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Post Reply Heenim in love???
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25 / New York
Posted 9/19/08
If they are married or dating then their popularity decreases...
therefore there are always secrets.

Korean fans might act strongly on this.
Don't they always?
Most obessive fans in the world.

And his antis.
Might try to hurt the girl.

Tche, good luck pretty boy.
Life is hard.
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23 / F / Melbourne.
Posted 9/28/08
I rekon he should confess or whatever xP He is getting older by the min.
Yes it would hurt all of us, but its for the best .. LOLOL.
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28 / F / malaysia
Posted 10/20/08
i love him..
even i love him so much but for some reason i have to let him go..
find his way of life..
but in the bottom of my heart i'm still have hope for him..
i wish that he'll be mine...huhuh JK...
anyway.. i wish he'll get the most happinest in the world
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25 / F / Sweden T-T
Posted 12/20/08
aww,that's so sad...he shouldn't blame himself and he shouldn't feel like that us fans wouldn't support him! silly chullie! x3
Posted 1/20/09
thank god he's in love wid a girl and not a guy... I'm really upset if he loves a guy..
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24 / F / No where to be known
Posted 1/29/09
Hope you find a really nice girl.
If you're happy with her then we're happy too! :3
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33 / F / Somewhere Peaceful
Posted 2/4/09
geez, i'm worried if he doesn't have a girlfriend...that will definitely sound wierd....haha

anyway, good for him if he already has one
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25 / F / duh! in heechul's...
Posted 3/8/09
actually, i'm the BUTTERFLY!!!!

just joking...

my heart really ached when i read the poem..

i wish heechul oppa would be happy...

we, petals, should support him and not be disappointed of him if he has someone he loves...

saranghaeyo heechul oppa!!!
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24 / F
Posted 10/31/10 , edited 10/31/10
omg this is my fist time hearing about this story and my heart really hurts badly for him:(

omg he must really be having a hard life:::::::::::::::::::::::(

i will get way more upset if i see heenim sad....:(

i really want him to be happy....he should really start thinking about himself,

i agree he should find someone. so he could be happy....:)

no matter what happens i will always support him and love him until the end

but from the bottom of my heart i want him to live the happiest life ever because he really deseves it:)

kim heechul oppa fighting!!!
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28 / F / Craiova, Romania
Posted 12/25/10
I love Heechul very much and I want him to be happy. So if he likes someone he should tell her and be happy, i really don't like to know that he is sad. I'm his fan and I am happy when he is happy. I am not selfish, I am pleased to see him doing his work as he did until now and to see him being a part of Super Junior. I think he should confess his love because I want him to be very happy and to give us that gorgeous smile of his! Saranghaeyo Heechul oppa!
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