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This is a bit different from the usual Bingo Books. This time it is a chain Bingo Book. Once SALIGIA is defeated, a chance to fight Phaethon and The Unnamed Member in Bingo Book- Root of Apocalypto. The targets in Bingo Book- SALIGIA include the following:
Ashley de Superbia
Noah de Acedia
Diva de Luxuria
Valentine de Invidia (yes, I'm a target. Face me if you dare)
Dominique de Gula
Azriel de Ira (Dante's second character; not even I would like the face him. *gives Sirberius a nodge*)
Dominic de Avaritia
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Lady Ashley de Superbia

Ashley is the most respected out of SALIGIA. She hangs out at non-quiet areas. One insult will make her snap. As peaceful and innocent she looks with her umbrella, she uses her modified umbrella to drill through her enemies. Her army is larger than the other members of SALIGIA led by her aide, Pride.
Attacks: Sky Arc, Drill Kill, Clown Theory (creates deadly illusions), etc.
Main Melee Weapon: umbrella

Lord Noah de Acedia

Noah is the more relaxed person of SALIGIA, usually not doing his work. He usually just sits under a tree and naps. Although he is the weakest of SALIGIA, he is the most merciful and fortified. No one so far has successfully broken into his fortess, ARK. He has a small army led by Sloth.
Attacks: nothing special, usually uses powerful melee weapons
Main Melee Weapon: spear and katana, has a few guns

Lady Diva de Luxuria

Diva is the drama queen of the group. In public she's a famous opera singer but she is really a love hungry person. She uses males as toys. While second to second to Ariel and Dominic, she is pretty powerful. Her lust for power exceeds that of others. She uses hypnotism to molest her male enemies then kill them and uses a chain-like whip to kill her female enemies. If one manages to remover her mask and survive, it can be said that fire burns in her eyes to find the perfect someone. Her large army of playboys are powerful when it comes to melee but are horrible against magic. Diva's army is led by Lust.
Attacks: Fatal Attraction, Diva's Song, Soul Hypnotism, etc.
Main Melee Weapon: chain whip

Lord Valentine de Invidia ( dmitrivalentine )

Valentine is more mysterious of SALIGIA. He occasionally mocks people. With his manipulation, he has gained as much power as Dominic. Sometimes known as the "Puppeteer of Frozen Sand", he creates puppets using ice and sand. Only having an army of thirteen, he is usually targeted; however, he and his army can easily disappear within an instant. His "unit" is led by Envy. He has a twin named Sir Kira.
Attacks: Fatal Attraction, Thousand Eyes Restrict, Art of Sand & Ice, etc.
Main Melee Weapon: scyth

Lady Dominique de Gula

Sister of Dominic. Her skinnish appearance is disbelievable compared to her eating habits. It is said that she can eat more than her pet dragons (Law, Maw, Naw, Paw, Raw,and Saw). As innocent as she may seem, she can easily eat her opponents. To make matters worse, she has the power over wind. If an attack were to get through her defenses, her dragons would take the hit for her. Usually she's not in harms way due to Dominic's protection. For a long time she did not have her own army until Dominic forced her. The small army is led by her servant Gluttony.
Attacks: Metamorphasis, Fangs (missile-like threads of her hair), Soul Eater
Main Melee Weapon: giant fan and huge sword

Azriel de Ira ( dethreaper666

Azriel was not the original Ira. He joined SALIGIA after Leonardo de Ira's death. Since he is a fallen angel, he is the only wing-bearing Sinner. Ironically he is one of the calmer and charismatic members of SALIGIA, making him the leader of the second largest army in the group. He is extremely powerful and very often kills in brutal fashion. He enjoys using his Sinner abilities to cause emotional instability in his opponents. He mercilessly kills his weak opponents and uses his strong opponents in his experiements in order to widen his army. His army is run by his right hand man Damien and loyal subject, Wrath.
Attacks: Fire Manipulation, (unknown)
Main Melee Weapon: Broadsword

Cardinal Dominic de Avaritia

Dominic is the leader of SALIGIA but is slowly losing it to Valentine. He is the brother of Dominique, whom he watches over closely. He seems to be the only one to know Phaethon's real identity and be able to contact him. Being as greedy as he is, he steals all kinds of stuff through his Teleportation abilities. His right hand is rumored to be able to slice anything, even the threads of dimensions. Now in present times, he has gone from using just blades to also guns. With a fairly large army, he is usually well protected, especially with Greed in charge.
Attacks: Soul Swipe, Teleportation, Right Hand of God, etc.
Main Melee Weapon: guns, shurikens, throwing knives, swords

*note: the Sinners of SALIGIA have the ability to infest their opponents with manifestation of sins. Basically you begin to act in the way you would if you were demonstrating that sin. For example, if you were to fight Invidia, the Sinner Valentine might use his ability to cause envy in two opponents. They'll become jealous of each other and kill each other.

Ashley's: Hell's Carnival- a labyrinth-like maze covered in all kinds of traps
Noah's: ARK- a large facility which is more of a laboratory than a fortress, in a dome lays a garden
Diva's: The Hall Musica- huge operahouse with many secret passageways
Valentine's: No Where/ Castle in the Sky- castle on a floating island (see pic above 'Fortresses')
Dominique's: Shadow Imperia's Crumbling Tower- a floating tower that stands in the middle of Shadow Imperia

Azriel's: Burning City of Dis- The second layer of Hell, the city of th e damned who fell from the Heavens when they denied the Great Gods power. They are eternally banished to this realm, but due to the latest increase in entropy Azriel has reclaimed the city as his fortress and the inhabitants as his minions.

The gates to The Forsaken Fortress of Dis

The Gates to The Burning City of Dis
Dominic's: Shadow Imperia- a black castle bigger than a city that hides in a ghostly fog (see pic under 'Fortresses)

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Ashley vs Javex
Noah vs Dmitri
Dominique vs Evangeline
Valentine vs Tenkai
Diva vs Rubi
Azriel vs Joel
Dominic vs Larac

Later On:
Phaethon vs
The Unnamed Member vs Tenkai
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Into the Temptation of Sin

Sirberius and Dante were gone. Youichi had been appointed temporary leader of the Mystic Council. Reports of irregularies in the Balance of Good and Evil were flooding in. Youichi ordered Larac to form a team to confront SALIGIA.
It took less than a day for Larac to form a team. The members were Rubi, Tenkai, Evangeline, and Zel. Coordinator Dmitri suggested he go as well for good faith. Joel requested he be allowed to go too so he could search for Luke.
Larac's team got ready. Akirael opened a portal to the Mu.
"Good luck," cheered Akirael.
"Homo," whispered Larac.
Larac, Rubi, Evangeline, Zel, Dmitri, and Joel went into the portal. They landed in a barren wasteland called the Mu. Akirael closed the portal behind them.
There was an explosion a mile away. Zel took out his binoculars.
"I can't believe what I'm seeing," said Zel.
"What is it?" asked Joel.
"It looks like Sirberius is fighting some hooded guy (The Unnamed Member)."
"Sirberius is in the Death Dimension. Let me see," ordered Larac.
Larac grabbed the binoculars from Zel's hands. Dmitri got out his own binoculars.
Larac and Dmitri watched Sirberius and The Unnamed Member fight. The Unnamed Member took out dual guns and shot Sirberius to death.
"Hello ladies," greeted a shinigami.
They turned to see a masked shinigami fly towards them.
"So the Mystic Council noticed us interfering," said the shinigami, "I Phaethon, will make sure you fail."
Phaethon, using Dominique's fan, created a gust of wind. The team was seperated. Larac landed in Shadow Imperia. Joel and Tenkai landed in the City of Dis. Rubi and Evangeline landed in Hall Musica. Dmitri and Zel landed in Noah's ARK. A portal opened and out came the one manipulating the strings.
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As Larac awoke he sees soldiers lining up in front of him, around 500 strong along with their swords and shields. Larac was clearly outnumbered but not outmatched. He quickly summoned a large golem and rode on top of its back.

"Sooo, i would be happy to take all of you but it seems I need to keep my energy" Larac said.

The golem kept on pounding on some soldiers while the ones who tried to climb over it got knocked out by Larac's blow. It didn't take long till the golem was totally destroyed because of the soldiers attacks, He was forced to summon a thing he despised; a close friend you might say.

The soldiers (around 430 left) was surrounding the prophet Larac, they were baffled when they saw him starting to cut a deep wound on his wrist and forms a circle of blood around him. Larac's blood started to move on its own and form some kind of seal, then suddenly after .oo6 seconds a demon around fourteen feet tall was behind Larac; putting his demonic hands on the prophet's shoulder.

"ahhhh, Larac"His voice sends fear in the spine of all who hear it except for Larac.
"I hate to admit it you freakin bastard, but i think i need your help"Larac said.
"but it seems most of this soldiers is of hell's property" cold mist came out of the demons mouth.
"I know you Idiot, just take those who are not!!"Larac replied while he forcefully remove the demon's hand.

Larac quickly pulled out his blades and started to attack the demon soldier's. He sliced arms and head off, changing his blades from swords to spears to axes. Those who got close to him would either lose an arm or a leg, his movements was fluent; Like a ballerina on a stage gracefully moves. Larac kept on sword dancing to attack the soldiers. He was suddenly blown away when a large giant knocked his movement with a club.

"someones drinking too much milk" Larac said as he wipes blood off his mouth. He quickly turned himself into a giant dragon and his blades went inside him. He bit off the giant's arm as the soldiers climbed over his back and kept on piercing him; some of the soldiers that was on top of Larac was sinking slowly getting eaten by Larac's body. Larac spit fire balls at the giant while he was receiving a pounding from the giant's club. after 7 to 10 minutes the soldiers that was devoured by Larac's bdy came out of his dragon body, only their upper body was exposed, the lower body was already a part of Larac. The soldiers were like siamese twins to Larac, fighting of other soldeirs on top of him. The soldiers who was part of Larac were like zombies with skills outnumbering the enemy 5 out of 1.

Meanwhile, the demon:Madellus, was eating the soldiers bit by bit, none of them could help their comrades as their swords broke hitting Madellus hard exterior.
"elvessss. The sweet taste of pure blood"Madellus said as he drink all of the soldiers blood. The soldiers who tried to escape was captured by only one of Madellus' hand.
"I am sorry to say this brave men, but does not exist in escaping a battlefield"He said as his jaw changed in size and bit off the soldier's head; the head was like bubblegum to his mouth. Half of the soldiers who fought the demon was hopelessly watching their allies die and be mutilated. none of them could hardly even injure the demon a little.

around a hundred men were left and out of a sudden Dominic, leader of the Saligia came out of a portal and ordered whats left of his men to retreat.

"Demon"Dominic called out to Madellus"your affairs, is not allowed here in my domain"
"Your domain is your domain, greed. I had fun Larac, but it seems someone has legal rites here"Madellus said to both the Cardinal Dominc and to the prophet who is in a form of a deformed dragon. Madellus turned to blood and dissapeared from the scene.

"well well well"Larac said as he was already in humanoid form lighting a cigar.
"What have you done Dominic of greed"Larac said as he blew smoke to the Cardinal's face.
"Larac, im offering you power. You can have what you want, be with Saligia"Dominic said while he reached out his hands.
Larac was mesmerized and hypnotize, he was about to take the offer when out of nowhere Calintz came and interrupted the scene with Ezra behind her.

"Larac! return me the crystal you stole!" Calintz shouted to the Prophet.
"Im sorry boss, I couldn't stop her" Ezra clinging to Calintz leg.

Larac was dazed and returned back to normal. As he picked up his 2 blades Calintz lifted him easily and knocked him unto the wall.

"Larac, give me the crystal or else I'm going to kill you" Calintz shouted at Larac's face.
"Over my dead body!, and you idiot cant you see I'm in a bad situation here" Larac said as he slithered away turning from human to snake.
"It seems the council really wants us dead"Dominic said"this has to end now, no more delays"

Dominic fired his gun at all of the council members. Calintz turned the bullets into sand and the bullet headed to larac was stopped by Ezra's short Blade.

"So guns are of no use to both of you"Dominic said as he draw his sword slowly.
"Ezra, i need you to attack Calintz"Larac said while he post himself in a defensive stance.
"Are you stupid, she can kill me with one hand"Ezra replied.
"use prophecy now!"Larac said as he touched Ezra's hand.

The tattoos of Larac glowed a white light so is Ezra's little tatoo, time slowed its pace and everything stopped for a second. Images of the near future was showing in their minds. As the both saw every move that Dominic and Calintz would do in the near future they both agreed who will take on who.

When the time returned to its proper pace Larac ran into Calintz while Ezra used Frost spells to slow down Dominic's movement.

"Larac, you idiot just give me the crystal"Calintz shouted at Larac.
"Like I said! Over my dead fuckin body!!"he replied.

"A witch, do you think you can kill me?"Dominic asked.
"I dont need to kill you, all i need is to slow you down"Ezra replied.

Larac turned the floor beneath Calintz to quicksand but she quickly turned it the other way around. Larac sank into the sand but quickly turned into a sandworm and moved swiftly away from the quicksand. Calintz's katana and Larac's blade clashed as it made a high tone sound. Calintz kept on creating obstacles like posts for Larac so that he can't escape her. Larac changed both his quick silver blades Into sheild so that Calintz could not cut him, but as he dodges Calintz; more and more becoming wrathful. she used her hands and touched one of the quicksilver shields, it exploded hitting both of them with shrapnels. Larac slowly regenerated his wounds while Calintz healed herself. Larac threw some of his blood at Calintz eyes which causes her to be blurred sighted. He also shapeshifted his ears to disappear causing himself to be deaf of any sound.

meanwhile Ezra used a curse spell on Dominic causing his vision to be distorted but it did not stop him. Dominic kept on using his teleport ability to avoid Ezra's destructive chaos spells, the place was full of dust as the place gets massacred by Ezra's magic. She uses her apocalyptic tune with her black flute, it cause illusions; a hundred Ezras were present and all dominic could do was use teleport each time and kept on attacking each one time at another.

"Witch, can you hear me?!"Dominic shouting so that the real Ezra could hear him.
"If you can hear me, i will offer you the position to with me as right hand and everything you can ever dream of" He shouted.

Ezra, allured and bewitched by the offer, she quickly accepted the deal and stopped all her illusions. She embraced Dominic like a lover would. When the two went to see the two council members, Dominic ordered Ezra to deal with the two. Alongside Dominic Ezra used her flute of chaos, Calintz went wild as the sound drove her to insanity. Calintz use her telekinesis to throw anything around, anything to stop the sound. the blood on her eyes also makes it hard for her to see things. Larac unaffected by the sound charged at Dominic, his effort was futile as Dominic teleported behind him and does a chokehold on Larac. Dominic used his sword and tries to cut off the prophet's head, Larac held the sword's sharp edge so that he won't be killed. He grew 2 extra arms and shackles himself to Dominc, also holding his right hand so that dominic could not teleport.

"ohhh Larac, if you only accepted my offer, all have been well"Dominic whispers to Larac.
"Dont talk to me like im the one who's going to die"Larac replied as blood started to drip from his neck.

Calintz went in rage and followed Larac's voice. Her demonic side took over, pulled Larac with her thoughts and also pulling along Dominic. She could not see anything but her rage seduced her to do a techinique forbidden to be done on living beings. Her hands gripped his right shoulder, her mind was in total rage and used an alchemy technique on the arm, imploding it inside out. Dominic was shouting out in pain as Larac stayed quiet and watched Dominic lose blood. Larac was sweating because it might have been him that lost a body part. Larac stayed far away from Calintz and Dominic, Ezra returned to her normal self and gasped at the sight of Dominic bleeding to death. When Calintz finally got her sight she saw what she had done to Dominic, she was devastated at the sight. None of them spoke a word, they just looked at Dominic in pain and suffering................

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Dmitri and Zel found themselves on a cold floor. The room was made out of wood and pretty barren. There were several hallways.
“Where are we?” asked Zel.
“One of the Sinner’s hideouts,” said Dmitri, sensing Noah’s presence, “I think it’s Noah’s ARK.”
“So where is he?”
Dmitri pointed to the hallway to the left. They began walking down.

“Sir, Sir,” said Sloth.
Noah woke from his nap. “What is it?”
“Intruders are in the ARK.”
“Your point.”
Sloth was dumbstruck. “Sir, they’re intruders. Here to kill you.”
“Whatever. Take care of them for me.”
Sloth went to set some traps.

Dmitri and Zel were walking down the hallway. On the way they saw frozen animals, usually two of each. Some they had never seen before. Dmitri stopped in his tracks.
“Something wrong?” asked Zel.
“I sense impending danger,” informed Dmitri.
"When isn't there?"
"Shh, I sense someone coming."
A locked door opened. Sloth walked out with an energy bow.
“Intrusion is punishable by death,” said Sloth.

Noah got up. He went over to a mirror.
“Show me Sloth,” ordered Noah.
Noah’s reflection in the mirror was replaced by a bird’s eye view the room Sloth and the intruders were in. The red head was staying in a corner while the hybrid was battling Sloth.
“I should get popcorn,” said Noah.
Zel took out a sword and stabbed Sloth in the heart.
“Sloth!” yelled Noah.
Sloth was dead. The two intruders began continuing down the hall.
“Time to get out my ‘pets’,” said Noah.

Dmitri and Zel turned left. Again, Dmitri stopped.
“What is it this time?” asked Zel.
“Hard to tell,” said Dmitri, “its like an imprisoned soul has just been released.”
A wall in front of them broke open. A dragon burst out.
“Run!” yelled Zel.
Dmitri made a run for it. Zel attacked the dragon only to be blasted by a jet of fire. Zel then cut off the dragon’s head.
“Noah probably has a lot of things here in the ARK,” said Dmitri, “we better be careful.”

Noah set off a dozen more of his pets but were always defeated by Dmitri and Zel. By now Noah had stopped being lazy and was being serious.
“Looks like I’ll have to confront them myself,” sighed Noah, “the bastards.”
Noah grabbed a sniper rifle and left the control room.

Dmitri and Zel entered the Gallery. It was the largest room so far and had many statues and paintings in it, many self-portraits of Noah.
“Now this is what I call a super ego,” commented Zel.
Zel sensed Noah nearing. Once Noah had entered, he seemed to have stayed still.
“I don’t like this,” said Dmitri, “he’s stopped.”
“Noah?” said Zel, “where is he?”
That was when an urge to kill rushed through Noah. Before Dmitri had the chance to warn Zel, a demonic ray shot through Zel’s heart.
“Zel!” screamed.
Dmitri took angelic bow from Zel’s corpse. He placed a heavenly arrow in it and fired towards Noah’s direction. The blast of the holy energy destroyed the section Noah was at but Noah had escaped. Even worse, Dmitri had destroyed the passage to go after Noah.
“Better find a detour,” said Dmitri.

Noah dropped the sniper rifle on the way to the control room. Once Noah entered the control room, he locked the door. He reached for the controls.
“I have to get out of here,” said Noah.
Noah activated ARK. ARK was originally used by the Elder Gods and had flying capabilities. After Noah gained the title of Acedia, it was given to him as a present for taking part in the Great Flood. Noah now planned on fleeing Dmitri by flying out of the Mu and into the Mystic Realm.
“Three… two…ONE!” ordered Noah.

ARK began to shake. Dmitri noticed that the structures built around the ARK, like the Gallery, were collapsing. Noah was trying to make a run for it.
Dmitri ran for the cages. He found another dragon. He rode the dragon out of the outer structures.
Dmitri saw the remaining ARK flying into a portal. Dmitri followed. He had Zel’s bow in hand and Zel’s sword strapped to his back.

Youichi finished his breakfast. She decided to take a walk before the annual Mystic Council meeting in a few hours. She opened the door with tea in hand to see a portal open in the outskirts of Glycosa. It was a giant ark and it was flying low towards Glycosa. It crashed into the Hall of Mystics, the Mystic Council’s headquarters. She nearly spilled the tea. It was still going.
So much for the annual meeting, thought Youichi.
The ark kept on going. It was nearing Youichi’s mansion.
“Don’t you dare,” muttered Youichi.
Youichi used her elemental powers to create a massive fire ball. She fired it at the ark. It exploded and part of the top crashed into her gardens. A blue-haired figure stumbled out of the wreakage.
“Die already!” shouted a voice from the air.
Youichi looked to the skies to see Dmitri on a dragon. Dmitri jumped off the dragon and ran towards Noah. Before Noah had the time to take his sword out of its sheath, Dmitri stabbed him in the heart.
“How does that feel,” mocked Dmitri.
Noah died. Dmitri noticed Youichi.
“I can pay for this,” said Dmitri.
“You better,” said Youichi, “tea?”

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Joel V.S Azriel
Location: The Burning City of Dis
Part: One

As Joel is falling he notices that the surroundings are becoming hotter and hotter to the point where his skin felt like it was ready to melt right off his body. As he looks bellow he sees a bunch of buildings, and fire. Joel spreads his wings to slow his fall and lands safely at the Gates of what seemed to be a city. An inscription on the gates says “All ye abandon hope who enter here.”

“It couldn’t be how did I end up here? Last thing I remember was a gust of wind, so how … am … I … in Hell. This city, I know it all to well, luckily I refused to turn against the Gods so I wasn’t sentenced to be tortured here ... In the Burning City of Dis.” Joel says to himself staring at the gates.

Joel walks up to the gates and before he could do anything they begin to creek and move slowly open. Joel walks into the city looking around at the surroundings, as he is walking what seemed to be an animated corpse came running towards him with incredible speed. Joel not being a new comer to fighting quickly slain the zombie like creature. “So the ghouls really do call this city their home.” Joel says out loud.

Joel hears moaning and it is almost deafening to the ears of a mortal, but Joel being of angelic decent is able to resist the sound. Joel enters the center of town only needing to slay a couple ghouls. Once in the center ghouls pour out of the buildings and seemed to endlessly be coming from every direction; a sea of animated corpses running at Joel. Joel grabs his halberd and begins to defend himself against the onslaught, Joel says a quick enchant and a spherical blast of energy erupts from his body engulfing the center of town turning the ghouls caught in it to dust. But that was not the end of it; they were still attacking from every angle and even climbing out from the surrounding graves.

“They just don’t stop do they? Fine then I will take the whole city down with them.” Joel says as he flies above the city and begins to chant a spell as a golden orb shaped amount of energy materializes into the palms of his hands. “Now be gone you wretched creatures of Hell!” Joel yells as he launches the orb at the city it engulfs the city destroying the ghouls and the buildings where the center of the attack was.

Joel lands and begins walking to the gate of the fortress. As he grows nearer to the gates a feeling of pure dread over comes him as he glances up to see what looked to be an angel who’s wings were black as night, the sign of a fallen angel. “Who are you, he who has fallen from the grace of the almighty Gods?” Joel yells to the figure.

“My name is Damien, don’t worry I’m only observing you, I see you have come to challenge Azriel himself. Good luck you will need it, but there is one thing you should know, we don’t allow flying beyond these gates. The only way to escape is to fight through the obstacles ahead by our rules and defeat the almighty Azriel himself. I bid you adduce.” Damien replies to Joel as he erupts in smoke and is gone.

“So this is some sort of game? Fine ill play your game, but I will win and return home, after all I need to find Luke and I refuse to give up my search” Joel thinks to himself.

Joel walks beyond the gate and his wings reside into his body giving him the appearance of that of a human. As he walks towards the door of the fortress a ferocious growl is hear and shakes the ground as a gigantic three headed dog jumps from the side in front of Joel. The dog bares its teeth as it lunges at Joel, Joel is able to roll out of the way but only barely. Joel pulls out his halberd and jabs it into the creature’s thigh. The three headed dog, known as Cerberus, quickly turns to face Joel and with one of its three heads shoots out a stream of flames at Joel; Joel is unable to dodge and has to use a magical barrier to deflect some of the attack, but the attack still does significant damage. Joel responded to the attack with one of his own “Shock Wave” Joel called out as he claps his hands together sending out arcs of holy light at Cerberus. The creature took the hits without an attempt to dodge; the hits did some damage and cut through the creature’s flesh causing him to bleed out. Cerberus used another attack with the middle head shooting out a million shards of razor sharp ice, this time however Joel was prepared and used his holy shield technique and made the attack shoot back at the creature impaling its middle head causing tremendous damage to the creature.

“You are just a stupid mutt you can’t even dodge attacks.” Joel says out loud. “I think I figured out how to kill you now.”

Joel charges up his holy shield waiting for the pristine time to use it, and he got it as the dog used both the flame breath and a new one which sent razor sharp arcs of wind energy, the shield did its job and deflected the attacks back at the creature destroying all three heads with their own attacks. Joel begins to walk away thinking Cerberus was defeated but in a jolt of energy he lunged at Joel, Joel was sent flying back into the gates behind him. Cerberus slams his two front paws onto the ground sending shock waves coursing through the earth causing Joel to fly into the air. Joel pivots his body to face Cerberus and chanted his Shock Wave attack and sent it at the creature cutting it into pieces of flesh and bone. As Joel slams to the ground the flesh, bones, and blood rain down on top of him. Joel gets up and walks into the fortress, only to be confronted by Damien again.

“Congratulations on killing the ferocious Cerberus, but the trip isn’t even remotely completed, you still have many more opponents to go through before you are able to meet Azriel face-to-face. Good luck in the maze of the Deceivers.” Damien in a puff of smoke is gone.

Joel using his holy powers heals his wounds at the cost of some of his energy, and continues on into the fortress.

The Cerberus


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Joel V.S Azriel
Trials of Wrath
Part: 2

Joel walks into a dark room, using the power of light he is able to light up the path in front of him. All he can see is a narrow path way and walls up to the ceiling. “What is this?” Joel asks himself. Joel walks down the narrow path and the smell of rotting flesh and blood fills his nostrils, the walls are covered in blood stains and hand prints and what seem to be chips from some form of weapon. Joel continues down the one way path until he gets to a cross-road; Joel decides to take the left path but as he walks the ground gives way and with his quick reaction sense he jumps back to the ground behind him. Joel looks down the hole to see a pit filled with spikes on the walls and the ground, skeletons litter the ground of the pit impaled on the spikes.

Joel backs up to the cross-road and takes the right path and continues to walk until he comes up to an identical cross-road. “Am I walking in circles? I swear I have been here before.” Joel says aloud. Joel decides to take another left, this time it is a safe passage to another cross-road, but at this new cross-road there is what seems to be a circular room strait ahead, Joel runs to the circular room. Inside the room is a giant double iron door with pictures of a Minotaur. The doors open to reveal complete darkness, Joel approaches the darkness and shoots a ball of light into the room and with a bang the room is lighted up only to reveal a group of five Minotaur’s carrying axes. Joel jumps back and pulls out his halberd as the group rampages out and like a stampede attack Joel. Joel blocks the attack of one of the Minotaur’s and dodges two more strikes in the process, but is ultimately hit by one swing and sent flying back into the maze.

Joel turns and begins to run into the maze with the horde of Minotaur’s attacking. Joel turns around in a narrow hallway and filters the crazed creatures one at a time through the passage. Joel uses his halberd and begins to fight the first Minotaur; he is able to fell off his attacks and even land a few himself, but his weapon is to big to use in the passage so, using his divine powers, turns it into a smaller one handed sword and garnishes a shield on his other forearm as well.

With his new weapons he is able to kill one Minotaur but he has taken a lot of damage from just one, and there are four more ready to strike. Joel retreats into the cross-road behind him and as one of the Minotaur attacks he parries his attack and using weight advantage throws him into one of the other passages and the ceiling collapses and with the spikes on the roof he is pinned to the ground, dead. The three remaining rush into the cross-road and surround him; they attack furiously and without haste Joel fights back. Joel uses an chant and creates a spherical blast from his body pushing the three Minotaur back long enough for him to use his Shock Wave ability and kill one of the three Minotaur.

One of the Minotaur attacks and with his axe he is able to land a hit on Joel cutting open his chest. Joel grabs the close Minotaur by the skull and by imbuing the creature with holy energy, the darkness in the creature is expelled in a violent explosion of light and dark energies. Joel collapse and the last Minotaur runs up and kicks him in the chest and grabs the dead Minotaur’s axe from the ground and with a flurry of attacks send Joel flying into the wall behind him. Joel, using his ability to heal, heals up his wounds as best he can and when the Minotaur runs after him for more blood shed and thrusts both axes at Joel, Joel is able to maneuver his body and get the two axes stuck into the wall as Joel jabs the sword into the bottom of the creatures skull killing him instantly. Joel sits back and regains energy and heals up his wounds again, his energy now at 75% due to the fact in Hell his Divine energy does not regain back as he rests.

Joel gets up and walks back to the room where the Minotaur were located, inside he sees the cages that held the beasts, they were destroyed by an outside force. Joel continues to walk into the room and beyond the cages lays another door; Joel opens this door to find a laboratory. As Joel walks into the laboratory he is shocked by some of the sights, parts of creatures and angels alike hanging from hooks, tubes of creatures that are mutated and disfigured, and even cages that look like they once held test subjects. An explosion is set off near Joel, who goes flying to the side into one of the broken tubes. Joel returns to his feet to see a six armed creature that has a torso with six arms and his lower half resembles that of a scorpion tail and all. The head of the creature looked like that of a disfigured human. The creature, unable to talk, makes a growling sound and attacks Joel. Joel jumps back dodging the creature’s attacks and causes the creature to punch an old piece of equipment. The equipment sent a shock into the creature stalling it long enough for Joel to send a holy blast into the creature’s chest sending it flying.

The creature returns to his feet and begins the onslaught as if nothing happened. With a combination of punches and jabs from the tail of the creature Joel is to busy dodging the attacks to retaliate effectively. Joel uses his Divine Explosion to send the creature back a little bit giving Joel enough leeway to use his Shock Wave attack cutting the creature into two halves, where the torso connects to the legs.

Joel looks upon the creature on the floor as flops on the ground like a fish out of water. Joel notices something growing out of the legs of the creature; the legs spawned another torso as the torso spawns a new set of legs, resulting in two identical creatures. Joel forms his halberd back from the sword and shield and uses it to attack the creatures before they can attack him, he uses the halberd and is able to push back the creatures.

One of the creatures grabs the halberd with one hand, holds Joel with two hands and uses the other three to punch Joel about twenty times. Then using the scorpion tail stabs Joel in the chest and raises him above the ground, then tosses him to the other creature who grabs Joel with two hands and punches him with the other four. Joel is then tossed at the one of the tubes, and he crashes threw it.

“Heh … well … I can’t cut them to pieces … but may… maybe I can … destroy them as a …a whole.” Joel says as he coughs up blood. “This will take a lot of my energy; about ten percent if I am not mistaken, but it is the only way I see will work.” Joel thinks to himself.

Joel yells out “Oh divine ones, I call upon the power from the Gods to destroy these forsaken creatures … Nazareth” Joel says as his body fills with light and he floats into the air, the light pulsates from his body and disintegrates the creatures with one blast of energy. Joel lands on his feet fully healed, the attack not only does damage but heals the caster as well, and Joel walks out of the laboratory into a spiral staircase. The staircase to the throne room itself.


scorpion/man creature ... sort of
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Joel V.S Azriel
Part: 3

As Joel ascends the staircase, a strange presence fills his being. “Some thing isn’t right about this place, there is such a sense of built up rage, and the pressure is so … exhausting.” Joel thinks to himself.

Joel enters the throne room hall, at the end of the hall seats the ruler of the fallen angels and the Burning City of Dis himself, Azriel. Standing next to him is the fallen angel Damien that I saw earlier, and standing along the walls are other fallen angels with their flaming swords ready; about ten of them. I walk up the hall and stop before the throne.

“So you, angel, are the one who single handedly killed my pets, my experiments, and even my city. I will not deny your ability, but you are no match against me, you have less then half your divine energy left, even with full you wouldn’t be able to scratch me. Do yourself a favor, kneel before me and join the ranks of my elite guards. Do this and I will forget the damages you have caused, refuse, and you will die here. The choice is yours, deny your Gods and join me, or deny me and perish.” Azriel says in an oddly calm voice.

“You really think I will betray my lord, abandon my quest for Luke, I will never bow to you. I will fight you and kill you with the power of the light.” Joel yells at Azriel.

“You’re not worthy to fight me.” Azriel snickers and snaps his fingers as the guardian fallen angels attack all at once and Damien leading them.

The fallen guards attack Joel from all angles and Damien disappears in a puff of smoke. The guards attack with their swords from a distance sending flaming arcs at Joel, who, using his holy shield, deflects them back at the guards. The guards break the arcs with their swords as one dashes in attacking with blinding speed. Joel is able to get out his halberd and block most of the attacks only taking slight damage; he then forms two one-handed swords from the halberd. He attacks back with his duel swords but they are blocked every time. Then the other guards rush in and with their added attacks Joel blocks only a few and takes heavy damages. The guards jump back and watch as Joel’s body falls to the floor, then the floor where Joel was laying becomes black and Damien launches out slashing Joel upwards with his duel blades, attached to his forearms, and melds with the ceiling. The guards attack Joel again with the flaming arcs, each one hitting Joel dead on. Joel’s screams of pain echo through out the fortress as the relentless pain tortures his very being.

Azriel stands up and walks up to the crippled body of Joel on the floor, and with the tip of his boot lifts up Joel’s chin so he is looking up at Azriel. “You see what you truly are, you are a pathetic waste of an angel; the Gods limit your power I could have made you powerful, but I guess I expected too much from you.” Azriel says.

“Y-you a-a-are not go-going to stop m-me now.” Joel struggles to say.

“Kill him; he is no longer entertaining me.” Azriel says aloud to his troops.

Damien forms from the Ceiling and launches at Joel blades ready for the killing blow, but before he strikes he is met with the foot of another being. Damien forms with the wall he is hit to. The person kneels down to Joel to check on his health, this person is the old Kim-un-Kir, Tenkai.

“Ah Tenkai nice to meet you again, guards stand down, this man would easily kill you all, ill take him on myself.” Azriel says

“Azriel, what happened to you, I remember during the fight against Draethius you were dedicated to the just and good? Why are you now trying to bring about chaos to the realms?” Tenkai asked.

“I didn’t choose this life, the Gods forced me out they wouldn’t listen to reason, we are higher beings then you pathetic mystic races. I refuse to be belittled after we helped you.” Azriel replies.

“Are you actually so thick headed and foolish to believe that we are not created equal…?” Tenkai begins but is cut off by Azriel “Because we simply are not equal, you’re a fool if you think otherwise.”

Azriel grabs his broadsword next to his throne, “I will prove it to you.” Azriel begins but appears next to Tenkai a second later and kicks him to the side and dashes after him punching him down into the ground. As Tenkai hits the ground he erupts in flames and pushes Azriel back so that they are suspended in air. Azriel spins throwing off the force and attempts to slash Tenkai as he rotates but Tenkai is able to use the element of wind to propel himself away. Azriel body becomes shadow like almost transparent and forms into the shadows of the room. He appears behind Tenkai punching him in the back tossing him forward but he quickly recovers.

“I guess taht I haev no other choice. I guess that now I'll have to play a serious game with you if I am to live. So come to my assist, my Deadly Goddess.” Tenkai says as he grabs the box on his back and undoes the latches whille breaking the seals. He opens it and unfolds a tall long scythe. It immediately started glowing red once it was fully undone.

“Ah I remember that weapon, well then I guess play time is over, and to think I got you a gift.” Azriel says smirking as he tosses a ball of fire at Tenkai which is easily deflected. Azriel appears behind Tenkai and whispers in his ear, “Oh but I am not done just yet,” and forms back with the shadows. Azriel’s broadsword launches from the roof as four balls of shadow energy are tossed from the walls. Tenkai uses the scythe to block the sword and spins the scythe around to destroy the shadow attacks, “You can’t seriously be this weak?” Tenkai asks.

“Ha do you think those were real attacks or a distraction?” Azriel responds forming from the shadows next to the body of Joel, holding a ball of shadow energy with fire energy inside of the ball.

“This is one of my favorite attacks, it strips the person it hits of all their energy and leaves them weakened. I wonder what it will do to someone who is only here by the energy of the Gods; with out said energy the allure of Hell would surely kill him.” Azriel says calmly. “Tenkai you have a choice, watch me kill your friend here, or intercept the attack and be stripped of your energy, where I will surely kill you after.”

Azriel holds his hand pointed to Joel, “I wonder what you will do. Where do your loyalties lie?” Azriel shoots the ball of energy.

Tenkai intercepts the blast and is sent flying to the far wall; he is paralyzed until his energy can be restored. “You bastard, you are twisted, I will kill you.” Tenkai says struggling to move but to no avail.

“Oh I’m not done yet old friend, I still have something for you.” Azriel responds as his broadsword materializes from the shadows into his hand. Azriel holds the blade above Joel, “I made him a promise and I intend to keep it.” Azriel says jamming Joel with the blade that once it impales Joel, the angel burst into flames. “Plus he owes me for the damages he caused.” Azriel says laughing subtly

“JOEL no how could you, you killed him, all he wanted was to get home and find his friend. You are beyond forgivable; you will pay with your blood!” Tenkai yells as his energy erupts breaking the paralysis that Azriel’s attack caused. Tenkai glows with a red aura as he dashes up to Azriel with blinding speed and punches him sending him flying.

Azriel stops himself with his wings and shadows engulf both his hands as Tenkai follows, they connect and the resulting power clash causes and explosion. Azriel phases through Tenkai grabbing his head with his hands from behind and tossing him over his shoulders. Azriel follows up with a flurry of fireball attacks most of which connecting. Tenkai's aura changes to that of blue and so do his eyes and hair color. "Prepair yourself for my next attack, i will forever freeze you in this hell." Tenkai yells at Azriel as he shoots out a barrage of ice shards at Azriel. The blizzard of shards is destroyed by Azriels Flame Explosion attack, but Tenkai was prepaired for this out come and was already behind Azriel throwing a flurry of punches. Tenkai's aure, eye, and hair color turn green as his punches become so fast not even Azriel can block them all. Azriel goes into his shadow phase state and fuses with the ground reappearing from above tenkai with his broadsword covered in fire. Tenkai dodges the initial attack as Azriel's blade pierces into the floor, but Azriel reverses this with his Flame Explosion sending Tenkai flying as Azriel flys after him. Azriel catches up and stabs his broadsword into Tenkai's left shoulder, but Tenkai grabs the sword and changes his element to ice causing the sword and Azriel to freeze in a block of ice.

"Good ridence you twisted piece of shit" Tenkai says as he shatters the frozen Azriel.

"Ha, you think i would die that easily" Azriels voice echo's from behind. Tenkai turns to see Azriel appear out of the shadows. Azriel charges up an imense shadow ball called "Eternal Abysal Strike" and fires it at Tenkai. Tenkai uses his weapon and struggles but succedes in destroying the attack.

"I will eradicate you, I will avenge the death of my comrade, I will enjoy as I watch you suffer a torment worse than death." Tenkai yells in a rage.

“There we go that’s the power I was looking for, this is great, and this is perfect. This is what I have been waiting for, you have returned Tenkai. The real you has been unleashed and now my part is complete.” Azriel says as in a flurry of black feathers he is gone.

Tenkai kneels next to the corpse of Joel, and the rage builds up inside.

Tenkai wins by default.
But Azriel did his job, he brought Wrath to Tenkai


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The Death Of pride:

After battling countless attempts by SALIGA’s forces Valentine has came up with a plan.but lilttle is known that the eye of Lady Ashley de Superbia watches upon them as a snake watches it's prey. Valentine realizes that this could jeopardize the entire plan he has set in store for he hires javex to eliminate Ashley.

In the court room of her domain Hell’s Carnival….”so this is where the so called lady resides….not as I expected”
-Sneaks through the hallways undetected but not for long-
.Guard : sees and odd shadow in the left hallway. goes to investigate.javex clings from the ceiling.. ~come on move~
Guard scans the area and remains.

“damm”…slowly draws a bead from side…throws it down the hall way..

~Guard moves away not realizing his presence~
*sigh*..but has not been completely unseen

Lady Ashley”well well it seems I have a guest in my domain.
“confronts her”…I guess ur eyes are the sharp . lady of pride.
‘Your quite the brave one to enter my realm.”
“unlike you I do not hide my self from danger as millions of soldiers are slaughtered for no reason”
“you have a lot of mouth for a boy your age”she replies.
“And you are a ruthless whore”he replies.
*her eyes open with anger*
“how dare you incompetent peasant I will make your life a living hell!”
“ your all bark and no bite”
She disappears and reappears before my body*
Javex stares into her burning eyes and sees hre power and pride*
*lunges her umbrella past his shoulder*
Clothing tears as if a sword swiped past them*
“I know what you came here for you were sent by that retched Valentine.
Jumps back away from her razor edged umbrella”
“ so I see that umbrella isn’t a just a normal item it’s spoke are as sharp as katanas.
Javex burys his hand into the floor.’I was hopeing for hand to hand combat but with your deadly accessory I guess I’ll have to use my sword.*pulls out a rusted blade from the earth*
“hmm. ha ha ha. what in the name of SALIGA are you doing with such a useless blade!”I’ll make you wish that you never even lifted that body of yours” Sky Arc!
~a vicious gust of wind energy spins towards javex~
He postions a stance.and braces him self with sword infront of his body`
The collision of the arc exlplodes knocking hime into the heart of Hells Carnival
`slowly rises from the dirt scratched across the shoulder bleeding slightly~
He sees an incoming object ..he squint his eyes
Ashley: still alive eh…….she hovers spinning her umbrella at a rapid speed.
‘you won’t be alive for any longer you little maggot!”
She rotates her umbrella faster as she descends and she suddenly dive bombs at him with amazing speed .her bod y rotates until she is nearly invisible..
She roars:Drill Kill!!!!!...she jolts down like lighting from hells skys.

Javex weilds sword in front him and shatters it into the earth..
Ashley makes contact `the dirt of the area kicks up creating a blinding cloak of ash.
Smoke clears
Blood is splattered in a circle..ashley gasping…..’what did you do you lil fuc..”
A different sword it piercing her stomach
Blood splatter over my eye..’I knew your arrogance would of lead u into using your drill kill technique so I waited for your pride to take it’s toll on you.
Your pride also deprived you of underestimating my swords appearance . ~twists sword~

“Now for your demise.” Ashley’s attempt one last move.
Glares at her eyes glow an eerie purple light…”Clown Theory!!!
She cackles…’you won’t leave here alive javex and once I unveal Sirberius’ plans to the others the mystical council will fall!”

Drops to my knees “AHHHAAAGGAA …her illusions there somehow affecting my mind and causing pain to spike through out my body…..*coughts up blood*

My mind flashes back to when pantera used her sword to cancel out hypnosis in the other…lunges my sword..and slices my hand with my dagger and spreads my blood over it and wipes it against my sword.
“commiting suicide won’t help u now .i own your mind you fool , I’am the source of your pain!.

I know that.”scrapes blood soaked dagger against the swords blade making a humming noise that causes whom so evers blood is no on it internal tissue damage…Harp of sangre!”
Blood begins to drip from her ears…’w..w.ww.whats happening to my powers!”
Your time is up,he replies.
Draws sword .”remember your little sky arc…after it hit my sword it’s elemental force was absorbed….sword turns into a scythe…now to make sure you never speak again.
Raises scythe as air begins to cycle around it…..”aero grande”……blood splattes across the room,,,,all of her soilders turn to dust ….now to remove her remains..extends rist…”calveras come forth and feed.” Hundreds of centipede like creatures squirm out of the earth and my some from my rist .and gouge them selves upon here deceased carcass..not even a bone of pigment of her body is left…..walks out..~looks at the cameras on the wall….SALIGA..beware the mystical councils powers are far greater than you think.
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Rubi vs. Lady Diva de Luxeria

As Rubi and Evangeline fell from the sky, Rubi sprouted her pearl white dragon wings, caught Evangeline, and floated safely back to the ground. Once they landed, Rubi folded her wings and looked around.

“Where do you think we are,” she asks.

Evangeline looked around with her, “No idea but it is seriously giving me the creeps.”
They started walking forward through their surroundings. It seemed to be a giant building filled with musical instruments and items. They go further into it and suddenly run into a group of men.

Hiya, how ya doing,” Evangeline says casually.

The guys turned towered her, and then drew out swords. Both Rubi and Evangeline jumped back.

“Guess you guys don’t accept visitors,” Evangeline says drawing her dual blades.

Rubi reached into her pockets and pulled out her gloves, “Either that or they have a problem with women.

She started to change into her Neko form. Her brown cat ears sprouted onto of her head after her human ears disappeared. Her fingernails grew out and got sharper, and her brown cat tail popped out of a slit in her pants. One of the guys ran up at to Evangeline and swung horizontally, but she jumped over the blade and came straight down and dug her blades into his neck. The other one came after Rubi while swinging vertically. She side stepped the attack, grabbed his neck with her tail, and broke it. His lifeless body fell to the ground.

They continued on through the building, running into a group of men every now and then. The further they got the more people they ran into. After thirty minutes or so, they started to hear someone singing. Then they entered a room that seemed like it was an auditorium. On the stage was a girl singing. She had long flowing purple hair and wore a purple and black outfit. The only thing that seemed off with her was a black blindfold covering her eyes. Rubi and Evangeline walked toward her, and the girl suddenly stopped singing.

“So I see we have intruders within the Hall Musica,’ she says quietly.

“Yea what of it,” Evangeline retorted.

The girl smiled, “Then I, Lady Diva de Luxeria will have to kill you.”

Evangeline grabbed her dual blades and charged at Diva, but Rubi grabbed hold of her arm with her tail.

“Don’t be too hasty,” she says to her.

Diva turned her face toward Rubi, “I sense the presence of a Hybrid. A Neko and Dragon mix if I am not mistaken. Could it be that Sirberius’s lady, Rubi, has come here as well?”

Rubi looked up at her, “Yes, it is I. Do I know you in anyway?”

Diva smiled, “No, but I know your fiancé. I know him very well in fact.”

Both Rubi and Evangeline seemed fixated at these last words.

“What can you tell me of my brother?”

“Tell us what has happened to Sirberius.”

Diva started to chuckle a bit, “Oh dear he is dead. But I got to have some fun with him before he died. Caressing him in my arms, and rubbing my hands over every square inch of his body. I have to tell you Rubi, I envied you for a while. He was one fine specimen.”

Rubi lowered her head and closed her eyes. Evangeline started to back away slowly.

“You mean to tell me that you violated him, while he was dead,” Rubi said, struggling to sound calm.

“Yep yep.”

Then in a flash Rubi was gone, and her foot connected with Diva’s cheek.

“I am going to kill you, you slutty little whore,” she said in rage. “Evangeline, keep going forward and find the others. I will handle this bitch.”

Evangeline nodded her head and ran on. Diva recovered and stood up. She wiped the blood from her mouth and reached behind her.

“So I get to kill Sirberius’s wife-to-be,” Diva says pulling out a chain wipe. “I am going to have so much fun.

She threw the chain whip out at Rubi, but she side stepped it. Then Diva pulled back and the whip flopped over Rubi’s body and tightened around her arms and waist.

“Fatal Attraction.”

The chain whip started to close tighter around Rubi’s body.

“Bloody Wail,” Rubi says as she takes in a deep breath.

Once she has taken in enough air, she lets out a loud screech that rips through the floor boards and blasts Diva against the wall. She gets to her feet and flails her weapon at Rubi. Rubi stomps the ground and a floor board flew up into her awaiting hands. She swung it to deflect the chain whip. Then she took the board in one hand, cocked her arm back, and launched it at Diva. Diva ducked under it as it struck the wall and stayed placed.

“My my, aren’t you just a tad bit strong,” Diva says.

“I’d have to be to keep up with Sirberius.”

Diva threw her whip chain out and Rubi jumped into the air. The chain followed her into the air and wrapped around her ankles. Diva pulled it down and slammed Rubi to the ground. Then Diva broke out into song. Hordes of men started piling out of nowhere and piled onto Rubi. They stabbed her and cut her as the landed.

“You see hun, you where no match for me. I guess you didn’t care that I was able to violate your dear Sirberius,” Diva says as she turns away.

An explosion of fire energy erupted from the pile of men. They were all sent flying away and Rubi started standing up. Her brown fur now replaced by pearl white scale like fur, and pearl plates. Spikes shot out of her spine and around her ears. Her hands and feet became dragon talons, and her long dragon tail sprouted out.

“I’ll kill you, you whore,” she said as her eyes slowly turned into red dragon eyes.

“Try all you can, Fatal Attraction.”

Rubi felt a small squeeze, and then it went away, “Did you forget that magic has zero effect on dragon scales.”

Diva threw her chain whip at Rubi. She raised her hand and the whip wrapped around her wrist. She grabbed hold of it and wrapped it around her arm more. Rubi pulled back and Diva was sent streaking toward her. Just as she got near Rubi’s face, she cocked back her right fist, embedded it with fire, and then threw a devastating punch that connected with Diva’s face.

Diva was flung into the wall, and that is where she stayed. Rubi walked over to her slowly.

“Now it’s time that I showed you how it feels to be violated.”

She whipped her tail in front of her and raised it up to Diva’s face. Then she suddenly pushed it forward, forcing it into her mouth and down her air tunnel. Diva struggled to reach for her tail, but had no luck getting it out.

“Doesn’t feel too good does it.”

She lifted Diva with her tail still down her throat. And then slams her down into the ground. Blood starts spilling out from her nose and ears. Even her eyes started to cry blood. Rubi then forced her tail down further.

“And now you die.”

Rubi forcefully pulled her tail out and blood started spewing out of Diva’s throat. Diva started rolling around choking on her blood. Then she fell off the stage where she lay dead.

“That will teach you to molest the man I love. May you be condemned to eternal suffering,” Rubi says as she turns and walks in the direction that Evangeline ran away to at the beginning of the fight. Leaving Diva’s blood spattered body on the floor.
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Tenkai was wandering around the Burning City of Dis. After his fight with Azriel, he didn’t see very many people, or monsters as it mattered. He came around a bin and saw Captain Wrath. The fallen angel was guarding a portal.
Tenkai easily killed Wrath with his Deadly Goddess. Since he had no other options, he decided to go into the portal to see where it led.
Tenkai found himself on a balcony overlooking the Mu. The balcony was part of a floating castle. Since it wasn’t large, it wasn’t Shadow Imperia. He guessed it was Castle in the Sky, Lord Valentine de Invidia’s fortress.
There were footsteps. Tenkai turned around to see Captain Envy walk through the celtic doors.
“Tenkai Hyachi,” said Envy, “my master has been expecting you.”
Envy led Tenkai to a throne room. Everything in the room was glittered with glass. A red silk curtain covered a section of the east wall. Sitting on a golden tree-shaped chair was Lord Valentine de Invidia, the Sinner of Envy.
“I’d say it’s a pleasure to see you again but then I’d be lying,” said Tenkai.
“Oh, you’re hurting my poor little heart,” teased Valentine.
“You have no heart.”
“Ahem,” coughed Envy, ending the little battle between the two.
Valentine pointed his hand at a chair motioning Tenkai to sit. Tenkai went over to the chair but did not sit.
“It looks like Azriel went too far by killing your little friend,” said Valentine, “personally I don’t think he deserved to die.”
“Don’t mess with me Valentine,” threatened Tenkai, “I’m in no mood to play your little games.”
“Fine, I’ll get to business.”
Valentine signaled Envy. Envy pulled down the curtain. Now in view was a pillar of ice with Joel inside.
“Joel!” exclaimed Tenkai.
“I used the powers of Blue Satan to resurrect your little friend,” explained Valentine, “cooperate with me and he’ll be set free.”
“And what do you need my help with?”
“The data for my ‘missing link’ was damaged. I need Sirberius to recreate the data. I need your help to get him to fight in his Complete Form.”
“I should have known…. All you care about are your little Kim-un-Kur experiments!”
Valentine grinned. “So you discovered I was head of research during the experiment on Grindell, the first experimental Kim-un-Kur.”
“And a whole lot more. I know what secrets you hide and I’m never going to help you.”
Valentine just stayed quiet. Finally he said “So be it.”
Valentine snapped his fingers. The pillar of ice shattered. Joel was gone, again.
“You BASTARD!” yelled Tenkai.
Energy was rushing through Tenkai’s body. Valentine frowned as he saw the power he had upset. Valentine flipped a switch and Tenkai was flung out of the Castle in the Sky.
“He went far,” commented Envy.
That was when they something in the sky. It was coming towards them fast. It was Tenkai in his Divine Dragon Form. He was about to fire a Divine Dragon Cannon. A ball of energy was hurtled at the fortress.
“Get down!” ordered Valentine.
Valentine and Envy ducked. The blast took out a section of the Castle in the Sky. A few of Valentine's thirteen guards, the Black Zodiac, were killed. Tenkai landed in the throne room and transformed into his Enraged Hybrid Form.
“I didn’t expect you’d be able to use your Kim-un-Kur powers after losing the title of Kim-un-Kur,” commented Valentine.
“Well not everyone envies those with titles,” remarked Tenkai.
Tenkai took out Deadly Goddess. It was in it’s normal scythe mode. He charged at Valentine.
Valentine jumped off the golden tree-shaped chair just in time. A few hairs were cut off. They landed on the ground to cause the floor to ripple like water. Suddenly a jet of sand shot out of the floor. Tenkai flipped and got out of the way. The sand floated over to Valentine.
“You broke my chair,” said Valentine, “it was based off Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life, sister tree to the Tree of Knowledge.”
Valentine rotated his hands. The sand split into piles and morphed into spears. One by one Valentine hurtled them at Tenkai. One by one Tenkai cut them to shreads. Finally Valentine was out of sand.
“Looks like you’ve run out of stuff to attack me with,” said Tenkai.
“It’s a matter of how you look at it,” said Valentine, “it was you who believed those were meant to hit you.”
The piles of sand left from the blocked sand ensnarled Tenkai’s legs. It then reached the torso and finally all that was visible was Tenkai’s head.
“I’m really disappointed you didn’t accept my offer,” said Valentine, “you were such a good specimen.”
Valentine clenched his fist. As he did so, the sand began to get tighter. A few cuts were appearing.
“It’s been fun,” said Valentine.
Tenkai muttered something.
“Hmm?” asked Valentine.
“It’s not over until the fat lady sings,” repeated Tenkai, “Water Prison!”
Valentine leapt back but the Water Prison did not go for him, not even Envy for that matter. Tenkai had used it on himself. By doing so, he made the sand wet and heavy. The Sand Tomb slid off.
“Uh oh,” said Envy and Valentine in unison.
Tenkai released the Water Prison. He turned Deadly Goddess into its dual scythe mode. Valentine reached for his Envious Scythe and got into a stance.
Tenkai charged at Valentine with all force. The two scythes were coming at Valentine from both directions. Valentine, however, stayed calm and angled his Envious Scythe to intercept both of them. He twisted Envious Scythe, causing Tenkai’s dual scythes to be knocked out of his hands. Before Valentine could take advantage of the situation, Tenkai used a Lightning Strike to fling Valentine to floor several feet away.
“It’s been fun,” mocked Tenkai.
Tenkai fired a Chaos Blast to finish off Valentine.
“No!” yelled Valentine.
The Chaos Blast never reached Valentine. Envy had jumped in front of it.
“I always envied you…. Valentine…” said Envy before he died.
Tenkai was dumbstruck. He couldn’t believe someone would die in order to protect such an evil man. What upset him even more that the shock from Valentine’s face was gone and had his usual grin.
“What a pity,” said Valentine with no empathy in his voice, “he was very faithful.”
“That’s all you have to say!” shouted Tenkai, “he sacrifices himself to save you and that’s all you have to say. You have no right to play with lives anymore!”
Tenkai picked up Deadly Goddess and changed it into its double-bladed scythe mode. He began to walk over to Valentine.
“Time to meet your maker,” said Tenkai.
“Ha!” laughed Valentine, “Luke is still locked up in Duo’s hideout. I doubt I’ll be seeing him soon.”
Tenkai stopped. “You know where Luke is?!”
“Duh. Nemesis took Luke to Duo’s hideout after the Oracle’s demonstration to the Elder Gods.”
“Who is Duo by the way.”
“A question you’d have to ask Phaethon.”
Tenkai chopped off Valentine’s head. Surprisingly there was no heart.
“He wasn’t kidding about the cold,” said Tenkai as he began to walk off.
“Poor heart,” corrected Valentine.
Startled, Tenkai turned around. He saw what was Valentine’s body turn into a pile of sand. Same with the disembodied head. It was trying to regain shape.
“Like I’m going to let you create a Frozen Sand Replica,” said Tenkai, “Quakeslash!”
Quakeslash interrupted the sand’s morphing process. However the attack was too strong and caused the floor to collapse.
After the smoke had cleared the room, Tenkai found himself in a giant underground chamber. The hidden chamber was empty except for a multi-masked statue and Valentine sitting a silver tree-shaped chair, identical to the Yggdrasil chair.
“Looks like you found the real me,” admitted Valentine, “looks like I can’t just play around anymore, isn’t that right… Envy.”
Out of the shadows came the real Envy. Tenkai guessed that the one from before had been a Frozen Sand Replica. He then noticed a second figure behind Envy.
A Frozen Sand Replica of Tenkai.
“Tenkai, meet your ‘better’ half,” said Valentine.
The fake Tenkai fired a Dragon Strike at Tenkai. Tenkai barely dodged it and fired a Swath of Destruction himself. The fake Tenkai was flung to the ground. It had to regenerate an arm.
“Time to heat things up,” said Tenkai.
Tenkai used Consuming Inferno on the fake Tenkai. The frozen parts of the fake Tenkai melted. All that was left was the sand.
“If I remember correctly, lightning turns sand to glass,” informed Tenkai.
Tenkai used a Lightning Strike on the fake Tenkai. The fake Tenkai shrieked as it turned into a glass statue. Tenkai used a Final Burst to destroy the statue.
“I’m getting tired of your games,” said Tenkai.
Tenkai returned to his Normal/ Elementalist Form. He used his powers of an elementalist to take control of Valentine’s sand and water. He used Valentine’s own Sand Tomb on him.
“Looks like I lose,” admit Valentine, “Envy, you can show Tenkai now.”
“Show me what?” asked Tenkai.
Envy pulled a lever. A pillar of ice with Joel inside was lowered inside.
“I used lighting to create the image of Joel inside the pillar of ice I destroyed earlier so that you would fight me seriously. I can see that I can give you the Sapphire Lodis without a doubt.”
“Saphire Lodis?”
“Give Tenkai the Sapphire Lodis, Blue Satan,” ordered Valentine.
The statue moved. One of the arms lowered and the hand opened. Laying on its palm was a sapphire lodis.
“One of my creations during the Kim-un-Kur experiments,” informed Valentine, “it has the ability to increase the power of a Kim-un-Kur and allow the owner to use all their Forms, no matter what restrictions have been placed on the person by the gods. I can also unlock the power locked away by the original Kim-un-Kur clan.”
Tenkai took the Sapphire Lodis and put it in his pocket. The pillar of ice landed on the floor and melted. A sleeping Joel was now all that remained.
“The Sapphire Lodis has a sister object- the Ruby Lodis,” informed Valetine.
“Where is it?” demanded Tenkai.
“It’s in a pendent given to the Ish’Rai Clan many generations ago. I believe the owner, Rubi Delacoure, gave it to her fiancé, Sirberius Reono.”
“Are you telling me that he could have used all his forms from the start!”
“Yes but he never knew he had the Ruby Lodis, let alone use it.” Valentine sighed. “You may want to hurry to Shadow Imperia… I was suppose to meet Phaethon there… in an… hour…”
Valentine fainted. Tenkai released the Sand Tomb.
“I don’t know what you’re planning but I have the feeling its intentions are not all evil,” said Tenkai.
Tenkai changed into his Divien Dragon Form. He picked up Joel and flew off for Shadow Imperia.
When Tenkai was flying over Shadow Imperia, he noticed Evangeline wandering the balconies. He landed nearby.
“Tenkai!” cheered Evangeline, “I’m so glad you’re safe.”
“Same here,” said Tenkai, “where’s the others?”
“I don’t know. I saw an ark escape the Mu a while ago.”
“Why do I get the feeling that Zel is somehow part of that.”
They heard footsteps. There was humming. It was female.
“Rubi!” exclaimed Evangeline.
Evangeline’s smile became a frown. The owner of the footsteps and humming were from a silver haired girl.
“Hi, I’m Lady Dominique de Gula,” greeted the little girl.

Valentine woke up. He found himself in his bedroom. Envy was bringing in water.
“Do you think it was wise telling Tenkai Hyachi that Phaethon will be at Shadow Imperia?” asked Envy, serving Valentine some water.
“Maybe,” said Valentine.
There was a knocking at the door.
“It’s Javex,” said the voice behind the door, “you have a guest.”
Envy opened the door. Javex, followed by Raikosuke, walked in.
“I need to speak with Phaethon,” said Raikosuke, “he must stop this crazy campaign.”
“Campaign?” asked Valentine, “how much do you know?”
“I know he works with three others who go by the codenames Duo, Nemesis, and Athius. Athius is rumored to be Draethius.”
“Well, I can’t stop you can I in this weakened shape.”
“I have no intention to kill if necessary. I just want to try to talk some sense into him.”
“But Valentine-” protested Envy.
“Javex, please escort Mr. Raikosuke to Shadow Imperia.”
“At once,” acknowledged Javex.
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Evangeline vs. Lady Dominique de Gula

Evangeline glared straight at Dominique. “You go ahead Tenkai. I’ll take care of our little princess here.”
Tenkai turned toward her with an emotionless expression, “Are you sure you wanna do this? I will not turn back around to save you should things go wrong.”
“Yea I’m sure. You make it seem like I can’t handle this. You forget that I was trained by my brother, Sirberius himself. I’ll be fine. And besides, I still have to wait for Rubi to get out of there.”
Tenkai turned around, “So be it then.”

Tenkai’s six white wings emerged from his back and he took to the skies. He headed straight for Shadow Imperia and disappeared into the sunlight. Evangeline turned her gaze back toward Lady Dominique.

“I will be your opponent, you hag.”
Dominique smiled, “Oh goody, I guess you will have to do for my dinner.”
Evangeline’s power started to escalate dramatically, “I’m not gonna hold back anything for you. I wish to hurry this up so I can find my brother’s killer.” The ground started to shake and a black aura started to appear around her body, “Psiren, looks like you get to have some fun. 72% power approved. Black Rose Demon Form.”

The black aura started to consume her body. Horns that looked like that of a ram started to form on her head. Her nails turned black and sharpened a bit, and her eyes turn blood red. Then the black aura mover over to her right hand and started to form a demonic looking mask.

Evangeline started to smile, “Sorry to be in such a rush though, Lady Dominique de Gula, but you just aren’t worth my time.”
“Is that so, well then it will be even more worthwhile when I kill you. Go forth my minions and kill her. But bring her back so I may feast on her corpse.”

Her six dragons appeared from behind her and they all stormed at Evangeline. She smiled and put her hand out in front of her.

“Rose Storm.”

A flurry of rose petals started flying from her hand and they encircled the dragons. They started to swirl around viciously, cutting the dragons into pieces as they touched their scales.

“Consuming Inferno.”

A large ball of fire appeared before her and started to make a giant vacuum wind that sucked everything toward it. The dragons were pulled into the ball of fire and burned to ashes. The ball of fire then disappeared and the dragons went away with it. Dominique looked at Evangeline with terror in her eyes as she started to back away.

“No, I can’t die. Brother where are you?! Brother, please come and save me,” she pleads and cried.
Evangeline pulled out her blade and covered it in fire, “You are truly pitiful. I thought that the rumors of you barely ever being in battle were false. But I see now that they were true. And for making me use so much power for such an incompetent piece of vermin scum, I will have you die in discrace.”
Dominique’s eyes got wider, “Please, no I beg you. Don’t kill me. Brother where are you?!”
Evangeline raised her curved saber over her head, “At least have some dignity before you die. But I guess that you Sinners have no knowledge of that concept. Now die you pitiful piece of vermin.”

She swung her saber down and cut directly across Dominique’s throat. Blood started spewing out at a constant pace. She put her hands to her throat to try and stop the bleeding, but it was in vain. She fell over and her body lay motionless. Evangeline took her mask off and her entire Black Rose Demon Form dissipated. She turned her gaze toward the direction that Tenkai had flown off toward.

“Great, now how am I supposed to get to Shadow Imperia?”
“I guess that I would be able to help with that,” came a familiar voice.
Evangeline turned around and smiled once she saw Rubi in her full Demi form.
“Bout time you got here. Now hurry up and carry me before we miss all the action you slowpoke.”

Rubi changed into you dragon form, put Evangeline on her back and set off for Shadow Imperia.
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“Tenkai, over here!” shouted Rubi.
Tenkai, in his Divine Dragon Form and carrying Joel, landed in a patio in Shadow Imperia. Already there had been Rubi and Evangeline who had just landed themselves.
“Where’s Dmitri, Zel, and Larac?” asked Evangeline.
“Your friends Larac and Dmitri are safe,” said a voice behind them.
Startled, Evangeline jumped. Behind her was Greed, a servant of Dominic.
“What about Zel?” asked Tenkai.
“I’m afraid he’s dead, Noah killed him before getting killed by Dmitri,” informed Greed, “Dmitri returned to the Mystic Community. Larac is in Dominic’s throne room.”
“Captured?” asked Evangeline, “dying?” She sounded hopeful.
“No, but Dominic is dying.”
“A girl can dream. So what has happened to the other Sinners?”
“I just faced Valentine and Azriel, both defeated but alive,” said Tenkai.
“I killed Diva and Evangeline killed Dominique,” said Rubi, “with Noah killed by Dmitri that leaves…”
“Ashley was found murdered,” informed Greed.
“What?!” exclaimed Tenkai.
Joel stirred. He woke up.
“Where am I?” asked Joel.
“I’d say welcome back to the land of the living but I don’t think the Mu is considered the land of the living,” said Tenkai.
“Dominic has something to tell you guys,” said Greed, “we need to hurry before he dies.”
Greed led the group into Dominic’s throne room. Ezra and Gluttony, Dominique’s aide, was trying to limit the pain for Dominic.
“Good… you’re here,” moaned Dominic.
“You summoned us,” said Joel.
“The person… responsible for this fiasco is… Phaethon… one of the Four Heavenly Rulers. He… must be stopped…”
Dominic’s died.
Suddenly a wall exploded. Phaethon and Lust walked in.
“You traitor!” yelled Greed.
Greed charged at Lust with full force. Lust took out a sword and decapitated Greed.
“No!” screamed Gluttony.
Gluttony ran towards Lust. Lust stabbed him in the heart. Before dying, Gluttony ripped the beating heart out of Lust.
“What a pity,” said a voice.
Out of the hole walked in The Unnamed Member- Sirberius’ killer.
“You killed Sirberius, you bastard,” said Evangeline.
Evangeline was running towards The Unnamed Member when Rubi stopped her.
“Don’t he’s too powerful for us,” warned Rubi.
“Of course he is,” said Phaethon, “he’s one of Duo’s men- Zein.”
“Are you planning on telling them my address too,” said Zein, “or maybe my birthdate. Or even better, tell them “the plans”.”
“I get it,” said Phaethon, “but besides the point, Nemesis believes that Valentine’s little science project has gone too far. Kill the Kim-un-Kur.”
“And what about you?”
“To go find Valentine.”
Phaethon left for Castle in the Sky. The Unnamed Member, revealed to Zein, took out Heine’s Obliteration.
“That’s Sirberius’,” exclaimed Evangeline.
“Well ain’t that a shame,” said Zein.
Tenkai's hair, eyes, and aura suddenly turned red and an immense amount of heat started pouring from his body.
"Well then, I guess I'll just have to show you what a real shame it is, huh?"
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Tenkai vs. Zein

I could sense a strange dark aura covering Heine’s Obliteration, but I put it out of my mind. I needed to focus on avenging Sirberius. Zein raised Heine up and pointed it at my face and the he smiled.

“Try not to bore me. Ok you barbaric abomination.”
“Oh I don’t think you’ll be bored. You’ll die before you get that chance.”
“Such big words, sure you can back them up.”

My aura, eyes, and hair turned green and I was moved just enough to move at the speed of sound. Before anyone knew it, I was right behind Zein.

“I would have to say that I do.”

I reach my hands behind me, grabbed Zein under his arms, and flung him into the air. I aimed my hand to the sky.

“Swath of Destruction.”

Torrents of wind started streaking back and forth across Zein’s body. But he was somehow about to block and deflect each one. However, one of them head dead on with the side of his face, and it cut off his hood. His red streaked, black hair came flying out. Once he landed in front of me, he lowered his head, causing his hair to block his face.

“Well this seems very unprecedented. Who knew that you would be able to lay a scratch on me in this body.”
I look at him confused, “What do you mean, ‘in this body’?”
Zein starts to chuckle a bit, “I’m surprised that you didn’t realized it once you saw Heine’s Obliteration. Seeing how it will only obey a person with god like abilities, and the only people with that kind of power are Kim-un-Kurs.”

Then I realized what he meant, “You don’t mean…”

Then, slowly, Zein raised his head. The hair in the way fell back into a spiky manner, and we all saw a face we never expected to see.

“You’re Sirberius?”
He smiled, “You’re only half right. I am a Doppelganger that has taken the form and powers of your pathetic friend Sirberius.”
I look at him with disgust, “So you mean to tell me that you kill him and then take his power… that’s just fucking rude.”
“Still you are only half right. I took his powers, and then killed him.”
“Then I guess that I’ll just have to show you the same amount of mercy that you showed him, you weak vermin.”
That comment enraged Zein, “I am not weak! Could a weakling kill the Savior of Twilight, Sirberius Reono? I think not! Therefore I am not the weakling! And I shall teach you that lesson now.” He raised Heine’s Obliteration at me again, “Infinity Bullet.”

The rifle barrel started to glow and hum as Zein charged power into it. I looked behind me and saw that the others were still behind me.

“Goddamn idiots, move out the damn way.”
But it was too late; Zein had already pulled the trigger and a large ball on concentrated energy was flying right at me. I grew out my six white dragon wings and caught it with them. Then I split it into six smaller energy balls and held them on the tips of my wings. I moved three wings and wrapped them around my right hand and did the same with the other three to my left. The balls of energy combined and floated above my hands with my wings still wrapped around.

I change my aura to a pure white, “Dublavain (Dragolich for the word Double) Divine Dragon Cannon,”

The energy balls tripled in size. Then I fired them off. Two large beams of Divine energy were fired from my hands. They crossed paths, intertwined and became one gigantic beam of Divine energy. Zein smiled and raised Heine into the air. The translucent blades turned red and fire started surrounded the blades. And slashed down and connected with the beam. The gun-blade split straight through it and the two halves curved away from Zein; flying straight into the horizon.

“Impressive, it seems you have gotten a good hold on the power of the Kim-un-Kur. It even seems you are working at about 21% of Sirberius’s Complete Hybrid Form. But I doubt you will be able to handle it for much further.” I let my power raise up and my six wings came undone from my arms and spread out. “Time to stop playing with you. And be honored that I’m skipping my Divine dragon form to get straight to your ass kicking.”

Two wings wrapped around my legs, two more around my arms, one around my waist and chest, and the last one around my face. The melded onto me and formed my Vaharian armor. Then I reached behind me and took off the case hanging onto my back. Zein split Heine into two separate gun-blades and started firing off millions of energy beams using Sirberius’s Trinity barrage. I kept a constant amount of fire issuing from my body which blocked each energy beam.

“Trying to stop me from letting ‘Her’ out won’t do you any good. ‘She’ wouldn’t like to be kept locked up when I need ‘Her’.”

I put my hand onto the case and broke the seal. The case started to emit a strong aura. I unlatched the front and top of it.

“Now the time has come to rid the world of fools who are too blind by their so-called power. Help me in my conquest against these idiots, oh beautiful Deadly Goddess.”

I opened the case and it instantly issued a white aura. The aura rose out of the case and formed a long scythe. I took its handle into my hand and instantly started to feel power flow into my body. I tapped the bottom of the handle onto the ground and another scythe blade slide out of the bottom. It was upside down and was on the opposite side of the top blade. I looked over at Zein and smiled.

“Now you will die.”
“No, now you will die.”

He put Heine’s Obliteration on his back and raised his hands to the sky.

“Come to me. Help me show this fool what the meaning of true strength is, my Death Penalty.”

A blaze of fire streaked across the sky and fell down into his hands. They were Sirberius’s Gauntlets. I looked at Zein with disgust and raised my weapon the air.

“You will never be able to touch me with those. Only Sirberius knows how to properly use them without burning up too much energy.”
“Yea well, we’ll just see about that.”

He charged at me with his fist raised and I shook my head. Then I started to spin my scythe around in a circle.

“Spinning Inferno.”

A large and long funnel of fire is issued from the spinning scythe and engulfs Zein whole. Then I switch my aura to green.

“Dragon Twister.”

A large funnel of wing in the shape of a dragon flew out and combined with the fire twisting around Zein and created a giant tornado of fire that burned and cut his body. Zein fell to the ground, motionless and I walked over to him. I tapped Deadly Goddess’s handle on the ground and the bottom blade was absorbed into the handle. Then the top blade rotated upward. The blade gets wider and fuller and turns into a spear blade. Then it sets back onto the handle forming a nice sized spear.

I get closer to Zein and but my foot over his chest to hold him down to the ground, “You may have copied his power, but that's all. You can't do anything with it, so that means you have no real power. You are just another face in the crowd. Destined to die lonely without ever accomplishing anything. So die now, and wallow in your shame.”

Then, suddenly the Sapphire Lodis that Valentine had given me started to glow bright. I took it out of my pocket and stared at it. I started to feel my power grow inside of me. Zein rolled from under me and jumped to his feet.

“It seems that you are one who is to die without ever accomplishing anything. Now I will strike you down where you have failed to do the same to me.”

He charged at me with the Gauntlets blazing. Then the Sapphire Lodis start to glow so bright that it blinded me. Zein was right in front of me and was about to punch me when there was a loud ‘boom’. I was lifted off my feet and launched backwards. Hitting the ground, I rolled over and caught my breath. I looked up and saw Zein all the way on the other side of the platform. Suddenly there was another ‘boom’ and right where we (me and Zein) used to be, a there seemed to be a red ripple streaking vertically in mid-air.

I started at it in awe and in total disbelief. Then there was another ‘boom’ and the red ripple streaked upward in the same place, but it was longer and wider. Finally, one last ‘boom’ shakes the platform and the red streak appears and stays. Two pairs of hands reach out of it, grab the side, and push them apart, making it wider. A figure steps out and kneels down on all fours. They had wildly spiky black and red hair. Black and red dragon scale armor with a red ruby in the middle of the chest, but it had two spikes sticking out of the elbows and knees. Their hands where like dragon claws and their feet were like dragon talons. A long tail covered in the dragon scale armor was waving behind them. It seemed as if it was formed from being twisted around multiple times. Two horns protruding out of their scull bent over their head, and a pair of black and red wings where folded on his back.

I stared in awe, “It can’t be.”

They raised their head and looked around. Their eyes were wine red and where it was supposed to be white, was pure black. Fangs were sticking out over his mouth. Then he raised his head and roared.


He turned toward me and lunched at me with his claws raised and ready to slice me in half.
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