Valentine's Past: Seed of Evil
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Seed of Evil (part 1)
Deep within the universe laid Heaven. It was a utopia for the universe’s sole beings- gods and angels. The gods were divided into three classes: the lesser gods, the elder gods, and the old elder gods. One of the old elder gods, Luke, God of Creation, decided that the universe was too bare. He decided to create a place he named Earth.
“Let there be light,” Luke said and there was light. “Let there be land.” “Let there be water.” “Let there be life.” In six days he had created Earth. He relaxed on the seventh day.
He decided to create a garden on Earth, a utopia for all. In this garden, which he named Eden, he created a creature using his image. This person was Adam.
“Luke, what about a mate for Adam?” asked Barrel, an angel who served Luke.
“As long as Adam stays in the Garden of Eden he will not die,” said Luke, “but you are right, he needs a mate.”
From a limb of Adam, Eve was created. The two lived in harmony in the Garden of Eden.
Luke’s perfect little utopia was despised by the others gods. They too had done there own worlds but they always ended in failure. Mercury, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, etc. Finally Old Elder God Eon decided to help Luke out by added more life to Earth. However these creatures were not in Luke’s original plan and caused havic. Old Elder God Mystia created the Mystic Community to home Eon’s creatures- vampires, demons, elves, etc. A few escaped back to Earth to become myth.
Eon was angry. He had his servant, the angel Draethiel to sabotage Eden. Draethiel in the form of a snake went to Eve. He told her to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.
The Tree of Knowledge was a tree planted and raised by the angel twins Barrel and Akirael. In its fruit contained the knowledge of good and evil. Draethiel claimed the fruit would make Eve like a god.
Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge. He persuaded Adam to do the same. Luke, Barrel, and Dominel confronted Eon.
“How dare you trick Adam and Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge,” said Luke, “now they know of good and evil. I’m gonna have to banish them from Eden.”
“Like I care,” said Eon, “maybe if you hadn’t tried to make it so perfect it wouldn’t have ended like this.”
Luke returned to oversee Earth. As punishment for eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden.
Without Eden to provide eternal life, Adam and Eve became mortal. They had to make children to ensure the continuance of humanity.
However things were not good. With children of Adam and Eve sprung a problem. They were showing signs of darkness. Luke tried to rid Earth of it but it wouldn’t die. Luke decided to call this anomaly Evil by spelling live backwards because the darkness didn’t want to die.
To ensure that evil would not dominate, Luke organized SALIGIA. It was to hold the six sins of humanity. The original SALIGIA were six obelisks located in Egypt.
“Master Luke, Master Luke!” shouted Barrel.
“What is it?” asked Luke.
“We have a problem.”
Barrel gave Luke the whole report. Apparently Draethiel had killed Eon and began to rebel against Heaven. He threw down his old name and took the name Draethius the Demon Lord. He was leading an army of corrupted angels towards Heaven to over throw them.
“Barrel, Dominel, Akirael, Azriel, prepare your forces,” said Luke, “we’re going to war.”
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Posted 6/3/08
Seed of Evil (part 2)
Many of the gods remained safely in the temples of Heaven. Only the gods Luke, Mewt, Mystia, and Kane were on the battlefields with the armies of angels and servants of the gods. The arch-angels were infront with Michael and Azriel in the lead.
“Armies of Heaven!” shouted Michael to the armies, “we must defend Heaven with our lives if we wish to keep the peace and tranquility (even though that’s not really the case in the ‘behind-the-scenes’ life) in Heaven. We must fight. We must win!”
The armies cheered. They were even more pumped.
“Time to kill that snake,” said Dominel.
The battlefields were taking place at the Mu, the Bridge between Heaven and Earth. The Heaven Forces were waiting for the Rebel Forces to come so they could fight. The first battle would later to be known as the Battle of the Swawns.
That was when a portal opened.
“What do you think that is?” asked Nathaniel, an angel that served Mystia.
“Probably from Hell,” said Luke.
They all knew of Hell. Hell had been a failed attempt of Lucifel, an angel banished by Luke. It was rumored that Lucifel, or Lucifer know, was aiding the Rebel Forces.
At first only one figure walked out of the portal. It was unmistakenly Draethius.
“If you wish to fight then all of you will die!” proclaimed Draethius, “if you surrender then only most of you will die.”
Michael stepped forward. “Heaven will never be defeated,” he said.
“That’s right,” agreed Azriel, “we will not back down.”
“So be it,” said Draethius.
Draethius snapped his fingers. Suddenly an army of demons and fallen angels swarmed out of the portal.
“You better know what you’ve gotten us into,” Nathaniel told Michael.
The first flank of angels from the Heaven Forces charged at the Rebel Forces, led by Michael.
How cheap of Michael thought Draethius not even waiting for all my army to get out of the portal.
The angels attacked the Rebel Forces. Even though the Rebel Forces were obviously outnumbered, they were doing well.
Michael decapitated a fallen angel. He spotted Draethius.
Too easy thought Michael.
Michael lunged at Draethius, sword out. And indeed it was too easy. A vampire popped out of the ground and grabbed Michael’s leg as he neared Draethius. Michael fell down.
“Did you seriously believe such methods would work?” mocked Draethius.
“Don’t worry, I’ll have your head,” said Michael.
Michael killed the vampire holding his leg. Draethius took out a similar sword to Michael’s.
“Think you can out duel me?” taunted Draethius.
“I’ve been dying to find out,” replied Michael.
“That can be arranged!!!”
Draethius swung at Michael. Michael blocked it. Each move one of them did, the other blocked.
“Michael, behind you!” warned Barrel.
Lucifer had come out of the portal. He had sent an attack at Michael. Michael dodged it. In the confusion, Draethius escaped.
“Azriel,” said Michael.
“Yes, Michael?” replied Azriel.
“Lead my army. I’m going after Lucifer.”
Michael charged at Lucifer. The two fought until they were out of view when Lucifer teleported them to another dimension.
“Don’t let them reach Heaven!” shouted Kane, “we cannot let them kill…”
Kane was not able to finish. A blade had gone through his chest. Draethius’ actually.
“Kane!” yelled Luke and Mystia.
Draethius fled into the portal. Luke and Mystia ran over to Kane.
“I’m... sorry… Luke…” moaned Kane. He closed his eyes and died.
“KANE!!!!!!!!!” screamed Luke.
Barrel and Dominel went over to them. Most of the Rebel Forces had fled back to portal. A mass of dead bodies littered the Mu. Mewt and Akirael were now guarding the portal incase they came back through.
“I think,” said Mystia, “it’s time we fought them on there own territory.”
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Posted 6/3/08
Seed of Evil (part 3)
With SALIGIA weakened because of the battle, Luke and Akirael returned to Earth. Michael hadn’t returned yet so Azriel and Barrel were put in command. Mewt and Mystia were devising Operation Peacemaker.
Operation peacemaker involved three armies. The first would take on the Rebel Forces head on in Hell. The second would take detours to reach the other side of Hell and corner the Rebel Forces. The last would guard the Mu to stop the Rebel Forces from attacking Heaven and Earth. Mewt and Azriel would lead the first group (the Red army), Mystia would lead the second group (the Green army), and Barrel would lead the last group (the Blue army)
“Charge!” ordered Azriel.
The Red army ran into the portal. Mystia summoned a portal to one of her failed dimensions. She turned to Nathaniel and Barrel.
“Good luck,” said Mystia.
Mystia and Nathaniel led the Green army into the portal to Mystia’s failed world. Barrel and Dominel looked at their army.
The Blue army was the smallest of all the armies of Heaven. It had a small amount of twenty. Barrel and Dominel knew some of them. In her Japanese skirt was Flamel. The skinny little girl was Dominel’s twin; her name was Muriel. The two co. leaders of the Blue army were Fiddel and Carmel.
“I should have gone with Mystia,” said Flamel, “then I would have had some action.”
A new portal appeared. It was similar to the first portal that the Rebel Forces had made. Out came Draethius, Khaos, Krad, and Payne with an army of demons.
It was a trap! panicked Fiddel.
Indeed it had been a trap. Lucifer had tricked the Heaven Forces into thinking that the Rebel Forces had been taking sanctuary in Hell. So when the Green army arrived at Hell, they would find an ambush waiting with no support from the Red army. The Red army would go into the portal and find themselves in dystopian labyrinth. The true goal of Draethius was to smuggle a small attack force he named the Black Wing army to invade the Mystic Community; starting with Tyruna.
“Don’t let them through!” ordered Flamel.
The Blue army charged at the Black Wing army. Demon attacked angel. Angel attacked demon. Flamel found herself in a duel with Payne.
“I’m out of here,” yelped Fiddel.
Fiddel was running for the portal to Heaven. Carmel stopped him.
“Try staying a little bit longer,” requested Carmel. She gave a little pouty look.
Fiddel blushed. “Alright, I’ll stay.”
Easy as cake snickered Carmel to herself.
Fiddel took out his sword. Carmel took out a chain whip. Khaos went over to them. He grinned evilly.
A demon jumped at Muriel. Dominel slashed it with his metal claws strapped onto his hands. Krad sliced an angel and went over to them.
Barrel cut two demons in half with his scyph. He spotted Draethius and two necromancers walk over to the portal to the Mystic Community.
Tyruna! thought Barrel.
Barrel got onto one of Akirael’s dragons. He flew towards the portal.
“Sand Coffin!” said Barrel.
The gourd strapped on Barrel’s back burst. A jet of sand from the shards shot at Draethius and the necromancers. Draethius created a wall of fire protecting himself and one of the necromancers. The other necromancer wasn’t as lucky as it was consumed by sand and crushed.
“You lose!” laughed Draethius.
Draethius and the necromancer went through the portal. As Barrel neared the portal, it vanished.
“Carmel!” shouted Barrel.
Carmel had used her charms to seduce Khaos. She was about to choke him with her chain whip when Barrel had called her name.
“Yes?” asked Carmel.
“I’m going after Draethius,” said Barrel, “when reinforcements come, tell them to go to Tyruna.
“Got it.”
Carmel choked Khaos to death. Barrel summoned another portal to Tyruna he used to got to the beautiful Mystic Community city.
Barrel found himself in the square. A gang of fallen angels were waiting.
So that’s where the rest of his forces were guessed Barrel.
Barrel took out his scyph. The fallen angels charged.
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Seed of Evil (part 4)
Barrel diced the fallen angels. He looked at his surroundings.
Tyruna was the beginning of civilization in the Mystic Community, located far south. The city itself laid in large towers hiding in the clouds. Cables and railways connected the buildings. It had a futuristic feel.
Barrel knew he could never find Draethius by foot in time before Draethius and his Rebel Forces could cause damage. He decided to use his unique technique Thousand Eyes Restrict. Hundreds of eyes materialized and scattered all throughout the city.

Fiddel was going from one spot to another to avoid fights. Several times he had been attacked by demons and fallen angels where Carmel had to save him.
Muriel was battling enemies trying to interrupt Dominel and Krad’s fight. They were evenly matched. Dominel threw a knife at Krad. It pierced his chest.
“How dare you!” panted Krad.
Krad raised his arm. A large energy blast formed. A shinigami that had gotten past Muriel attacked.
“Soul Swipe,” said Dominel.
Dominel, Krad, and the shinigami’s souls shuffled. Dominel’s soul was in Krad’s body, Krad was in the shinigami’s body, and the shinigami’s soul was in Dominel’s body.
Dominel’s soul used the energy ball that Krad’s body had made and fired it at the shinigami’s body. Krad’s soul had been destroyed. Dominel released the soul swipe. He returned to his own body but with the shinigami’s body destroyed, it evaporated into nothing. Even though Krad’s body was empty, he sliced Krad’s body in half.
No one even dared to interrupt Flamel and Payne’s duel. Either they were intimidated by the womans’ power and skill or wanting to watch. Carmel used the chance to take out some of the enemy spectators.
Flamel took out an umbrella.
“What are you going to do?” taunted Payne, “going to shade me to death?”
Flamel activated the umbrella. It began to spin fast like a drill.
“Drill Kill!” shouted Flamel.
Flamel shot the umbrella at Payne. Payne had barely dodged it. Her right hand had been destroyed.
“Clown Theory!” said Flamel.
Flamel was lost in a sea of illusions. All illusions were identical to Flamel.
“Show yourself so I can cut of your hand!” demanded Payne.
“Sky Arc!” shouted Flamel’s voice.
Clown Theory faded. A rainbow-looking blade shot out and impailed Payne. Flamel walked over to her dying opponent.
“I’m here,” mocked Flamel, “aren’t you going to cut off my hand?”
Payne died. Flamel joined Muriel and the others to fight the remaining soldiers of the Black Wing army.

Draethius and the necromancer entered the Hall of Music. At the rendezvous point was a pool of dead demons and fallen angels.
“I better check on the second cell,” said the necromancer.
One of the bodies burst. Sand coming out of the body wrapped around the necromancer and Draethius. Barrel came out of the shadows.
“Nice to see you again Barrel,” teased Draethius.
Barrel took out his scyph. He sliced off the necromancer’s head visible above the sand. He walked over to Draethius, ready for the kill.
Draethius used his powers to break free. He punched Barrel, knocking him to the floor.
“What power,” complemented Barrel, “so you really did discover a new type of power.”
“Correct,” said Draethius.
Barrel used Fatal Attraction. The attack applied great pressure to its targets. For most opponents it would crush them to death but it only kept Draethius to the floor.
“I’ll cut you and examine this new source of power,” said Barrel.
Draethius blew a wave of fire at Barrel. Barrel released the Fatal Attraction and slid to the opposite side of the room. Draethius pointed his sword to Barrel’s head.
“How about a deal,” proposed Draethius.
“What kind of deal?” asked Barrel.
“I can already sense it. My Rebel Forces are being banished to the Death Dimension. It won’t be long before I am sent there too. I need someone on the outside to manipulate things so that I can be freed later.”
“Interesting. And what do you plan to do when you’re free?”
“Take my revenge on Heave, on Tyruna, and especially Luke. Then I shall reveal my source of power which is equivalent to that of a god.”
“Alright. I think it might be fun to conspire against Heaven. Any contacts I can use?”
“One codenamed Phaethon. You can find him at Sibilis. He’ll be in the only mansion in the Rycua District.”
“Undestood. You better injure me so it’ll look convincing.”
Draethius stabbed Barrel. He then walked out of the Hall of Music.
When Draethius exited the Hall of Music, he found himself surrounded by the Tyrunians and Luke. Apparently a civilian named Tenkai Hyachi had spotted Draethius and the necromancer enter the Hall of Music.
“Do your worst,” said Draethius.
Luke banished Draethius to the Death Dimension.
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Seed of Evil (part 5)
Barrel was healed by an angel named Joel. He was taken to Luke’s temple. He was informed of many things.
The first was that the Rebel Forces had been defeated and banished to the Death Dimension. The second was that Nathaniel had been killed in battle protecting Mystia. The third was Azriel had gone crazy in his battle and ended up killing more angels than demons; he was exiled from Heaven. The fourth was that Draethius was to be guarded by the Four Horseman of Apocalypse. The fifth was that most of the Blue army had been destroyed, the only survivors besides himself were Flamel, Carmel, Muriel, Fiddel, and Dominel. The sixth was that the SALIGIA obelisks were too weak to hold the power of sin.
That was when Flamel, Carmel, Muriel, Fiddel, and Dominel were sent into Luke’s temple. They, like Barrel, were confused why they had been brought there.
“Since non-living objects are not efficient in holding sins then I’m going to have to use living beings. Since there were six survivors of the Blue army, I wish for all six of you to become the Sinners of SALIGIA,” explained Luke.
All six of them accepted. They teleported to Earth where the obelisks stood in the Egyptian sun. The obelisks broke and their powers entered the six Sinners. There bodies were destroyed and replaced with new ones.
“With new lives comes new names,” said Luke.
Flamel would be known as Lady Ashley de Superbia.
Carmel would be known as Lady Diva de Luxuria.
Muriel would be known as Lady Dominique de Gula.
Fiddel would be known as Lord Leonardo de Ira.
Dominel, the selected leader of SALIGIA, would be known as Cardinal Dominic de Avaritia.
And Barrel would be known as Lord Valentine de Invidia.
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