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1st training

Ok! So Kai was saying the truth *pouts* I wonder what the training will be like. And my powers!! Do I get a cool weapon?? A cool outfit?? And what more kind of creatures are there?!?! wwwaaahhhh! ><
[night, in Anaka's bedroom]

Anaka: *yawns* Ok time for sleep. *hears knocking on her bedroom window*-goes and checks if there is someone outside*-opens window-*sees Kai's head pop-out from the side*

Kai: hey...

Anaka: *shocked* wah!! ><

Kai: Did I scare you??

Anaka: YES!!

Kai: I told you I was going to to come over so you can start your training.

Anaka: What?! I thought you were kidding.

Kai: Too bad. Get dresses we have to start.

Anaka: *yawns**gets into bed* Nooo. I want to go to sleep. Can't we start tomorrow??

Kai: *pulls her out of bed* NO!!

Anaka: *lands on her butt* OUCH!! *hears someone coming upstairs* Hide!! *shoves Kai into closet*

Kai: What the hell?!!

Anaka: Stay in here and shut up.

Anaka's aunt: *opens door* Anaka are you ok??

Anaka: Yeah auntie. I'm fine *scratches head*

Anaka's aunt: What are you doing on the floor??

Anaka: Just sitting, hehe^^;;

Kai: (why did she sit back on the floor?? idiot -.-)

Anaka's aunt: Um...ok, well get some sleep now.

Anaka: Hai.

Anaka's aunt: Goodnight.

Anaka: Night auntie

Anaka's aunt: *gets out of room and shuts door*

Kai: *falls out fo closet* Man it's cramped in there.

Anaka: Hehe. Sorry I have to clean my closet.

Kai: I noticed. -_-

Anaka: Hmph >.>

Kai: Anyways... (she gets mad fast.) ...change. Then put this on. *gives Anaka a cloak*

Anaka: *takes cloak and puts it away**gets into bed and goes to sleep* ......

Kai: Hmm.... *takes a little bottle otu of his pocket**puts a drop of whats in the bottle on Anaka's cheek*

Anaka: *eyes open wide**licks the drop of her cheek* Blood.

Kai: Ok now that you up lets go. *pulls the sheets off of her and throws them out of the window*

Anaka: MY SHEETS!!

Kai: Go get them.

Anaka: *runs towards door* Your crazy!!

Kai: *grabs her hand before her other hand reaches the door know*

Anaka: What are you doing now?? Let go. *tries to pull away*

Kai: Get them from you window.

Anaka: I'm not spiderman. -_-

Kai: Ahaha, thats funny. Your not spiderman BUT you are a vampire. You should be able to jump from high places.

Anaka: FINE! *pouts**climbs out of window*-stands on roof looking down-*gulps*

Kai: Jump, you'll be fine.

Anaka: *closes eyes*-jumps-*lands on feets* Am I dead?? *opens an eye*

Kai: *appears behind her* No you alive.

Anaka: Wah!! You have got to stop appearing from nowhere.

Kai: Whatever. See I told you you'd be fine.

Anaka: Yeah, yeah. >.> *picks up sheets*

Kai: Ok now get back up.

Anaka: How???

Kai: Same as you got down. *disappears*

Anaka: ugh, stupid Kai. >.>

Kai: *shouts from Anaka's room* I heard that!!

Anaka: IDC!!!! *bends her knees and jumps up**lands on roof* Yay!! I did it. *does a funny dance*

Kai: *laughs at Anaka*

Anaka: Meanie *pouts*

Kai: Sorry. You just make me laugh a lot.

Anaka: Cool! I can make you laugh. :P

Kai: Yeah, yeah don't get so cocky.

Anaka: So when is the training going to start??

Kai: Were done. *climbs out fo window*

Anaka: HUH?! That was it?!?

Kai: Yes.

Anaka: But....but....

Kai: I'm going home.

Anaka: But I'm not sleepy anymore!!!!

Kai: Too bad. Your going to have to deal with that for a LONG time. *turns around and disappears*


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73 / F / if only I knew
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waahhh!!!! she can jump really REALLY high!!!! KOOL!!!!!! sorry but i can't read the next one i have to get off cause i gotta babysit now damit!!!!! TT~TT
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ahlor wrote:

waahhh!!!! she can jump really REALLY high!!!! KOOL!!!!!! sorry but i can't read the next one i have to get off cause i gotta babysit now damit!!!!! TT~TT

lol well I'm pretty sure u'll like it cuz every1 that read it loved it
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F / In the middle of...
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lol so cute
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F / SomwHeRe on EArTH
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lol great manga idk if we can call it a manga if there's no pic
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21 / F / in ur dream
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wooooow...the guy hot for sure o_o

she can jump high~yey
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