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Posted 6/4/08
I'm not sure about you guys, but iget a lot of those chainletters/bulletins where they have like a sweet story and then "if you have a heart you will pass this on"!! well i was just thinking that if you see any of those you could put them up here. it'll a)give this group some nice stories and b) save you the trouble of having to forward it again. becuase weve got like 1500+ members, so i think itll cover you.

this isnt really a story, but i wanted to give an example:
1-touch their waist

2-talk to them

3-share secrets

4-give her your jacket

5-kiss them slowly

are you remembering this?

6-hug her

7-hold her

8-laugh with her

9-invite her somewhere

10-let her be with you when you're with your friends

keep reading

11-smile with her

12-take pics with her

13-pull her onto your lap

14-when she says she loves you more, deny it.

fight back

15-when her friends say i love her more than you, deny it. fight back and hug her tight so she cant get to her friends.

it makes her feel loved

Are you thinking about someone?

16-always hug her and say i love you when you see her

17-kiss her unexpectedly


19-tell her shes beautiful not sexy!

20-tell her the way you feel about her!

..20 u need to show her you mean it too

21-kiss her on the lips

22-DONT ask her to buy you stuff.

you buy HER stuff


24-make her feel loved

25-buy her stuff.

small things can still help

we might deny it but we accutally like and kinda want you to get us things



28-take her anywhere she wants

29-txt messege or call her in the morning and tell her have a good day at school, and how much you miss her

30-be there for her when ever she needs you, & even when she doesn't need you, just be there so she'll know that she can always count on you

are you still reading this u better be its important

31. Hold her close when she's cold and she can hold you too.

32. When you are alone hold her close and kiss her.

33. Kiss her on the tip of her nose; (it will give her the hint that you want to kiss them).

34. While in the movie, put your arm around her and then she will automatically put her head on your shoulder, then lean in and tilt her chin up and kiss her lightly.

35. Dont ever tell her to leave even jokingly or act like you're mad.

If shes upset, comfort her

remember this next time you are with her

36. When people diss her, stand up for her.

37. Look deep into her eyes and tell her you love her.

38. Lay down under the stars and put her head on your chest so she can listen to the steady beat of your heart, Link your fingers together while you whisper to her as she rests her eyes and listens to you.

39. When walking next to each other grab her hand.


When you hug her hold her in your arms as long as possible

41. Call her at night to wish her sweet dreams.

42. Comfort her when she cries and wipe away her tears.


Take her for long walks at night

44. Dedicate a song to her.

45. Always Remind her how much you love her.

youll never know when she needs just a little more love

repost this in 2 mins.

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24 / F / CALIFORNIA!!!!
Posted 6/28/08
haha! have found an actual story now. and its really cute.
Here's a story that shouldn't be forgotten. Now that you've started reading if you stop, you're heartless.

Once there was a girl and a boy. They were best friends, and they had always been there for each other. The year they started going to high school, they got to be closer friends. In this time the boy discovered he loved the girl...

The girl started dating, and the boy watched too scared to make a move. During this time, the girl's mother died of cancer. Instead of going to her boyfriend she went to her best friend. He comforted her, then she whispered to him, "I love you. Thank you." quietly he murmured back, "I love you too.


About a year passed, and the girl's father was remarried. Her stepmother didn't care for her. She did everything she could to get rid of the girl. The father started giving to to his new wife. Once again the girl called the boy. He went over and comforted her. Once again she whispered to him, "I love you." And once again he murmured back, "I love you too.


The next year the girl caught her boyfriend cheating on her. She couldn't get over it. The boy called her.

"Are you okay?"
"Yes, I'm fine.

"Are you sure?"
"Yes... I'm positive.

"I'm always here if you need me.

You know that right?"
"Yes i do... Thank you.

"Okay... Well then... I'll let you go.

Just before he hung up the phone she said his name.

"I love you.

A few seconds went by... Gently he said, "I love you too." they both hung up the phone.

Senior year... December... The boy had gone on a vacation and decided when he got home he would ask the girl out. Once he got home he felt weak. For the next month he was sick in bed with pneumonia. The girl came to visit him.

"How are you doing?"
Weakly he answered, "Not too well." He tried to force a smile.

She bent over, as if to give him a kiss, then hesitated. She then gave him a hug. "She whispered in his ear, "I love you.

Very quietly he whispered back, "I love you too... More than you know.

She smiled stood up and left.

He finally got better. He asked her out. They were the happiest couple in the school. One day he broke up with her. She couldn't understand why. She cried every night and tried not to think of him when ever she saw him. A few weeks later he was in the hospitol. No one knew why. She went to him.

"Are you okay?" She managed to get out.

He took a deep breathe. "I'm fine.

She nodded.

"Are you sure?"
"Please don't cry.

"You'll see soon." He pulled her close to him and whispered to her, "I love you.

"I love you too." They kissed one last time, then while she was in his arms as they were hugging, he died.

It was the last day of school. Everyone was cleaning ou their locker. As she cleaned she came across a folded up note. She unfolded it and read it. It read: I have always loved you, and I always will. I know I am slowly dying. I broke up with you so it didn't hurt as badly as it would if we were still going out. Please live a good life. I will watch you and help you. Don't forget me, but dont ruin your life for me. Whenever you said "I love you." ... "I always whispered back, "I love you too." and I do. I do lve you. Don't forget me.

Sincerely your best friend.

She folded the note and held back her cries. She whispered to herself, "I love you." and suddenly she heard someone whisper, "I love you too.

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