Recommend me an anime ost for an anime-themed party
Posted 5/31/08 , edited 5/31/08
hello! my friend will be spearheading the annual party of their college (College of Nursing) and their theme is anime.. she's asking what songs i can recommend to her to be played in the duration of the party.

i want to ask your opinions so that i'll not be biased in choosing the anime songs... since its a party, it should be something lively and fun.. no solemn music... pls help..

please list the anime - song title and - singer/song artist...

thank you so much! i appreciate all your help.. ah, the party will be held by july.

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Posted 5/31/08 , edited 5/31/08
try bomb a head from tenjou tenge...

but still no personal thread...

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how bout using the anime help thread:

or the music help thread:

or simply the help thread:

wrong section btw. and no personal threads please:)
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No personal threads please.
use the threads given above. =]

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