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Posted 6/2/08 , edited 6/2/08
hey guys i just wanna know if u have given an advice to a friend.... Do he/she follows ur advice?.. and what happened when he/she don't follow ur advice?... and what happened if he/she do it?...

well i hav given many advice to my friends....

hmmm i hav a friend who was very down bcoz of her bf.. (boyfriend)

she always ask advice from me but usually she don't do it...

i advice her to break up but she can't.. she said dat she loves him so much...

man.,.. but i think the boy just take her for granted he always make her cry...

but in the end she just accept the boy and still hav her relationship with him...

she always cry and cry... man it makes me sad...

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Posted 6/2/08 , edited 6/3/08
Maybe your friend doesn't realize what you can see with their relationship... Maybe you can tell her that sometimes it's better to open her eyes from the reality... ^_^ sometimes there are people who can't accept the fact that something not right is happening with their relationship... so they take the pain believing it would be okay... maybe just be there for her (I know you would!) when everything breaks... help her pick up the pieces... maybe that's the best thing you can do... ^_^
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Posted 6/21/08 , edited 6/21/08
Hmmmm.........i have given advice to my friends but i think they want to know my advice is because they want to know what i think i would do but in the end it's up to them to decide what they're going to i'm happy either way if they follow my advice or not, i would always be there for them mo matter what choice they chose.
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Posted 6/22/08 , edited 6/22/08
i always give my friends advice and most of the time they do take it and when they don't i tell them it's their choice anyway
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