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"All Cross Academy students have their own uniforms. They are provided by the Academy for. The Day Classes wear the Black Rose academy uniform, while we Elite students wear the White Rose uniform. That's only our regular uniform we buy outside! The rest are FREE. I love the change of wardrobe in this academy. Why? Because we have uniforms in every subject that we get to wear. We even have outdoor uniforms for outdoor classes. All tailored by high-class designers you couldn't ever imagine. Christian Dior? hmph! Our subject uniforms came from every generation of universal creatures: Elves, Mages, Sorcerers! Everything! Plus it changes every season and every year. Today is Spring, so we get to wear Spring subject & its outdoor uniforms this season. I love the Winter uniforms the most. As a high class model, I RECOMMEND YOU SHOULD STUDY HERE GUYS." ~Rima Tohya

"Rima, you're making them overexcited. As of the books, we never ran out of supplies because the Academy has a wide range supply of our subject books. They are in New & Advanced Editions every year, so next year students will have different subject books. All written by high class universal & world famous authors EXCLUSIVELY for Cross Academy students. The subject books are for every season of a year, students labeled them "season books" by their own because
whatever the season is, we study subjects according to the season of the year. Except for a few subjects. For example, we get to bake Christmas cookies and cakes on Winter Season, so we have Winter Culinary Arts book. Every summer before the classes starts, the Academy will mail you by high class chauffer the list of requirements for the term and which town store you buy them. The town stores listed in the form are Exclusive Only for Cross Academy students, where we get 100% discounts on all of our highly expensive supplies and uniforms. You are expected to buy all the necessary materials, normally from shops in Crossford Alley, a concealed street near Charing Cross Road in London found behind a pub by the name of Rosebucks Coffee. I agree with Rima, THIS ACADEMY IS THE RIGHT PLACE FOR YOU." ~Senri Shiki


That's right! This chamber is our Custodian guys. Our subject uniforms are stored here. Designers themselves transport our newly tailored subject uniforms. It'll be imported & sorted by our custodians according to year level and House. Advance Writing and Marker Quills, Quick- Dry inks of all colors and styles, binders and separate papers made of high-class standard Parchment Paper in all variety of colors are stored here for emergency purposes only. You have to buy them though, but it's cheap.

(uniforms and supplies still in development!)



(This is what your letter looks like when you receive it by chauffer every summer)

Headmaster: Cross Kaien
(titles in development)

Dear student,

We are pleased to inform you that you have have a place at the elite boarding school, The Cross Academy. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books, supplies and equipment.

Term begins on 1st of September
(----> or when you happen to register your character). We await your owl after registration.


You have two kinds of uniforms: the Regular and Subject uniforms. The Regular uniforms are worn on a regular basis. If you are attending a class that's the time you have to change to your Subject Uniform. There are many classes here in Academy, and each class has its own uniform.

This is your Regular Uniform....



Provide your own Subject Uniforms. it could be this....

or this....

Whatever, it's your Subject Uniform and you are free to upload your own choice! Upload your Subject Uniforms right here guys! You can have it sexier or hotter, as long as there are still something in the body and not nude!
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31 / F / "Inside the kinde...
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if you happen to find such a gorgeous clothes, please post them all here for everyone to see!!
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