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Posted 6/2/08 , edited 6/3/08
I don't really know if I should post this but i am a fanfic writer but i want others to read my fanfic too...

if people agree... i'll post my fanfic here... i have a finished one... it's entitled 'wolfram's girlfriend' and i'm also currently writing 'latest fashion trend in Shin Makoku'...

I hope i can post it here...

here's the first fic...

Title: Wolfram’s Girlfriend?

Author: mihko sawatari28

Summary: Yuuri’s been ignoring his feelings for the blonde up until now. What if Wolfram ‘girlfriend’ visits him and asks him to go back to the Bielefield territory since there’s no chance for the couple. What will Yuuri do?

Genre: Humor/ Romance
Just like the daily routine. Yuuri will be accused by the blonde as a cheater just like now.

“You cheater! How can you leave me behind? How dare you leave me in the town and go talk with every girl you meet?” Wolfram was chasing Yuuri from the entrance of the palace up until the gardens.

“What are you talking about? I didn’t do anything! I’m just talking to them. Anyway, why are you calling me cheater?” Yuuri was trying his hardest to avoid the blonde.

“How you… I’m your fiancé! How can I not call you cheater?”

Yuuri tried to answer but he saw the blonde stop. He isn’t running or chasing Yuuri anymore. He just…stopped. “Wolfram…is you angry…?” Yuuri trued to hold Wolfram but he walked away. “Wait-!” Yuuri thought that Wolfram will run but he talked with some of his soldiers.

Yuuri couldn’t hear what they’re talking about but he felt something when he saw Wolfram smile. His smile wasn’t a normal one, it reached his eyes. His eyes were glowing while he’s smiling. I wonder what they’re talking about. And why is he smiling? It’s not I’m jealous or something…How can I be jealous?

After the talk, the soldier walked away the same as Wolfram. “Wolfram!” Yuuri called Wolfram while running up to him.

“Oh, Yuuri, what’s the problem?” Wolfram is still smiling.

“Me? I don’t have any, you, how about you? You’ve been smiling non-stop. Since that…that…Argh…talked to you.” Yuuri can’t find the right word to call the soldier. He didn’t know why but he’s uncomfortable with Wolfram’s attitude.

“Me? Nothing’s wrong with me?” Wolfram continued walking. They were near their room right now. Well, it’s already dark then.

“Then why are you laughing?”

“My ‘girlfriend’ from the Bielefield territory is coming. She wants to see me. She said that she misses me. Anyway, I have to prepare. I won’t be sleeping in your room tonight. See you tomorrow!” With that, Wolfram walked back to his room.

Yuuri was shocked with what Wolfram had said. Wolfram’s girlfriend…? He has a girlfriend? Yuuri don’t know what he’s feeling right now. He wanted to talk with Wolfram. A serious talk. But he couldn’t. Yuuri went to ‘his’ room.

Yuuri can’t calm his thoughts. He was taking a bath right now. I can’t comprehend what he said. Girlfriend? Why didn’t I know this? I never thought that he had one. My Wolfram…got a girl? Wait…Did I said ‘My’? Since when did I consider him my property? Yuuri wanted to be reverted back right now. He was in the bath for hours but still no whirls. He decided that nothing will happen so he went out the bathroom.

Yuuri went back to his bed. He saw the blonde sleeping there, in his new dandelion gown which is shorter and more revealing. It amazed Yuuri but he said to Wolfram that it made him feel disgusted. Yuuri really wished that he hadn’t said those words. He went to touch the blonde but the blonde disappeared.

“Wait…Am I hallucinating?” Yuuri went to his closet and changed into his new green cotton pajama’s.

Yuuri lied down. He felt alone, lonely and abandoned. It really is different when the blonde isn’t here. “It’s only now that I have thought that this bed is too big… It’s really different without Wolfram here. Wait…Am I missing him? Well, it’s not like I want him here. It’s just that…it’s just that it’s cold here.” Yuuri felt tired fighting with his thoughts. He decided to close his eyes and find sleep.

Yuuri hadn’t slept a bit. He’s waiting for a certain blonde to walk into his room. “I wonder if he’s asleep.”

Yuuri walked towards Wolfram’s room. He was surprised to find the lights still on. He walked towards the door and found it open. He peeked a little. He was surprised. He isn’t asleep yet. Right Wolfram wasn’t asleep yet. He’s still preparing for the arrival of his ‘girlfriend’.

He can hear Wolfram saying something. “I wonder if Shirley will like me.” Yuuri felt something with those words. It’s like daggers were stabbing his heart. No, more painful like than that. Wolfram said something again. “I hope that wimp won’t interfere with us.” Yuuri felt more pain again. He…he…Wolfram doesn’t like me to interfere with them…

Yuuri felt insulted or something else. He went marching towards his room and jumped to the bed and covered his face with a pillow.
The next few days were the same. Wolfram isn’t sleeping in ‘their’ room anymore. He’s been ignoring Yuuri. He isn’t eating breakfast with Yuuri now. Nor accuse him for being a cheater or call him a wimp. Yuuri really misses the hot tempered blonde. He wanted him back. Wolfram’s never been like this. He never heard from Conrad nor from Gunter that Wolfram’s been preparing for Yuuri’s comeback from earth. He never saw him like this.

“I wonder if that Shirley girl is really important to Wolfram.” Yuuri muttered but it’s loud enough for Conrad to hear.

“I think heika is worried about his fiancé.” Conrad said with a bit of mocking tone.

“It’s Yuuri, Conrad. And…I’m nit jealous. If that’s what I really feel. I’m just curious who this Shirley is. Also, Wolfram never said that he had a girlfriend.”

Conrad laughed at what Yuuri had said. Even if Yuuri says that he isn’t jealous, his curiosity shows it. “Shirley von Bielefield is one of the most important people to Wolfram. They’ve grown together. They know each other very well. They can’t hide anything from each other. And during Wolfram’s childhood, he always runs to Shirley’s arms every time he felt alone. Shirley shows him that she loved him.” Conrad eyes seemed drifting away in every word he says.

Yuuri’s ‘feelings’ were more painful than ever. It’s right for Wolfram to be this busy. An ‘important’ person is coming. I wonder if she’s more important than me. “Really?” Are the only words Yuuri could say.

Yuuri were looking at the blonde who was practicing with his soldiers. His blue immaculate top was tied down in his waist. He’s wearing a white shirt below. His sweat makes his features visible.

His quite built in body. It isn’t too muscular, just right. Yuuri still can’t believe that that boy is a male. His features aren’t for a male. Those feminine hips, the beautiful emerald orbs and the golden blonde hair that matches the sun, yes, it wasn’t for a male. Maybe that’s why I like him. Wait...! Did I just say I like him? But…do I…like him…? Yuuri was once again lost in his trail of thoughts.

Yuuri didn’t even notice that the blonde was in front of him. “Yuuri! Yuuri!” Wolfram was swaying a hand into Yuuri’s face just to be noticed. “Oh…” Yuuri seemed to be aware of his surroundings now.

Yuuri was looking for Conrad. “Where’s Conrad?”

Wolfram gave a sad face but changed it again. “He excused him self.”

“Oh…Really? Anyway, why are you here? I thought you were practicing…”

Look at this wimp. I’m the one here but he’s looking for Conrad.“I see, I shall call him right now.” Wolfram started to walk away.

“No, Wolfram wait…I…uhm…”

“What is it? I should be practicing right?”

Yuuri knew it. Wolfram’s angry. But, is he jealous? Yuuri erased the thought. Wolfram will never be jealous because, one, he never loved Yuuri, for what Yuuri thought, two, because Conrad is his brother.

“Uhm…You’ve been busy these days. Is Shirley important to you?”

“She’s very important to me. Oh…By the way. I remember…”

“What is it Wolfram?”

“I want to have your permission to go back to my home.”

Yuuri froze. Wolfram running away with Shirley, can Yuuri carry this? “Wh-what…?”

“I want to go home. Is there any problem there?’

‘Isn’t this your home? Why? Is there anything wrong?”

Wolfram took a deep breath. “Yuuri, I’m gonna ask you…:

“What is it?”

“Do you love me?”

Yuuri blushed at the question but it isn’t noticeable. “I…I…I don’t know…” Yuuri looked down.

Wolfram sighed. “That’s why I want to go home. Our relationship isn’t going anywhere. I know you don’t want to break our engagement because you’re afraid that it’ll break my heart which is actually true. But Yuuri, this isn’t a game. I’m too tired of waiting for you. If I’m away, you can ask any girl you like. And I’ll be free to choose somebody who will love me just like I love you.”

Yuuri liked the words ‘I love you’ but he didn’t like the thought of Wolfram dating other guys. And he never thought of their relationship a game but… did he give enough attention to it? He wanted to stop Wolfram but what are his reasons? Because he wants someone chasing him nonstop, is that the reason why?

Wolfram seemed to read Yuuri’s thoughts. “If you like to stop me, give me enough reasons. I know you like someone chasing after you. But Yuuri, I’m tired of chasing you. I’ve been following you everywhere. Please think about it again.”

Yuuri couldn’t say anything while Wolfram is walking away.
Days had passed again and Yuuri’s relationship with Wolfram had gone worst. Wolfram had been avoiding and ignoring Yuuri. Yuuri’s very worried. He somewhat misses the blonde. His tantrums, his presence, everything about the blonde, Yuuri misses it alm.

Yuuri had decided to lock himself in his room. He isn’t eating anything, nor talking to anyone. Conrad’s been worried dead but he isn’t the one Yuuri wanted.

“Heika! Please eat something. Do you want me to grab Wolfram and destroy this door?”

Yuuri could hear Conrad’s pleading. “Yeah, I want him here right now. I know I’ll eat later… Please leave me alone for now Conrad…”

Luckily, Conrad left. But uuri could hear footsteps again, he became glad. He’s already ready to open the door for the blonde. But to his dismay, he steps didn’t stop. It directly went to the other room.

“So, you’re gonna ignore me huh?” With a sigh of defeat, Yuuri went back to his bed and covered his body with pillows and sheets.
“I won’t come to you. You have to decide what you want to do.” Wolfram had said it every time to his self. He’s always passing by Yuuri’s room to check if he’s eating or something. But every time he sees a maid or Conrad, their faces were always worried. He could see the tray of food untouched. Wolfram’s a bit worried about Yuuri’s health.The day of Shirley’s arrival had come.

It’s been a week since Yuuri had locked him self up in his room. He’s been eating something these past three days. But he isn’t finishing everything up. He’s only eating a few spoons of it and he puts it outside again. Conrad, Gunter and Gwendal were worried about Yuuri.

But today is different. Yuuri’s out in his room now. He said he want to meet the person whim Wolfram cherishes the most. He admitted to his self that he’s jealous.

Shirley’s carriage door had opened. A beautiful lady came out. She had blonde hair like Wolfram but her eyes were purple.

“Long time no see Wolfram!” The girl hugged Wolfram tightly.

Shirley’s arrival wasn’t a grand one. Gunter insisted that it should be but Wolfram said that Shirley don’t like the crowd.

“So, where’s your cute fiancé?” They were walking inside now.

“Gladly, he’s been out in his room. I guess he wanted to see you.”

“Really? Well then, I should see him now.”

“Oh, speak of the devil. Here he is.”

It’s the first time Wolfram had seen Yuuri after a week or two. Yuuri seemed pale and the bags under his eyes showed that he isn’t alright.

“I’m sorry for my late appearance. I’m Shibuya Yuuri. It’s nice to meet you Lady Shirley von Bielefield.” Yuuri kissed Shirley’s hand to show politeness.

“Just call me Shirley Yuuri heika.”

“Then call me Yuuri.”

“Sure!” Shirley was comfortable with Yuuri. They walked towards the gardens. Wolfram insisted to show Shirley around.

Yuuri’s way of walk is pretty obvious. He’s too weak to walk straight. They stopped for a moment. Yuuri nearly collapsed but he stood still.

“Are you okay Yuuri?” Wolfram wanted to say those words but Shirley said it first.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I need some rest. I’m sorry but if I could excuse my self.” Yuuri walked away.

“Aren’t you helping him?” Shirley almost pushed Wolfram.

“He doesn’t need my help.” With that, Wolfram and Shirley continued their walk.
Yuuri didn’t go out for dinner. He’s too weak to walk. But his reasons were changed. He gathered all of his strength after hearing Wolfram said that he’s leaving tonight.

Yuuri walked towards Wolfram’s room to find Wolfram but Shirley is he one there.

“Oh, Yuuri, are you alright now?”

“Quite, where’s Wolfram?”

“He’s preparing the carriage for our departure,”

“No, I won’t let you.”

Shirley sees the situation interesting. She wanted to play a bit. “Why? Do you love Wolfram…?”

Yuuri stayed silent for a while. “…Just like what I thought. You don’t…”

Shirley was cut off. “You’re wrong. How can you say I don’t love him? I love Wolfram…I love his attitude, him being a short tempered guy. I love his tantrums thrown to me. I love everything about me. And even if he’s your boyfriend…I won’t let you take him away from me. I won’t let you take Wolfram for he’s everything to me!”
Wolfram can hear someone screaming in his room. He rushed there and heard. “I won’t let you take him away from me.” He knew that those words came from Yuuri.

Wolfram opened the door and saw Shirley crying. “What are you doing?” Wolfram hurriedly ran towards Shirley.

“Wolfram…Wait…I can…” Yuuri tried to explain.

“No! Shut up. I’m gonna leave and you can’t stop me.” Wolfram stood up to face Yuuri.

“You’ll go even if I say I love you?”

“Yeah…I’ll go even if you say you…” Wolfram remembered what Yuuri had said. “…You what?”

“I love you… That’s what. Why? Can’t believe it?”

“Am I dreaming? Shirley, am I dreaming?” Shirley laughed at the question.

Yuuri slowly walked towards Wolfram. “I said I love you and I’ll say it as many timed you wants.” Wolfram still can’t believe it and said many things. Yuuri seemed irritated and to stop Wolfram, he cut off the distance between them.

The kiss was soft but passionate. It was long, they parted until they needed air. Shirley giggled.

“So are you leaving me?”

“Uhm…But Shirley’s my girlfriend.”

“So, you choose your girlfriend over me.”

“Why? Are you jealous?”

“Yeah. I’m jealous.”

Wolfram laughed, Yuuri raised a brow. “What’s funny?”

“Of course not, she’s my friend and you’re my fiancé. Of course I would choose you.”

“But…you said she’s your girlfriend.”

“Yeah, she’s a girl that is my friend. Why? Is anything wrong with that?”

Yuuri laughed. Shirley commented. “Yuuri, you know, Wolfram is a very literal person. His words means just as it is. I know what kind of relationship between is you’re thinking.”

Yuuri blushed. Wolfram noticed it. “What’s wrong? Hey, Yuuri!”

Yuuri kissed Wolfram again and held him tightly. “No more questions, okay?”


Yuuri’s embrace was too long now. “Yuuri…Yuuri…” Yuuri slowly collapsed. “Yuuri!”
Yuuri woke up ni his room with Conrad beside him. “Where’s Wolfram?”

“He already left.”

“So, he still went away with Shirley.”

“You shouldn’t worry about that… You should worry about yourself.”

“No! I need Wolfram!”

“Wolfram! I quit…” Conrad was now laughing.

“What’s wrong?”

Conrad stood up and revealed a hiding Wolfram. He walked away to give the two privacy.

“Wolfram, I thought you already left.”

“Haven’t I told you that I’ll stay? I wanted to check if you’ll miss me…”

“I miss you. So, where’s Shirley?”

“She left this morning…Uhm…How is you?”

“Fine…The best since you’re here.” Yuuri kissed Wolfram again.

This time, Yuuri won’t let Wolfram go away again. He finally understood what he felt for the blonde. He loved him and always will.
Posted 6/11/08 , edited 6/11/08
ohh this is the third time i read it and it's amazing ^_^
sooo cute..YUURAM 4 ever >0<
great fanfic mihko-chan ^^
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im ur neighbor!
Posted 4/7/09 , edited 4/7/09
the story is Soo...long ...... my eyes burns...

This story was great
i can even imagine the story in my mind was awesome
*except the kissing part it was hard to imagine *
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