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Posted 6/3/08 , edited 6/3/08
Name : Dolph
Gender : Male
Rank : Rank 6
Region / Town / Location : Kanto / Celedon City / Team Rocket's Hideout

Starter:Bulbasaur (Nickname : Xander)
Poke'money : $50
Poke'Points : 0
Pokemon Type : All
Trainer's Type: Experimental Being

Trainer's Background : Team Rocket experimented on his body,because of the experiment,he began to look like a pokemon,he was also able to understand pokemon language...One day he woke up in the lab with no memory of his past.Just then a pokemon trainer appeared and rescued him.He looked at the Trainer faintly before he fell unconcious,when he woke up,he found a pokeball in his hands and a letter saying "i will see you again".Seeing the trainer in action made him excited.he decided to follow the trainer's footsteps,and start his own pokemon journey.

Stratergy : Raises Self Stats and drags long battles

-Xander(Bulbasaur)[Lvl 1/Vine Whip=AP=1~3/PP5/HP10]
Wins:0 Loses:0

Trainer's Card:

Dream Trainer's Card:

Is this okay?
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