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Old mangas that you would draw over if giving the chance to ?
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Posted 5/17/11
Princess Tutu

The anime is so beautful and the manga IS SO SUCKS!!!

They got the worst artist ever, plus he's a creepy yuri-loving pervert who can't write for shit!!

It's horrible.... If I had the time and motivation, I'd draw a beautiful manga for Tutu like it DESERVES.
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25 / M / ♠phoenix♠
Posted 5/17/11
artist Yagi Norihiro
author Yagi Norihiro
yeah is the same artist and author who is doing claymore

Posted 11/3/11
Fruits basket...they're too...pointy
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22 / F / Lollipop Land
Posted 11/4/11
*Slams head into desk*

It would totally have to be Marmalade Boy.

The hair is awful, their heads do this wierd bell thing at the top, and for god sakes those puke green school uniforms HAVE to go.
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