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Posted 6/4/08 , edited 6/4/08
Related to PIRATES, we asked them about various topics...

First of all, abut this 'QUEEN OF PIRATES', KAT-TUN seems to often choose PIRATES as a theme.

N: PIRATES has an aggressive image, you know. As KAT-TUN has many aggressive songs, there seems to be a connection.
TK: I have no such image.
N: Ehh? You'd rather the most aggressive(LAUGH).
TK: I, am always passive.
N: No, you always tell audience "I WILL KILL YOU!".
TK: After telling that, I regret at the backstage.
N: Regret? From REGRET(*kokai), you mean VOYAGE(*kokai). Ahahaha.
TK: ….Oh, as you said it, my remark was ruined(LAUGH).
U: As there are various kinds of songs on this, those from various generations will be able to listen to this. Rather, it is our aim!
N: This time the amount of the songs from single are balanced, I expect those who are interested in KAT-TUN bit still haven't bought any CD to buy this. It must be good as an introduction(iriguchi) to KAT-TUN.
TK: As a meaning of introduction(iriguchi).
K: Even the cover looks different from usual, it opened our new gate(iriguchi).
N: I see. The gate(iriguchi) is important.
(All of their eyes noticed on Taguchi)
TK: You recently prolong the word like 'DE~SU'….
- Well, KAT-TUN's songs seem to have a taste of Western songs.
K: If we sing a song like that of Hey! Say! JUMP, it won't be persuasive.
N: We will be just told "Don't make fun!".
TK: On the contrary, we will be scolded. Audience will complain.
TJ: No, we can do it well!
U: I want to try once though.
N: We can't bear to watch it….
K: Isn't it fun to sing such songs only at the concert? Without any announcement “we are going to sing this", we finish it seriously!
A: Never!!
(All of them laughed a lot)
K: But in past, we were singing such songs too.
N: Yes yes. What was that?
(Each one starts singing their former songs)
A: Don't sing YAY♪, damn kid! (LAUGH)
From PIRATES, if you six voyage together, how will you divide up your works?
TK: First of all, we don't voyage.
- But please try to force yourself to guess! It's just a supposition.
N: What kinds of jobs are there?
U: Sniper. Mate.
TK: I want to be a musician!
A: All of us must become snipers!
TJ: I want to be a watcher from the higher place!
TK: I want be a master fencer! I want to be the greatest fencer in the world!
K: I want to be a cook.
U: I will search for ONE PIECE!(* from comic/animation 'ONE PIECE')
A: I want to be a whale.
N: Whale is not a sailor!
(They can't conclude their discussion)
- Who do you think will be entrusted with the rudder?
ALL: No one!(LAUGH)

Aspirations for the upcoming tour & celebrations for Nakamaru's entrance to the university!?

- Let me ask you about the concert tour begins on June 21.
K: It will follow the title of the album, and detailed parts are still unknown.
TJ: This time the stage setting will become awful.
- You are looking forward to the concert 1 year after the latest one too, right?
ALL: Sure!
N: As we haven't done for 1 year, we have many things to do.
TK: I don't have a detailed image, but we are looking forward to the concert itself.
- Then finally, give Nakamaru-kun celebration messages as he entered to Waseda University this spring!
N: For me? No, I need not to be given.
K: It sounds wonderful I think!
U: If he continues (* to study), it must be wonderful I think. Now I don't appreciate him yet.(LAUGH)
TJ: SODAI(*Waseda University) really sounds great. It is one of the ROKUDAIGAKU(* six university: 6 famous and traditional universities in Tokyo: Tokyo, Keio, Waseda, Meiji, Rikkyo, and Hosei) . I really hope you to graduate.
U: KAT-TUN will be evaluated higher as well. Such as "they have intelligent member".(LAUGH)
TK: You are not intelligent actually.
N: I want to become intelligent!
A: Well, I understood he might be intelligent. I used to think that he just has a big head.
N: I will punch you!(LAUGH). But seriously, teach me English. Please.
TJ: Nakamaru-kun, you might not imagined that your entrance will become such a serious matter, right?
N: No. I was planning to keep it secret. After the entrance, I stayed without telling anyone for a while, but I had to tell lies everywhere. As I considered it again and thought it won't be good.
TJ: What time did you wake up and study today?
N: As I can't concentrate unless I have enough time, I will study later when I'll arrive at home.
A: Really!?
U: You are so swotter! (LAUGH)
TJ: How about bringing your computer?
N: I can't concentrate even if I bring it (*at work).
TK: It must be impossible at the working place.
TJ: We must try to annoy you.
K: Wait for 5 years. After 5 years, we will be enough matured to try not to annoy you.
TK: After 5 years, he must have been graduated!(LAUGH)

~~~credits to [email protected]~~~
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Posted 6/5/08
My dear! I laughed so hard reading this! That's one of the reason i love KATTUN. They never hesitate bashing or bullying gently one of them and their musical style is not like mainstream JE style (kanjani8 as well)...Those two are my fav!

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Posted 6/10/08
Haha thanks again I totally love it so funny cute xD @ laurita :true k8 & KTN are unique I'm gonna watch their rock medly now
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