Post Reply For those who watched the movie and didn't get the ending. :D
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Posted 6/1/08 , edited 6/2/08
To those who don't get the ending. 13 are needed to summon Satan the teacher was not the main bad guy, misa's friend was. she is the one trying to summon Satan. and she killed all 11 of the students and the teacher that makes 12 and misa would be the 13th. and misa couldn't use her powers because her friend got misa's hair and put on the doll thing. that blocks misa's powers... in the end the friend summoned satan but satan's powers were too great so she died. Duh i mean he's satan right? lol oh yeah misa didn't die because i think that stone round thing is her soul or something I’m guessing... :] hope this helps... i'm so bored... great movie! now i got to find something else to watch... heh
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