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Post Reply Love Can't Happen When There Is Magic ( need a better title T_T )
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27 / M / in a parallel uni...
Posted 9/27/08 , edited 10/18/08
"The first Dance "
"Well class,our principle has just announced a dance will be held tomorrow saturday night..." said Piper with a cheerful tone.,That sent the girlds gigling and blushing and the boys in a conference among them selves to hwo are they taking."Did I mention that this is a "formal draw and to make this fun so I took the liberty of mixing all the boys and girls in one who ever it is you pick will be your partner..."said Piper with a cheerfully energetic smile,and as he was abot to continue the class president raised his hand."Yes?"saod Piper,"sir does this mean that if a girl picked a girl what happens ?","Well that's easy the girl will dress as a gentle man and the boy who picks a boy will dress in a girls dress,and I hand picked the clothes my self"said Piper in cheerful tone and took out gowns out of the class closet. With that statement the girls in the class was some what excited but as for the boys they all looked pure white and very grave indeed."O.K just being fare for the boys I will put my own name in the lottery and let's see who goes with me " said piper in a cheerful tone,that made some girls blush and giggle and made the boys even whiter in the face then ever before.After the draw all the boys had to wear dresses(even Piper and some how he felt a bit of happy) and the girls wore tuxedoes and blazers(Regaia was forced to ware the coat and tuxedo and was ok with her because she was considered to be a tomboy anyway)."The rules was changed in the last second " said all the boys."well isn't it nice said piper in a cheerful tone(no one knows how twisted piper can be ) ."Sorry I'm late" said Rei in a cheerful tone,:what's going on?"asked rei in a curious tonePiper repied."Well rei we'll pick who would were what and...".as Piper was about to finish when he drew one and he got to wear tuxedo in the dance.All the boy in class staredin anger,"alright so you drew in a lucky one and I can't believe you were able to pick a tux out all the dresses,there must have been a tux in there by mistake" said Piper in cheerful laugh("he must have drew the one that was ment for me .ah so much for tricking every guy to wear a dress and he's really lucky said Piper in his mind).the moment for the party has come and as Regalia was ready to pick up Piper(because the draw for partners was chosen by draw again and regaila drew Piper).The door to Piper's apartment opening and there came out,what looked like a woman with long blonde hair and in a beautiful blood red dress and held a fan close to her face."So how do I look ?"asked the woman covering her face with a fan."Who are you ?" asked Regaila in curiousity."HO!hohhohoho!",it's me silly,Piper"said Piper as he removed the fan from his face."WHAT!?"said Regaila and thinking Piper was supposed to be a woman cause it made her jealous of how stunning he looked."Now enough with the idle chit chat lets go"said Piper with a cheerful smile."WAIT!,what about nami?,we got to pick her up remember"said Rigalia,"Oh,I see well then lets go"said piper."Well see ya later mom"said Nami in a positive tone but soon turned to a surprised yell when she saw regaila dressed in a tuxedo and a beaytiful woman covering her face with a fan."Wow Regaila your friend looks pretty who is she ?" ask nami with a astonished tone"Well to tell ya the truth..."as regaila was about to finish the sentene Nami spoke "Wow who does you hair ?"while touching a feeliong it with her hands,"ah,Nami she's not whta you think she is,she's..."said Regaila trying to continue her sentence when Nami stopped her once again,"Wow you have good taste in clothes"said Nami in a happy tone,"why,thank you " said the the woman and folded her fan and Nami to find out that it was her teacher."mister jonson?"said Nami in disbelief and turned to Regaial."well yeah he dressed up like this"said regail("well I still can;t believe that he prettier than me"said regalia in fury to her self)."well enogh with the shocking revalation and of to the party,HO!,hohohohohhohoho"said piper wuth a sort of a womanly like laugh(much like the one;'s you here on animes).'He's really enjoying him self" said the two together at the same time.
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23 / F / Where dreams can...
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" Magical Night "

~ Flash Back ~

A young girl stared at a class mixed of both male & female. They stared back at her with diffrent gazes from diffrent people. The girl had super dark blue hair tied back in a severe plait. A teacher stood behind her. This teacher hair must originally been jet black ; now it was streaked with pure white , and twisted into a smooth knot on the back of her neck .

" Class, " she began using a calm & serious voice . " As you can all see, we have a new student. " She turned to the dark haired girl . " Can you please introduce yourself? "

The girl nodded. " Regalia. Regalia Clamworthy. " She knew Clamworthy was her aunt's sir name.....Not her family's......But she was forbidden to reveal who she was.

A hand shot up.

The teacher sighed. " And what is it now, Piper? "

A boy with blond hair that grew to his neck & wore a half moon specs stood up " Miss Jessica Lightpath, why is there a new student transfering in the middle of the year? And i thought new studnts are to begin in the first grade class..... "

Jessica sighed deeply . " it was the council's choice to put her here at this magic level class where the students are her age. And i'm very sure she has the same level of magic as all of you here. "

" That can't be right..... All new students have weak magi-"

Before piper could finish, he was transported to the celling of the class in a blink of an eye & harshly pulled down by gravity.When piper got back on his two feet, sighing with relief he did not break any bones or injured himself , he looked into Regalia's eyes....It was her who casted that spell.

Jessica was silent for a few moments, then said . " Please find an empty seat & sit down. "

Thing was, the only empty seat.....Was the seat next to Piper's. Regalia walked over, & Piper has another good look in her eyes. She may have seemed calm on the outside, but her eyes filled with horror, as if she was terrified of what she had just done.

" S-S-Sorry.... " Regalia said . She sounded like a scared mouse.

" Um...It's fine....It was my bad for insulting you...Um...The name's Lucius Alestar Piper... Nice to meet you? "Piper tried to

" oh..... Right..... " Regalia just faced the teacher & replied to him with a timid voice.


Piper's eye twitched at the enterance of Regalia. That ruined his peaceful alone time in his dorm. He was the only person who
did not have to share it with another person. after all, if he had to, it cannot be with the same gender...No one knows why it was like that.... They just say the principal of the academy was crazy in one's sense.

" S-Sorry if i disturbed you.....It's just that...That from today....I- I 'm your roommate....... " Regalia used the same scared mouse voice she used earlier.

Piper was somewhat speachless.

" Um.....Are you okay? " Regalia's voice changed to a more growned up , worried tone.

" A....Ah....Yeah..... " Was all piper could manage to say

Both did not talk much whenever they were in the dorms.One day, Piper said, " Um...Regalia....There's gonna be an end of year ball.....And all students MUST attend.... "

" oh.... " Was Regalia's reply.

At that moment, Piper gave a good look at Regalia. He just realised that there was a spell she placed on her hair. He quietly chanted a spell..... At suddenly... Long flowy hair swayed around Regalia's waist. Her hair turned to shimmery purple. Regalia's eyes widden in horror.

" What....The.....Hell..... " Piper stared at her....Somehow....She resembled.... " Ella Realiara Lionheart !!! You look like a younger version of her!!!! um... I mean...You're her daughter!!! "

Regalia covered his mouth. " Please! I beg of you not to tell anyone!!!! " She let go of piper's mouth & explained her past....Well....Just a bit ( a bit as in that she was handed over to her aunt for some special reasons ) .....But Piper had the ability to look into her past.

" Don't worry. I won't tell anyone . " He smiled at her . " Your secret's safe with me. "

Well.....Piper did give her a price.....It was to go with him to ball...With her real hair style...& if anyone asked...She would say it was a spell for her hair to make her look nice for that night....

On the night of the ball, Piper scaned the hall for Regalia. Then, he heard gasps og awe.... Piper looked and saw.....

" Regalia..... " Piper said in awe.

Regalia had indeed kept her promise about her hair.She wore a cream coloured dress with pale purple frills on it. She wore slip in white slipper-loke foot wear & pale cloured stockings to match . In her hand was a bunch of dark coloured roses.Sweet music of the waltz began.

Piper steped forward & bowed. " May I? "

Regalia handed the roses to the closest person next to her, Who was the teacher Miss Lightpath. Regalia's hand was grabbed gentely by Piper as he led her in the dance.

" Ne..... I was wondering..... "

" Wondering what, Regalia? " questioned Piper.

" Can we be friends? " She asked finally.

Piper beamed at her . " Sure. "

Then the two stayed silent for the whole ball, being only each others dance partner.

~ End Of Flas Back ~

" Mr Johnson. Mr Johnson?? Mr Johnson!! " Yelled Regalia finally.

Piper snapped out of his thoughts. There he was, posing as ' Mr Johnson '....A teacher...... " What is it, Miss Mikami? "

Regalia looked infront of her. A distance away was Nami. " The fact that she came late, ended up with a dress & had no choice to go but to go with Rey. Is that supose to be okay? " Regalia whispered.

" It'll be fine unless he does anything funny. " Piper replied.

" Okay.... & what were you thinking about just then? "

" Hmm...? " Was all Piper could reply to Regalia's question.

" What made you so lost in your thoughts? " She tried again.

" Oh.....Just remembering a magical night..... " He stared at her hair which she forced herself to cut short & dye blue. " How 'bout we switch clothes? " He eyed a near by public toilet. " well, since you're really incomfortable with me wearing girls clothes for sure.

" & how are we to do that, mister? " She eyed him . " I mean, what i'm wearing is to small for you. & what your wearing is way to big for- "

Piper took his " normal clothing " tux & a midnight blue dress out og nowhere. Regalia lokked at him with surprised eyes. There was no way he could had have them on him!

Regalia nodded & told Nami to wait for them. When they were done, they headed off to school, with Piper once again lost in this thoughts about his magical night.....
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27 / M / in a parallel uni...
Posted 11/10/08 , edited 12/4/08
As the party progressed Rei was surrounded by a mess of girls,all of them begging them to dance with them ,"come on more dance rei" pleaded one girl and another said"on dance with me ","sorry ladies but I'm a bit tired " said Rei calmly and then came Piper and said "my,my aren't do you guys say now a days a chicken magnet,"Don't you mean chick magnet ?"said Rei with a strange look,"ah...yes that's the one I'm sorry I don't know much of slang's " said Piper with a bit of a chuckle."Well let's make this party a little interesting " said rei in a villain's tone and took out a sort of a playing card with a black joker with a similing face and as piper saw rei drop the card,tehe card suddenly went through the ground and there was a dome covering the whole party."What is this " said regalia in suspicion and she realized that the room became black and there was barrier."What is this " said Regalia while feeling the barrier and she could sense that it was black magic.,"So let's get at it old man "said Rei while kicked the chair apart and as he kicked it and it blasted into splinters."my my you should know never to call me old man little boy' said piper in a clam tone,"well how about "ancient cross dresser then "said Rei with an arrogant tone ,"how childish if you want insukt someone insult Regalia I'm sure you'll win cause she's very temper mental" said Piper in a calm tone,"yeah I guess I'll win but we didn't finish were we got off so lets' go" said Rei and opened his palm and shot a black beam.the beam missed and piper was above Rei and threw a knife,Rei suddenly diappeared almost in an instant and kick was about to kick piper when,piper disappeared and threw another knife at Rei in a far distance."enough it's time fro you to die " said rei in a forceful tone.rei took out a ring with a symble of a wiolf on his left.And as he put th ring on smoke came out of it and the smoke whirled around rei like a snake and in suddenly formed a wolf beside him,"how do you like my mystic beast ' said rei with a sense of great pride."Well it's nice ' said piper and threw a knife in the air,in an instant the knife became droplets like rain and fell.rei snapped his' finger and black wolf became a barrier and protected him."that won't..." said rei in a shock cause he saw piper with a revolver with a long nose and shot a silver bullet."silver revolver" said piper.and Rei was almost hit not for his wolf who i n ionstinct protected him."That wolf is very loyal isn't he " said piper with a smile,"and you're pretty good old man", "Why thank you ' said Piper,"get ready cause I'll cruch you." said Rei with a simile and snaoped his finger and the black wolf howled and a shock wave came piper's way." i guess I;'ll have to show you my Beats " said piper with a grin."too late old man it's old ma it's already near ya ,your dead" said rei with great confidence.After teh blast of the shock wave hit there was a giant silver butter fly with graet wings and it disappeared like blowing dust off a dusty shelf,and there stood piper with his old vclothes,his half moon glasses and a black tuxedo not to mention his blck top hat and his white gloves and on his right there was a silver monarch butterfly and he gently patted it."What the hell was that ?" said Rei with curiosity,"Oh, you mean this this is my mystic beast "said Piper with a smile as he patted hi butterfly once omre."no,it's the shield you called out it's but" said Rei with a bit of admiration in his voice."Well it's my silver wall ' said Piper in a calm tone. ,"I see well it'll take more then soeme over grown insect to block my attacks " said Rei and swept in front of Piper and kicked him and he saw Piper's body rocketed in a diagonal angle and said in confidence roared"HOW'D YA LIKE THAT OLD MAN!""not bad but..."said piper and he suddenly turned to a mess of butterflies that flew from every direction and disappeared."Wrong piper "said Piper as he stood on in mid-air."how in hell ddi you do that?" ask Rei in fury."Well as you we're about to attack i made a clone made of little butterflies in asplit seciond."What ?! " said rei in anger,"how can you make a clone in a split second?!"said rei in disbelief,"my magic is quick here cause well my spells and my mystic beast is a made of light magic and therefore I made it in the speed of light"sadi Piper with a smile ."And I see the barrier you put up,it's quite strong only a high level mage can go",piper's speech was cut off when she saw Nami who looked like some one who entered the wrong house."No one was supposed to get in here or even know of this place cause people with no magic abilities can't even get in here cause it's protected by the most ancient magic and non-magic using people can only see the dance floor and not see this barrier. " said Rei in an awe."i guess you should take your money back" sai Piper in an an astonished tone."Ah where is this and why is the dance floor a mess" asked Nsmi in puzzelment."I'll definitely want a refund on this card and I'll be taking that girl since I remembered that I was supposed to get her for the order " said Rei in a some what irritated voice."I can't let you do that cause she's under my protection " said Piper in a serious tone."we'll see about that come wolf knuckles" said Rei as he Raised his right hand and there came black gauntlets and it had a wolf like crest in each hand."that's a good transformation boy but I will not lose that easily prepare your self boy,come silver rapier" said Piper and as he raised his hand,a silver butterfly fluttered in his hand and out came a a silver rapier that was so bright that it was almost bathed in it's own light."What is going" asked Nami to her self.Rei charged with lightning speed and was about to get Nami when Piper blocked and him and tried to pierce him but Rei blocked it with his left gauntlet."' Your really starting to get in my nerves old man" said Rei in an agitated manner."you are are you?,well I guess I have to finish this " said piper,And as their weapons clash and the sound of steal echoed in the air Nami was shocked and amazed and shocked at the same time."What is going on here Mr.Johnson?" asked Nami,"now the girl wants questions i have to finish this "said Piper.piper disappeared.'Where are you come and fight ' said Rei in anger."I'm over here boy" said Piper ."Silver..."and as before he could say a word Rei dash even faster than before and got a clean hit."Gotcha old man "said Rei in a arrogant tone.But his triumph once again turned to shock when he saw that the Piper was another tricked and disappeared." seem that I got you...silver nails" said Piper.there was a fast moving objects from there shadows and struck rei in the back and his whole body couldn't move because of the nails."I really have to end you boy" said piper while raising his sword and was about to finish him when Nami gave a shout and said "Sir please stop what are you doing he our classmate and your student ...i don't know what's going on but please stop this " said Nami as she started to cry.Piper was think about hesitating when he heard rei's voice say"you fool you should have finished me when you had the chance WOLF!KILL'EM " and a wolf came out of the darkness and bitenpiper and blood gushed out of his right arm where his sword was about to pierce Rei.As he looked what was missing in teh picture he realized that the right gauntlet was missing and that must have been the reason why a wolf appeared out of no where." I see your have an ace up your sleeve "said Piper in a bit of an angered tone."yeah I can summon wolves when I put on my gauntlets they are my mystic creatures in level 2 for so how do ya like that old man" said Rei and stood up and removed the nails from his limbs by just the use if his own body and teh nails fell like 20 tons of really heavy bricks and it shattered some earth. "Now "I'll be taking the girl if you don't mind" said Rei as he looked at the defeated piper on teh floor with the black wolf on him biting at his now bleeding arm."As you...might mystic creature has a special capability boy" said Piper in a stern voice and small group of butterflies went into the wound and the bit was gone."Now time to finish this "silver strain" sado piper and out came silver ropes that roped his arms and legs very tighty."now I'll trully end you so ..."and just as aboyut piper was about to finish him once more a girl in a green kimono appeared and took Rei and vanished in a blinding wind of flower petals
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23 / F / Where dreams can...
Posted 12/11/08 , edited 1/11/09
" Learning More "

Relia's P.O.V~

" Stay still !!!! " I yelled at the badly wounded teen infront of me.
" Well, please be more gentle.... " He requested, gripping my jade green kimono out of pain.
" Hmph. Some hier to the deomon king you are...... " I tended to his wounds more gentely as her requested. " Better now, Rey? "
" Hn. " Was all he mastered to say.
" Tsk.Tsk. You should have let me handle it...... " Said a voice oh to clear to me.
I tuned my head to lex. He was leaning againts the enterance of Rey's window. " I haven't seen you in a while, niisan. "
" I've been busy with other duties! " He snapped at me.
" Hey! i just said that i haven't seen you in a while, then you just burst out in anger! What's your problem???!!! " I yelled at him.
Rey coughed. Well, a fake one, just to get our attention.
Lex went on his kness. " I displeased you? "
" Very much. "
" And me? " I questioned.
" You....Can leave me to talk with Lex,right? "
" As you wish, Rey. "I left.

~ End Of Relia's P.O.V ~ ( A/N : I realised i began calling him Rey.... & it's soupose to be Rei! )

~~ Nami's P.O.V. ~~
( A/N i'm finally doing Nami's P.O.V.~ ^^ )

I just stared & stared at my brother yelling at " Mr Johnson " & " Mikami-san ".I sighed.I did it while telling myself in my head, ' No surprise magic stuff exist.....The dream, remember Nami? ' I asked myself.

My brother turned to me.He fixed his eyes & gazed into mine.I suddenly felt like there was a fog in my head. " Is he trying to erase my memory of what i just saw? No! Even if he's my brother, i won't allow it! i just comfirmed that what that lady in the dream told me was true! I won't allow it!!!! '

I boiled with anger, wanting to find a way to stop my brother from taking tha pice of memeory away......Focusing.... On a werid sorce of power......

" Ow! " My brother was slamed agiants the wall with a strong force of wind.

" Regalia! " He growled.

" What?! What did I do wrong?! " She yelled at him.

" Kio, i don't think it was Regalia. I think it was your little sister.After all, I don't think Regalia will attack you whitout a good reason.... "

" Are you sure, Piper? " My brother asked while rubbibg his back.

' Piper..... Is that his real name....???? And.... Wow.... Did I really do that? How did I do it? I know I hurt my brother.... But still..... I feel wonderful yet confused..... I feel strange too...... 'My thoughts continued to wonder.

" Positive, Kio. Very. " Piper replied firmly.

" But she doesn't know anything about magic! " My elder brother spat. " She doesn't even know what is going on, nor does she know 'The Beginning' ! "

" I do!!!!! " I yelled all of a sudden. " I do know what happened at ' The Beginning ' !!!!!!! "

" She does? " Regalia gave a look of wonder. " And tell me why, please , Nami. "

" I....I..... " I began to recall the lady in my dreams..... " Someone came to me in my dreams & told me..... I belive she called herself... Asora? "

" In other words, Taila, Priestess of Dreams.... " Regalia turned to my brother & Piper who looked confused. " Ugh. Weren't you two paying attention in Prof. Alkenvine's ' Great Heros ' class? "

" She was a hero? "

Regalia turned to look at me.She nodded. " Indeed she was. "

Before she could say more, Piper tapped her shoulder & whispered something to her. " Kio, " She began seriously. " Don't erase her memory. " Piper & her then took off.

~End Nami's P.O.V~


~Regalia's Place ~

" Did you really forget Sir Alkenvine El Misato's lesson? "

" Guess so.... " Was Piper's reply.

Regalia just sighed at him while he was sipping hot tea. It began to rain & so she let him stay in the living room.She had already phoned Hayasaka-san. He said it was best is she went to Thornfeild Academy. The place where magic users go to control their magic & learn more. Kio called over after Hayasaka called him .

" I think Nami will be fine with it. " I smiled.

" And I'm sure she'll be very powerful...... " Piper stare down to his reflection in the tea. " They say that The Chosen One will be
very powerful & mysterious in most ways..... "

" Hn. " Regalia began to walk up the stairs. " But you do know that You, me , kio , Hayasaka & - "

" Yes, I know we are going to follow her to protect her from harms way...... "

" Good. Now Good night Piper..... "


Rei Stared out into the night sky. They had decided it was best for him to train more. He should not have lost to Piper. For now, he must stop & hide just to train, even if he may not know how long it would take...........

As for Nami, she was sent to England to train for at least a few years........

When will the two meet again?
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Character update time~


Fujisaki Nami
Birthday: june 18
Magic Type: Fire, Water , Earth , Air , White , Time , Shadow , Force , Void
Stronger than ever before, she now has lots of confidence & is ready to fight for justice & defeat the opposition!
Hair: Black-Brownish , ties in a pont tail.
eyes: ( due to some reasons, purple.....

Takshima Rei
Birthday: April 24
Magic Type:Dark
He is actually the new Deamon King. But he has strong feelings towards Nami like the ( first, um...Rei's the second.... ) First Deamon King, had towards his loved one.
Hair; ( like sora's from Kingdom Hearts )
eyes: light green

b-day: unknown
magic: For sure she is an all rounder~
she is nami's elder brothers friend.She is also friends with Hayasaka, Piper & the other members of the society. She carries a painful past. ( In future chapters ) She seems to have special feelings for a certian someone....
Hair: Shoulder Lenght, very dark blue
eyes: purple

Tsukiyomi kai
b-day: unknown
Magic type: water, earth
A handsome cello player who saves nami from danger. Who is he really? Who knows.... ( you'll see how he is in the story ^^ )
hair: ( similiar to ikuto's hair do ( from shugo chara ) but black )
eyes : blue

Husina Yume
b-day : may 21
magic: is not born with such gifts.
classmate & best friend of nami.
hair : shoulder length , light blue
eyes: pink

Fujisaki Kio
Birthday: january 1
magic type : white & earth
nami's encouraging funny elder brother. nami enjoys his company. the only one that can cheer her up in a split second. A chef in the making !

magic : water, ice , steel, & fire
Regalia's mother.

Lucius alestar piper
Magic: steel, sword danger feild magic
a black tuxedo and a top hat with a the same looking knives in his hand. a dashing young lad .slightly older then regalia.
hair: long blonde hair ( dun worry, he aian't gay. a charming man inside ) Some what enjoys cross dressing. he seems to care for Regalia & is concern for her when she faces her brother or is reminded of her past.

hayasaka memoru
Magic : Void , lightning , thunder, ice, fire & time
Birthday : January 22
with flame red hair & bright blue eyes wearing a university uniformed boy . Leader of the Magic Society in Japan, Okinawa.

arentina mildorford
Magic : Ice , Wind & Water
Birthday : December 31
Pale Pink hair & Pale green eyes. A sweet looking teen, but don't judge a book by it's cover. She is a rebel who just loves to make herself go through danger. Regalia's best friend. hayasaka's cousin. has a crush on Kio.

~ Nami's P.O.V ~

" Ah~ It feels sooooooo good to be back in Japan!!!!! " I exclaimed. " How long has it been? "

( Nami~ )

I fixed my eyes on to Japan's sunset coloured sky when a reply came. " Three years. It surprises me that you managed to unlock most of your powers during three years!!! " My elder brother, Kio , exclaimed.

" But I'm sure that Rei has gotten stronger too.... " I heard Regalia say. I hissed at the mention of his name. Things had changed though.... I was now full of confidence~

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23 / F / Where dreams can...
Posted 1/28/09 , edited 9/9/09
~ Fated Meeting ~

~Nami's P.O.V.~

Things did not change much....That was for sure. Looking around the park that was not so far from my house...I just could not help but recall what has happened right after I found the ring. Glancing down at the ring, I still did not find anything about it. Looking aound the park once again, remembering the first strange experince had.....

Then, came the first new day at school after summer.... The very day I met him..... The one meant to be my enemy....Rei... ( note to all...... His name is spelled Rei...Not Rey!!!!! i made a mistake in my pervious chapters... =="" )

" Rei.... " I sighed. I actually thought he was cool in a way....But now, I just want to defeat him, along with the Enimies.....

Still, I could not help but think : What if I had not found the ring? Would all evil spread and destroy the world? Then, what if someone else found the ring? Would that persone then be the chosen one?

" You should not have doubts, Nami. " A cool, deep voice hissed. I knew who it was. Looking up, I see him & his half moon specs. Piper enjoyed reading my thoughts. He found them amusing. he began to intrude when I was at the academy. Regalia had told me a way to sheild my mind, but I could not do it right. Thinking of Regalia, I always wanted to know her relationship with Piper. I thought of it as a romance.

(A/N : SOOOO sorry for not updating in a decade to whoever even reads!!!!!)

He chuckled and sighed. " Romance? Just be safe not to say that to Regalia, little one. " I flashed him a smile and told him that a girl could dream.
" Dreams will always remain dreams, child. " He had a point. There was no point in dreaming. Dreams can never bring me anywhere.
" Not quite, child, "
I stared into his eyes, and felt ;ike I was being throwned into a deep vortex. Piper continued. " Dreams can let you escape reality, my girl. "
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23 / F / Where dreams can...
Posted 9/9/09

( A/N : I just H~A~T~E writer's block. any ideas my fellow readers ? )

Yes, I sighed. Dreams can let one escape reality. Yet such thinking were for those of the weak hearts. I was not going to let myself be weak. I just had to take how the world is now. That was all.......
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