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Poetry Contest
Posted 6/26/08 , edited 6/26/08
here i go again....not so good though...
Right now its summer,far away south.
I wish I lived there were people acually sell ice cream.
Now I can only dream of eating Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough;
my favorite ice cream.
But it's much too cold up here to even think of ice cream.
Maybe I'll leave! It's really worth it for a summer.
Somewhere where people don't have to bundle up in coats
when going outside. Where they eat ice cream for a quarter
of a year, during a hot summer.
Posted 6/26/08 , edited 6/26/08
lame but I tried.
I love to see their smiles as they walk through the door-
as the silver walk-in bell rings-
and I'll smile with them.
Summer is here, a great reason to smile!

They seem to be happy with my new flavor!
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, my new favorite!
I'll sell it for half price, I'll sell twice as much!
And they will eat twice as much!
And smile twice as much,
so I'll wright half as much because
I'll have to work twice as much,

But anythings worth just one more smile during
a very happy summer.
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Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/29/08
Summer, summer, summer's here
Perfect time for an ice cream cure
The deadly heat
Is now in defeat

Thanks to Chocalate Chip Cookie Dough!
I'm all energetic, not any slow,
So happy that summer's here,
not having to worry thanks to my ice cream cure!
^^Yeah, I got it from the top of my head [x Sorry if it's not good o_x
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Posted 7/1/08 , edited 7/1/08
Congrats to our winner,DreamSinger97! We would like to thank all the participants for joining (especially Poofster for the most entries ), don’t worry if you didn’t win since this now a monthly contest.
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