A Guide to Virtual DubMod (Advanced)
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Posted 6/5/08 , edited 6/6/08
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So l'm going to explain how to cut clips and make them better quality with cutting them and making them keep the quality. I should mention that even with the compression you may still end up getting 137MB per 5 or 10 second cuts, its recommended that you get a external HD for this.

Open Virtual Mod and go Video>Compression

You should get a ton of compression but we will focus on the most used and the most common.

Uncompressed RGB - This is cutting with no compression at all, thats very stupid.

Lagarith Lossless Codec - This is the codec you want to use. It compresses to Higher quality and is a few MB higher then huffy or so (I always use this codec).

Huffyuv v2.11
- Known as "Huffy" This allow you to compress your cut clips to lower MB then uncompressed but it will sacrifice quality so the lower MB.

How to cut your footage:

Look at the picture below, do you see those big arrows to the far right (arrow left and arrow right). The first one to the left is to start the cut and the other one ends it. Cut anywhere on the footage you need with the first arrow and then use the right one to end the cut and it should highlight blue like below.

So since you have selected what compression you want to export it out as, go File>Save as. It should give you a box of how long it takes for it to finish size amount.

Click on pictures for better viewing.

(Spoiler of Cubano's amv; tried to hide it)

Taking song off of a Amv:

Go to Streams>Stream list and hit "Save WAV"

Thats a neat feature l use sometimes.

Now to show you what Avisynth can do to Amv's.

(Using Cubanos footage, sorry but it was most recent)

Look how shitty the hair is the to very left, it has edges but if you use this filter.


Our end result is the image below, look how clean it just became.

These were my basic sharpeners:


(Sangom() filter was taken out but yours just looking at the characters outline and face)

The first one smooths out and gets rid of grain and the other two make the footage stand out more. Look the the last image l posted, it stands out but let me show you what happens when l take it out.

Image below:

l'll post more when l get a chance or if anyone wants to learn etc.

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