Post Reply ∞wELcOme iChiRuki MemBaHs∞ ~kyuu~♥
Posted 5/30/08 , edited 5/30/08

Thanks for joining this group~ And also thanks to those who had accepted the invite I gave em', plus invited their buddies to join it too!! I appreciate it a lot
Hope you have fun here~!!!

wHile yoU're hEre:
• upload piccys~!!
• make forums (me suck at making one )
• be active (onegai desu~ )
•LoVe iChirUki ~kyuu~

Note: Since this is sOrt of done by Me indePendeNtly... It miGht tAke sOmetiMe to updaTe iT
... eheh HoPe yoU unDersTand~!

AriGatOU gOzAimaSu miNNa-sAma
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F / Taipa, Macau
Posted 6/10/08
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27 / F / Still trying loca...
Posted 11/10/08
Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu!!!!!
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