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Best Video Game Quotes.
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Posted 3/31/12 , edited 4/1/12
"hey my dial goes all the way up to 11, and we're only at 2!" -Tanner, Driver San Francisco

"The whole place is coming down!" "If I had a nickel for every time you said that," Drake and Sully, Uncharted 3

A little Obscure but here:
Cop1 "1040 to 1250"
Cop2 "Go Ahead"
Cop1 "do you think that the racers have scanners in their cars?"
Cop2 "you mean like radar detectors?"
Cop1 "no like they can hear what we're saying, Right now."
Cop2 "Naw I dont think so"
-Need for Speed Undercover

"31 County"
"I copy, 31"
"Turning on a speeder that just flew by me!"
-Opening movie for Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2
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Posted 4/1/12
From Tales of Graces F

Asbel: I"ll help you manage the inventory Cheria!
Cheria: You'll do it with me? Thanks Asbel!
Malik: ...heh...
Cheria: Thats not what I meant captain!

Asbel: "That's what we're truly capable of!"
Pascal: "What? I went easy on them"
Malik: "Asbel, are your skills only worth that?"
Asbel: "What!?"

Hubert: "Know your place!"
Sophie: "Were they lost?"
Hubert : "No! That's... Not what I meant."

Hubert: "Over in a flash!"

Sophie: "Howl long is a flash?"

Asbel: "Less than a second."
Sophie: "Why is he lying?"
Hubert: "She's.. INSUFFERABLE!"

Hubert: That would've gone well if you hadn't botched the finish.
Pascal: Aww, flattery will get you nowhere!
Hubert: You insufferable woman! -while shaking his first-

Sophie: I like peaches
Asbel: why?
Sophie: because they look like little butts
Sophie: especially Cheria's
Cheria: okay Sophie we need to have a talk!

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Posted 4/1/12 , edited 4/1/12
A quote from Telltale's Sam & Max series. Specifically, season 1 episode 3, "the Mole, the Mob, and the Meatball."

"For cowards die a thousand deaths, while heroes die but once.
Unless they're playing video games in which case heroes die a lot too."

This is just a part of the speech that Max gives. The whole speech is pretty funny; if you'd like to hear the rest of it, here is a link to the scene that it appears in... Just be warned of the spoilers, of course.
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Posted 4/2/12
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Posted 4/16/12
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Posted 4/21/12
I ran into a really funny one while playing Z.H.P.

The reason the battle screen looks like manufactured ass is because the main character sucks. That's why.

In the context of the ongoing story, I found it hilarious. You should've seen the screen, srsly.
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Posted 5/1/12


What are some of the best things you have ever heard video game characters say, allow me to start with one of the most epic lines in video game history.

"Theres a doctor at your secret ramen base?" Neku - The World Ends With You.

Locked because OP has nuked.

Feel free to recreate this topic. : )
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