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Posted 6/2/08 , edited 8/10/09
There was some talk about how the mods couldn't enter in the Member of the Month competition, so this contest was made. MEMBERS vote which mod they think is doing the best job for the group. This lasts for the entire month.

Method of Voting (What you should look for)

How often you see them helping out in the forums.

If they tell you to join in on a contest, game, poll, forum, ect. but not spam you.

Saying good stuff about the group (including the creator)

If you see them spreading the word out about the group other than IN the group.

Whoever you think is helping out the group the most.

Helping you out with any problem, question, ect. (you are allowed to ask questions)

Taking care of any problems you see. (Rowdy members, foul language, enforcing the rules, ect.)

Being a good sport. (In this contest, other contests, and forum games.)

Rules Members Have to follow

1) Vote only once

2) You CAN change your vote!! But when you do you have to say "I'm voting for_______ and not _________ anymore.

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This Will End On The 31st!!!

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