.
She had worked up quite a sweat from fighting these bears without the use of Guardian Power, but, as well as being a fierce destructive power, she was also a kind-hearted woman. She made sure to heal the bears she fought, as well as only fight bears that became hostile to her.

Once done healing this bear, and watching it leave.
She picked up Sion. "<Inaudable words>" She must've said something very motherly because right now she was acting motherly too....
"Mom!" That's where Sion remembered that fighting style, but who was using it?

There was a light coming from nearby. It was coming from the little girl, who now screamed and than suddenly everything exploded in a green light...
-And now, another twist-

Sion sat up with a jolt. Breathing heavily and sweating profusely, he placed a hand over his head.
"What...just happened...?" On another note, he noticed that his surroundings were different from his looked a lot different. " I?" He lowered his hand from his forehead.
He was touching something soft...and warm...?
"Huh...squish?" He looked to what his hand was touching.........
Yurika was sleeping soundly next to that's not a typo.
-Yurika was sleeping soundly next to him-

Sion mutely shouted in shock.
" I in Yurika's bed...and why can't I remember anything?!"
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Who wants to know...
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(Okay, after a long hiatus...
*Checks date of last post.*
Wow...a REALLY long hiatus, time to start back up again.
*Listening to theme music.* =u=
Theme music ftw...!

Also, I forgot if I decided what season it was? )

Phase 3: "Master is already grown up?!?!"

-Part 1-

-6 years ago-

'I still remember those days...'

She had become so used to the constant pain, it didn't affect her as much as it did in the first couple months.
It had become just another habit.

'How cold and lonely it was...'

Her arms were bound by unbreakable, spiked chains. The bleeding would not stop, she could only watch as the blood dripped...and dripped...every second, of every day. And it would just keep increasing.
Her skin would heal, and than the wounds open again...

'I stopped wishing for freedom...for I had already broken...death would've been a blessing...'

In her reflection, the eye that remained held no life in them.
She started laughing, as she had done in the time she'd remained in captivity.
Like a helpless beast.

'And than...I saw light...'

She heard the sound of metal against metal, and her hands fell to her side.
She made no movement whatsoever...
A hand was held out to her.

"Hey..." A boy's voice was the first voice she's heard in many months.

As a reaction, she bit deep into the hand that was stretched out to her.
Expecting it to be pulled back, she expected to be hit, she expected to be punished.
She actually felt like laughing, as she tasted the blood on her lips.
And yet, nothing happened.

"There's nothing to fear." He said once more. "See? I'm here to rescue you...what's your name?" He didn't have a single hint of malice in his voice...just kindness.

A kindness she had never experienced before. It made no sense to her already broken mind, she wondered why? She couldn't possibly comprehend the actions being taken now.
Her bite on his hand loosened, until now she felt...sad about what she'd done.
Having the mindset of an animal, she licked the wound.

'For the light that was given to me...I swore to protect matter what...'
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Who wants to know...
Posted 1/11/09 , edited 1/11/09
(Another short one )

-Part 2-

It felt kind of nostalgic that day for Sion.
As he sat in class and went through the teacher's normal routines of...teaching. He was reminded of peaceful days before all of this happened.
The only difference was...Yurika...
He looked to her out of the corner of his eyes.
'She's been acting weird since this morning...' Thinking back on him caused him to look away immediately. 'What exactly happened?' He had no recollection as to how he got there, or what he had done or anything.
'It's not possible that I did...that...with Yurika, right?' He didn't understand it at all...
At just that moment, he heard the clattering of chairs. Like the rest of his class, he turned to the disturbance of the noise and he saw Yurika on the ground...she had just thrown up...

"Yurika-chan, are you alright?!" The teacher rushed up to her as quick as she could.

"I-I'm fine...just...not feeling well..." She said weakly as she wiped her eyes.

"Go to the nurse's office, come back when you're feeling better, okay?" She suggested with that kind of worried motherly look on her face that made her popular with students.

"Alright...sensei..." She slowly got to her feet, staggering a bit at first before falling onto her knees.
This scene was just painful to watch.

Sion suddenly said, "Sensei, I'll help her to the nurse's office." He was worried about one of his oldest friends after all...
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Who wants to know...
Posted 1/11/09 , edited 1/13/09
(Setting up for drama. =u= )

-Part 3-

Through some odd twist of fate.
Sion was now sitting on a stool by Yurika's bedside in the nurse's office.

"...." There was nothing but a tense silence between them.
Sion couldn't think of anything he wanted to say, actually, a couple things did come to mind of what to say. But he didn't really have the guts to ask...

"If you're wondering...I...don't think anything happened between us...last night..." She broke the silence, turning on her side to face away from Sion.
"I'm not really sure. But...I've been feeling strange since this morning...I don't know why...?"

"Strange?" Sion pressed the issue. "What do you mean?" He asked.

"I...don't know...just a feeling but...last night was a complete blur, the only thing I remember is you showing up at my doorstep...that's it." She explained.
'What did happen last night, and why did I show up at Yurika's doorstep? It doesn't make any sense?'
He couldn't put the pieces together no matter how hard he tried.
He sighed to himself, "Hey...on the chance that something did happen...than...I'll take responsibility." It was probably his fault after all.

"...." Yurika was silent. "Y-You don't have to." She was clearly embarrassed. "It'll cause you trouble."

"No it won't." He responded without delay. "I'm a man, so, if it turns out to be what I think it is, than I will take responsibility."
It was silent between them again.

"Hey, do you remember what it was like when we were younger?" She broke the silence.
"We used to have plenty of conversations during those days."

"...Yah..." He smiled lightly. "Those were good times. "And, I hope to make even more good memories with all of us..."
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Who wants to know...
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-Part 4-

-Later that same day-

After picking up some...items.
Sion and Yurika walked in silence, what could they say at a moment like this...?
This was where Sion would part, at a street corner. Yukari's place was farther and required a train to get there.
Sion's destination need only he turn on this street.
He turned to Yurika, "Well...bye..." He waited 4 seconds, when Yurika didn't say anything, he assumed there was nothing left to do on his part.
So he turned around, but as he did he felt a tugging on his sleeve. This caused him to stop in his tracks, utterly and completely.
Once again, waiting for a bit, he turned around slowly to face Yurika. "...." He was at a loss for words.

"Sion..." Without saying anything, she merely looked into his eyes. Hoping that Sion would be able to read into her actions.
It was too embarrassing for her to say after all...

"...I got it..." He understood without Yurika exchanging any words.

A top a water tower, the twin-tailed blonde girl with the cloak stared at the city. A cell-phone in hand, she read the message that she received...
"Retrieve it at all costs." She read aloud.
Getting back on her feet she pointed her finger to the sky, " master..." Something similar to a sonar streaked through the sky. Of course, a normal human wouldn't notice.
To Guardians and spirits however, they'd notice...
Which was why this girl was making such a small anomaly, it didn't seem at all suspicious...
It didn't take long to track down her target, "Found it." She leaped from the building...
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Who wants to know...
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-Part 5-

Now the two of them were on the themselves. Conveniently, the train car turned out to be empty...kind of a 1 in a 100,000,000,000 chance though.
They sat next to each other, with Yurika leaning on Sion's shoulder.

"Hey...did you...really mean what you said back in the nurse's office?" She asked, not looking directly at Sion. All this time, she'd been acting strangely, not Yurika-like at all.

"...of course..." It was probably Sion's doing anyways, so he might as well take responsibility for it. That's just the kind of guy he was.

She held onto his hand, "You're a kind person, Sion-sama." A smile appeared on her face.

This caused Sion's cheeks to turn red, "Yah...thanks..." He couldn't think of anything else to say. It'd probably spoil the mood anyways.
"But...if it does turn out to be the case, please be careful from now on, alright?" He requested. Still he didn't look directly at Yurika, she might've seen the redness in Sion's cheeks.

She giggled, "Are you worried about me?" She said as she poked Sion's red-colored cheeks. "A long time ago...I could've chosen a different path, a different life...but I chose to become your bodyguard. So, you don't have to worry about's me who should worry about your safety." She said as she got to her feet and started walking towards the door.

'This isn't her stop.' Sion noted, he wondered what she was doing as his eyes followed after her.

As the train door opened she looked back to Sion and quickly said; "What good's a bodyguard who can't defend her master?" There was a sad smile on her face as she rushed out the door.

"Yurika wait!" But it was too late, the doors had already closed and Yurika was waving sadly to Sion on the other side.
Sion hadn't noticed it before...but the station was for some moving shadows in the background. Taking the forms of monsters...
Sion watched helplessly as Yurika had started opening fire on them, and as the train moved on...
Sion fell against the door...
"Yurika..." It didn't make any sense to him, Yurika's mind was too hard to figure out. Her reasons for leaving to fight was unknown to Sion...he just couldn't understand it at all...
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