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The berserk Sirberius destroyed Zein, his doppelganger. Sirberius flung Tenkai to the wall.
“Tenkai!” panicked Evangeline.
Phaethon had come back to see how it was going. He was surprised to see Sirberius there but was thrilled that he was attack the others.
Sirberius punched Joel in the stomach. Joel fell to the ground as he spat out blood.
Rubi jumped in front of Evangeline, Cantilz, Ezra, and Larac. “Stop it, Sirb!” pleaded Rubi.
For a second it was almost as if Sirberius was hestitant, then he charged. Tenkai pushed Rubi out of the way. Right before Sirberius could reach Tenkai, a wall of sand appeared, causing Sirberius to be knocked back. Out of a pile of sand formed Valentine.
“Seriously, I never get a rest when you’re around can I?” said Valentine to Tenkai.
Valentine turned to Sirberius. He took out his Envious Scythe.
“This is not how I expected the Ruby Lodis to react,” said Valentine.
Valentine and Sirberius charged at each other. Sirberius pierced Valentine’s chest just as Valentine pulled Rubi’s pendant from Sirberius’ neck.
“Oh my god,” said Rubi, looking at Valentine’s corpse.
Sirberius calmed down. He looked at the bleeding corpse of Valentine. Suddenly the blood froze.
“Seriously, do you think I’m that eager to die?” asked a voice. They turned to see the real Valentine at the hole created by Lust and Phaethon.
Phaethon landed on the floor. “You saved me the trouble of finding you, Valentine.”
“No problem Phaethon,” said Valentine. Then he added “or should I call you Tiolee, ruler of the shinigami.”
“Tiolee?!” exclaimed Cantilz.
Tiolee was the ruler of the shinigami and last seat in the Mystic Council.
“So you knew my real identity all along,” said Tiolee.
“Of course I did, information is one of the greatest weapons one can have,” said Valentine, “isn’t that right… Kira.”
From the shadows came forth Kira.
“You said your brother was dead,” said Sirberius.
“He faked his own death. With Phaethon’s help of course. Kira plans on replacing me as the Sinner of Envy.”
Kira bit his lip. “So you knew.”
“I’ve known all along. You’ve been wanting my position since the Great God War.”
“Well unfortunately for you his wish will be granted when I kill you!” declared Tiolee.
Valentine faked a bow. “Be my guest.”
Tiolee/ Phaethon took out his Death Scythes. He swung them at Valentine. Valentine easily blocked them using his Envious Scythe.
“Nice try but I’ve read all about your techniques,” said Valentine.
Phaethon got more frustrated. “You can’t learn everything from a book.”
Phaethon used one of his legendary special moves, the Black Wing Iron Dance. With a surprise to Phaethon, Valentine blocked each stroke perfectly. He swung his Envious Scythe at Phaethon where it cut him.
“You beat my Black Wing Iron Dance and drew blood,” said Phaethon, “fine, I admit, you’re a powerful adversary. If you surrender now, I’ll allow you to rejoin us.”
“Shame I don’t consider you one. And no, I don’t care much for the Four Heavenly Rulers. Why do you think Draethius wasn’t resurrected? It wasn’t because of the vessel Dante, it was because I interfered with his summoning.”
Phaethon stretched out his hand. “Witness the glory of the shingami, the death gods. DEATH DELETE!”
Phaethon shot the killing spell at Valentine. It hit Valentine but didn’t work. He was getting frustrated because he couldn’t defeat Valentine.
“I see the cut from my Envious Scythe is working,” mocked Valentine.
Phaethon had remembered Kira talking about the Envious Scythe before. Since it was hard to directly insert the Sin of Envy into people, he used Envious Scythe to help him. Due to this factor, Phaethon had considered Valentine weak and wasn’t trying hard. With the power of the Sin of Envy in place, his attacks would weaken because his mind would believe they were nothing compared to Valentine’s.
“I won’t lose!” yelled Phaethon.
Phaethon shot a dozen Death Delete spells at Valentine. All ineffective.
“How about I show you a real move,” said Valentine.
The Valentine before him liquefied into sand. At that moment Phaethon realized that his attacks weren’t working because that hadn’t been the real Valentine.
“For your information Phaethon,” said the sand in Valentine’s voice, “I’m still at the Castle in the Sky, bedridden.”
The sand swallowed up Phaethon. It squeezed until Phaethon was a bloody pulp.
“No, it can’t be!” panicked Kira, “for Phaethon to have been killed… it can’t be true.”
Kira teleported to the Mystic Realm. Another Frozen Sand replica of Valentine formed.
“So Sirberius, what now,” said Valentine.
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Larac’s team had returned home. After a day’s rest, the returned Head of the Mystic Council Sirberius called for a council meeting. Since the Hall of Mystics had been destroyed by Noah’s ARK, Valentine offered to donate the Castle in the Sky as a replacement since he had other hideouts he could stay at. After moving Blue Satan and the other experiments and artifacts, the Council met in the throne room of the Castle in the Sky.
Valentine set up several seats next to the yggdrasil-shaped chair which Sirberius sat upon. To his right sat Rubi then Evangeline. To Sirberius’ left sat Youichi then Tenkai then Dmitri. Larac, who was on the run from Cantilz, was unable to make the meeting. Valentine stood before them.
“The purpose of this meeting is what to do with the remaining Sinners of SALIGIA and what must be done to correct the damage they have caused,” said Sirberius.
“Valentine, since five Sinners are dead, how are you keeping the Balance of Good and Evil in check?” asked Evangeline
“Originally there were Obelisks used as the embodiments of sin,” explained Valentine, “however they were not meant to take on such stress and require replacements.”
“Do you have any candidates in mind?” asked Youichi.
“Already Javex has become the new Sinner of Avaritia. Joel is already considering being the Sinner of Pride. Here and now I would like to ask Rubi to replace Diva as the Sinner of Lust and Dmitri replace Noah as the Sinner of Sloth.”
“That would be cool,” said Dmitri, “sure, I agree.”
“Rubi will not-” Sirberius was about to disagree.
Rubi touched Sirberius’ arm. “It’s all right Sirberius. The Mystic Community needs my help and this is how I can help.”
“I…but you... and he..." Sirberius took a deep sigh, "Fine, if this is what you want to do, then so be it.”
Rubi faced Valentine. “Valentine, is there a way to ferry Sirberius from the Mu to the Land of the Living?”
Valentine laughed. “There’s no need. Sinners don’t need to be in the Mu. Remember Tenkai, Azriel was at the Burning City of Dis.” Tenkai nodded. Valentine continued. “Rubi could easily stay here with Sirberius.”
“By the way, it was you who gave my ancestors that necklace wasn’t it? You were that Sinner.”
“Correct. Back when Dominic got so greedy he wanted to steal a continent, the Ish’Rai clan helped out me and Ashley in stopping him. Since I didn’t think I would need both Lodises, I gave the Ish’Rai clan the Ruby Lodis to be used as a family heirloom.”
Javex walked in. “I’m sorry to disrupt the meeting but I need Valentine to come with me. He’s needed in the candidate selection.”
“On my way,” acknowledged Valentine.
Javex left. Valentine got up and was leaving when Sirberius stopped him.
“What is it?” asked Valentine.
“I have a proposition for you. I since i have actually seen your power first hand, and the fact that you have help out this much so far. I would like to offer you a seat in the Mystic Council,” requested Sirberius.
Valentine was stunned. A while ago he had been the enemy. He was particially responsible for the death of Sirberius’ parents. He even tried to kill Sirberius at the Rocain ruins.
“I’ll think about it,” said Valentine.
Valentine walked out of the room. Sirberius knew he had Valentine’s answer. It would be a yes.

Valentine stood at one of the balaconies. Envy walked over to him.
“Valentine,” said Envy nervously.
“Huh?” asked Valentine.
Envy was blushing. “There’s something I’ve never had the courage to tell you until now so I’ll just say it now. I…”
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Unfinished Business - Unknown to the council

Larac walked around a deserted town, accompanied by Ezra in the middle of the night. They kept walking all over town, with Larac leading the way.
"Hey Larac!" Ezra said "Why are we here?, shouldn't we be in Glycosa right now. Joining the others"
"tsk tsk, you didn't call me boss" Ezra called Larac boss and asked the same question "Its because I didnt finish my job"
"Your job?? and that would be being an ass? and dragging me to ghost towns" Ezra gasped and paused "OMG you finally snapped?! your going to rape me!! OMG!!" She showed a tearful expression.
"Shut up Ezra. We have company" Larac saying as he gripped his blade hard with his hands.
Suddenly, four heavily armored men landed their swords on Larac. Their big swords could not penetrate much of Larac's skin, because he changed it in time, into a demon skin. He changed his shape into a large dragon, throwing the knights off their stance. His mouth started to engulf in fire, he blew fire to the knights. He stopped and saw that the knight was immune to fire. The heavily armed soldiers were glowing bright orange cause of the heat. The knights armor reflected the moons light, It was like a mirror under the night sky.
"Stop Larac! or I will kill her" a familiar voice, calling for Larac.
"Well well, if it isnt Cardinal Dominic de Avara. . .ehh whatever your name is"Larac said to the person holding Ezra on the neck.
"Bravo, I thought information of me surviving would reach the Council and the Elder Gods in a month. It seems I've underestimated everyone again" Dominic said as he plunged his right arm into Ezra's chest.
"And it seems in just a few days, you already regenerated an arm and gathered a few of your men" He said as returned back to his normal form.
"Don't move anymore Larac, I'm holding the soul of your friend here as we speak. Men, restrain the council member" He said as his right hand stayed inside her chest.

As one knight got close to Larac, he quickly grabbed his blade(He carries only 1 blade now because Calintz destroyed the other pair during the first battle between him and Dominic) and cut the knight's head off.

"Now now Larac, another struggle then I will separate her soul from her body!" Dominic with his hands inside Ezra's chest. Ezra was far from scared, but she could hardly do anything because of Dominic's hand holding her soul

Larac kneeled down and threw his blade away. "You idiot, he will still obviously kill me even if you give up" Ezra shouted to Larac.The three knights pulled out a long staff with a hook shape at the tip of it. They locked Larac's neck on to it so that he couldn't get out of the hold.

"Don't bother about shapeshifting out of there Larac, those staff will null any forms you can make. It was suppose to be for your hybrid friends" Dominic said as the knights moved Larac closer to him.
"I don't need to shapeshift to take your ass to the bloodspire" Larac was force to kneel by the knights.
"Oh my, I still can't see where this aggression is coming from. You two will clearly die today, face it Larac you and your comrades are in a game of maze. Everyone will always go to a path where they think it is the right one. You don't even know whos pulling the strings from the beginning, even from the from Fallen order to current events" Dominic said.
"I'm thinkin that this powerful being is the one doing the puppeteering and we are all in it. But the thing that bothers me though, if he is so great, why not take all of us down now. Is he scared of Sirberius, or is he scared of taking down Youichi. You people always talk too much."Larac's face was smothered to the ground.
"Ezra, remembered what I taught you!"

When Larac's face smashed through the town's floor, one of the Knight's armor reflected Ezra's eyes. Dominic stared at the eyes, then suddenly he felt his whole body burn. He went insane freeing ezra from his grasp. The two knights saw their master's condition and assisted, but as soon as they left Larac, they felt a hand behind on the back of their heads. They quickly fell down in a coma, the remaining knight slammed Larac's face into the ground again, Hoping he wont end up like his allies. The knight caught offguard was stabbed at the back with a sword by Ezra.

"took you long enough, I hate kissing the ground. It reminds me of dead people" Larac cleaning his cloak "Wheres Dominic?"
"He ran off somewhere, I can still sense his presence. and btw" Ezra's expression was full of anger "Don't tell me you knew this thing would happen? and why didn't you tell me that Dominic is still alive!?"
"Only the two of us knows that Dominic still lives, I have been having dreams. My dreams never lied before, thats how we prophets live. we follow the signs of the divine" Larac walking house to house.
"So the Elder Gods and the Council don't know about it?! you could have at least told me so I would be prepared" Ezra
"Yeah, theres that. But if I told you about Dominic, they wouldn't think we were off guard and just hid till we keep on looking. And your great at acting when the situation is actually happening"

The town was pretty big for both of them, searching 1 person was not an easy task. Energy of long forgotten souls tend to disturb Ezra's scanning ability. Goosebumps was the only thing Ezra could feel because of wandering spirits.

"Ezra I think you should leave this to me now, can you please leave the town for now" Larac holding Ezra's shoulder.
"Why? You cant find Dominic all by yourself in this place" Ezra replied as the the souls give shivers to her spine.
"What was that foul trick?! It felt like I was in hell or in the death dimension!" Dominic started to come out to one of the ruined house. He was having trouble to stand up, his head was still in agony.
"It's called evil eye. Sure hybrids are strong, but pure lineage also have their own advantages. Ezra, leave this to me. Go as far away as you can, thats an order!"Larac shouting at Ezra.
"BUT?! your clearly outmatched!?" Ezra replied as she slowly moves back.
"Shes right Larac, I was made to take you council out, piece by piece. A miscalculation in my part for underestimating all of you"
Ezra started to walk away from Larac, she keeps looking back at Larac. She felt Dominic's energy getting stronger by the second, while she was definitely sure that Larac would definitely lose even if she was with him. She was wishing that Calintz could be there to assist. She used her prophecy power, her tattoos glowed but time didn't slow. She could see a vision but it was impossible to tell anything from anything. After she finished her Prophecy, she fell down. She could hardly breath and her vision was blurry.

Larac and Dominic were 30 feet apart but the tension made it feel like they were beside each other.

"Pretty smart move, moving to the last place the council would look" Larac tapping his shoes.
"Besaid is so beautiful this way, so many death and blood in one place" Dominic cited as he slowly turn into his demonic form. "Larac, what would you say If you join the winning team. Theres no point in dying while serving single minded worms"
"Here is where your wrong, I don't serve the council. Yes I do need them, but they need me more. Then you Saligia shits! You get only one job and thats to balance good and evil. And you fuckin mess it up" Larac placed his blade inside his body as he talked.
"Larac" Dominic was covered in smoke, and his body was in the same form as his right arm "remember this, everything will always fall apart"
"Yeah yeah, less talk more dying!"
"Larac the offer still exist, you can have everything you want. Gold, Power, Women. . . . "
"Oh Greed greed greed, you don't have that much power over me. It would be a different story if Pride, Wrath, Lust or Sloth would be the one manipulating my mind"
"Then goodbye Larac. I'm going to kill your precious friend after I kill you"

Dominic aims his gun at Larac. He fired causing a large air tunnel, Larac was able to dodge the bullet but his skin and clothes were torn, caught by the sharp wind current. Larac kept entering building to building to avoid getting killed by Dominic's killer ammo. Walls shatter as it blocks the bullets. Larac took a peek then a shuriken landed on his forehead. Dominic laughed at the sight of Larac bleeding on the head. He kept firing his gun causing destruction to the town. Larac was pinned to the wall, the atmosphere suddenly became quiet. Dominic's arm suddenly came out of nowhere in a ripped wormhole, grabbing Larac in the throat with his left hand. Dominic ran from wall to wall using Larac as a sledgehammer, breaking all the wall that got in his way. Dominic aimed his gun at Larac's forehead but he got a chance to grab the gun. Dominic tried to use his soul slicing technique to Larac, but he made two extra arms stoping Dominic from making the move. Two hands gripped each of Dominc's.

"HAHA, I'm enjoying this!" Dominic shouted as laughter followed it.
"Enjoy it while you can! cause I'm going to win this" Larac replied as he slowly shapeshifted his mouth into a dragons mouth. He used his fire breath, burning Dominic's face. Dominic removed his clutch from Larac, wiping the burnt skin.

"HAHAHA, resorting to dirty tricks as always. MWAHAHA" Dominic loudly laughed as he finally removed all the burnt skin. "It was fun Larac, but Im not going to delay your death anylonger. I'm pretty sure your back up is coming soon. sending your partner to call for one" He said.
"Like I said to my partner. No one knows we are here, for all they know I'm just off harassing another blood bar" Larac slowly backing up.
"Well, no matter. After I kill the both of you, I'm off to a new hideout. . . . hmmm, I never use this much power much to a cockroach. But u seem special, a special annoying pest"

Dominic raised his right arm, and snapped his finger. A loud noise suddenly filled the atmosphere, portals started to open from different locations of the town. Large beings started to come out of the whole carrying different sorts of weapons.

"It took a long time for me to make them. Having godlike arms, its such a waste not using them. Am I right Larac" Dominc said as hordes of creatures, Gigantic and large would either crawl out or fall from the portal.
"Holy #*%^ Dominic, what have you done. Abominations, theyre not even Hell spawns. Your breaking the treaty of heaven, hell and the MC. Now I know youve gone mad"
"This is not madness Larac. This is Greed!!!"
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Unfinished Business - Another Unfinished Business

Larac went outside the main road, looking at all the dimensional rifts created by Dominic. A large dragon-like being suddenly hit Larac from behind, with a club. Larac was thrown far away until he hit the towns outer wall, He coughed up blood and lost a few teeth. He regenerated most of the lost teeth. He quickly created a seal to protect himself. A barrier suddenly stopped magical attacks that was going towards him. The dragon-like creature and two other giants started to pound at his protective barrier, the others were throwing fire balls.

"Holy crap, what did I get myself into. HAHAHA, fuck. I'm definitely going to die again" Larac said as he picked up a cigarette. "Hey Dominic, I hate to admit it. But I think I'm going to call for back up"
"Well, unless you bring all the council members theres nothing you can do" Dominic replied.

The bastard is right, calling Aeris(Youichi) is not enough. Theres at least a hundred unknown strong creatures here, and I hate to call all those other council members. I hope, Ezra is still close to town. She could at least help a little.
Larac said to himself. I rather die than hear Sirberius talk about how I fucked up my job

"Oh Larac, be proud. I planned to use these beautiful creatures at Glycosa, but I wasted it on just you. One weak Prophet / Shapeshifter" Dominic said as he walk towards Larac's protective seal.
"Oh Dominic. Kill me now, HAHAHA. Bastard!! I've been to a war that no one even remembers, I killed countless creatures that the mystical community haven't even seen. I've come in and out of hell and you think killing me or scaring me will give you a hard on. HAHAHAHAHA, fuckin bastard!" Larac coughed and laughed. He made a seal and blood started to spew out of it.
"Larac! what are you thinking contacting me in the middle of the night?! Is that blood?!" Youichi talking via puddle of blood.
"Youichi, how fast can you get to Besaid?" Larac said as he gasps for air.
"About in a minute or two. Whats happening" Youichi could see Larac's protection seal being pounded by giant creatures.
"Dominic is still alive, and I don't think I can take them on my own"

Suddenly out of the blue, one of the giants was thrown away, slamming through the houses. Youichi(Aeris) knocked the demon, then she disappears again. She came out behind another Giant and fired around 40 arrows in one single swoop. The giant went berserk and chased Youichi with his enormous sword. Youichi fell down because of a rubble. The giant striked his sword at Youichi, a strong gust of wind blew from the attack. When it was clear to see, Youichi, lying on her back holding the enormous sword while creating a charge of lightning on the other. The lightning struck the giant on the middle of his forehead, he wasnt knocked out but he could hardly stand straight. Youichi ran towards Larac.

"Idiot!!, there are correct measurements when it comes to this situation!" Youichi shouted at Larac as he was lying down on his back, still inside the barrier. Trying to regain energy he lost.
"Yes, and i call that the "CALL YOUICHI AND HOPE SHE SAVES MY ASS MEASUREMENTS" haha" Larac laughed as he also exited the barrier. "So, its two against a hundred big ugly bastards!"
"I don't think they care Youichi. They don't even know what beauty means let along rules" Larac said to Youichi. The creatures stared at Youichi, and some who were not close to the area just listened to the echo.
"Ahhh, and it seem there are two of you now. Wheres the great Sirberius, is he too scared to face me" Dominic's voice echoed.
"Larac, I'm going to call Sirberius" Youichi said to Larac.
"The hell you wont! I don't need a man to nag about how I can't do my job right" He replied.
"You IDIOT!! your going to sacrifice our lives all because you don't want to be lectured!!" She angrily shouts.
"Yeah, im such a bastard. Besides, whoever is pulling the strings might really want three of the council members to be in one place. Don't tell me youre scared of a few uggles(Larac's terms for ugly beings)"
"Well you might be right, where is Ez........." But before Youichi could finish her sentence she was hit by a giant club.
"Bad move big guy" The giant looking confused looked at Larac "Trust me, I rather hit Sirberius with a club then Youichi. I'm going to leave you now." Suddenly continuous lightning bolts striked the large being.

Larac shapeshifted into a Giant, "now the playing field is a bit equal" He said. Two large creatures suddenly pounced at Larac, he managed to steal one of the creatures sword. He stabbed one of them but the other hit his head hard with it's mace, cracking his skull. Larac returned to his normal size form, knocked out a little, dizzy and feeling the headache. The giant kicked Larac like a ball, throwing him fast and hard, he walked towards Larac to stomp him. The Giant's head exploded from an energy ball fired at him before he even got close to Larac.

"Boss, are you ok?! Don't worry, I came back when I noticed something changed" Ezra said.
"Haha, I never thought idiocy run in witch bloodline" Larac replied.
"Jerk! I came back to save your ass"
"Want to help?, remember the spell I told you. If ever we get lost in hell or another dimension, then you would do a light energy spell" Larac said as they went inside a building to avoid the creatures. The voice of Youichi shouting and doing a battle cry.
"Why?? its not like. . . ."
"Just do it!, I will create a barrier around as you do the spell" Larac ran outside, pulling Ezra out in the open.
Ezra shined bright also her tattoos, the light rised up high to the sky, moving the clouds. The light was bright for those only who are awake can see. Larac created a barrier for only Ezra, while she was creating the bright light. Dominic appeared at the end of the corner. Walking towards Ezra and Larac.

"I see your calling for more reinforcement I see. Well no matter, there are more where they come from" Dominic opened multiple dimensional rifts again. Around a hundred portals open, meaner and more agressive creatures came out, all in gigantic sizes.
"Larac, I'm going to call Calintz, Sirberius, Liliana now. whether you like it or not" Youichi shouted.
"NO!! Don't be a bitch!! don't worry, I already called for back up" Larac said.
"You ASSHOLE!! who knows how long where going to stay here. The council has to know now!! don't doom millions because of your stubborness" Youichi replied strongly. Now, around 140 powerful enormous creatures surround Besaid.
"Youichi!! I got this!!, just take down a lot of them!!. There wouldn't be any problem if you just kill them rather than knocking them out" He shouted.
"Damn it, I can't contact any of them. . . The atmosphere here is blocking my ability to contact anyone" Youichi ran beside Larac.
"how many have you taken down??" he asked Youichi.
"About 50 of them but it seems theres no stopping their increase in number" she replied.
Holy crap!!, I only't taken down one she already took out 50

Ten giants showed up in front of them, while others more are to come. Giant foot steps made a rythm, Larac and Youichi knows that theyre going to lose the battle if no one comes soon. They were in a tight corner Ezra could not participate because shes emitting her bright light. The first of ten giant, demon like striked his large sword at the three. Youichi was able to stop the sword from killing all of them with both of her hands. Larac quickly ran towards the giant and landed his hands on his head. Time slowed and his tattoos glowed, Larac used hell's touch on the giant, causing the giant fell down, in a coma, or possible half dead. 9 of the giants laughed and simultaneously strike with their different weapons at Ezra.

Youichi was blown away, scratched and covered in dirt. The light spell that Ezra made disappeared from the sky. A Bionic voice started to sound far from where Ezra use to be.

"I see that you need some help. Never thought that you'd actually need our help" (Bionic voice)Terry(Unknown demon warden of Bloodspire) said as he holds Ezra on his arms. "It seems I teleported them all here just in time"
"What is happening here? Besaid should be protected because of its historical significance"Lady Ibarra(Warden of Light).
"Ahh well well, `It's been long since I had a good fight. And the lovely Youichi is here as well" Grace O'king (Grace of the North Block).
"Thanks for not bringing my brother guys" Larac replied.
"He seen the calling but no one gave him a ride" Grace said.
"Wardens! this is council business. You don't need to interfere" Youichi said to the three wardens.
"The council does not need to lose more of its promising members" Lady Ibarra said to Youichi.
"This place, No one can get out of this place with teleportation. Beings can only get in, so teleporting other council is not possible" Terry explained to them.

"Well, this must be the Wardens I've been hearing about from the Elders. It's a shame you will die along with the Council Members" Dominic said to the group. Terry quickly teleported towards Dominic, but Dominic escaped before he could reach him. Rays of light started to brighten the atmosphere, as Lady Ibarra used her god-like speed attacking one of the Giants. A lot more wormholes appeared and the number of Giants increased, also the knights from the previous battles also came out from these wormholes. Dominic's laughter echoed through the town of Besaid.

"I do not approve of this Larac" Youichi said to Larac who was not taking action in battle "And why the hell are you not doing anything"
"Like I said, don't worry. And even if Sirberius and the others would notice the light, they don't even know its from me" Larac replied "And I'm the ace here, Dominic won't show up easily. I'm the only one who can take him down" Larac coughed after realizing he used hell touch. He fell down coughing up blood. Ezra who is close to them was still unconscious because she used too much of her energy.

Flashes of light, array of lightning bolts and creatures in the form of lightning made the night a lot brighter. The wardens was enjoying themselves. As for Youichi, she was taking down more than what the two Wardens took down. But they were still outnumbered. Terry used bombs to the human size knights, Grace was a living lightning himself running through knights armors. He would either melt them or electrocute them to death.

Out of nowhere a loud shout of someone who was not there before appeared. "YEEEEHAAAA, i knew creating that jump potion was not a waste" It was Calintz, "I don't know whats happening, but whoever gets in my way in killing Larac will DIE AS WELL!!". Calintz was having a hard time in looking for Larac, a lot of the knights would attack her and she could not help but to fight back. The battle extended also far from Besaid as for some other Bingo Book Players appeared. It was like a small war, a lot of the bingo book players were healers and started to help Dominic's enemies. Most of the players were either Vampire, God or Angel. Only a few were human and Wizards.

"Holy mother!!, how many bastards saw that light?" Larac said to himself.
"Yo, this your first time stranger? haha, I heard that a council member was around. I think her name is Youichi, and I'm going to get the bounty for each head I take of these metal bastards" The stranger said.
"What the?! git tha ffffuck out of here!" Larac said to the strangers.
"Hey, sorry If your scared of a little competition. Loser" the stranger replied.

Larac was beside Ezra, defending her from whoever gets close. He would either use hell's touch at the enemy or just sink them in a quicksand. He paused for awhile as an intense evil energy started to slowly engulf the town, most of the players would stop and look at the source of the energy. While those who is used to evil never noticed the presence. The source of the evil was a large man riding a horse, he was covered in cloak. Youichi jumped at the cloaked person, slashing at him. The cloaked man blocked Youichi with his big sword. The man fired an evil energy ball at a knight, the knight became possessed and started to kill his allies.

"Who are you?" Youichi asked the man "It seems your not an enemy, you have difference energy source. But why does my senses tell me that I should focus all my attention in killing you?"
"Probably because I'm a friend of Larac? I saw his call for help" The man said "Just call me Dos"
"No, I feel I really should kill you right now. . . Among others" Youichi replied.
"Yo! Moron! what? you want to die early" Larac shouted to the man as he carried Ezra on his shoulder.
"Hello, I never thought you'd call out for help. What is happening?" Dos asked.
"I am sorry to interrupt this lovely reunion,BUT WHO THE FUCKIN HELL IS YOUR FRIEND LARAC?!" Youichi bursted at Larac.
"He's a friend, his name is the Dutchess" Larac replied to Youichi.
"I thought his name is Dos?!"
"Uhm, Larac is kidding. My name is Dos, uhm Aeris? can you give us friends a minute" Dos requested
"Wait, how the fuck do you know my name?!!!!"
"YOUCHI!!!" Larac shouted at her "Take Ezra to a safe place and fuckin give us our time!". Youichi left the two of them with rage in her eyes.

"What the fuck are you thinking going here?! and you have a freakin name now!?" Larac shouted at Dos
"Don't talk fuck, I saw the signal. The only time you'd let Ezra do that is when your dying or your in deep shit! You fuckin bastard" Dos replied.
"There are three wardens and a lot of bingo book players here!!! and you probably know about Youichi also!! Fuckin moron!! moron!!.... If their going to discover your Zateyr I will not save your ass!!!" Larac ended the conversation as he left Dos.

"oh my lord, no matter how hard I try to avoid making a scene, these people always show up. Listen to all who oppose me" Dominic's voice heard by all "Your not treading in Besaid anymore,Your treading on me. I AM BESAID!"

Some of the Bingo Book Players Laughed at Dominic's remark. Some didn't paid attention to the voice. But after Dominic ended his speech, spikes and sharp swords started to come out off the ground. The low class players did not notice the sudden changed in atmosphere. They paid with their lives, stabbed by the towns defense mechanism(Caused by Dominic's possessing the town). Dominic chuckled as some of the people wiggle, hanging at the spikes and swords.A lot of them where impaled. The bingo book players who survived, quickly became serious and paired up with others.

"This is an endless battle" Lady Ibarra said to the other two wardens.
"I rather be here than be look out in Bloodspire" Terry replied.
"Its almost morning, but it seems were under an Illusion barrier. No one at the outside could probably see that battle here now" Grace said to both.
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The Beginning of a Conspiracy (Untold Story)

It had been several days since I made it back from the Death Dimension. I still couldn’t believe that I had left a good friend and partner down there to suffer in my place. I made a promise to myself that I would find a way to help him get out. No matter what it was! Then Calintz came into the throne room (we were in the Castle in the Sky).
“Sirberius, do you have a minute?”
I looked up at her attentively, “Yea, what do you need?”
“Well it seems that there have been reports of flashing light and fighting going on in the ruins of Besaid.”
My facial expression instantly change to shock, “You said that it’s in Besaid?”
“Yes. It has also been confirmed that Larac and Youichi are there trying to kill the threat there.”
I stood up in rage and my eyes already started to change to their wine red, dragonic look, “I want you to go with-“
And suddenly, a burning feeling started to take over me. It was the same feeling as before when I was in the Death Dimension with Dante. Put my hand to my chest and kneeled over. Calintz started to rush over to me, but then she stopped in mid-step. Everything grew dark, and I was suddenly surrounded by the Elder Gods. I stood up and Zane and Sparda appeared at my sides.
“What do you Elders want now,” I asked slightly angry.
Zane scoffed, “Yea, cause it seems that you always want something, but you can’t ever help us in our time of need.”

“We do not need to explain ourselves to that lot of you,”

I looked up, my eyes in full dragon form, “Well then you can take whatever request you have and shove it right up all your asses. I’m tired of feeling like I’ve done something wrong here.” I turned and stared at all nine of them, “None of you have done anything to help me, and yet here I stand, still doing the job you so-called gods are supposed to do. You all disgust me.”

All the Elders stepped back, they could sense my power rising. My anger was taking over me. One of them stepped forward and put their hand on my head. I instantly looked up at them and saw him smile (even though I couldn’t see the rest of their face). Suddenly, I felt calmer. Like I could trust this person.

“Sirberius, please calm down. If you get too angry, you shall be taken over by the restricted power within you. Just like last time when you escaped from the Death Dimension.”

I looked up at them, wondering how he knew about that.

“We all know about your little rampage. That’s why we brought you here.”
“What about it,” Sparda said calmly (as only he could be calm).
“Most of us have come to an agreement.”

Zane, Sparda, and I all stood attentive to hear what they agreed on.

“If you lose control your power and have one more outburst like that one, you will have to-”

The one that was speaking walked up to me and whispered in my ear. A look of shock covered my face and both Zane and Sparda looked back at me. But I was frozen in my shock. Then everything become bright again, Zane and Sparda faded away, and I was back in the throne room at Castle in the Sky. Calintz (now unfrozen by the Elder’s spell) rushed to me.

“Sirberius are you alright?”
I slowly looked up at her, “Yea, I’m just fine.” I shook off my surprise, “What were we talking about?”
“About the battle in Besaid. Larac and Youichi are there.”
“Right, well………. Go and help them. I have things to attend to.”

And with that, she left and I was all alone. Left to think about what the Elders had said.
“If I lose control again,” I say lowly under my breath. “I’ll have to…….”


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Finishing business

"Brief me" said Dos.
"Dominic, one of-"
"Saligia. Got anything useful?" he asked.
"i thought I killed him, i was sure." Larac replied.
"Do you think some God raised him from the dead?"
"That's what bothers me" he answered, "if things like that go unattended, and not even the elders have no sanction in it."
"It had to be someone with great power to revive someone like Dominic."
"I know. . . I know"

Then spikes started to rise from the ground. It was quick, but Larac already sensed it and changed into a snake. Dos leaped to the roofs. The two separated. Larac far from his contacts, stood and monitored the battlefield. Besaid was now more ruinned than it was. He saw that there were a lot of Players in the battlefield equally skilled as Dominic's minions.

A sound of space implosion, "So" a bionic voice "Larac, what mess have you gotten yourself into?"
"Hi terry," he replied, "a lot of things dont make sense."
"How so?"
"Well, a lot of beings, do not agree to the power given to the mystic council, but the Elders' permission was in the creation of the MC"
"What's the part that don't make sense?"
"Retaliation against the MC are slowly getting power. Not just God given power, but Elders"
"Crazy theory. The bloodspire had the same obstacles, but it all disappeared once Blood Warden became powerful enough to handle internal and external problems. You know the history."
"I do" he said, "but I'm just bothered, its too systematic. The MC is getting smaller by the years."
"Don't worry, the MC is strong."
"It's a strong mess."
Terry raised his heavy rifle and a strong sharp wind and flame came out. The flame impaled a giant forty miles ahead of them, killing it violently. "You're not going to join the battle?" he asked.
"The bloodspire never experienced betrayal, not once. The Council had multiple saboteurs, I even almost became one."
"You worry too much. Trust in your leader."
He chuckled. "Which one?"
"Sirberius. . ."
Larac laughed out hard. "HAHAHAHA, damn, you gotta be shittin me. A kid with a personality disorder?"
"Who's the MC's leader then?"
"Fuck, I dunno. Aeris? she's a tough chic *larac thought tougher than him* but I couldn't count on her to lead me to battle."
He shot another fire, obliterating a Knight "You're just too pessimistic"
"have to be" he said, "a lot of members lost. Recruits are as weak as a level C criminal"
"I'm sorry Larac, I have to back The Warden of Light" then he disappeared leaving a small echo of his bionic voice.

Larac was waiting for someone. Youichi's voice heard as it was paired with someone's head getting knocked, flashes of light and a cutting force tearing the Minions of Dominic, lightning melting and burning the enemies, and the class B warriors that came for the bounty gleefully counting their kills.

A gigantic sharp armored gauntlet appeared behind Larac, in a clutched form to grab Larac. He stomped on the roof and fell down the building. The hand then followed and destroyed the building with it's rage. Larac shapeshifted to small to normal to small, just to fit himself in small corners. dodging the hand that wants to kill him.

The giant hand paused and it slowly vanished.

The voice of besaid spoke, "Coward!" it said, "you cower the minute you slowly die, calling for reinforcement. What a shame"
"Pfft, hypocrite." Larac said. "just buying some time."

Larac forced his blood out form his right arm, a cup full fell. He slowly maneuvered the blood to make a seal on that building floor.

Then he came out, running, watching his everyside. he came across a player and a Knight, tearing each others head off. The giant gauntlet appears using a portal, it tried to reach for him but he leaped dodging the hand. He hid inside a building, walking slowly, creeping through the corridors. His feet (he was barefoot now) was a covered with someone elses blood, or somewhat his blood changed to someone who just died earlier, probably a player.

He could hear Calintz's screams, "Larac! where the hell are ya!" then a sound of explosion.

Safe and cowardly, Larac moving through doorways and building trying to avoid any battles. A sudden light flashed, a sword was now touching his throat, he was pushed, pinned to the wall of a different building.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing Warden!" he cried out, extremely shocked.
"I'm sorry," she said, "I almost got carried away, I didn't notice it was you."
"Well now you know its me" he said.
"Why are you hiding in the shadows?" she asked.
"Cowardice" she declared.
"You call it tomato, i call it tomato."
A flash of light then she vanished.

The noise of the battlefield was still strong, it did not quiet down, It's as if both sides never had any casualties. When reaching another building, Larac again spilled his blood and created a blood seal. He slowly crept out of the building, hoping no one notices. He turned into a mouse, crawling on the side of the building.

"I smell a filthy RAT!" The voice of Besaid.

Spikes started to grow out of the floor, and tried to pierce Larac like a small vermin BBQ. He shapeshited back into himself and changed his skin to be covered into a lightweight metal, just to not have his skin skewered.

Ten knights dropped in on his location.

"Whoaw, someones got a grudge on lil o'l me?" He said mockingly.

Half of them moved quick but couldn't catch Larac with their staffs. Then *Hook!* Larac's leg was snagged on one of the Knight's staff(anti-spell staff that nulls any magical activity), then his other leg, then both his arms and neck. The grapple on him was now doubled as all the Knights ganged up on him. The Gauntlet appeared on top of them, falling down forming a fist. A rumbling explosion between the fist and the Besaid floor.

"Where the hell were you?!" Aeris said, with her hands stopping the force of the gauntlet from crushing her and Larac. The knights were blown away, except for one. The knight draw his sword and tried to slash at Aeris but the knight's hand could not continue when it was covered with Larac's tentacle. "Weakling" Aeris then kicked the knight strong and hard, shooting him off far from Larac and Aeris.

"Where in damnation were you?!" The crushing for of the gauntlet forcing it's might to crush both of them.
"Sorry Youichi, got to do something first." he smiled and ran off as quick as he can leaving Aeris on her own.

Her eyes maddened and damned. She balled up her hand, counted to three. She punched at the gauntlet and it returned to its portal, in pain. "Damn you! Larac!!" She screamed on top of her lungs.

far from the scream, Larac hid inside the building, he looked for a area to make a blood seal. Then inside the battle dome that Dominic made, it suddenly turned quiet.

"Strange" he said, preparing for something.
"What is" a voice said.
A sharp blade aggressively came out of Larac's back attacking anyone that came close. He turned back, no one present, "Who are you?"
"A spectator. . ." the voice replied.
"An elder?"
"You could say that."
"I know you're one. Only an elder would have enough energy to manipulate reality"
"What does an elder want?"
"You've been living in the mystic realm for a long time. You yourself know, Elders don't have any need for material objects"
"I'm asking why you're intervening now?"
"It is strange that retaliation against the MC are turning more resourceful than ever. No?"

The voice of the battle again returned to his ears, "Wait" he cried out "Tell me-"
"The council will fall and the hands of Sirberius will be to blame" whispered a voice.
"What?" he said, "That doesn't make any sense!" he cried out.

The building collapse as the hand grabbed Larac, "Too noisy Larac."

Larac's body grew out sharp silver thorns, but the gauntlet was well suited to protect itself from sharp attacks. The thorns was being forced back to Larac's body. The gigantic hand was lustfully enjoying the almost demise of Larac, but he forgot about the others. Dos came with his Large sword, he attacked the hand and forced it to free Larac. He fell on the ground, gasping.

"You should train more" Dos said.
"Shut the fuck up" he replied.

The voice of Besaid, "This is quite a bother".

The land started to change, the buildings and the atmosphere flashes of death, corpses, necromancy and demonic. It was like the whole land was changing, back from normal to possessed.

"I know this place" Dos said.

Larac knelt and started to pour some of his blood on the normal floor, it started to shift from nightmarish floor to normal, back and forth. He then turned the blood into a seal.

"Call for your horse" Larac cried out.
Dos whistled loudly and his horse came running. Larac rode the horse and started to ride to the center of the city. Not a lot of noise left, but still he could sense Dominic's evil gaze upon him. Spikes started to rise from the ground trying to kill him and the horse. The ground changing from nightmare to normal slowed the horse but not entirely.

he reached the center of the city, in one piece. Thank God. He created a protective dome around him, the horse left to return to its master. His blood slithered from his arm to his legs, and started to form a circle around him. It slowly turned into a large seal, like a colony of small ants.

The nightmarish images stopped. The sounds of portals disappeared and the dome that once covered Besaid vanished. Everything was now reflecting red, instead of a dark dome, they were now beneath a red pyramid. Then the noise started to slowly quiet down, no more Giants and Knights to come out of Dominic's portals.

"YEE HAWW!!" A player shouted, "Sign of victory!"
The players shouted and cheered as the battle ended. Not a lot of casualties as it seems these players were good. Some of the wounded that were impaled were being attended to. The red lit atmosphere was ironic to their victory, but where was Dominic.

"Larac, where is Dominic?" appeared Aeris.
"I dunno, he's keeping silent. But he wont get away, this is my dome now."
A giant club suddenly attacked them, but Aeris defended herself and Larac with just one hand. She jumped "Why!" and formed a fist "Can't you!" she then knocked the Giant "Just stay down!"
Larac whistled, "I wonder how you'd act in bed"
"This is no time for joking Larac," she said. "This mission must be finished now"
"I know"
A flash, burst of light intruded. "So, who won the prize?" Terry asked.
"No one, Dominic is still here somewhere. Hiding. He can't create portals no more. He's pretty much fucked"

The ground beneath Aeris turned into a pillar for her to stand on. It was high. "Participants, go to the eastern side of the city, for your names to be registered" Her voice echoed to the whole city magically, "Ezra and Calintz, I'll ask for your assistance." The pillar of stone went down to the ground. "Larac, I'll leave half of the searching to you, I'll brief the two to look for Dominic in the crowd."
"sure" Larac replied, "i was already planning to look for him west anyway. Terry, I don't want to sound like a boss, but could you scout on the rooftops for Dominic. You wouldn't miss him, Guy with a demon arm."
"I'll ask The Warden of Light. No one would pass us."

The bingo book players lined up, and the wounded being healed. Calintz watching for Dominic and Ezra the same. Some of the players were happy for their win and others saddened by the lose. . .

Flashes of light, rays of light on the rooftops. In search for Dominic.

On the west, Larac stood in front of a headstone. He was alone in the cemetary.

Lightning struck beside him, "The Great God War" Grace said, "Even Gods acted like children."
"And the ones that suffer are the lesser beings" Larac replied.
"Is he going to come out?" he asked.
"No. . . I think he's had enough. Poor bastard"
"He tried to kill you"
"everyone tried to murder me"
Grace levitated off the grass and started to look for anymore enemies. "The one leading the MC, he's a-"
"Yeah. Another victim to jealous Gods."
"Back there he almost brought hell upon all of us"
Larac chuckled, "I know. One hell of a way to go out with a bang. I owe the Bloodspire"
"Don't mention it. We'll just leave the debt to your brother"

"How did you find out?" a crippled, dying voice asked from beneath the soil. Beneath the headstone.
"Dreams" he said, "for a Prophet, all he has is his dreams"

The red pyramid that covered Besaid vanished.

Valentine appeared and walked up to Larac as Grace left in lightning form.
"You've been watching all the time?" Larac asked.
"Someone had to be outside in case you failed. . ." Valentine replied.
"Someone was feeding Dominic's soul to continue on living in this realm."
"I know"
"D'ya catch it?"
Valentine shook his head, "Too fast, too powerful."
"Did you know what Dominic did inside the dome?"
"couldn't tell much, all i could do was listen and look to the best of my ability"
"He almost dragged us to the Death Dimension. . . Well some lonely part of it anyway. Or probably somewhere worse."
He shrugged. "Why hide here though."
"Oh. . . Makes sense."

Sirberius alone carrying a crystal ball, and inside the ball are magical reactions. He stood, with a contempt look.
An uninvited being walked behind Sirberius, he tried to stab but Sirberius dodged it easily. The uninvited asked the hybrid "Why the long face?"

Sirberius didn't reply, he dropped the ball on the grass.

"Oh my did I interrupt something?"

Sirberius calmly attacked the being, they exchanged hits and blows. Knights came to outnumber Sirberius, with them are staffs to control his hybrid abilities but no one could get near him.

He changed from form to form, eliminating obstacles. But it seems the enemies were infinite.

"Poor Sirberius, outnumbered and outmatched."

He was struck down at some point but stood up even stronger, the Giants were just minor delays. No threat. The Giant Gauntlet was the one that annoyed him most.

"You won't be having that tone once I get my hands on your throat"

Then it was Dark. Everyone in Besaid vanished.
End Of Dream Sequence

"Who the hell are you?! and how did you know my name!" Aeris cried out.
"I'm a friend of Larac, he probably mentioned your name in the past." the man with the hood and cloak replied.
"Bull! Shit!" Aeris replied with rage, "I know I shouldn't let you leave here breathing."
"I'm just a wanderer who happens to be a ally of Larac. Don't judge me by my aura"
"To all who can bring me that man alive, will receive his bounty DOUBLED!" A group of bounty hunters and players started to surround the man.

Then, most of them fell quick on quicksand. The man on the horse leaped over the sunken warriors and ran off.

Aeris turned her head and saw Larac. "Larac WTF! do you think you're doing"
"A favor"

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Tales of Sin ~ Ashley’s Past: Ashley vs. Javex

Lady Ashley de Superbia, the Sinner of Pride, was in her chambers at Hell’s Carnival. She was with her others: her assistant Pride and Cardinal Dominic de Avaritia’s assistant, Greed.
“You were right,” said Greed, “a team has arrived here in the Mu.”
“The question is are they here for Phaethon or us?” wondered Pride.
“You’re a fool, Pride,” said Ashley, “it doesn’t matter if their target is us or Phaethon, we’ll still be hunted down for causing an imbalance in the Balance of Good and Evil.”
“But it was Cardinal Dominic who ordered SALIGIA to do so.”
“Because he didn’t want to be killed by Phaethon!” protested Greed, defending his master.
“It doesn’t matter,” said Ashley, “however, I believe Lord Valentine has sometime to do with why this group is here.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Valentine claims that his brother, Kira, was killed yet I saw Kira earlier with Phaethon. Valentine is keeping valuable information from us. May I ask if there was a Kim-un-Kur with the group that arrived?”
“Yes. He looked different from Zein.”
“Zein is just a stupid doppelganger of Sirberius Reono; or so Phaethon claims. While it’s not very obvious, there are a few differences between Zein and Sirberius Reono. I checked with some files in the Atlantian library and found a match.”
“You know who Zein is?”
“The match was an Elder God, the one that begun The Great God War… Izen.”
“Izen! The Izen?!” exclaimed Pride.
Both Pride and Greed knew of Izen. Izen was an Elder God who had secretly met with some other gods and Lord Valentine at the Church of Serenity in Faralda. It was there that Izen and Ppelono planned out a bloody crusade. After Tenkai Hyachi and a few others foiled the plans at Faralda and killed Ppelono, Izen returned to Atlantis claiming to have a vision from the Holy Lord; he proclaimed that all hybrids had to be eradicated. So Izen, with the help of Elder God Darmadia, began The Great God War, the crusade against HyBreed and the hybrid population.
“To think Phaethon’s servant is the infamous Izen the Instigator…” muttered Greed.
“I said Zein’s match was Izen,” said Ashley, “I never said Zein is Izen. The real Izen died at the end of The Great God War.”
“I don’t understand,” said Pride.
“Zein is Izen’s Nobody.”
“Nobody?” repeated Greed.
Ashley explained that a Nobody was a replica of a person caused by time distortion.
“Who could have done that?” asked Pride.
“Probably the same people who stole The Oracle and kidnapped Luke,” said Ashley, “Greed, tell Dominic everything I’ve told you. He need to be ready anytime to make a run for it.”
“Aye, aye,” acknowledged Greed.
Greed walks away. He sees an odd shadow and investigates. Not noticing the assassin Javex hanging from the ceiling, he leaves.
When Pride went to fetch tea, Ashley sensed an intruder.
“Well, well, it seems I have a guest in my domain,” said Ashley loud enough for Javex to hear.
Javex jumps down. He confronts Ashley.
“I guess your eyes are sharp, Lady of Pride,” said Javex.
“You’re quite the brave one to enter my realm,” threatened Ashley, hoping to scare away the intruder with no luck.
“Unlike you, I do not hide myself from danger as millions of soldiers are slaughtered for no reason.”
Ashley was getting irritated. No one challenges her honor. “You have a lot of mouth for a boy your age.”
“And you are a ruthless whore.”
Ashley’s eye’s widened with anger. That’s it! No one compares me to Diva and gets away for it. This guy has to die.
“How dare you, incompetent peasant!” yelled Ashley, “I will make your life a living hell.”
“You’re all bark and no bite,” taunted Javex.
Ashley tried influencing Javex. It seemed to have no effect.
Looks like I need to be closer, thought Ashley.
Ashley activated Clown Theory. Unbeknownst to Javex, he was trapped in her deadly illusion. Due to it’s effects, Javex’s senses slowed down momentarily. She took that time to dash over to Javex.
Suddenly time caught up to Javex. To Javex, it was as if Ashley had teleported right in front of him. Quickly, Ashley uses Drill Kill. She lunges the spinning umbrella at Javex. It barely cuts Javex but does damage to his clothing.
Ashley then noticed that still her Power of Pride was not affecting the assassin. She then realized that Javex was being protected by the Power of Envy: Valentine’s Power of Sin.
“I know what you came here for,” bluffed Ashley, “you were sent by that retched Valentine.”
Javex jumps away from Ashley’s umbrella. A cocky grin spread across Javex’s face.
“So I see that umbrella isn’t just a normal item,” said Javex, “it’s poke is as sharp as katanas.”
Javex buried his hand into the floor.
“I was hoping for hand to hand combat but with your deadly accessory I guess I’ll have to use my sword,” said Javex.
Javex pulled out a rusted blade from the ground. Pride walked in; because of the effects of Clown Theory, Javex didn’t notice Pride.
I need to make an escape, thought Ashley.
Ashley knew that any assassin would destroy any evidence of assassination. Even with Clown Theory, she’d need a decoy. “Hmm,“ muttered Ashley. An idea came to mind, one that involved Pride.
“Ha ha ha!” mocked Ashley, “what in the name of SALIGIA are you doing with such a useless blade! I’ll make you wish that you never even lifted that body of yours. Sky Arc!”
Ashley summoned a gust of wind energy. It spun towards Javex. Javex positioned himself into a stance and braced himself for the impending attack using his sword. The collision of Sky Arc and Javex’s sword caused an explosion, knocking Javex into the next room. Unbeknownst to Javex, the attack was actually meant for Pride. The attack killed Pride instantly.
Ashley walks into the next room. Using the effects of Clown Theory, she had a copy of herself float over Javex. The assassin slowly rose from the dirt; his shoulder was slightly bleeding.
“Still alive, eh?” mocked Ashley and the fake Ashley in synchronized unison. “You won’t be alive for any longer, you little maggot!”
Ashley has the replica dive towards Javex. While spinning, Ashley made the replica disappear. The real Ashley appeared in Javex’s vision and attacked him.
“Drill Kill!” shouted Ashley, feeling stupid.
Ashley jolts towards Javex. Javex, weilding his sword in front of him, deflects her attack. She creates a miniature Sky Arc to build up a cloud of ash just as Javex swings his sword.
Quickly, Ashley attaches a string to Pride’s corpse and uses Pride as a puppet. Javex stabs Pride’s corpse, thinking it’s Ashley; because he was under the affects of Clown Theory, he honestly believed he had stabbed Ashely. Ashley makes Pride’s corpse appear to be coughing up blood.
“What id you do, you lil’ fu…” Ashley made Pride’s corpse say.
To Ashley’s surprise, another sword appeared. He stabbed Pride’s stomach. Blood splattered on Javex’s face. That was when Ashley recognized the assassin: it was Javex, a person Valentine hired a while back during The Great God War era.
“I knew your arrogance would lead you into using your Drill Kill technique so I waited for your pride to to take it’s toll on you,” explained Javex, “You’re pride also deprived you of underestimating my sword’s appearance.”
Clever, thought Ashley, using my own Power of Sin against me.
Javex twists the sword.
“Now for your demise,” Ashley made Pride’s corpse say, making it appear as a last move.
Ashley realized that Valentine’s Power of Envy was having a toll on Javex. She decided she could use him.
Ashley had it appear as though the fake Ashley’s eyes were glowing purple, a common misconception about what happened when she activated Clown Theory; a rumor that was wrong and working to her advantage.
“Clown Theory!” cackled Pride’s corpse in Ashley’s voice, “You won’t leave here alive, Javex, and once I unveal Sirberius’ plans to the others, the Mystic Council will fall.” It was afterwards, did she notice she meant to say Valentine, not Sirberius.
Ashley used Clown Theory to cause mental trauma to Javex. He dropped to his knees and shouted. He coughed up some blood.
Javex thought he was fighting Ashley’s Clown Theory. Ashley went over to the screaming Javex and implanted a false memory into Javex’s mind. He began cutting his hand. Softly, Ashley manipulated Javex’s strokes to get Javex to carve a look-alike of the Stigma of Pride into his skin. Ashley stopped the mental trauma attack.
“Commiting suicide won’t help you now,” said the fake Ashley, “I own your mind, you fool. I am the source of your pain!”
“I know that,” said Javex, all according to Ashley’s plan.
Javex wiped the dagger against the sword’s blade. It created a humming noise.
“Harp of Sangre!” shouted Javex.
Ashley had heard of the attack before. To make it seem as though the fake Ashley was affected, illusionary blood began dripping from Pride’s corpse’s ears.
“W-w-w-w-what’s happening to my powers!” stuttered the fake Ashley.
“Your time is up,” replied Javex.
Javex drew his sword. “Remember your little Sky Arc? After it hit my sword, it’s elemental force was absorbed…” Javex’s sword turned into a scythe. “…Now to make sure you never speak again.”
Javex raised the scythe and swings it; a move he called “aero grande”.
Ashley quickly hid behind her umbrella, using it as a shield. The attack sliced Pride’s corpse’s body and turned Ashley’s men into dust.
“No to remove her remains,” said Javex.
Hundreds of centipede-like creatures burrowed out of the ground. They devoured Pride’s corpse, which Javex believed belonged to Ashley.
Javex walked out of Hell’s Carnival. As he left, he said “SALIGIA, beware, the Mystic Council’s power are far greater than you think.”
Ashley got up. She began packing. She made a small gravestone for Pride.
“I’m sorry I had to do this,” apologized Ashley.
Ashley walked off to the portal created by ARK.

Back at Castle in the Sky, Javex entered Valentine’s bedroom. Valentine was in there, bedridden. Envy/N.V. was with him.
“How did it go?” asked Valentine.
Javex flashed the (fake) Stigma of Pride on the palm of his hand.
Valentine was concerned. He had sent Javex to ‘kill’ Ashley hoping she would kill Javex and would escape. News of her defeat was startling and suspicious. He suspected she may be alive somewhere. Obviously the Stigma of Pride on Javex was a fake but he didn’t let Javex know that.
“Check out ARK,” ordered Valentine, “confirm Noah’s death.”
“Right away, Lord Valentine,” said Javex.
Javex left.
“What should we do now?” asked N.V.
Valentine created a Frozen Sand replica of himself. The replica took Valentine’s gord full of sand.
“I’ll have this Frozen Sand replica go to Shadow Imperia,” said Valentine, “as for you, could you get me a cup of tea?”
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