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wow...this is so good!! cant wait for new chapter ^^
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cool! looking forward to the next chapter!
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when Is the Next chapter? Because I love this story
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wow ^_^
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Thanks!! I really hope everyone likes it.^^ *smiles*
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nice ^_^
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Jamie_25 wrote:


This was her dream come true.. Wasn't it? So, why was these tears falling? She was walking down the isle, either of her arms linked with her 'Sensei' Kakashi, and the other, with her beloved teacher that gave her strength, and powers to heal, Tsunade. Her mother and father's presence were not here this very day. Their presence was long gone 3 years ago, when they had been ambushed on a mission. Her dress was mopping around on the floor, pooling down at her legs, the tail of the dress stretching out a good 5 feet behind. The yellow and white flowers she held in her hand, brang out the pale color of her dress. And her veil, making the tears unvisible to the others.
She approached the altar. Her linked arms was soon to be just her arm. She glanced to her right, there he was. Her husband to be. Beside him, his best man, his best friend. Uzumaki Naruto. And on her left, was her maid of honor, Yamanaka Ino, and her bride's maids; Hinata, TenTen, and Temari. There they all were, slight smiles on their faces, yet, their eyes flickered with sadness. Her maid of honor flashed a sad smile to Sakura's way, earning another one in response.
Her hand was handed to him. To her soon to be husband. "You take care of her." Kakashi said in a light voice, yet, in a demanding manner. "Of course." Was Sasuke's reply. They approached the altar together, arm in arm. When they sat theirselves down in front of the priest, Sakura raised a hand to wipe away the delicate tears that rolled down her face. When she had thought of where she was this moment, why she was doing this, and if she was happy.. Tears lined her eyes, the stinging of them not going away any time soon. Her heart-strings pulled, telling her this isn't what she was to be doing. Yet, her mind disagreed.
She knew that listening to your heart was the first choice. But this time, her mind was the first choice. She had to. She had to be his friend. His companion. One that he could live with for the remainings of his life, starting from this very day, from the very kiss to come. Sakura blinked away the tears, and swallowed. It's going to be alright. She thought. Yet, the ramblings still went on in her mind.. How she got here in the first place.. And why she had accepted.
It was.. Complicated? You can call it. She'd been waiting for this her whole life. But, when the proposal actually came.. It wasn't as she'd expected. And her love had wavered then. "Marry me, Sakura." He told her. Not asked. He told her. Sakura nodded dumbly, tears getting ready to fall. She knew that this would come. This question would come someday. When that fan-girl ran away from her body, she knew that it wouldn't work out as love. She was smart. She was strong. She knew that this would come. Sakura was the only woman that Sasuke trusted. So, here she is. Accepting this life long mission, to deliver young Uchiha's to the world. To rebuild the Uchiha clan.. To make one's goal, and dream to come true. He'd already avenged his clan, and now wanting to rebuild it.
This was another beggining to another life. For both of them. So now, as the priest asked them for their vows, Sasuke began, holding Sakura's left hand in his.
"Sakura, to this day, I promise to stay by your side, and to help you when you are weak and sick. I will love you, even when your hair turns gray, and I trust that you will deliver healthy Uchiha's to this clan. The money that I have inherited, will be shared between you and me. There is no rules between this love, it's going to be you and I from now on. I will accept you through whatever, and you will always be my only one. You're mine, I'm yours, and that's all we need." He said shortly, and flatly.
Sakura began her vow. "Sasuke, I take you, this very day, to be my honorable husband. I will guide you when you are lost, and I will stay by your side through all we will go together. I will always be the first thing you see in the morning, and my hand is the one you'll hold when we gaze down at a new member of an up coming family. I will love you unconditonally, and never will my love waver. There will always be two times I want to be with you. Now, and forever." She ended. She couldn't lie that most of this was true.. Yet, some of it wasn't.
Now, the priest looked over to the both of them. He glanced at Sasuke. "Do you, Sasuke, take Sakura to be your lawfully wedded wife, through richer or poor, through sickness and health, and through whatever may come?"
"I do."
"Repeat after me," The priest began. "I, Uchiha Sasuke, take Haruno Sakura to be my lawfully wedded wife, through richer or poor, and through sickness and health."
"I, Uchiha Sasuke, take Haruno sakura to be my lawfully wedded wife, through richer or poor, and through sicnkess and health."
The priest nodded. He turned towards Sakura. "Do you, Sakura, take Sasuke to be your lawfully wedded husband, through richer or poor, through sickness and health, and through whatever may come?"
Sakura's tears began to roll down her face, seizing her cheek. She gulped. "I do."
"Repeat after me," The priest again began. "I, Haruno Sakura, take Uchiha Sasuke to be lawfully wedded husband, through richer or poor, and through sickness and health."
"I, Haruno Sakura, take Uchiha Sasuke to be my lawfully wedded husband, through richer or poor, and through sickeness and health." Sakura's voice was slightly trembling.
The priest glanced over to them, and nodded. "I now pronounce you, husband and wife. Mr. and Mrs. Uchiha!" He exclaimed. "You may now kiss the bride." He looked over to Sasuke.
Sasuke gently lifted Sakura's veil, revealing admirable jade faded eyes, and a sweet, delicate face that could easily be pasted in front of any magazine. Sasuke looked at her, and studied her. His eyes glanced down. Her body was slim, gentle and delicate. She filled out all in the right places. His gaze traveled back up, meeting her eyes. He swallowed. He filled the space between them, with a short, chaste kiss.
When they had parted, Sakura let out a sigh that had been dying to come out. It wasn't the kiss of her life, but a kiss of promise. A kiss that sealed this life-long promise.
Now, as they walked out arm in arm as husband and wife, her eyes couldn't help but let out a few tears. She glanced up into the sky before stepping into the white limo that had flowers in the front and back. I hope you're proud of me, Mom, Dad.She thought. She stepped into the limo, readying for the upcoming reception.
The night went well. Their first dance was to'First Love' (A/N I love that song!) Sakura's eyes brimmed with tears, soaking Sasuke's shoulder. Her dress was slender, and it complimented her curves. Her dress was a pale, pale, green, that brang out the color of her eyes. It was strapless, and hugged her body like a glove. Her hair was up in a simple bun, a small tiara crowing her head. Small diamonds hung from her ears, and a beautiful necklace with the same diamonds on her earings framed on her neck.
Her scent, was strawberry's. Her make up was light, eyeliner on the top lid, and mascara. She need not to put on heavy make-up, since her face was like that. She had natural beauty.
The rest of the night went smooth, and Sakura had a well.. delightful time, you could say.
Their honey moon, to one of the islands where lovers went in Japan, was smooth. They had small talk, shared a bed, some kisses were shared, yet, Sakura couldn't feel the connection. Everytime their gazes locked, and their eyes met.. She would ask herself, Where is the love?

A/N: The plot begins Oh.. yeah, the chapter that was before this was a prologue. So yeah, obviously there's a time skip. You'll see how far I've moved ahead.
Sakura lay in bed, her back towards her husband. She lifted a hand to her stomach, petting it carefully. The second one was on its way. She was only two months pregnant, another one coming. Her first baby, now 18 months old, lay on the other side of the room, in his little bed. Sakura glanced to where her baby boy was, as she let out a sigh. Her eyes brimmed with tears, as she shook her head to get rid of the tears that threatened to fall.
She rolled over, now facing her husband. She stared at him for awhile. His face was soft, smooth. His pale skin complimented his obsidian eyes that you could easily get lost in, and his nose was pointed in all the right ways. His face was shaped into a masculine shape, and the black hair sprawled on his head fit perfectly, and brang out the color in his eyes.
She sighed dreamily, as she placed her hand on his cheek, rubbing it with her thumb. She glanced over to the clock, which read 1:32. Great. She sighed. Another night of no sleep. Maybe 2 hours was all she had, but still. Working over time at the hospital, and tending to her baby and husband was overwhelming. She had to take a break soon. Sasuke was with the Anbu, leading them. So, she barely had time to see him except for early in the mornings, and dinner time, and when they slept together in a large bed.
"Mmmph." She whined, pulling the covers up to her chin. She shut her eyes closed, and let go of all the thoughts that were in her head.
She woke up, glancing lazily over to the clock with blurry eyes. 6:15. She read. She yawned, Sasuke was to leave in 15 minutes. She rolled over to where Sasuke would lay at night, when her head hit something. She focused her eyes. "Sasuke?" She said quietly. He grunted. "Hn.." He muttered. "You're supposed to leave in 15 minutes." She said. "I'm not going." He said flatly. "Why?" She asked in return.
"Because I don't feel good." He said as he buried his face in his pillow, covering himself up with the covers. Sakura tried to reach out for his forehead, but Sasuke's hand snapped at her, jerking her hand away harshly. Sakura sighed. This was normal to her. Sauske being grumpy all the time. There was never a time where he would actually stop and talk to her normally. And if he did, he would be snapping and barking at her. Sakura got used to this. This was the Sasuke she lived with. She had put up with it. This was her mission. She sighed once more, as she slipped out of bed.
"Close the windows, Sakura." His voice was muffled, yet harsh.
"Mhm, I'll go make you breakfast." She scrambled to the windows, draping the curtains together, then made her way to the kitchen.
A few minutes later, she came back with a tray, carrying tomato soup and orange juice. "Sasuke," she called out to him.
"Leave it on my table." He said grumpily.
Sakura nodded, she bit her lip to fight back anything that wanted to show or come out of her.
She sighed mentally, before changing into a nice yellow summer dress "I'm going for a walk." She said. She quickly left the room before he could answer. She grabbed her large purse, and headed out.
She stopped to eat breakfast at a small diner, then strolled down the streets of Konoha, savouring the freedom she had now. Later on, she knew she'd be caught between the baby and Sasuke later.
The baby. Her baby boy, Daisuke. Her treasure, the one who lights up her day. Her mind rambled on and on about him. Her one tooth wonder, and her hero. He was there to make her laugh in several ways, and brighten up her mood any time.
Sakura's mind drifted, and now it was noon. She decided it was best if she headed back home, to the Uchiha Manor.
"Sasuke-kun.. Do you want lunch?" She asked cautiously.
"Aa." Was his muffled response.
"You should get out of bed, atleast." She tried to say calmly.
"No. Bring my lunch to me." He said louder than he should have.
Sakura nodded. "Hai." She sputtered before scrambling out the door.
She came back with some rice, and some chicken, with a raw tomato on the side. Water was also provided. She placed the tray on his table, where the other plates were. She took these and brang them into the kitchen.
"Do you plan on staying under there all day?" She asked him.
"Hmph." Was his abrupt response.
Sakura walked over to where Daisuke was. She glanced over, and found the babe playing with one of his toys. "Come on, Dai. Let's play in the living room." The baby cooed, and Sakura smiled. She picked up the baby, carrying him out the door. She set him down on the floor in the living room, letting him play with toys that were piled up in a little toy box. Sakura smiled a the sight of her baby, as he studied things with gleaming eyes.
He walked unbalanced to his mom, a bright smile on his face. His eyes were deep green, like his mother's, and his hair was jet black like his father's. Sakura hoped that the new baby was to be a girl.
Sakura once again found herself on the streets of Konoha. She had just had dinner with Ino, wanting to get away from Sasuke. Her head was aching, and she had to get some rest. Hopefully she actually got some rest.. Since, well, Sasuke would probably snap at her once she got back.
She shook her head and cleared her mind as she approached the front doors of the Uchiha household. She stepped in front of the door, peering and listening in before she slipped into the door. Inside, she heard Sasuke and the baby. Sasuke was talking to Daisuke.
Sakura stepped inside, bracing herself for a mouthful. It was soon to come.
"Where have you been, Sakura?" Sasuke said sternly.
Sakura fidgeted with the hem of her dress. She bit her lip hard, that she could almost taste blood. "Out.." She muttered under her breath.
"Why? You know you're duty, Sakura. You left me here with Dai all day, while I'm here, sick! You want him to get sick?" He snapped rather harshly, to Sakura.
"N-no, it's just that I thought I could go out for awhile. Have some time for myself.." She said the last sentence quite softly.
Sasuke's eyebrows furrowed. "Just go and wash the dishes." He said as he turned back to Daisuke.
It was around 11 pm when Sakura had finished washing the dishes, and doing some tidying. She sighed, as she walked over to where Daisuke lay, and kissed his forehead lightly. She stay there for awhile, gazing at the small figure lying before her.
She had changed, and slipped into bed quietly, hoping not to wake Sasuke. She hoped that tomorrow would be a better day. And hopefully, Sasuke would go to work with the Anbu. She rolled over, her face meeting Sasuke's. Their faces were a fraction of a inch apart. Sakura had the urge to feel his skin, for their lips to meet.
Their lips met twice a day, yet, none of them were filled with any emotion. After 2 years of marriage and kisses, nothing.. Nothing, ever.. All the conctact that came between them.. None of it at all, had any love, emotion, no.. feeling. Sakura's hand lifted up to his face, not touching it, yet her hand hovered over his cheek. She closed her eyes, and her hand met his soft skin.
She then placed a chaste kiss on his cheek, his nose, and forehead. She dare not go near his lips. She knew it was wrong. She had not the right to do anything like that without him knowing. Her hand fell limp back to the bed, as she rolled over, her back to him. She pulled the covers to her neck, and tried to get some rest.
Tomorrow would just be another day of the baby, and Sasuke gone. Hopefully.

Where is the love, chapter 2
A/N: There is a time skip for this. This is when she's 9 months pregnant with the second baby. I'll be having time-skip chapters maybe.. for.. hm, 1 more chapter? I just have to get to the plot faster. By the way, watch for the language in the upcoming chapters. Here's the story
Oh by the way you guys, Sakura will have some strength. This is NOTgoing to be one of those abuse stories. NO WAY IN HELL .. will this be an abusive story. Sure, Sasuke is mean to her.. But, you'll see my plot of the story.
Heads up, here's a PREVIEW. Not, for the next chapter.. but like for the plot. Okay, so the preview is that.. Sakura leaves. She has to. Sasuke drives her crazy. And yeah. But she leaves.. not forever. She says she just needs a break. Sasuke has a plan of action. I just can't tell you that. And don't worry.. Things aren't gonna turn out the way you don't want them too :)
Well, on with the story! Btw; this really isn't a chapter. This is one of those time-skip / filler ones. Sorry!
Sakura struggled to walk over to where the dishes lay on the table from the previous lunch she had provided for Sasuke, Daisuke and herself. She stumbled before she even reached out to the plates on the table.
This pregnancy is taking a toll on me. She thought to herself. Then, her legs met weakness, and she stumbled to the ground, her butt meeting the floor in a heap. She huffed grumpily. Then, the pain came. "Oww.." She moaned in pain. She cradled her stomach, feeling the baby kicking harshly. "Uh-oh, here we go.." She muttered. "Sasuke!" She called out to him.
"What?" He came in fury. He stare at his wife on the ground, and his eyes widened. Without another word, Sasuke found himself scooping up Sakura into his arms, carrying her bridal style. "D-dai.. Sasuke. What about D-dai.." She stammered as she was beginning to be lifted off the ground. Sasuke sighed. He carry Sakura to their room, and told Dai to call Uncle Naruto to take care of him.
"Hai, Otou-san. Mommy's having baby!" The child exclaimed. Sasuke nodded meekly.
With that, Sasuke rushed out the door, Sakura in his arms. He ran from roof top to roof top, with Sakura making whining noises through the way. When the loudest one came yet, with the pain, Sasuke began to panic.
"Just stay calm. It's gonna be alright." He tried to sooth her. He never was good with all this emotional stuff. So, his mind scrambled with words inside his head, to at least try comforting his wife. He knew he had to.
"I'll be here." He finally said, yet, dryly. Sakura nodded into his chest, clinging onto his shirt for support.
Now, Sakura cradled the babe in her arms. She sat up right in her hospital bed, a smile framing her face. Tsunade walked up to Sakura. "I'm glad the delivery went alright. What's her name?" Sakura smiled widely. "Akina.. (A/N: Means Spring Flower. Named after Sakura, which means Cherry Blossom, which too, is a spring flower.)" She said. She gaze into the baby's pale, jade eyes, that were like hers. On the baby's head, was damp, pink hair that was sprawled on top of her head. "Uchiha.. Akina." Sakura finished.
Sasuke stood beside Sakura and Tsunade, his face blank. When Sakura had turned to him, in instincts, he took the weightless bundle in his arms. He cradled it, adjusting the position of the way he held the baby awkwardly. Sakura stole a smile when Sasuke had not been looking at her. She sighed inwardly. She lay back down in her bed, resting her eyes, and took a rest, a smile spread across her face.
When she had woken up, her eyes lingered to the window, her eyes met the purple sky, with snippets of pink, orange, and blue surrounding the purple of the sky. She glanced over to her right, where the baby lay. She smiled.
She looked back out to the window, gazing until the sky was black. It was if the sky had been cut off, replaced with darkness. Then, after the darkness had come, stars and diamonds dotted the sky.
Sakura's gaze traveled further, the moon's glow cast a soothing sight on top of the roofs of Konoha, letting a sigh escape the small, tender lips of Sakura. She rolled over, her gaze toward the little bundle that lay in a simple crib, a thumb stuck in the little baby's mouth.
Sakura could not get to sleep, so she walk over to where the baby was, lifted her, cradled her, and sang to her.
When it was nearly dawn, Sakura lay the baby down in her crib, she too, decided to get some rest. She would be released from the hospital that day.
"Sakura! Feed Aki.. She's hungry!" Sasuke called out from somwehere across the house. Most likely the kitchen, Sakura thought.
Sakura made her way to where Sasuke was, the new baby in his arms. Sakura took the baby in her arms, and made both their ways to their room.
When the baby was fed and burped, Sakura gaze down at the 2 week old baby, and tears brimmed her eyes. She shook her head, not wanting to let them fall. Yet, the tears came. Tears of happiness. That his little baby was brought to life. And how Sakura was so happy to have a girl. How this angel was sent down from the Kami, to Sakura.. and to Sasuke.
She smiled, and showered the baby with loving kisses. After the nth kiss, the baby's eyes fluttered opened, revealing pale jade eyes, that Sakura's gaze couldn't tear away from. A smile tugged at the corner of her lips, as Sakura played with the baby.
Soon, Sasuke walked into the door, a blank expression clear on his face. He groaned inwardly.
This is.. hard. He thought to himself. We need to see a marriage counselor. He grunted inwardly. He knew he had hurt her before. And he knew he would hurt her in the future. Even though he didn't like getting mad at all.. It seemed so normal. It was normal like breathing. It was like a daily routine. And it was weird.
He'd argue with her early in the morning, and before he would leave to work, he'd place a kiss on her cheek. His eyes opened, his gaze down, not wanting to meet her gaze.
He sighed inwardly, yet again. He walked over to where Sakura was, and placed his arms out in front of him. With a small hint of a smile, Sakura gave the bundle of joy to Sasuke. She stood up, and smoothed out her clothes. "I'll make lunch."

A/N: This is the last time-skip thing. Watch out for language. And the attitude. Yes, there is a time-skip. Akina, is 1. Daisuke, is 3. This is where the very beginning of the plot begins. Don't criticize, please. I'll be putting up several chapters each time I update. Just cause you guys are cool like that! Oh, and I will try to make my chapters longer. This one really isn't a chapter. I'm sorry. It's like the previous one. I'm sorry!
"Why did you make me potato salad?" Sasuke hissed.
Sakura gave him a crossed look. "What's wrong with potato salad?" She said back to him.
Sasuke's eyebrows furrowed. "You know I don't like potato salad." He said sternly.
Sakura began to stammer. "I'm s-sorry, Sasuke. I.. forgot."
"You forgot?! Damn, Sakura. After all these years.. You forgot?" He yelled at her.
"It was an innocent mistake, Sasuke! Don't get so mad over it!" She snapped.
"You're the one who gets me like this every day. Don't be snapping at me like that, Sakura. Don't act like none of this is your fault." He barked.
"Me? You're the one who takes things too seriously. You should watch your temper!" She yelled back. Her fists were clenched tightly, causing her knuckles to turn white. Her face grew with fury.
"Watch what you're saying.. Sakura."
"I don't give 2 fucks." She said rebelliously.
Right then, a fork was thrown her way. Sakura dodged this easily. "Sasuke, I've given enough, you know. But it seems to you, that you're not grateful for what I've done." Before Sasuke could answer, Sakura began again.
"You're lucky I accepted you back into my life! After all these years you hurt me. I waited for you. I suffered allthose years. I yearned for you. And when you came back? I don't know what was with my mind. You're still a cold-hearted, arrogant bastard! I was the only one willing to mother children for you! You should be grateful for that, Uchiha Sasuke!" She yelled.
"Sakura.." He hissed.
"I've had enough, Sasuke. I need my own time. For myself." Then, the tears began to well up in her eyes. The tears making her vision blurry. Then, there was a hiccup, a sob, and a weeping noise. Sakura swiveled around, only to find 2 little figures standing there. The bigger figure, holding the other one in his arms.
"Oh.. D-dai, Aki.." She said. She wiped tears that rolled down her face, as she made her way to the two said young children. She gathered them up in her arms, cradling them tenderly. Dai spoke first. "Okaa-san.. You and Otou-san okay?" He said in between sobs. Sakura nodded, forcing a smile on her face. The younger one, spoke up, too. "Okaa-san.. -hic- Otou-san.. uuh.. awwight?" The young one asked. "We're okay, Aki." She stood up, gathering herself together, and wiping the last of her tears.
"I'm gonna take a shower."
Sakura sighed. She glanced over to the clock, which read 3 a.m. She slipped out of bed quietly, hoping not to wake anyone in the room. Especially the snappy husband of hers.
She wrote a letter to Sasuke on an empty scroll, and lay it on her pillow.
She took out a large bag, probably big enough to fit the whole house in it. She packed all her belongings int his very bag, and dragged it across the room. She made her way to where the two children lay. She made her way to the youngest one first. "Aki.. Please, please.. Don't be mad at Okaa-san. It's for the best. I'll be back in a couple of months. I love you." She kissed the said baby's head.
She then made her way to Daisuke's bed. "Dai, please take care of Otou-san and Aki. Okay? I'll be back. I love you." She whispered, placing a gentle kiss on the child's head.
"So, you came all the way here to tell me you're taking that job offer in Suna?" Tsunade asked, bags clear under her eyes, and her hair messily sprawled in her head. Her night gown was wrinkled, and her arms were crossed across her chest, as she leaned on her door frame.
"Yeah. I've decided I'm taking that job. The Kazekage, Gaara, will be producing everything else I'll need. Including a temporary home. I'll be in the hospital for most of the time. So, there's no need to worry. You can think of it as over time."
Tsunade sighed deeply. "Alright, Sakura. I'm going to know if you come back late or not. You're to return in 2 months, alright?"
Sakura nodded. "I'm sorry, Shishou. I just need to take my mind off things.. But don't worry, I'll send updates and letters." Sakura said. Tsunade sighed in agreement. She took Sakura into a hug, and let her go. "Take care."
There's the last filler chapter. The next chapter is when she'll be in Suna already.

"Come in." Was a deep voice heard from the other side of the large mahogany doors. Sakura made her way inside, large bag and all beside her.
"Hello, Gaara-sama." Sakura said with a hint of a bow.
Gaara nodded. "Sakura-san, thank you for taking the job offer." Gaara replied. Sakura faced him with a little bit of a smile. "It's my pleasure."
"Now, I'll be showing you how to get to the hospital, and where you will be living." Gaara said. Sakura nodded.
They left the Hokage tower, making their way through the village. First, Gaara showed Sakura where the hospital was. It wasn't far from the Hokage tower at all. Maybe 5 minutes, you would call it. Next, her house, was about a 10 minute walk from the hospital.
When Gaara showed Sakura around her house, Sakura felt comfortable. This was her home. For now.She thought. When you walked in the front doors, you're met by 2 simple couches in the living room, a tv, a window, and a small coffee table. If you keep on walking straight, the kitchen will be there. The kitchen is small, yet, it has a table, 4 chairs, a counter, a sink, cupboards, stove, fridge and kitchen utensils. In the kitchen, is a backdoor. If you go back to the living room, in the corner of the room is a pair of stairs.
There is a short hallway when you reach the top of the stairs, on the right, is a bedroom, which is Sakura's. It consists one medium-sized bed, a large window, a closit, and a dresser.
Gaara pointed to the bed. There lay a black piece of clothing. "That's your cloak. It'll get pretty hot around here. That'll keep you safe from sun burns." He said plainly. Sakura nodded in response.
On the other side of the hall from Sakura, was another bedroom. This one was the same as Sakura's yet, no one lived there. And next door to Sakura, was the bathroom. And that was pretty much it of her home.
When it was time for Sakura to unpack, Sakura led Gaara to the door. "Domo Arigato, Gaara-san. I'll start my shifts this afternoon." Glancing to the clock, it read 11 a.m. She had merely 1 hour to unpack and make herself a little meal.
Now, Sakura had unpacked, and she was wandering around in the kitchen. She opened the cupboards, which were filled with foods. She checked some of the due dates, only to find out that they had probably put in new food today. She wandered over to the fridge, hoping for a little snack to bring to the hospital.
She didn't find anything satisfying that she would be able to bring to the hospital, so she decided on bringing instant ramen.
She arrived at the hospital, her white lab coat on already. She walked in, and was greeted by a nice woman with long brown hair, and dark eyes that goes by the name of Hina. She was really nice. She was the secretary, and Sakura's personal secretary too. Hina led Sakura to a small room, with a small office desk, a clipboard flowing with papers, a computer, chair, window, plants, and 2 chairs in front of the desk. On the door of the room, it plainly said 'Haruno Sakura'. Sakura smiled at this. It reminded so much of her home hospital back at Konoha.
"Thank you, Hina." Sakura said. "I'll be starting my shifts now." With that, Sakura made her way to the clipboard with over flowing papers. The first paper, listed the name, room number, and the injury of the person. Sakura smiled. She loved doing this job. She finally felt content once again.
Sasuke woke up that Saturday morning, the sunlight pouring onto the moon, and seizing his face. "Sakura.. Close the window." He muttered. "Sakura.." He said after awhile. Then, he got annoyed. "Sakura! Close the windows!" He sat up right, rubbed his eyes and looked beside him. Where was she?
He glanced over to her pillow, there lay a single scroll. His eyebrows furrowed, as he took the scroll in his hands.
I left to take the job offer in Suna. I will be back in 2 months. I think we really need this break. Please take care of Dai and Aki. I know you're probably mad. Please don't come after me. I think we really need this. I'll be back.
- Sakura
It was a short, simple letter, yet it made Sasuke grow with fury. That damn Sakura. He thought to himself, as he clutched the scroll in his hands. He made his way to where the two children lay and woke them up.
"Otou-san.. Whats wrong?" The elder one said sleepily.
"Emergency. Let's go."
With that, the children said nothing else. They all ate a small breakfast, changed, and made their way out.
"Why is Sakura in Suna?" Sasuke asked sternly, to the woman in front of him, the children beside him.
"She took the job offer." Tsunade replied plainly.
"Why?" Sasuke asked with anger.
"She needed it. Plus, she's with the children all the time. You're out and doing missions. Why not let her do this, just once?"
Sasuke calmed a bit. "Let me go after her." He said after awhile.
Tsunade shook her head. "I can't let you do that."
"Why?" Sasuke asked.
"Because she doesn't want you to. Like she said, she wanted to do something for herself."
Sasuke grew quiet. His mind rambling on and on, thinking of something to do.
"What if I go as someone else?" He asked.
Tsunade looked at him crossly. "What?"
"I'll disguise myself. I promise I won't hurt her. I'll make things.. Not the way they are right now." He said plainly.
Tsunade looked at him. "Hm?"
"I can't promise you thinks will be better." He said after awhile.
Tsunade look at this man standing in front of him, 2 children by his legs.
"What about the children?" She asked.
Sasuke looked down. "I was wondering.. If maybe, you were willing to take care of them?" He asked.
Tsunade's eyes grew wide. "But, I'm Hokage. I'm a busy woman." She said.
"It's alright. They're no trouble at all. Just feed them at the right times. And, get them to sleep around 8 p.m. Plus, you have Shizune."
Tsunade cocked a brow. "Alright, alright. You just promise me, Sakura won't come back on a rampage."
"I'll try, but I can't promise you that. Don't tell her I'm coming. Don't tell her Kenji Maro is coming."

Sakura threw her black cloak off, while throwing herself on the bed. She nuzzled her face in the pillow and sighed. I miss my children. She thought. Tears welled up in her eyes. I hope their okay. Was what she was thinking in her mind.
This was the first time she ever left her children.

"Kenji.. Maro? Is it?" The Kazekage of the Sand Village asked a man in front of him. The said man stood about 5'7, shaggy black hair, deep brown eyes. His skin was fair and clear, his shoulders broad, face masculine, gestures plain and graceful.
"Hai, Gaara-sama." Kenji answered.
"Alright. You will start your job at the hospital this afternoon. I will show you where you will be living, and where the hospital is." Gaara gestured Kenji to the door.
Gaara led Kenji to the hospital, and to the home he was to live in.
"Here, is your room. He said. They were upstairs of the small, yet livable home. His room was on the left side of the hallway.
"This is someone elses room. You'll probably see her around at night. She's a busy woman. And beside her room, is the bathroom." Kenji nodded.
"Arigato, Kazekage-sama."
"Yes, un pack soon and get some good-night sleep. Tomorrow I will show you to the hospital, and who you will be working for."
Kenji nodded, and bowed to Gaara. Gaara left the house. Kenji returned back to Sasuke. He un packed the newly bought clothes that Kenji would wear in the closit and dresser that was in the room. Sasuke's gaze darted toward the door, as a familiar presence was felt.
He glanced over to the clock. 11:p.m. "Hmph." He muttered. He shrugged it off, and prepared for sleep.
Sakura came home, and it was merely 11 p.m. She looked over to the door that was on the other side of her room, and peeked under the door. Under, was a dim glow. "Hm, someone must have moved in. Hopefully, this person isn't snappy, and will leave me to my business. I don't want to deal with problems here." She thought to herself. Which was true. She came to Suna to get rid of troubles.
Nonetheless, Sakura entered her room. She Threw her black cloak that she now wore on a hook that was on the back of her door. She changed into some sleeping clothes, and slipped into bed.
Sakura woke up, and sat up-right. "W-what.." She muttered as she ran a hand through her messy hair.
She had felt something familiar. Something that she had known. It had felt like he was right there. Beside her. But he wasn't. How could he be? Sakura shrugged it off, thinking it was just a dream.
She lay back down, and curled up under the think blanket.
Sasuke creeped into the kitchen, hoping not to wake his house mate. He grabbed a raw tomato and quietly snuck it in his sleeve. He ran back upstairs, hoping that he had not disturbed anyone.
Sakura woke up, glancing over to the clock which read 7:30. She groaned. Time for work. She said. A smile tugged across her face. The hospital. The place where she could be really happy.
She dressed into her normal clothing. The normal red top with the Haruno symbal sewn onto the back that went just above her lower hips, and the black leggins that went down below her knee. She tugged on her black heels, and then threw on her black cloak. Her long hair flowed down to her mid back, which bothered her. She made her way to a body mirror that was leaned against a wall, and put her hair up in a simple bun.
Once she was satisfied with the way she looked she made her way downstairs for breakfast. It had seemed like her house mate had already made their own breakfast. She shrugged, and proceeded with her own breakfast.
After she had washed her own dishes, and the other person that had lived there, she grabbed her white lab coat, hanging it on her arm, and headed out to the Suna Hospital.
"Alright, Kenji. This is your first day of work. You'll be a personal secretary for one of the most high ranked medic-nin. She is one of the top medic-nin in the world. I want you to treat her right. She'll ask you for anything she'll need. For example, maybe a drink, to call someone out for her, but who knows. You'll be sharing an office with her. We've already placed another desk in her office for you."
Kenji nodded. Then, Gaara gestured him in front of a door. He missed the name tag that was on the door, since Gaara's head blocked it from his view. When he had walked in, one thing he had spotted. Pink. He smiled inwardly.
"Sakura-san," Gaara began. "This is Kenji. Your personal secretary. Hina will just be the normal secretary from now on, so Kenji, Kenji Maro will be your new secretary."
Sakura looked up, and flashed a smile to the two men that stood before her. "Arigato, Gaara-sama." Sakura stood up from her desk, smoothed out invisble wrinkles on her white coat, and held out a hand in front of Kenji.
"Nice to meet you, Kenji-san." Sakura smiled warmly.
"Good morning, Sakura-san." Kenji shook Sakura's hand lightly.
"Well, I'll be starting my shifts. I see your desk has already been moved in, so, if you don't mind. Would you please type and file these into my file on your computer please?" Sakura handed him a manila folder, flowing with papers.
Kenji looked at these crossly. Sakura noticed this. "Oh, I'll get Hina to come in and teach you how. Thank you, Gaara-sama, Kenji-san." She bowed to both of them.
She walked briskly out the door. She seems happy here. Kenji -- Sasuke thought.
Sakura walked into her's and Kenji's office, panting. "Whew, that one was tiring." She flashed a smile towards Kenji's way.
"I can see that." Kenji tried to reply kindly. Sasuke wasn't good at all this nice stuff. That's why Naruto was born. He smiled plainly at her. Sakura sighed, and sat herself down at her desk, going over last minute papers.
"Kenji-san, would you mind getting me some coffee?" Sakura asked shortly.
"No problem, Sakura-san." He replied.
Kenji came back with a mug of coffee, and handed it to Sakura. "Thanks. How'd you know I liked this kind?" She asked with a cross look.
"O-oh.." He said. "Gaara-sama told me." He said, trying not to fidget.
"Aa. Okay. Arigato." Sakura said, turning back to her computer and paper. She began to type things in, taking sips of coffee when she looked away from the screen.
Around 2 hours later, it was nearly 10 pm. "Well, my shift is over. There's no over time for me today. I'll be going home, now." Sakura said as she stood up.
Kenji glanced towards her way. "Sakura-san, walk home safely. I'll see you tomorrow." Kenji said, a small smile visible on his face.
"Arigato, Kenji-san."
Sakura took of her white coat, replacing it with her black cloak. She walked out the door, slightly waving as she left.
It was nearly 11 pm, when Kenji was released from the hospital. He sighed once he left the hospital doors. Finally, some rest. He thought to himself.
As he walked home, his mind rambled on about working after Sakura. She really was a nice woman. She was beautiful, slender, kind, and sweet. He never really had the chance to look at her this way.
It was if he was looking at her in a different perspective. A better way of looking at her.
As he approached the door of his & someone's home, there was a light flickering in the window, and a faint voice heard on the other side of the door. "Wow, this person's still awake and watching television." He muttered to himself.
When he had opened the door with his key, he found a figure sitting on the couch in a night gown, head resting on palm.
The said persom jerked as Kenji walked in the room. Both faces were unvisible because of the lighting in the room, yet, the light that flickered from the TV gave hints of the way the other person's face was shaped.
"Oh, you must be my house-mate. I'm Sakura." Said woman held out a hand.
Kenji took Sakura's hand in his. "And I'm Kenji. Your secretary." He smiled inwardly. Sakura looked at him confusingly. She wriggled her hand out of his grasp and went to turn on the light.
"Oh, Kenji! It is you. I didn't know you lived here."
"I didn't know you lived here either." He said, a smile crawling on his face.
Sakura smiled. "Well, atleast I know who I live with now. Oh, you came home late. Are you hungry?" She asked.
Kenji shook his head. "No, I'm alright. I ate after I left the hospital. Thanks anyways, Sakura-san." He said. "I'll be going to bed." He said with a slight smile.
"Oyasuminasai." She said.
Kenji slightly bowed her way, before making his way up the stairs.
Once he was secure in his room, and the door was locked, he released the jutsu. It's weird how these things turn out. Sasuke thought to himself. This was better than he had expected. He worked under her and lived with her. He'd see her 24/7. He smirked inwardly.

"Come, Kenji. We can walk to the hospital together." Sakura greeted him early after breakfast.
"Arigato, Sakura-san." Kenji smiled to the pink haired woman in front of him.
They both left together, a smile on Sakura's face, a blank expression on Kenji's.
Kenji walked with his arms limp by his sides, while Sakura's hair flowed gracefully with the wind, her arms moving with her long strides for steps, and a visible smile was on her face.
She really does seem happy here. Sasuke thought inside of his mind. She really is.

When Sasuke walked downstairs as Kenji, the smell of eggs and tomato's wavered up to his nose. His stomach grumbled. He walked faster to the kitchen.
"Ohayo." He said to Sakura.
Sakura swiveled around, a warm smile on her face. "Good morning, Kenji-san." She smiled. Yet, she was frowning inwardly. She never really did get to wake up with a smile on her face. To get to wake up to someone who would greet you in the morning. She sighed.
"I've made you eggs and tomatos. I hope you don't mind." Sakura said giddily.
Kenji shook his head. "No, I don't mind at all. Domo arigato, Sakura-san for the breakfast."
Sakura flashed a smile his way. "Oh, don't mind it at all. It really is my pleasure." She said.
Kenji smiled at her.
Sakura smiled inwardly. Kenji really is a nice guy. She thought to herself. Kind, sweet, handsome. Didn't Sasuke have those features? Well, you could say he.. does? If you want. But still, Sakura was fond of Kenji's kindness, and the warmness in his smile. Her liking of him was growing gradually.
Sakura shook her head. No. Can't think of that. She pushed the thought away from her head. It wasn't right for her to think of him that way. She could think of all the nice things about him.. but No. She can't think of him that way.
To get that idea out of her head, she glanced over to the calendar. March 27, it read. Then, something in her mind went off. Tomorrow was her birthday. March 28 was Sakura's birthday. Just thinking of that brought a frown to Sakura's face. Oh, how she would love to spend it with her children.
"Sakura-san?" Kenji called.
"Oh, I'm sorry, Kenji. I was just zoning out.." She said.
"It's okay. It's time to go." He said. He gestured her to the door, grabbing their belongings on the way out.
Sakura walked into her office, anticipating lunch.
"Hello, Sakura-san. How was your morning?" Kenji asked from his desk.
"My morning was great. That's so kind of you for asking." She flashed a warm smile his way.
He smiled back to her. "I heard tomorrow was your birthday." Kenji began.
Sakura cocked an eyebrow. "Oh, where have you heard this from?" Sakura asked.
"Oh, it was on one of your files.." Kenji said.
"Aa. I see." She fidgeted with the ends of her hair.
"I'm going to go out for lunch. Want to come?" She asked after awhile.
Kenji looked at her baffled. "Thanks, but --"
"It's okay. I'm serious. We'll go to a little hut or something alright?" She said as she seized his arm, dragging him gently out the door.
"Thanks for the lunch, Sakura-san." Kenji said as a smile tugged on his lips.
"What are you talking about? You're the one who forced me to let you pay." She said as she playfully elbowed his side.
Kenji chuckled. "Who lets women pay?" He said.
Sakura giggled quietly. He really was a gentlemen. The ideal husband.
Yet what Sakura didn't know.. Was that this really was her husband. The man that had been fighting with her, like it was a basic routine. The one that would snap at her for the littlest reasons. The one that would throw things at her, and blame her for everything. But what if this was all a joke? That Sasuke really cared about her? And that he wanted her to be happy. Just.. What if..
Kenji couldn't tear his gaze away from Sakura. Gazing into her eyes, was just unbearably.. mesmerizing. The warmth in her smile, and the cheer in her voice. Why hadn't he seen her like this back in Konoha? Was this really his fault? Why she was so miserable all the time? Why she was driven out of the house? A knot that was in Sasuke's stomach had not become untied, but had become tighter.
"I'm sorry." Kenji blurted out of nowhere. Kenji mentally slapped himself a million times.
"What?" Sakura asked.
"W-what I mean.. Um, was I'm sorry for forcing you not to pay. If that put anything on you.." Kenji said, trying to avoid eye contact.
Sakura was quiet for a moment. Then, she let out a small giggle. "Don't be silly." She said.
He nodded quietly as he turned away from her.
Sakura once again stepped into her office. "Well, my shift is done." She said as the threw off her white lab coat, tugging on her black cloak. She let her hair down, from the bun that it had been in.
"My shifts are done, too." Kenji replied.
"Let's walk together." Sakura offered.
Kenji pressed a few buttons on the keyboard, and he found himself standing up from his seat.
"Arigato, Sakura-san." He said.
"No problem. We live together anyways."
Kenji nodded quietly.
"Thanks for making dinner, Sakura-san. It was very delicious." Kenji commented on a blushing Sakura.
"Oh, stop it, Kenji. It's nothing." She said.
"Alright. Well, I'm going to wash up, and I'll get to bed."
Sakura smiled his way. "Alright, good night."
"Aa." Kenji replied, disappearing through the door way.
Sakura woke up, sitting up in her bed. She ruffled her hair slightly, and made her way downstairs. As she made her way down the last stair, the smell of rice, egg, and bacon lifted up her nostrils. "Mmm." Sakura muttered.
She walked into the kitchen, and found Kenji sitting at the table. Sakura smiled ear-to-ear.
"Oh, Kenji! What's this all for?" She asked, bewildered.
"It's your birthday. ' Decided to make you something special." He said. "It's not much.. But, it's all I could really afford." He said.
Sakura sat herself down. "None sense, this is more than enough." She said. "You woke up early just so you can prepare breakfast." She smiled, gazing into Kenji's smile.
He didn't reply with words, but with a genuine smile. "Excuse me, I'll be going to the bathroom."
Sakura nodded.
When Kenji came back, they shared a wonderful breakfast. They walked to the hospital together. And once Sakura had walked out of the office and started her shifts, Sasuke let out a dying sigh.
It really is hard to be a gentlemen. He thought. He wasn't used to this kind of stuff. He never really treated Sakura like this. But this Sakura he knew, seemed like someone else. Someone that seemed to be content inside. A person who you would look at in the eye, and know right then, that her world was perfect. But it wasn't. She had her problems back at her home. And she hid that with a smile. Sakura always smiled through the pain.
Sakura and Kenji walked home together that night after their shifts. When they had bid their goodbyes, Sakura changed into some comfortable clothes, and slipped into bed, when there was something rough at the end of her feet.
She sat up, throwing off her covers. There, at her feet was a card. She took hold of it, and opened it.
Happy Birthday! I hoped you liked the breakfast. May all your birthday wishes come true. You deserve them to come true. You're a great person.
- Kenji Maro
Sakura smiled as tears brimmed her eyes. This man was really sweet. Those thought only brought up the memory of her husband. Sasuke.Her mind rambled on and on, as she lay back down. What was Sasuke doing right now? Probably sleeping. And the children? How are they?
Sakura smiled sadly. Oh, how she would love to take her babies in her arms. And how she wished, that Sasuke.. would atleast once, hug her with loving affection. Tell her how much she mattered, or.. at least greet her in the morning.
She sighed inwardly. That was her birthday wish. For Sasuke to realize what was in front of his eyes.

I miss you! Everything here in Suna is great. The hospital reminds me so much of the Konoha Hospital. I'm really happy here. My house is really nice. It's small, yet livable. And the view from my room is amazing. I also have a great house mate too. His name is Kenji Maro. But don't worry. Nothing will happen.
How's Sasuke? The children? Please kiss my children for me. Make sure Dai is taking care of Sasuke and Aki. Tell my friends I said hi. And ask Ino if she had made a move on Shikamaru yet. Wink.
I've been acknowledged so many times here. My co-workers are really kind, and they treat me with such respect. Kenji Maro also happens to be my personal secretary. He's a really nice man.
Which gets me thinking of Sasuke. Oh, Sasuke. I don't know what to do with him. Please tell me he's alright.
Well, I'll end this here. Write back soon.
- Your loving student, Sakura.
Sakura rolled up the scroll and sealed with a smile. She did a few handsigns, and with a poofa little slug appeared before her. "Please send this to Tsunade-sama." Sakura handed the scroll to the slug before her.
"Arigato." Sakura smiled.
"Hai. Sakura-san." The slug then made it's way out of Sakura's door, and began it's journey back to Konoha.
Sakura dashed downstairs, going to prepare dinner. When she had arrived downstairs, Kenji was already at the table, his head resting on entwined fingers. Something tinged at the back of Sakura's mind. In ways, they're no way alike. Yet, in some, they are.
She pushed the thought away, and pasted a smile on her face. "How was your Saturday?" She asked warmly.
"Aa." He replied.
"Mm. What do you want for dinner?"
"Anything." He said.
Sakura nodded dumbly and took out some instant ramen from the cupboards. When she got the water starting to boil, she turned towards Kenji.
"It's been 2 weeks, and you haven't told me much about you." She began. "Where are you from?" She asked him. Kenji didn't answer for awhile.
"I roam around. I spend my time here, though." He said, trying not to meet her gaze.
"Aah, I see. What about your parents?" She asked as she turned back to the boiling water.
"They've passed away."
Sakuraturned back to him. "Oh, I'm sorry." She said with affection.
"It's alright."
She placed their food on the table, and said a little thank you to Kami for the food.
Sakura found herself sitting on her bed, her door slightly closed. She sat at the edge of her bed, as she was dressed up in a night gown. Her head hanging low, her arms clasped in her lap.
Kenji made his way to Sakura's room, peeking in the crack which let him see just barely. He gazed at her and sighed. He knocked quietly on the door. This startled Sakura. "Come in." Was the muffled response.
Kenji slipped into the room. He didn't know if he should sit by her or not, so he decided on leaning against the door instead.
"You haven't told me about yourself either." He said.
Sakura looked up to him. "Oh, Gomen." She said quietly.
"So, where are you from?" He asked quietly. "Konoha. I'm here to just take an extra job for 2 months." She replied.
He nodded. "Aa. What about your parents? Are they in Konoha too?" Sakura didn't know how to answer this. "They've.. passed." She said.
He could see the innocent sadness flicker in her eye. "Oh. I'm sorry I pried." He tried to say.
Sakura shook her head. "None sense, you didn't know better. It's alright." She told him. This hit Sasuke. Of course he knew. He hit himself mentally.
"Is there anything else you'd like to know?"
Kenji stared at her dumbly. He didn't know if he should go on. He didn't want to pry, yet, he wanted to know more things about her. In his state right now as Kenji, he didn't really get to know her. Yet, when he was Sasuke, he never really got to know her either.
"No. I just wanted to know more things about you. How about I take you out to dinner tomorrow? We can talk then." He said.
Sakuralooked at him with sad eyes. "No, Kenji I -- "
"It's alright. I just want to get to know you better, that's it."
When Sakura had arrived home from work that night, on her bed, there lay a scroll.
My Dear Sakura,
Oh, it seems like things are going well with you! Thank you for the letter. I can assure you that Sasuke and your children are fine. Akina misses you the most, though. Sasukeis still busy with ANBU, so, Shizune and I have been taking care of the children often. They're angels.
I'm glad that people are so nice to you. If not, you know they're ass will get kicked all the way out of Japan. TenTen, Hinata and Ino miss you a lot. They wish for the better. Oh, and I've noticed Shikamaru and Ino go out lately. Ino tries to smack me when I say they're a couple.
Well, Shizune's nagging me to do paperwork, so.. Take care. We all miss you.
- Tsunade
Sakura smiled, and placed the scroll in one of her drawers. She glanced over to the clock that hung on the wall. 6:30, it read. Kenji and herself will be having dinner in half an hour.
She rushed around her room, trying to see what would be suitable for this night. It wasn't a date, no, but it wasn't just some ragged meeting. After 5 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, and 4 pairs of shoes, Sakura had finally figured out what she was wearing.
She came downstairs with a yellow turtle neck top, with tights, yet these tights replaced her short ones, with long ones that went above her ankles. She wore her normal heels, and her hair was down.
As Sakura made her way towards Kenji, Kenji couldn't help but smile. "Must I say, you look wonderful tonight." Kenji said without a thought. He surprised himself. Sakura's cheeks grew hot, and her face turned the shade of her hair. She couldn't help but smile widely. "A-arigato." She said.
In the back of Sasuke's mind, something went on. Her smile. It was breathtaking. He shook his head mentally, and gestured her to the front door.
Sakura and Kenji were in the middle of their silent eating, when Kenji had brought the subject up again.
"So, tell me more about you." He said plainly.
Sakura nodded. "I'm married, and I have 2 children. I live back in Konoha, and I'm the top medic-nin. I don't get to go to the hospital alot, because of my children. I need someone to take care of them, or I have to wait until I can enroll them into the academy." She said in between bites of her rice.
Kenji nodded. "Aa. I see. How's your husband doing?" He asked, trying to supress anything that would show on his face. Sakura stayed silent for awhile.
"He's.. alright." She answered. Kenji didn't reply.
"It must be hard for you to leave home." Kenji said affectionately.
Sakura nodded. "It is. It really is."
"Yeah, you must be really excited to get back home." Kenji said.
"In some ways yes, and others.. No." She said innocently.
Kenji cocked an eyebrow. "Huh?"
"I want to stay here, because when I'm working at the hospital, I feel happy. Like the world is lifted off my shoulders. And I have great friends here, like Gaara, and yourself." She said.
Kenji tried to smile. Yet, he couldn't hide the feeling that he knew she was actually happy here. She was happier here than she was at home. Kenji only nodded.
"Yet, in the other ways.. I want to get home. To my children. This is the first time I've left them." She said above a whisper.
"How about your husband? I'm sorry I'm prying." Kenji said in a big jumble.
"It's alright, no need to be sorry. Well, of course I want to see him. I barely see him, though. I see him in the morning, and in the afternoon when we sleep. It's not much. The words that are exchanged between us.. Don't really matter much. You could say I married him to rebuild his clan." She said.
Kenjilooked at her with sad eyes. "Is it hard?"
Sakura looked up at him, grief flickering in her eyes. "It is. But, I loved him since I laid eyes on him. Well, every girl has. But, he left us. He betrayed his home. This was when we were around 12. So many things happened between us. But, when he left, oh, I can't even explain. My teacher, Kakashi, he was miserable. But no one could beat the misery of my friend, Naruto. He would strive so hard to catch up to him. And for myself, I trained under the 5th Hokage. I had to get stronger. I found out that I was able to heal things, so I took medical courses withher. And here I am today. But, through that time he left.. I locked myself up for as long as I could. I would come outside withbags under my eyes, and my friend's didn't know what to do withme. It was a dramatic roller coaster. And when he had come back.. It was.. awful. My love for him just vanished. He was harsher than before. Yet, I had to marry him. Withmy strength and abilities, and all his features, there was no doubt that we'd produce healthy children. But, I just wish that things would be better between him and me. For honesty, I do love him. But it's so.. Loveless." She said.
And when she had finished this all, the tears lined her eyes, and took hold of her.
She hung her head down, burrying her face in her palms. "I'm sorry Kenji.." She said in between sobs.
Kenji couldn't bear her tears. He stood up and made his way towards her. Without knowing what he was doing, nor saying a thing, his arms snaked around her, holding her close to him, hugging her like there was no tomorrow.
Sakura's sobbing died down after awhile. When Kenji's grasp faltered, Sakura turned to him with damp eyes. "Thank you." She said. In the back of her mind there was something that she was thinking of.
Why can't Sasuke treat me like this? Just.. Why? Am I asking for too much? ..
When Sakura was settled in and sleeping, Sasuke was awake. Replays were playing in his mind over and over again.
Why had he done that? Why did he hold her? Comfort her? It's not like he'd ever done that. Yet, after he let go of her, and they way she had looked at him, she'd never looked at him like that before.
She'd never looked at him with eyes that were thankful, that were filled with care.
He tried pushing the thought away. Yet, it always seemed to come back. She really did go through alot. He thought to himself. But, he wonders why he -- Sasuke, can't bring himself to act like that towards. It felt so.. Foreign. Yet, it felt nice. Wonderul, you could call it.
He felt a pang inside his heart for making her go through this. He knew he had tortured her most of her life. Yet, why does he still do it?
He thought this way.. Kenji was the one who can make up for all the wrong doings that Sasuke had done. Sakura just doesn't know it. Kenji will be the one that'll comfort her. He's the one that will show her all the love he has for her.
But Kenji couldn't. Kenji's job was to be her friend. Sasuke's job was to be her lover. Her protector. Her heart's home.
Sasuke tried to block out all these things from his mind. But he knew, that there was something he had to do. Sasuke, not Kenji. He would give it time before he did this. He just had to comfort her through the way, using Kenji.
When Sakura had woken in the morning, Sakura was greeted by a wonderful breakfast.
She smiled and threw her arms around Kenji. "Thank you, Kenji. You've done so much."
Sasuke.. Why can't you be like this?

Sakura and Kenji walked home quietly from work that night. Sakura turned to Kenji, who's hands were stuffed in his pockets, his gaze towards the sky. Sakura tapped him lightly on the arm.
"Hey Kenji, are you okay?" She asked him whole-heartedly.
"Yeah. What makes you think that I'm not?" He replied.
"Nothing. You just seem quiet tonight."
Sakura turned back to the road, as Kenji stole a glance her way.
"I was wondering," He began. "Um, since tomorrow's Saturday.." He began to stammer. "W-would you like to, uh.. You know,"
"Hm?" Sakura asked him with as smile. "Go on." She told him.
Kenji heaved a sigh. "Want to go for lunch tomorrow?" He asked fastly.
Sakura giggled quietly. "Of course."
Kenji smiled quietly her way.
"Oi! Kenji, are you ready?" She called from downstairs.
"I'm coming." Was his voice heard from upstairs. He came downstairs holding a large bag.
"What's that for?" Sakura said, pointing the large bag.
"We're going to have lunch at the park." He smiled. Sakura nodded, and smiled back.
When the two had arrived, they settled down in a large emtpy field, not a lot of grass, but plants were visible. "You know, I never really got to go to this park often. I come here in the morning sometimes. And I mean really early in the morning." She said as she took a bite out of her meal.
"Yeah, it's nice here." Kenji said, biting, and never tearing his gaze away from her.
When they had finished their lunch, they packed up, and walked together through the park, with blowing sand coming across their way. "You know, if you actually try to study this place carefully, it's not all that bad." Sakura spoke as her gaze traveled her surroundings.
Kenji nodded. This wasn't the first thing he'd looked at in a different perspective.
Sakura sighed, as she plopped down on a park bench. It was nearing 6 p.m., and weird enough, the sun was setting. Kenji jumped up, placing his hand in front of him. Sakura looked at him weirdly.
"Come on." He said.
Sakura shrugged, and she placed her hand in his. Kenji began to run, dragging Sakura along. From time to time, Sakura would ask where they were heading. Yet, Kenji only replied with a laugh and a 'Shh.'
When they had arrived at their destination, it was on top on one of the large buildings. They were on the rooftop, with a small balcony attached to the top of the building.
Sakura gasped. "This place is beautiful. How'd you ever find this place?" He asked.
"Hina sent me here before. I have no idea why. I'd meet up here with some people, like Gaara." He said, as he squeezed her hand. Sakura noticed this contact between them, but let him hold onto her hand. She felt safe. Comforted.
She lay her head on his shoulder. Kenji un laced there fingers, as he snaked an arm around her waist. The sun was now setting, the sky turning yellow, from purple, fading into pink, blue, and a dark shade of plum. When the Sun was more than half way down, Kenji looked at Sakura. He noticed how beautiful the horizon and lighting illuminated the features of this young, beautiful woman. She seemed so relax.. As if she only focused on this moment. With him. Kenji smiled whole heartedly.
When the sun was at it's peak, Sakura turned to Kenji, and caught Kenji looked at her. There it was again. That feeling. The feeling he felt when he would first see her in the morning, or when he would say good night to her.
Kenji quickly closed the space between them with a mind blowing kiss. Sakura gave into the kiss before she even knew what was happening. When Kenji's hand began to move up to her cheek, Sakura stopped. Froze. Right there. She pulled away, trying to push him away. She backed away, touching her lips.
"Kenji.. I-I'm sorry. I shouldn't.. have." She said, tears lining her eyes.
"I'm sorry, Sakura. I got carried away." He tried to sooth her. Sakura shook her head, running away to home.
Kenji smacked himself, wanting to kill himself right that moment.
What the hell, Sasuke? What the hell do you think you're doing? Ah, fudge. Sasuke thought to himself. He walked back home, knowing that he had done something wrong.
He had to fix this. And he had to fix this soon.
The next day, Kenji wanted to wake up early, maybe to catch her at breakfast. Yet, her dishes were neatly in the sink already. Then he gazed at the table. There was a small piece of paper.
I've gone out with Temari. Girls day/night out. I'll be home before midnight.
- Sakura
Kenji heaved a sigh. Damn. He seriously drove her away.
The whole day, he spent sparring with himself in one of the clearings. He went to eat lunch and dinner at several huts. Now, it was nearing 11 p.m., and Kenji sat on the couch. He was waiting for Sakura to get home. But, Kenji was getting tired, So he climbed the stairs lazily.
Before Kenji opened the door to his room, he heard footsteps. He turned around to a tip-toeing Sakura.
"Good night." He tried to say happily.
Sakura didn't look his way. "Good night." She murmured under her breath, and quickly slipped into her room.
Kenji heaved a sigh. Great.

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