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Posted 6/5/08
This is where you post some weird UFO sightings or photos...

Ok, let's see...
I think it was December 17, 2007 and I was going to the dentist to get my tooth pulled out in a little place I like to call Flushing. When I got there, they did their stuff and so I left. However, after my grandma and I left, I couldn't talk because of the numb injection. My grandma had to pick up some duck for dinner so we did. So we're walking walking walking when finally, I look up into the night sky and I see this HUGE V-SHAPED OBJECT!! Don't tell me it was some plane or bird, because believe me: It wasn't like anything that I'd ever seen before. It had 3 ginormous blinking lights and was flying at an incredibly fast rate. Probably 10 times faster than a regular plane. Knowing how I couldn't talk, I wasn't able to notify my grandma.

The next day when i got to school, I told everybody what I saw. Almost everybody thought that I was crazy except for a few very close friends. One of those close friends too thought that I was crazy at first, until I told here when and where. Then, her jaw dropped to the floor and told me that she saw it too. She told me that she got so freaked out and tried to take a photo of it on her cell phone camera, but when she did, it didn't show up on the screen.

So YOU tell me people. I don't care if you believe me or not. I saw one.
Posted 6/5/08
maybe it was a UFO! XD
Posted 6/8/08
I saw weird things up before too so i believe UFOs do exist lol
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