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Posted 6/4/08 , edited 6/4/08
These are the new rules of the group. I know it may be not the same as the old one, but we need to have this.

1. Posts and pictures are to be PG-13 as there are young members of this group
2. No swearing or bad language is to used at all times
3. If you have a problem, see your squad captain or any of the mods
4. Try to stay on topic
5. Respect others
6. No spamming or double posting at all please.. (Edited: Leading Captain Cactusito)

There may be other rules, so that'll be added on a later date by the mods.
If you are to be found breaking any of the above rules, you will be issued with a warning. If you continuously are breaking the rules, we will deem to remove you from the group so the group isn't ruined for the rest who are following the rules.

Captain Youichi_Hiruma on behalf of the mods/captains
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