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Post Reply What was your favorite episode? & Why?
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24 / F / Outer Space :>
Posted 5/1/09 , edited 5/2/09
I love Ballad of the Fallen Angels. ^^
And also The Real folk Blues (Part 2) // Ending. So sad.
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21 / M / the Bebop
Posted 1/11/15 , edited 1/11/15
@ BleachAddict56

In your rundown of the final 2 episodes, I feel that you missed an important bit on how Spike and Faye acted in their last conversation. Spike finally opens up a bit to Faye, who never wants anyone to open up to her because they end up leaving or betraying her. I think the reason she felt comfortable with the Bebop was that everyone helped, supported, and lived with each other, but they didn't actively try to build ties to each other which made her feel comfortable there.

In the end when Spike gives that small insight to Faye about his eyes, she realizes that they had built ties without meaning to and spike was being dragged down by his past. I think that she realized that since her past no longer existed, she was trying to save Spike from his past by stopping him and bringing him into the future with the Bebop. She doesn't have a past, and doesn't realize how strong of a hold it has on Spike even though he himself told her once before that it was the future she had that mattered, until he walks away unflinchingly under the storm of her emotions and desperate gunshots.

I like how it wraps up the story between Spike and Faye that makes you realize how the relationship between the two has grown over the episodes from nothing to something special. It wraps up the story, but in a way that is frayed and unfinished. It makes you think on the way Faye's, and especially Spike's, psyche works. Spike has a past that he must confront, even though doing so will ruin his future. The scene makes me wonder why Spike would choose to confront his past which is clearly a dead end, when he has a path with Faye and Jet on the Bebop that leads to the future.

That scene is the one that made Cowboy Bebop into a masterpiece for me. The interconnected stories that ended in that final scene on the Bebop seem to be an epilogue for Spike's story. It is the closure for his life in the syndicate, but for Ed and Faye it is their prologue and opening act, and for Jet it is the end of his second story, the first being his life in the ISSP, the second being his life as a bountyhunter with Spike. Jet got closure with his first story when he met his old girl, but he probably still feels he needs to find closure on the second story with spike. Cowboy Bebop is really the prologue to Jet's life after Spike's death.

Spike ends his story when he could have chosen to be a character in all of his comrade's stories. He could have started a new story, but didn't. Why? I don't know and really I will have to go back again and watch it all again to finalize my feelings.

Also, I have no fucking clue why Ed left with Ein. I think it might have something to do with her interacting with Faye while Faye was trying to find her past. Then again, I think the point of Ed was to make no sense whatsoever and leave viewers with a large WTF on why someone so innocent and fun was a part of the dark stories on the Bebop.
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