Share yr Fav Jrock bands, songs n tell US whats iis great about them
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Posted 5/30/08 , edited 5/30/08
Here are sOme Of Miine Fav:::

Alice Nine -

Songs: MirrorBall, Fantasy, Number Six, Ruri no Ame, Eraser, Blue Planet,Yami ni Chiru Sakura ...

Why: Juz love the way Shou sings.

AnCafe -

Song: Super Rabbit, Kiss, Smile ichiban ii Onna, Bonds-kizuna, Maple Gunman, Merry Making, Ryusei Rocket, NYAPPY in the world, Cherry Sakura Yuuki...

Why: Miku hav a special so call "Cute" type of vocal. when i first heard his song, its interesting n i listen more..

Gazette -

Song: Filth In The Beauty

Why: Tiis iis my First Gazette song, it ROCKS When 1st listening to iit..!

Miyavi -

Song: Baka na Hito, Ekisentorikku Ontona Yamai, Jibun Kakumei, Kekkoshiki no Uta..

Why: He is a great guitarist. The way he enjoy playing, inspire mii to learn..

L'Arc en ciel -

Song: Daybreak's Bell, Drink it Down, Jiyuu e no Shoutai, Seven Heacen, Neo Universe, Ready Steady Go!..

Why: Hyde's Voice is great
Posted 5/30/08
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