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Posted 10/5/08
lol i got bored so i made one for myself ~__^

lol i got lazy to make room for writing "The God-Generals" on the bottom,so i wrote it on the side >__>
not so good since i only have paint >__>
Posted 10/8/08 , edited 10/30/08
OMG i totally missed that you made mine DX nuuuu!!!! it's so amazing though!!! i love it. teehee. thank you so much. (kinda delayed reaction. but i haven't been here much. >,< so sorrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy)

and i just thought of something: the membership cards have our ages on them. so wouldn't you have to completely redo them when our birthday's come around? (reason i'm askin is cuz i'm not 19 anymore...but that age still shows up on the card. )
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Posted 1/14/09
Name (What you want us to call you):(Myu chan)
Gender: female
DOB: 1992.08.02
Position:( Member, Mod) Member

Picture: (Made by Momo)
Type of backround: Wind Bubble
What color backround:Light orange
What color font:Dark green

Thank you very much!
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