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Asian Basketball
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Posted 3/3/10 , edited 3/3/10
this is what i have in mind everytime i think about asian basketball

it's somewhat not biased eh?
Posted 3/23/10 , edited 3/23/10
I wished for Singapore to be one of the top international teams.
Posted 1/14/11 , edited 1/15/11
Personally, moving and being raised in the US at a small age and surrounded by their culture, I do not watch Asian basketball. I don't find it entertaining in any way. My comment might be really biased, but I think Asian basketball at best are around D-League or NCAA level. Any of you who disagree should check some of the oversea players' stats. Most of the Southeastern Asians drafted to the NBA don't even last the training camp or rather fall short on their stats compared to their overall playing skills in their homeland countries. I'd say Asian are also good at many other sports, but it's not to find a rare good basketball players unless you're an Asian-American. The only person I find that is the only one living up to the spotlight is Yao Ming. Then again, the guy is basically a foot taller than everybody else and towering at 7'6. He lacks in vertical jump, but stands out in height wise. He's also, unlike most tall Asian basketball players, pretty built. But even such a player of his stature has been out of numerous seasons due to injuries. The only hope I'm seeing so far for an Asian basketball player stepping into the realm of NBA is Jeremy Lin; but even he was raised with an American background. I can see that he has potential and wish he have more minutes per game. Well, I don't expect much people agreeing with me but hope some shares my views. ^^ /flame shield activates
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