Why Did My friend Get Banned?
Posted 6/1/08 , edited 6/1/08
Yo My name is Ironnoobx3 Some People Here Know Me as Well....But Recently I Just found My Friend Was Banned. Now From the Situation I heard He Had Been Helping His Friend Who is 13 years Old And Was Dating a Person Who Was The Age Of 19...Being Very Shocked at What He was Witnessing, Countless times He Tried to Convince Her to Stop and It didnt Look right, But She was So In Love and Didn't care she soon thought rynx wasnt really her friend and he was just trying to ruin everything. At First I was thinking that to Me this Is Jus E-dating and Nothing Would Get too serious, I was a Little Nonchalant . But When he Showed Me the Gbs Of How they Had Had Online Intercourse, She was Prentending to be Pregnant!. Now this is where things Where going Out Of Hand. But this is just the tip of the Iceberg, He was sending Gbs In Adult Ways,Kissing Her and Her Belly, talking about coming to visit Her and Get together. My Friend RynxieZero had Seen Enough and Continued to try and Re-direct her Path. But it was No good. So He turned to Mods for Help and Shockingly Certain Mods Started Mocking and saying to butt of people's Business.Now for Me that is down right WRONG. IF YOU ARE MODS AND YOU GUYS ARE SUPPOSE TO BE MAKING CR A SAFE ENVIRONMENT? ThEN HOW COULD YOU JUST BLOW OFF SOMEBODY WHO IS TRYING TO HELP AND GIVE U WARNING OF THIS KIND OF STUFF?. it may be butting into Someone's Business..But we All Know Most Pedophiles Come from Online and Tend to go after younger girl. WHICH TO ME IS EXACTLY WHAT THIS IS LOOKING LIKE!. Now It Is Wrong of Me to Call him a Pedophile, BUT WHEN UR 19 AND IS MOST LIKELY CONSIDERED A ADULT!..YOU SHOULD AT LEAST SOME COMMON SENSE TO KNOW THAT A 13 year old GIRLFRIEND IS OUT OF THE QUESTION!!..So what Should He Be called Because of this? No other choice but a Pedophile. Now Back to Where I was...Now Upon Me Figuring all This Out, Out Of No where Rynxiezero's Friend come TO HER SENSES and Realizes how Wrong This Was and Stops. Now The 19 year Know she Gbing Him to stop..BUT HE WONT...He Keeps Trying to Hug Her and Kiss her and Now she is Yelling at Him to Stop. Now to Me This Would Be a BIG HARASSMENT...Once a Girl tells you stop There is no Need to go On with what you b are doing. So finally he gives Up and Stops For the moment. But Here is The Messed up Part. For what My friend Was Doing THE BANNED HIM....NOW BEFORE I END THIS CAN ANYONE ANSWER ME THIS QUESTION?


Any Asnwer Please Post, adn if I get Banned,It just shows what Mods will do to Hush up the people who want this Site safe!!!

Not all mods are Like that..Jus a few who did this to him
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*sigh* Instead of creating a thread about this you could have just PMed a mod.

Can you PM me please?

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