Honey and Clover (Taiwanese)
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Honey and Clover(Taiwanese)
A drama adaptation from a hot selling comic. It is a story that portrays how 5 ardent youths from University of the Arts face love, friendship, and the future.

Joe Cheng as Den Zhen Shan 鄧真山 - Mayama Takumi
Janine Chang as He Ya Gong 何亞弓 - Yamada Ayumi
Eddie Peng as Ren Sen Tian 任森田 - Morita Shinobu
Lego Li (李國毅) as An Zhu Ben 安竹本 - Takemoto Yuta
Ito Chiaki (伊藤千晃) as Hua Ben Yu 華本肓 - Hanamoto Hagumi

First Episode What Do You Think??? Joe Cheng In It
You can watch the first episode on mysoju.com
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Posted 6/5/08 , edited 6/5/08
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