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Posted 6/5/08 , edited 6/6/08
This is where you can find stories bout Natsume x Mikan and others like Ruka and Hotaru.Ihope you guys like it~
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Posted 6/5/08 , edited 6/6/08
All of these are not made by me!

Summary:Mikan Sakura, the famous pop star princess enter Alice Academy but instead of dressing as a girl,she dress as a boy,but more surprise, she has a Water Phoenix.There she meet a rich player Natsume Hyuuga with a Fire Dragon.Will love be born or chaos will?

Character Intro:-Mikan Sakura

(Fake name: Kaname Sakura)

Star: Special Star

Alice: Nullification, Water, & Copy/steal/seal/erase

- Mikan dress like a boy when she was at the academy by wearing guys uniform and a black cap, she's pretty, beautiful, smart, rich for singing and her parents own 3 companies, nice, but little rebellious when she dress like a guy, and have a blue phoenix. Her best friend is Hotaru Imai and the only person that knows about her true identity and her blue phoenix for now. She also has a mark of a blue phoenix on her back on the right side of her shoulder. She has one older brother and two little sisters

-Natsume Hyuuga

Star: Special Star

Alice: Fire, but he can teleport place too, but only Ruka knows but sooner other will know

- He is popular in Alice Academy; he is player, hot, handsome, and rich for his parent owns 3 companies just like Mikan. He is really rebellious sometime to the people that get him annoyed or the people he just hates and his best friend is Ruka Nogi. He has a red dragon and also has a red dragon with mark of a red mark of a red dragon on his back just like Mikan but on the left side of his shoulder. When he found out that Mikan and Tadase was going out, Natsume became furious and jealous but he forbid himself to show it that he was jealous. When he got nothing to do, he would be always goes to the Sakura tree and read his manga books or just sleep. He has two older brothers, one youngest brother and one little sister.

-Hotaru Imai

Alice: Invention

Star: triple

- Best friend with Mikan, Girl friend of Ruka Nogi, Loves money, blackmail people mostly Ruka, loves sea foods, and care about Mikan but sometime doesn’t show it.

-Ruka Nogi

Alice: Animal pheromone

Star: Triple

-Best Friend with Natsume, he’s nice, cares for his friends, boyfriend of Hotaru Imai, he always gets mad when his girlfriend takes picture of him and sell it to his fan club. When any boys were next to Hotaru, he turns like Natsume…cold and mean. Almost forgot that he knows about Mikan’s disguise later.

-Tadase Ikuto

Alice: Fire and Thunder

Star: Special Star

- Tadase is Mikan’s best friend in America. He doesn’t come out when Mikan was transfer to American for 5 month because of the headmaster. After the five month at America, when she came back to Alice Academy at Japan, she saw Natsume was cheating on her even though they were going out and then she asked if Tadase well be her FAKE boyfriend after when Mikan broke up with Natsume. Tadase is really friendly guy. He has blonde hair and red eyes like Natsume. Little did Mikan knows that he is an AAO Student that was to confirm her to join the AAO, but Tadase couldn’t let that happen since he was starting to like he


Alice: Earth Alice and Controlling Alice

Age: 24

- Reo, an evil guy that is the boss of the AAO Academy. He only wanted to be the best Alicer in the world that is why he wanted to sent Tadase to confirm her to join AAO so that his plan will work.

-Kaito, Haru, Atsuo

Alice: (K) Changing weather (H) Boosting (A) Girl Pheromone

Star: (Trio) Triple Star

- (K)He is the first Electric Guitar of the Water Phoenix…he also has a little crush on Mikan(H)He is the second Guitar of the Water Phoenix…he likes teasing Mikan (A)He is the Drummer of the Water Phoenix…he also has a little crush on Mikan like Kaito

-Anna & Nonoko

Alice: (A) Cooking (N) Chemistries

Star: (both) Triple

- (A) Best friend with Nonoko and girlfriend of Koko

(N) Best friend with Anna and girlfriend of Nekome

-Koko, Nekome, Yu

Alice: (K) Mind Reading (N) Levitation (Y) Illusion

Star: (Trio) Triple Star

- (K) Boyfriend of Anna (N) Boyfriend of Nonoko (Y) Class president

(Trio) hangs out with Natsume

-Yua Masaki

Alice: Thunder

Star: Triple

-She is Natsume’s other girlfriend. She is a slut and loves to flirt with guys. She was the reason why Aimi was broken up by Natsume. She is also rich and quite beautiful. Later on she would like Atsuo

-Aimi Cho

Alice: Ice

Star: Triple

-Natsume’s current girlfriend when Mikan came to school on the first day. She is popular in that Alice Academy too and she was beautiful but not much as Mikan. She started has some feeling when she meet her but got over it. Later on, she’ll like Kaito

-Sumire Shoda

Alice: Cat-Dog transformation

Star: Triple

- She is in-love with Natsume Hyuuga. She’ll be Natsume’s 162 girlfriends. She is the owner of Natsume& Kaname Fan Club President. She changed the title when “Kaname” step inside the classroom

-Hoshi Sakura

Alice: Nullification and Wind

Star: Special Star

Age: 18

- He is the oldest of the Sakura’s family. He cares really much about Mikan. When Mikan goes out with Natsume he will always argue with him and he always loses. He is best friend with Isamu Hyuuga

- Ayaka Sakura

Alice: Earth

Star: Triple

Age; 7

-Little sister of Mikan. She really like to smile a lot and she really cheerful just like Mikan, but when Mikan turns back to a girl. She always hangs out with Hana a lot. She is also clumsy, it’s like a mini Mikan. She has a crush on Youchi also.

-Hana Sakura

Alice: Healing

Star: Triple

Age: 10

- Little sister of Mikan. She is rebellious, but smart not like her sister Ayaka. She is like Youchi and Natsume

-Isamu Hyuuga

Alice: Fire (Blue)

Star: Special Star

Age: 18

-He is the oldest of the Hyuuga family. He is really smart and kind. He is Mikan’s oldest brother best friend. He likes teasing Natsume sometime just for fun, but when it comes to Tsubasa its war time.

-Tsubasa Hyuuga

Alice: Thunder and Shadow Control

Star: Special Star

Age: 17

- He is a player just like Natsume, but he doesn’t do it. He just flirts with them. He and his brother (Isamu) always fight but for fun. They would pull each other hair and you know. He is also nice and the second oldest son of the Hyuuga’s family.

-Youchi Hyuuga

Alice: Ghost Manipulation

Star: Triple Star

Age: 7

-He is the mini version of Natsume. He always argues with Mikan when just for fun. He and Natsume are very close as in brother.

-Aoi Hyuuga

Alice: Fire

Star: Triple

Age: 6

-She is the youngest of the Hyuuga family. She is really bright and was the one of the person that knows her identity. She treats her as a big sister when she was saving from the AAO; that is how she found out about her disguise. She is also best friend with Hana.


- He’s a dragon that helps Natsume. He is quite powerful but not as Mikan’s water Phoenix. When Natsume used him, he’ll transform to a different outfit. It can boost his Alice higher when he transform.


- She’s a Water Phoenix that helps Mikan. She really powerful and very beautiful. When she and Ryuu combine with each other than they make a powerful comback. When Mikan used her she’ll transform to an outfit. It would just boost her Alice just like Natsume.

-Ms. Sakura & Mr. Sakura

Age: (Ms. S) 35 (Mr. S) 36

Alice: Stealing Nullification

-Mikan’s Parents and owners of the Sakura Corporation. They are best friend with the Natsume’s Parents

-Ms. Hyuuga & Mr. Hyuuga

Age: Same ages as Mikan’s Parents

Alice: (both) Fire

-They are parents of Natsume and owners of The Hyuuga Corporation. They are best friend with the Mikan’s Parents.


“Hello everyone” shouted a girl that is now standing on the stage in front of ten thousands of people.
“MIKAN! MIKAN! MIKAN!” shouted the crowd
“OK than let the song begin…my new song is call ‘I say yes’ ”said Mikan. Yup it was our Mikan Sakura. She was really beautiful indeed. When any boys see her, they might as well faint. Her brunette hair reaches to her waist but for now it is tied in ponytail with braids with angel wings dangling. She has brown eyes but somehow when it’s dark it turns water blue, but when you inches apart, you still can see weather it's night or morning. She is now wearing a white mini skirt that is in her mid-thigh and a white glitter spaghetti top. She wore a Belted Plaid Jacket and black high heel boots that is 3 inches tall.
“Let’s go” said Mikan as the drummer started and the two guitars started also. Mikan took a deep breath and ready to sing.
-zutto kimi no soba ni iru yo
donna mirai ga bokura wo tameshitatte kitto
Ah, futari no unmei meguri aeta no wa
kimi no koe kikoeta kara
sou PINCHI na dekigoto oshiyosete kitemo
kimi to ireba norikoe rareru
tokimeki to makenki to
urahara de HARA HARA suru kedo
STAY WITH ME tada kimi wo mamoritai yo
tooi sekai de umareta futari dakedo
I SAY YES zutto kimi no soba ni iru yo
donna mirai mo kibou ni kaeyou FOREVER
Ah, tatoeba kono koi mahoudatto shitemo
eien ni tokenai hazu
sou modore ya shinaiyo harukana ano hi ni
kimi to deau mae no jibun ni
shitamuki de namaiki de
dokidoki wa tokidoki suru kedo
STAY WITH ME mou hitori ni wa shinai yo
kiseki mitai ni deaeta bokura dakara
I SAY YES zutto kimi wo sasaetai yo
toki ga subete no keshiki wo kaetemo FOREVER
tsuyogari de yowamushi de
urahara de HARA HARA suru kedo
STAY WITH ME tada kimi wo mamoritai yo
tooi sekai de umareta futari dakedo
STAY WITH ME mou hitori ni wa shinai yo
kiseki mitai ni deaeta bokura dakara
I SAY YES zutto kimi no soba ni iru yo
donna mirai mo kibou ni kaeyou FOREVER”
“Water Phoenix….Water Phoenix” (N: Sorry but i got nothing to think for the name of her band)
“WAH….Mikan you’re so cool”
“Mikan Sakura, please date me”
“Mikan, you’re so hot”
“Okay thank you everyone and sorry to say but this show has ended” said Mikan and everyone was disappointed but than she smiled making everyone shouted once again
“Bye everyone and have a good time” said Mikan as she waved good bye to the crowd and went back stage
“Phw…I’m beat…hey Kaito what time is it?” asked Mikan as she grab a water bottle and drank it. Kaito is the other guitar
“9:35 why?” asked Kaito. Mikan eyes widen and spit her water out and the band laughed leaving Mikan furious
“Shut up…damn I’m late…my parents going to kill me” said Mikan as she went to her dress room and changed. It took her 10 minutes to finish changing. She came out wearing baggy jean pants, black baggy shirt, black shoes, and a black cap. Everyone sweat dropped on how fast she changed.
“What?” Mikan asked emotionally
“Nothing…just wonder how you changed so fast” said Atsuo. He is the drummer of the Water Phoenix.
“I have my ways…wow got to go bye guys” said Mikan as she left in a flash and they was left dumbfound
“How can she do that?” asked Haru. He is the other guitar.
“-struggled- Don’t ask me ask Kaito” said Atsuo
“Huh” asked Kaito as he munch of a big plate of food and they look at him weirdly while sweat dropping
“What…a man can’t eat” said Kaito with crumbs on both side of his mouth.
-Back to Mikan-
“Oh no I’m late” said Mikan as she was inside the limo as she complained to the driver to drive faster. Few minutes past and she were now in front of a big mansion. Mikan got out and ran inside. The maids opened the door and bowed as Mikan ran passed them. She ran towards the living where her parents are looking furious.
Mikan gulped and walked towards her father
“Mikan Sakura your late” said Mr. Sakura
“Sorry dad” said Mikan as she tired catch her breath
“Oh just forget it honey…at least she here right?” said Ms. Sakura trying to defend her daughter and Mr. Sakura sigh
“Hm…you are lucky this time, but next want be easy next time okay” said Mr. Sakura as he smiled and hugged her
“Okay dad” said Mikan as she hugged him back. They broke the hug and sat on the couch.
“Mikan I have bad news to tell you” said Mr. Sakura and Mikan has a confuse face
“What is it dad?” asked Mikan
“Your going to a school called Alice Academy...but you can’t come back until you finish college there” said Mr. Sakura as she gasped
“But why?” said Mikan as she started tearing
“I’m sorry…I didn’t want this but it’s for your own good…you remember your Alice right” asked Mr. Sakura and she nodded. Just than her water phoenix flied towards her and landed on her lap, she smiled and hugged her. It was a very beautiful phoenix. It’s fur is very soft as the clouds and it’s color blue, little ocean blue, and when it’s on the water, it will make the water turn glittery white.
“Oh hi Manami” said Mikan as she pet her. She nuzzle on the neck and she giggle. Her parents looked at her as they smiled at their daughter. Mikan snapped out and looked at her parents
“So when am I leaving” asked Mikan
“Tomorrow morning 5:00 am” said Mr. Sakura and Mikan frowned
“Oh I see…but how is it going to help me when I know how to control it and learned of to defense and offense since I learned it when I was 10” said Mikan
“I’m sorry…but they found out about you having an Alice…you can’t change it Mikan…I know your disappointed…we’re also disappointed as well but this is how it is with people with Alice” said Mr. Sakura
“Come on dear it’s late and you need your rest okay” said Ms. Sakura as she walked towards her and kissed her forehead.
“Hm…Good night” said Mikan as she carried her water Phoenix in her room.
“Hm…Mikan and Manami are really close” said Mr. Sakura as he frowned
“Yeah…do you think this is the best” said Ms. Sakura with worries
“Yeah…I was quite surprise when she made the egg hatched” said Mr. Sakura as he thought what happen in the past.
-Flash Back-
“Mikan don’t go too far ok dear” said Ms. Sakura
“Ok mom” said a 5 year old Mikan as she walked towards the big giant garden where there is a big beach. Mikan was walking. She didn’t know where she was going but felt that her legs leading her somewhere. When few minutes had past, her legs had leaded her in a cave. Mikan was very curious about it so she decide to go inside. She was climbing rocks, it was about 50 feet high, but she got it through. She was now on top of it and she searched around. She thought it was quite nice. Then, suddenly…her eyes landed on a certain blue blue egg with water ice swirl beneath the egg. It was glittery around the egg too. Mikan couldn’t help but stared at it. It was very beautiful when you look at it. She walked towards the blue egg and just a little touch of her index finger, it started to bright. Mikan placed her left armed to block her eyes from the brightness. Suddenly a water phoenix came out and looked at her with her bright blue water eyes. Mikan looked at it and smiled. She wanted to touched and pet it but was kind of scared at the same time. Mikan started to raise her right hand and tried pet it while closing her eyes. The water phoenix looked at her confusingly and then went towards her and placed her head upper where her hand was and nuzzles her head while closing her eyes. Mikan eyes widen and looked at the phoenix that is now looking at her when Mikan looked at her. Mikan smiled and then swear that she saw the water phoenix smiled back. It was getting late as they were playing with each other. Mikan frowned and started to tear because she had to leave. The water phoenix looked at her and frowned. She went up to her and sat on her lap. Mikan stopped tearing and looked at the water phoenix.
“I guess I made a new friend…hmm what should I name you? Oh I know…what about Manami? Do you like that?” asked Mikan as she pet her head. The water Phoenix looked at her and nuzzled in more while closing her eyes and smiled.
“I guess you like it huh? So for now on I’ll call you Manami and you can call me Mikan” as she smiled at her new friend. It was now dark and she can hear her parents calling her.
“MIKAN…WHERE ARE YOU” shouted Mr. Sakura as he looked around while police, guard, maid, and butler were helping finding her.
“MIKAN DEAR….WHERE ARE YOU” shouted Ms. Sakura
“MIKAN-SAN” shouted the maid, guard, and the butler
“Oh no my parents…Manami, I have to go” said Mikan as she stood up dusting her dress. She went down but slipped.
“AHH” screamed Mikan and everyone heard the voice and knew it was Mikan's voice
“MIKAN/MIKAN-SAN” shouted everyone as they ran towards the voice. Just than the water Phoenix flied and catches her in the nick of time. She fainted and was now sleeping soundly on the water phoenix back. Just then, everyone came and their eyes widen, but Mikan’s parents were really shocked the most.
“MIKAN” shouted her parents as they ran towards her. Manami placed her on the floor and went next to her. Mikan’s parents looked at the water phoenix in disbelief.
“I don’t believe it” said Mr. Sakura
“Lena please help Mikan and bring her to her room” said Ms. Sakura and Lena nodded. She is Mikan’s personal maid. They made it in Mikan’s room as everyone left except her parents and the water phoenix. Manami was next to Mikan as she slept too.
“How Mikan can made the egg hatch?” asked Ms. Sakura to her husband
“I don’t know…maybe she’s...No it can’t be” said Mr. Sakura
“But maybe she is” said Ms. Sakura
“But only it’s true if she has a mark of a phoenix on her back of her right shoulder” said Mr. Sakura and Ms. Sakura gasped
“Oh dear” said Ms. Sakura with worries
“Don’t tell she has the mark” said Mr. Sakura and she nodded.
“-sigh- I guess it’s her destiny than” said Mr. Sakura
-End of Flash Back-
“I just hope she’ll be alright” said Mr. Sakura and Ms. Sakura agreed


-Back to Mikan
“Damn why I have to that damn school” said Mikan as she finished packing
“Hmp” pouted Mikan as she jumped on her king size bed as she spread her hands wide. Manami flew beside her and fell asleep as Mikan looked at her. She smiled on how cute she looked
“Manami you are so cute when you're asleep” whisper Mikan as she got up and started taking a shower. When she finished, she brushed her teeth, dried her hair, wore her PJs, and combed her hair as for her night time routine. She went towards her bed and slept next to her Phoenix.
-Next Day 5:00 AM
“Bye dear I’m sure going to miss you” said Ms. Sakura as she cried while hugging her daughter that is strangling her to death.
“Mom…I can’t breathe” chocked Mikan as her Mom let go
“Sorry dear” said Ms. Sakura
“It’s alright mom…bye dad” said Mikan as she ran towards her dad and hugged him. He hugged back then broked the hug
“Bye Mikan…aren’t you bring Manami?” asked Mr. Sakura
“No, they won’t allow it” said Mikan as she looks disappointed
“Mikan-sama it’s time to go” said the driver. Mikan took one last look at her parents and walked towards the limo. The limo drove off towards the Academy. It was a 1 hour ride but made it on time. They were now in front of the gate. She looked at the security that is lazy sleeping like a pig. Mikan looked at him and rolled her eyes. She used her water Alice to wake him up and sure did it wake him up.
“Huh what…why am I soaking wet?” asked the security angrily
“Because you are not doing your duty sir” said Mikan emotionally
“And you are?” asked the security
“I’m the new student here, Mikan Sakura” said Mikan and the security guy laughed as Mikan eye brow rise up
“HAHAHA but isn’t Mikan Sakura the pop star sensation that is a girl…you’re a boy HAHAHA” laughed the security
“I am I girl now opened the gate” said Mikan
“Yeah right prove it” said the security
“Okay for 100 rabbits” said Mikan as he grinned
“Deal” said the security
“Well I won because look” said Mikan as she took the cap off her head as her hair fall down gracefully. The security eyes widen. He lost the bet and was shocked that she is the Mikan Sakura the pop star is right there.
“Now than…hand over those rabbits” said Mikan as the security groan. He handed over the rabbits to her and called Narumi. Narumi ran as fast as he can towards the gate as the gate opened. Mikan walked inside as she wore her cap.
“Good morning Mi…eh…isn’t Mikan Sakura a girl?” asked Narumi as he wore a pink outfit. Mikan sweat dropped
“Is he gay?” thought Mikan
“I am a girl but dress up as a guy, but should I ask you why you dress like that?” asked Mikan as she took the cap out again.
“Oh sorry about that but you look really like a guy…-fake cough- and I like dressing like this because i thought it look nice on me…anyway my name is Narumi and called me Narumi Sensei and Welcome to Alice Academy…let me show your dorm” said Narumi as the robots came to carry her bags and went straight to her room.
“Narumi Sensei…what’s my classroom number” asked Mikan
“Your classroom is D4” said Narumi
“Oh ok” said Mikan. Few minutes had pasted and they made it to her dorm. It was in the 4th floor, room 465.
“Here is your dorm Mikan-Chan” said Narumi as he opened the door. Mikan’s eyes widen. It was beautiful. It has a balcony of the view of the sun rising, king size bed, big closet, couch, a table screen TV, bathroom: Marble sink, Big round bath tub, a shower, and a toilet, a desk with a laptop that her parent sent for her, and a mirror desk with many different kind of things: Perfume, accessories, and many nice things and a kitchen: sink, refrigerator, an square dinning table with two chairs that is on a vertical side.
“Wow” said Mikan
“Mikan-Chan here is a map to show you around the school and school start at 8:00 am and don’t be late okay…oh I forgot that your uniform will be tomorrow since it wasn’t ready” said Narumi
“Hm it’s alright and can you not call me Mikan-Chan when people is around…call me Kaname Sakura okay” said Mikan and Narumi nodded
“Okay Kaname-kun…Jai for now” said Narumi as he left. Mikan unpacked her things. When she finished unloading her things, she was thinking what to wear. She looked at her clock and it was 7:00 am. She got dressed and walked outside. She didn't wore the uniform because Narumi was going to give it to her later. So now she's wearing a black cap, baggy jeans, regular white and black shoes, and a plain black shirt. She didn’t know what to do for now because she didn't wanted to go to school early today so she found a Sakura tree. She sat down and looks at the sky as the cloud pass by. She was thinking how Manami was doing and her band. She was disappointed that she left them though and her fans.
“Sorry you guys” she whisper and went to sleep for a while. Few minutes past and it was now 7:45 am and yup she was late. She woke up and her eyes widen
“Crud…what time is it” Mikan said as she got up. She went towards some girl and asked
“Ms, do you know what time is it?” asked Mikan
“Why it’s 7:45” said the girl with blonde hair and brown high lights
“Thank you” said Mikan as she was about to run when the girl turned
“You’re welcome…Oh My God…You so Hot” said the girl as she blushed. Mikan sweat dropped as the entire girls turned too looked at where the voice came from. All the girls looked at her and went crazy.
“Damn” whisper Mikan as she ran as fast as she can look for her classroom while a bunch of girls ran after her. Few minutes past and she found it. She ran inside and breathes heavily. She looked up and saw Narumi and every student looked at her.
“Everyone this is your new classmate Kaname Sakura” said Narumi and the entire girls except raven hair girl jumped and screamed
“He’s so handsome”
“Oh my god can you have a date with me”
“No me…ask me I’m way hotter than her pick me”
“In your dreams pick me Kaname-kun”
And so on. Mikan and Narumi sweat dropped while guys were jealous except the raven hair boy and the blonde boy holding a rabbit in his arms.
“Settle down Please” said Narumi and they stopped
“Kaname please introduce yourself” said Narumi
“Hello everyone…Name is Kaname Sakura and I’m 16 year old” said Mikan as she smiled making the girls again screamed.
“What’s your alice” asked a girl with delight
“Water and Nullification” said Mikan emotionally
“Wow Kaname-sama you’re so cool” said a seaweed hair girl and Mikan sweat dropped more
“What’s your star rank” asked a boy
“Special Star” said Mikan
“COOL” shouted the girls and Mikan sweat dropped even more
“Ok than Mi- I mean Kaname please take a seat beside Natsume Hyuuga and he also is your partner as well” said Narumi and Mikan did what he said. She sat next to Natsume on the empty seat. She was looking outside the window emotionally as Natsume looked at her in the corner of his eye.
“Something is not right with him…I feel he is hiding something…and some strong acura surrounding him…hmm better keep an eye on him” thought Natsume as he stared at her
“I miss you Manami” thought Mikan as she frowned. Natsume saw this and felt guilty for some reason, but ignored it
“Okay class today is a free day so Jai” said Narumi as he left. All the girls except the raven hair girl ran towards Kaname. Mikan looked at them in surprise.
“Kaname-sama, can you be in our group name of my fan club” asked the seaweed girl
“Uhm sure but what’s your name” asked Mikan
“I’m Sumire Shoda, the beautiful and popular girl in this Academy and President of Natsume fan club but now Natsume & Kaname fan club” said Sumire as she smiled very sweat to her
“Eh ok Shoda” said Mikan as she backed away. She stood up and than suddenly.
The glass broke as a blue Phoenix was standing in front of them. Mikan eyes widen and Natsume too. They stood up together at the same time. Natsume looked at Kaname with a confusing face
“Manami…what are you doing here” said Mikan surprisingly. Manami walked towards Mikan and jumped on her arms that Mikan catches her. Everyone looked at her and was shocked. Natsume went towards her and grab her wrist.
“Follow me” said Natsume as he dragged her while she carried Manami outside the classroom towards the Sakura tree
“Where you get that” asked Natsume meaning the phoenix that is still on her arms
“It’s none of your concern” said Mikan as she walked away
“Tell me” said Natsume as his palm was showing fire
“No, like i said it doesn't concern you and why do you care” said the getting annoyed Mikan
“Tch…not the answer i wanted” said Natsume as he throw fire balls towards Mikan. Mikan used her water Alice as a barrier.
“You think you can defeat me” said Mikan
“I don’t think…I know” said Natsume as he ran towards her and tied to punch her but missed since she dodged. She let her phoenix on the floor as she was in her fighting position. Everyone ran towards them and cheered. One side cheered Natsume and one side cheered Kaname.
“So shall we” Mikan smirked
“Tch just start” said Natsume getting irritated
“As you wish” said Mikan as she ran towards him as she kicked, he blocked, punch, he jumped, she jumped and kick, but he dodged it
“This is boring let’s use or Alice element…water against fire” said Mikan
“Whatever” said Natsume as he made a big fire ball above him as for Mikan, she did the same but water. They aimed it and made a big explosion.
“-cough-damn this is useless” said Mikan with her hand on her mouth
“Tch…I’m getting tired of this…let’s get this more interesting …RYUU” shouted Natsume as he transformed. A red dragon shadow was covering Natsume as a bright red color shined. Natsume transformed as he wore a black shirt with fire shape in the middle with three button un button, he wore black jean pants, with black shoes that has fire print on each side, he wore a necklace with a egg shape with a red small dragon over it as it glows, and he has a Cross print earring on the left side as it daggles. When it was done the red light disappeared and red glitter was over them and a Red Dragon was next to Natsume. It was the same height but longer and little wider. Almost all the girls squealed and screamed on how handsome and hot he was looking now why the guys cover their ears and so was Mikan too.
“Now this is the fun part here” said Natsume as he grinned
“So he has the fire” whisper Mikan
“Huh who’s that? Manami” said Mikan as she looked around
“Mikan… let’s transform too”
“No Manami…I can do it by myself and I don’t want my disguise to be ruin in front of them” whisper Mikan as she started to get little nervous
“No buts…I can do it” said Mikan as she stood up
“Tch so you’re not using your Phoenix…how pathetic” said Natsume
“Whatever…at least I’m fighting by myself unlike you that is not fighting at its own making you worthless” said Mikan as she grinned
“Why you…you’re going to die to hell” said Natsume angrily as he ran very fast and punch her stomach leaving Mikan hit the ground hard. She winced in pain and Natsume just grinned
“Take that back” said Natsume. Mikan glared at him and kicked his stomach hard as he went back while holding his stomach
“Why don't you try making me” said Mikan as she ran towards him with her fist aiming him
“Bastard never gives up huh” said Natsume as he also ran towards him and was also ready to punch Mikan too. They punch and…
“DAMN” shouted Natsume
“GRR” Groan Mikan
They got hit on the cheek. Both of them, everyone looked at them in shock. They both fall but two people caught Mikan and Natsume as they fainted.
“Thank god…” said the boy
“Hm…good thing we made it” said the other boy as he was the same height as him


6:55 pm
Mikan opened her eyes as she looked around the place. It has white color walls and the ceiling was white as well. She was on a bed with a white blacket over her body.
“Hmm...what happen” said Mikan as she got up.
“You fainted…Baka” said the raven hair girl. Mikan eyes widen and ran towards her and hugged her and tears ran down her cheek
“Oh Hotaru is that you?” said Mikan
“Duh Baka…can’t you tell who’s your best friend here” said Hotaru as she let her hugged her. Mikan broked the hug and Mikan smiled
“I see your still the same Hotaru” said Mikan
“And I can see you the same too…dressing as a guy again” said Hotaru
“Yeah” said Mikan and just then two people banged the door opened while the other one was calm with a bored face.
“MIKAN/MIKAN-CHAN/Dummy” said the trio as the two ran towards her and hugged her, but the other one just went towards to the chair and sat down. Mikan’s eyes widen
“Hoshi, Ayaka, and Hana…I can’t believe you guys are here” said Mikan as she tears.
“Yup…I can’t believe you’re here, One-chan” said Ayaka.
“Little sis, are you ok” asked Hoshi
“Yeah” said Mikan as she smiled
“Dummy” said Hana
“Idiot” said Mikan
“Clumsy” said Hana
“Hey” said Mikan as she grinned
“Okay stop you guys…so I see you dress as a guy again…Mikan when will you change” said Hoshi as he placed his right palm on his forehead
“When I feel like it bro.” said Mikan
“-Sigh- Idiot as always” said Hana
“HEY!” shouted Mikan with anger
“Anyway how is Manami?” asked Hoshi
“She is alright…and by the way where is she” asked Mikan
“She right there” said Hotaru as she pointed at the phoenix sleeping on a chair. Mikan smiled.
“Mikan” said Hoshi
“Yes” as Mikan turned around and Hoshi hit her head
“Ouch…Why you did that for” asked Mikan as she rubbed her head
“Baka why did you fight with that Hyuuga kid” said Hoshi angrily
“He started it first” said Mikan as she pouted and Hoshi sigh
“Idiot you would have died” said Hoshi
“Ah but I didn’t” said Mikan as she smirked
“You’re lucky that his brother and I have saved you guys from falling down” said Hoshi (iCHigOgRl: arya21, that's your answer for your question)
“Okay sorry there better… Shesh” said Mikan
“Whatever...hey are you hungry” asked Hoshi
“YES I NEED FOOD” said Mikan as they sweat dropped
“Come on one-chan before we’ll be late” said Ayaka as she pulled Mikan’s sleeve
“Okay…okay let me get Manami” said Mikan as she walked towards Manami. She woke up and Mikan carried her. She fall asleep again on her arms and he nuzzle in more. Mikan smiled as she walks out following by her best friend, little sisters, and her brother.
“Can we go to my room?” asked Mikan
“Why?” asked Hoshi
“Because I need to put Manami in my room; she looks really tired” said Mikan as looked at Manami
“Hm okay…but we better hurry because I’m really hungry” said Hoshi while holding his stomach with both of his palm as it growls. When they arrived to Mikan's room, the four waited outside for her as Mikan placed Manami on her bed and went to the kitchen and made dinner for Manami. When she was finished, she placed in on the floor and closed the door.
"What took you so long? If there isn't any more seafood at the cafe then i'm going to shoot all of you guys with my upgrade baka gun" said Hotaru as she pump her upgade baka gun and they backed away except Hana since she not scared.
"O-okay guys let's go" said Mikan as they ran towards the cafeteria
-Inside Cafeteria
“FOOD” shouted Mikan as she ran towards to the Special Star Line and wait till it’s her turn.
“That pig” whisper Hana, but Mikan heard it. She ran back and argued with her little sister. Everyone looked at them like a television show.
“Hey I’m not an elephant” said Mikan
“Tell that to the judge” said Hana as she smirked
“Hey stop you guys and get some food ok” said Hoshi
“Hm” said Mikan as she walked back to the line. She looked around as she waited in line. She then stopped and spotted a raven hair boy making out with a beautiful girl while both of his hands on her waist as for the girl, her were hands ruffling his hairs. She has pink hair that reaches her mid-shoulder and has purple eyes. She was pretty too, but Mikan was prettier but as a girl of course. Mikan was now disgusted. Natsume saw this and make out with her more furiously as she moaned. Mikan turned and began to look pissed not because they make-out but she remembers the fight she had with him.
“Next” said the robot
“That bastard” whisper Mikan
"Can't believe he is making-out with a girl already...arh...feel like lossing my appietite" whisper Mikan
“Huh” said the confusing Mikan as she looked at the robot
“Can I help you?” asked the robot
“Oh sorry...uhm can I have ramen that is beef flavor, salad, fruit cup, and white bottle please” said Mikan
“ID card please” said the Robot as Mikan showed the ID.
“ID Approve, Here you go Ms. Sakura” said the Robot and everyone looked at her with a confused look
“MS. SAKURA??” shouted everyone confusingly
“Oh Crud” thought Mikan as she tried to make an excuse
“Eh sorry about that...the headmaster said that one of the teacher had mistaken me as Ms Sakura when it suppose to be Mr. Sakura…hehe” lied Mikan as she rubbed the back of her head while sweat dropping and pray that she won’t get caught.
“Oh” said everyone and they went back to their usual things as Mikan sigh
“That was close” said Mikan as she grabbed her plate of foods and went to find a table. She spotted one that is empty table and went there but before she went to the empty table, she told her brothers and sisters.
“Hey I’ll see you guys in that table ok” said Mikan while pointing at the table. They nodded and she left. She went towards the table but a group of girls block her. Mikan frowned and tried to move aside but didn’t work.
“Can i help you?” said Mikan getting impatient
“Yes, Kaname-kun, can you at less give a kiss and then will won’t bother” said Sumire as she went closer to Mikan as she stick her lips up while closing her eyes. Mikan look disgusted and backed away.
“Eh no thanks” said Kaname
“Oh come on just one please” said Sumire as she pleaded but it didn’t work
“This is so not right” thought Mikan as she looked grossed out
“Eh…sorry guys but I’m pretty hungry so it would be nice if yo-“but was cut off as all the girls went towards him with their food and tried to feed him. Kaname saw this and dodged every spoon that was aiming at her mouth.
“Oh Kaname-sama here”
“No here”
“Why not tried mines”
“No me”
“Eh girls STOP” shouted Kaname angrily and they backed away
“-Sigh- I’m sorry but I’m not interested in any girls right now” said Kaname and some girls went out crying with their heart shattered.
“You have some guts to say that to them” said the raven hair boy
"I know this voice...grrr...that Hyuuga" thought Mikan as she turned around with a pissed face
“Whatever F--ker at less I said nicely unlike someone that shout like a damn garilla” said Kaname as she grinned and he gripped his fist ready for another fight with her, but his girlfriend hold him back
“Natsume-kun, forget it” said the girl as she went in front of Kaname and smile while place her hand in front of them for a handshake. While Kaname eye brow raise up.
“Hi my name is Aimi Cho and sorry about my boyfriend and your name is” asked Aimi. She was the girl that Natsume was making out with. Kaname took her hand and shook while smiling making Aimi blushed and Natsume noticed it and grabbed her wrist.
“Don’t touch her” said Natsume with anger
“Tch your not the boss of her and remember I’m not interested in any girls right now so buss off and Aimi-chan…my name is Kaname Sakura and it’s nice to meet you” said Kaname as she smiled and Aimi blushed again and Natsume clinched his fist. Kaname saw this and smirked
“Aimi let’s go” said Natsume and walked out while holding her wrist and she followed but she turned her head and smiled and wave her right hand
“Bye Kaname” said Aimi
“Bye” said Kaname
“One-chan, what happen did we miss something” said Ayaka as she went closer to her sister
“Nothing just me and Hyuuga argued again…nothing good but I can tell his girl was over me…YUCK but it is fun making him pissed like that HAHAHA” said Mikan as she laughing evilly and they sweat dropped
“WHAT…didn’t I said not get fight with him” said the angry Hoshi
“I didn’t fight him I teased him” said Mikan as she sat down and munch on her food. She ate like a pig and they look at her disgusted
“Damn you dress like a boy and not acting like one” said Hana as she grinned and Mikan glared at her
“Shut up…I’m starving ok” said Mikan as she started eating more food
“Come we should eat too” said Hoshi and they nodded and they joined her
After they finish eating it was 8:53 and it’s was late.
“Oh no I’m late” said Mikan as she ran towards her room. She went inside and changed into a girl and went outside the lake. When she was there she searched around to see if anyone was anywhere to be found and she smiled. No one was around. She took the black cloak off as a beautiful girl was in front of the lake with a full moon shining bright with a reflection shining at the lake. Just then, Manami flied and landed in the lake where the moon was reflected. It started to glitter around as her feather shines
“Ready” asked Mikan and Manami nodded as Manami started to glow. Mikan closed her eyes and she started to glow.
-Natsume’s room-
Natsume opened his eyes when he felt a strong aura coming outside. He sat up and looked around.
“What the Heck?” said Natsume half naked in his bed with a girl next to him.
“What’s wrong Natsume-kun” said the girl with brown hair that reaches to her mid waist and has crimson eyes just like Natsume
“Hm nothing…I’m going to go out for a walk ok” said Natsume and she nodded and went back to sleep. Natsume changed wearing regular jean, a black shirt with a skull that is burned by fire prints, and black shoes. He grabbed his dorm key and went out. When he went out of the big dorm and saw a blue and white light shined. He went where it came from and his eyes widen of what he witnessed.
-Background changed into under sea water as the moon shine at Mikan-
Mikan transformed into her outfit. Her top was a water print in the middle as it reaches in her mid stomach showing her belly button, she has a water blue skirt that reaches to her mid-thigh and white glitter in the bottom of the skirt tips, she has arms leggings that is see through blue, she wore white and little water blue 3 inches high heel boots, she has a necklace with a egg with a blue phoenix on the side of it and is kind of hugging it but on the side, on her ear, she has two water stones in each other of ear dangling as it shines, as her hair was water blue as it ties up with braids was crossing from two left and on right and some braids on the ponytail, and her eyes was shining blue glittery when the moon shines at her eyes.
When she finished transforming she went towards the lake. She stepped on it but she didn’t drown but it on top of it. She walks slowly towards her water phoenix and they started to glow blue. Natsume stared at her in surprised and shocked on how beautiful she looks like
“She looks like an angel” thought Natsume as his heart pounded. He placed his hand where his heart was located
“What the heck? Why is my heart pounding for her?” thought Natsume but he shook it out of his head and stared at her
“Mikan he is watching us” said Manami telepathic in her mind
“Hm…should I use my teleport Alice to teleport us” asked Mikan
“I think so…you don’t want him to figure you’re really a girl do you” said Manami
“No way…...-sigh- ok here we go….teleportation” said Mikan and they disappear in the air as white glitter flouted around the lake. Natsume was dumbfounded.
“What the…where they went” said Natsume as he went out of the bush and looked around. Just then, he heard some noise coming from the bushes; Natsume turned where it came from and it was...


“What are you doing here bastard” said Natsume as he became angry again and had his palm with fire. The person smirked. It was no other than Mikan Sakura or should I say Kaname Sakura
“Be nice ok, sheesh, what a hot headed person” said Kaname as she walked towards him
“What do you need” said Natsume as he made the fire disappeared
“Oh nothing…I’m just wondering around and then I spotted you here” said Kaname as she looked at the lake and the moon. She sat down while Natsume sat beside her. Natsume looked at her as her eyes were blue. Natsume was wondering was the girl was him but then shook his head in disbelief. Mikan looked at him and thought he was some weirdo or so.
“Weirdo” whisper Kaname but Natsume heard her
“Ass Ho”
“Ass crack”
“Polka-Dots” Natsume smirked
“What?” Kaname said in confuse
“Seriously…you’re a guy and yet you wear Polka dots” said Natsume as he smirked
“Damn you Hyuuga…I got no time for you, so sayonara” said Mikan as she march angrily towards her dorm. Natsume looked at her as she was quite interested.
“Something is up with person...and i'm going to find out” whisper Natsume as he stares at the moon.
-Next day 7:42 am
“-Yawn- God I’m tired…thanks to that Hyuuga” said Mikan as she looked what time it is…it was 7:42 and she was late
“AHH I’m late” said Mikan as she went to the bathroom took 2 minutes shower, 20 seconds brushing her teeth, 50 seconds of changing into the guy’s uniform
“Wow no wonder this is how guys changes so fast” thought Mikan and she and she grabbed her things and left, but before she left she said bye to Manami that is still sleeping
“Manami” whisper Mikan as she closed the door lightly and speed ahead towards her classroom. When she turned she bump into something or someone…
“Ouch I’m so sorry” said Mikan as she rubbed her butt while her eyes were close
“Tch watch where you’re going Polka-Dots pattern” said the raven hair boy while a girl was clinging at his arm. She was the girl that Natsume slept with and now she has two buttons that is unbutton that shows her cleaves.
“Natsume-kun…who is he…I never saw him before” said girl. She was the girl he slept with yesterday night time.
“GR…Crack head” said Mikan as she glared at him. He saw this and glared back. As they glared at each other angrily, you can see a thunder ball in between them as they glare really hard waiting till that person loses.
“Why don’t you give up Crack head” said Mikan
“Why don’t you bastard” said Natsume
“You are so stubborn you damn brat” said Mikan
“Likewise Shorty” said Natsume
“GR…I had enough I’m going to be late” said Mikan as she ran towards her room. Natsume smirked because he won.
“Should we go now sweaty pie?” asked the girl
“Hm let’s go Yua” said Natsume and she smiled and cling on his arm again
“Ok Natsume-kun” said Yua. She is a slut and the flirtiest in the Academy. She loves only Natsume and only him even though she flirts with guys when he is not around.
-Inside Class room-
“Ohayo Mina” said Kaname
“Ohayo Kaname-kun/Kaname-sama/Kaname/ Sakura-san” greeted everyone. Mikan looked around and search for Hotaru. She ran towards her and hugged her. When she did, Hotaru was about to use her Baka gun, but than a blonde boy came and pushed her.
“Hey” said Kaname as she got up and a look saying Why-did-you-did that for?
“Why did you hugged my girlfriend” said blonde boy with jealous and angry tone
“She is my best friend and is it wrong to hug your best friends?” asked Kaname and they gasp and so did the blonde boy, he’s eyes widen in shock
“What…did I heard it right…Kaname-sama and the ice queen…best friends” said a girl
“Yeah I heard it too but I don’t believe it…I can’t believe an that ice queen has a hot cutie guy as a best friend…I mean she isn’t even pretty. To me, she is like full of sh-ts” said a girl as Mikan and the blonde boy glared at her
“SHUT UP DON’T SAY SH-T/BAD THINGS ABOUT HOTARU LIKE THAT SINCE YOU DON’T KNOW AS MUCH AS I DO” shouted Mikan and the blonde boy and they stared at each other as the girls that were saying bad things backed away.
“Hotaru…who is he though and how are you guys best friend?” asked the blonde boy
“Kaname this is Ruka Nogi my boyfriend and the one I talked about…Ruka this is Kaname Sakura…my best friend when we were little” said Hotaru as she introduce them to each other. Ruka looked at Kaname and she smiled making him blushed for some reason.
“Hi Ruka-pyon” said Kaname and everyone looked at him with a confuse face even Ruka
“Ruka…pyon” asked Ruka and she nodded
“It matches you because the bunny you had and pyon means hop right? Is it ok I call you that?” asked Mikan while all the guys thought he was gay or something but all the girl ignore and thought it was cute
“Yeah I guess” said Ruka as he had blush from embarrassment.
“Okay” said Mikan as she smiled again and all the girl fainted
“Idiot” whisper Hotaru as she fixing her Baka Gun. Then, 5 people came towards her and a boy with glasses introduced other 5 people including himself.
“Hello…I’m Yu and I’m the school president and this is Anna, Nonoko, Nekome, and Koko” said Yu
“Hello/Hey/What-sup/ Ello” said the four
“Hey everyone…my name is Kaname Sakura…call me Kaname and it’s nice to meet you” said Mikan as she smiled and they all blushed.
“Why am I blushing when he smile…Ah, I’m gay or something?” thought Nekome as he look away blushing
“He is so dreamy” thought Anna as she blushed more
“GAH…I can’t stop blushing” thought Nonoko as she also blushed more like Anna
“Damn can’t read his mind...oh right, I forgot he has Nullification” thought Koko as he tried to read his mind while trying to hold his blush
“Eh…why your faces is all red your guys…are you guys sick or something” asked Kaname as she placed her palm at their foreheads and they turned really red as Hotaru took some picture of them as her eyes show some money signs.
“I’m rich I’m tell yeah RICH” whisper herself as she took more picture.
“Eh no were ok, r-right?” asked Anna and they all nodded.
“Phew…that’s good to hear” said Kaname and just than a girl with pink hair and purple eyes ran inside while crying and Natsume and Yua was in the door. Natsume looked disgusted while Yua was grinning.
“Please Natsume-kun don’t do this to me” cried Aimi
“Shut up bi-ch…Natsume doesn’t love you…he loves me” said Yua as she looked really pleased. Everyone looked at them and then went back to their things. Mikan was confused at this and just watched.
“Here it goes again” said Nekome and they agreed. Mikan looked at them with a confused face again
“What are you guys talking about” asked Mikan and Koko sigh
“It’s like this…Natsume has like what 161 girlfriends”
“162 girlfriends actually” corrected Anna
“Whatever …162…200 it doesn’t matter…Natsume has many girlfriends…so Natsume makes out with them, get them on his bed, and then dumb that person the next day or later, but depends on him…it almost happen everyday” said Koko as he sigh
“What” said Mikan angrily as she can’t believe the Natsume the playboy did that to every girls that he went out with.
“Well, it’s true” said Nonoko feeling bad for Aimi
“Yeah but still…someone got to teach him a lesson” said Mikan
“Then why don’t you than” said Hotaru
“W-what…me” asked Mikan as she pointed at her
“Yeah you…you’re the one who brought it up” said Hotaru
“But…I…well maybe I will then” said Mikan as she walked towards them
“Wow this is going to be so cool…aye Yu got popcorn” asked Koko
“Yeah but illusion popcorn” said Yu jokingly
“Ok that would do, now hurry up” said Koko and Yu sweat dropped as he made an illusion popcorn for him
“Thanks bud” said Koko as he munch on the illusion popcorn and they all sweat dropped.
-Back to Mikan
“Please Natsume…please you said that you wouldn’t leave me but now you are leaving me” cried Aimi and Natsume had enough
“Shut up…I’m used you ok now go away you ugly” said Natsume as he and her girlfriend going to their seat. But then Mikan blocked their way.
“What do you want” said Natsume emotionless
“Apologies to her…she deserve it” said angrily Kaname and Aimi looked at Kaname
“Tch why should I, beside it doesn’t concern you” said Natsume as he tried to go pass her but she blocked and placed two hands cross around her chest. Natsume got annoyed and throw fire at her but she used water to protect her and that pissed Natsume more.
“MOVE” shouted angrily Natsume
“MOVE…or I’m going to punch you” threaten Natsume
“Do it then, I’m dare you to” said Kaname. Natsume punch her but then she blocked it as it goes on and on. Just than Narumi came in
“Good morning ever-…NATSUME AND KANAME, stop fighting and take your seats” said Narumi. They stopped and Natsume and Yua went to their seat.
“Kaname-kun, go to take a seat, now” said Narumi but Kaname didn’t went to her seat except she went towards Aimi and handed a hand. Every single girl except Hotaru became jealous. Aimi looked up and eyes widen while Kaname just smiled
“You alright?” asked Kaname and Aimi blushed. She placed her hand on hers and Kaname left her up.
“Yeah thanks Kaname-kun” said Aimi as she blushed
“Its al-..” but was cut when Kaname fainted. Everyone eyes widen and shocked.
“KANAME/SAKURA-SAN!” shouted everyone except Natsume and Yua


-Next day 7:00 Friday-
Mikan shot her eyes up and sat up. She looked around and she was in the hospital again.
“What happen” said Mikan and Hotaru woke up
“You fainted again –Yawn-“said Hotaru and Mikan placed her hand on her forehead
“Damn…so what happen yesterday” asked Mikan
“After you fainted Narumi brought you to the hospital and then Aimi wouldn’t stop crying…so I hit her with me Baka gun” said Hotaru emotionally and Mikan’s jaw dropped
“What…Hotaru you’re so mean” said Mikan
“Do you want me to hit you again” asked Hotaru as she aimed her Baka gun at her and she sweat dropped and placed two hand in front of her and waved side to side on disagree and Hotaru smirked and put her Baka gun away
“Hotaru is sure mean” thought Mikan while itching her head
“Man this hat is making my head itchy” said Mikan as she took her cap off and her hair fall gracefully.
“Much bet-“but was cut of when Ruka came in. Mikan gasp and tried to put her cap but it was too late.
“Eh Kaname, you're awake? I got you…WTF” said Ruka as he got confused and blushed of the sight. The sun was shining at Mikan making he look like an angel.
“Eh…hehehe…Hotaru help me” whisper Mikan to Hotaru
“Just tell him… he would tell and beside if he does than I just use his pictures and sell it” said Hotaru
“-sigh- ok …Ruka-pyon…I’m a girl not a boy…I just dress like a boy when really I’m a girl” said Mikan
“Earth to Ruka-pyon”
“-Sigh-“sigh Hotaru as she grabbed her Baka gun and aimed at Ruka. Mikan covered her eyes and
“HEY HOTARU…why did you did that” said Ruka as he rubbed his head
“Because you getting me annoyed by not answering her” said Hotaru
“Oh sorry about that…but it’s just that you look…” Ruka stopped and blushed more as Hotaru took more pictures. She didn’t care since it’s her best friend. She trusted her
“That I look beautiful huh” said Mikan as she giggle and Ruka blushed 1ooo shade.
“Y-yeah” whisper Ruka
“Oh yeah…forgot to tell you that my REAL name is Mikan Sakura not Kaname but call me Kaname when were with the others but if no one is here except my family and Hotaru than call me Mikan okay” said Mikan as she smiled and he nodded. Just than, Mikan forgot to tell Hotaru something
“Hotaru…I forgot to tell you my other Alice” said Mikan and they looked at her
“Then what is it?” asked Hotaru
“Other than Nullify and water I also has Copying/Erase/Stealing/ and Sealing Alice” said Mikan and their jaw dropped anime style
“I heard of that Alice…it’s really unique…many people wanted that kind of Alice because it said that you can copy and stealing as many Alice as you want” explained Hotaru
“Than how many Alice do you have Mikan” asked Ruka and Mikan started to think how many Alice did she copied. She never used the stealing Alice except one time but it was an accident. She tried to remember who that person was, but can't remember.
“Eh…I think Fire, Earth, Thunder, Wind, Mind reading, Levitation, Illusion, Wish Alice, Control Alice, Living Alice, and Death Alice…but I never even use death alice so don’t worry” said Mikan and they were shocked on how many alice she has.
“Wow Mikan-chan you have so many” said Ruka
“Hehehe…thanks” said Mikan as she looked around for the clock to see what time it is, but there was none so she asked
“Do you guys know what time is it?” asked Mikan
“It’s 7:25 am why” asked Ruka and her eyes widen
“AHH I’M GOING TO BE LATE” said Mikan as she got up the bed. Mikan was going back and forth, side to side without stopping. Hotaru had enough and shot her with her Baka Bazooka.
-Baka Bazooka-#275
It makes a power shot when it aims their head. When they get hit they’ll faint for few seconds and forget what they did later on but for few seconds
Mikan fainted and they went closer.
“How long does it take for her to recover” asked Ruka
“Few seconds” said Hotaru
“Huh mommy” said Mikan as she opened her eyes and Ruka sweat dropped
“Idiot” was all Hotaru said
“What happened” said Mikan
“I hit you with my Baka Bazooka because you wouldn’t stop from going everywhere. Today is a free day because of what happen to you Sunday we’ll have Festival” said Hotaru
“Oh really…cool” said Mikan
“Baka…let’s go to Central town…I need to buy some things” said Hotaru as she stood up
“Wait what’s a Central town” asked Mikan
“-Sigh- I’ll show you if you come” said Hotaru as Mikan stood up from the floor and followed her. Little did she know that a certain person was spying on her.
“Hm so Kaname Sakura is Mikan Sakura eh” said the man with a white mask. He disappeared with black smoke covered him.
-Back to Mikan
“Kaname, where’s your partner?” asked Ruka
“Huh partner…oh you mean that crack head” said Mikan cross her arm in front of her chest
“Kaname please don’t be harsh to Natsume…he is cold in the outside but inside he is really nice” said Ruka
“I doubt about that” said Mikan as she rolled her eyes
“Mikan you know that you can’t go Central town with us without your partner” said Hotaru
“WHAT! Fine…I’ll go find him” said Mikan as she went to look for him
“You think they’ll be alright” asked Ruka
“Hm” said Hotaru
-Back to Mikan
“Where's that crack head” mumble Mikan to herself. She walked and walked and than spotted a raven hair boy sitting under the Sakura tree reading his manga book.
“Ah ha” said Mikan as she ran towards him.
“Hyuuga” said Mikan emotional as he looked at her and frowned
“What Polka Dots Bastard” said Natsume as he went back reading his manga book
“Why you damn…-breath in and out- Can you come with me to Central Town since we are partners?” asked Mikan
“No” said Natsume without looking at her
“I do anything” said Kaname as she covered his mouth and he grinned
“Anything?” said Natsume said again as he stood up while holding the manga book on his left hand
“-Sigh-yes anything” said Mikan and Natsume grinned
“Okay …I’ll go if…


“Okay …I’ll go if…you are my slave for a day, and you have to do what I say” said Natsume as he smirked in his planned and Mikan jaw dropped anime-style.
“W-WHAT” shouted Kaname with little anger
“You heard me or I’m not going with you” said Natsume
“W-whatever” said Kaname in defeat
-Back at the bus stop
“What’s taking them so long” said Hotaru getting impatient for waiting for them for 30 minutes
“-Sweat drop- Eh Hotaru calm down” said Anna
“Shut up or I’ll shout you with this” said Hotaru while holding her Triple Baka Gun and them all backed away and sweat dropped and shake their heads
“Good now than…WHERE IS SHE?” shouted the impatient Hotaru.
“There they are!” exclaimed Yu while pointing at the two. Mikan was running and Natsume was dragged by her.
“Sorry where late” said Kaname as she tried to catch her breath
“It’s okay we forgive you” lie Hotaru as she fake smiled while they thought it was kind of creepy
“Oh really Hotaru?” said Kaname as she was about to hug her but than
“NOPE” said Hotaru as she aimed the triple Baka gun at her and shot her
“AHH” shouted Kaname as she flew and so did Natsume because Mikan didn’t let him go remember?
“Itai” said Kaname but she was on top of something or someone. Mikan eyes widen as she looked who was beneath him. He stared down at her brown orb that turned ocean blue out of nowhere while she stared at his crimson orbs.
“His eyes…it’s so… red” thought Mikan
“His eyes…I sworn I saw it brown but when you look up close its ocean blue…he reminds me of that girl” thought Natsume
“HEY HURRY UP OR YOU WANT ANOTHER HIT” shouted Hotaru and they blushed and stood up
“What it Polka dots Bastard” said Natsume as he walked
“Shut up… and my name is Kaname Sakura get it straight…bone head” Kaname whisper on the last two last words and thought Natsume didn’t heard it but Natsume did and he twitch a little but no one saw it.
“Annoying brat”
“Old man”
“HOTARU/IAMI” shouted both of them
-Central town
“Okay guys meet us here at the bus stop in 1 hour okay” said Anna and they nodded and left
Mikan went around and saw a store. She was wondering what is it since there were lots of people lining up so she asked.
“Uhm excuse me but what are people lining up for” asked Mikan
“Oh there lining up for Fluff puff it’s very delicious…it’s like cotton candy but better” said the man
“Oh I see…thank you” said Mikan
“You should try some” said the man
“Hm…sure I’ll just wait for my turn then” said Mikan. 10 minutes had past and she now was next.
“One box please” said Mikan
“Here you go miss…that would be 100 rabbits please” said the man
“Here you go” said Mikan as she gave the rabbits to him
“Thank you sir and have a nice day” said the man. Mikan got her box of fluff puff and moved a little. A young boy went towards and said…
“One box please” said a young boy
“I’m sorry, but I gave the last one to that sir there” said the man and the kid frown. Mikan felt bad and smiled.
“Here want to share some with me?” asked Kaname and the boy just looked at her and nodded. They sat on the bench and started to munch on the fluff puff.
“Hmm…it’s very delicious” said Kaname
“You know you remind me of someone…oh I know that Bastard Natsume Hyuuga” said Mikan and the boy eyes widen
“Do you know him” Mikan asked and he nodded
“His is my brother…I’m Youchi Hyuuga” said the boy. Youchi the second last of the Hyuuga family, he has grey hair and green eyes
“Oh I see…well I’m Kaname Sakura” said Kaname
“No, you’re not” said Youchi
“What are you talking about?” Said Kaname confusingly
“Because…you’re Mikan Sakura the pop star princess” said Youchi as Kaname eyes widen
“Don’t tell me he notice me already?” thought Kaname nervously
“What? You must be lying…I mean she is a girl…I’m a boy” said Kaname
“Nope…you’re the one that is lying about your identity” said Youchi and that shocked Mikan
“Yeah…your right I am…but don’t tell no one please” begged Mikan while Youchi nodded and Mikan smiled and gave him a hug
“Well it’s late I got to go…do you want to come since will meet your brother later anyway right?” asked Kaname and he nodded. Mikan carried him and walked. Everyone thought it was his son when they passed by.
“Wow, isn’t that cute?” said a young girl
“Yup, but too bad he has a son…I mean if he is single, I would have hit on him” said the other girl and Mikan sweat dropped
“How can I be his father is I don’t even look like him… do I?” thought Kaname as she sweat dropped more. Few minutes had past and they made it. She found them waiting for her so she hurry up a little.
“Hey Hyuuga, your little brother is here” said Kaname. Natsume turned and grabbed his brother wrist and carried him and glared at Kaname
“Don’t touch my brother with your idiotic germs Polka-Dots” said Natsume and they laughed except Hotaru and Youchi
“Damn you Hyuuga at less I’m nice to share Fluff puff with him” said Kaname as she was pissed.
“Great now you feed my little brother with poison” teased Natsume
“Shut up Crack head”
“Loud mouth”
“Old Man”
“Shut up…you guys are getting me annoyed” said Youchi and they looked at him
“I’m tired” said Youchi as he fall asleep in Natsume’s arm
“Aw Yo-chan look so cute when he is asleep” thought Mikan as she stared at him
“Come on everyone, let go” said Nekome
"OKAY!" exclaimed everybody except Natsume, Mikan, and Hotaru. They went inside the bus as they bus drove them towards the high school dorm. It was few minutes only, they made it and everyone got out one by one. Everyone was tired but they had fun. Youchi woke up and eyes widen as he looked everywhere. Natsume was looking at him. Youchi was still in Natsume's
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arm. He jumped off from his arm and looked around, but couldn't find what he was looking for and frown. Natsume went towards him and place his palm on his left shoulder as Youchi looked up.
"I forgot to say thanks to ni-chan" said Youchi
"Save it for tomorrow, but now it's late and you need some sleep" said Natsume and Youchi nodded. They were about to walk but Natsume stopped as he sense something coming. He knew what this aura was and knew who is it.
"Youchi, you go ahead and take care" said Natsume
"Alright oni-chan, I'll see you tomorrow?" asked Youchi
"Hm" said Natsume as Youchi smiled
"Good Night Oni-chan" said Youchi as he ran towards the guys dorm. When he was gone, Natsume turned towards where that aura was and it was at the sakura tree.
"Come out NOW!" said Natsume and a person was right behind him already in a flash. He was wearing a white masked with many controlling device.
"Good Job, Black Cat" said the man
"Shut up Persona! What do you want?" asked Natsume with anger
"You have a mission" said Persona as he gave him a folder and disappeared. Natsume clenched the folder with his hand with anger
"Damn you Persona" whisper Natsume as he left


-Next day morning 8:00 A.M.
“Ohayo everyone” said Kaname as she walked in with a friendly smile making the fan girl sqeeled
“GOOD MORNING KANAME-SAMA” shouted the girls in Kaname fan club while Mikan sweat dropped.
“Good morning Kaname-kun” said Aimi
“Good morning Aimi-chan” said Kaname as she smiled then Aimi blushed. Kaname searched around and saw Natsume and Yua seating down making out with each other. Kaname look disgusted and went towards her seat. Then, Narumi came in wearing a girl dress with flowers around it
“OMG” shouted all of them except the 4
“What? Don’t you like it?” asked Narumi as he spins around
“NO” shouted them
“-sweat drop- Eh…well anyway I just want to say today is a free day since tomorrow is the Festival and we have a special guest coming can you guys guess?” said Narumi and Everyone started to shouted out loud name
“Kuribayashi minami”
“Michael Simpson” – Everyone sweat drop
“No it’s MIKAN SAKURA” shouted Narumi and they cheered except 5 people. Ruka petting his rabbit, Hotaru fixing her Baka gun, Natsume was still making out with Yua and Mikan…well…she punched the table and the desk broke. The table split into half. Everyone look at her and shock.
“Narumi…let’s have a little talk outside” said Kaname as she grabs the dress collar and pulled him outside and slammed the door behind her back
-Outside the classroom
“What do you mean I’m going to sing in the Festival…no one didn’t even told me about this” said Mikan angrily
“Well it’s a surprise and come on...they won’t find out…please do it for them” begged Narumi while Mikan sigh
“I don’t have a choice do I? “asked Mikan
“Nope” said Narumi as he smiled
“Fine, but did you brought my band” asked Mikan
“Yup there on their way” said Narumi
“Fine than I’ll do this concert but you owe me big time” said Mikan
“Yes Mikan-chan” said Narumi as he left
“Oh crud...What am I going to do” thought Mikan as she frowned while she walks back inside the room. Everyone look at the door and saw a drowsy Kaname
“What happen to you” asked Hotaru while raising her eye brow as Mikan came closer and whisper something
“Hm…did he brought the band too” said Hotaru
“Yeah, Narumi Sensei said that they are on their way now” said Mikan as she sat on the table
“Kaname Sakura please come the teacher lodge thank you” said the speaker
“Huh…what do they want now” said Kaname as she got off the table and walked outside but before she was near the door she was cut when Natsume and Yua went ahead of her that make her got pushed back a little. She got pissed and yelled
“Hey CRACK HEAD….you can be at least be nice except being a crack head” said Kaname angrily and Natsume just smirked
“Tch it’s not my fault that you’re slow” Natsume teased and left, but before he left she swear she saw Yua wink at her. She shivered and went to the teacher lodge.
-Inside the teacher lodge
Knock –Knock
“Come in” said Narumi. Mikan opened the door and went in. She closed the door and faced them. Her eyes widen and then
“MIKAN” shouted the trio as they attack Mikan on the ground
“Hey guys” said Mikan
“Hey there Mikan…I see dress as a guy huh” said Atsuo
“Yup and call me Kaname ok” said Mikan
“Why name changed” asked Kaito
“Because I want to be a guy then... WOULD YOU GUYS BE kind AND GET OFF BEFORE I'M GOING TO BE SERVE AS PANCAKES!” shouted Mikan and they stood up and helped her get up
“Mood swings” said Haru
“Yup” said Kaito
“Shut up” said Mikan getting annoyed
“She always like that so don’t blame her” said Atsuo
“HEY! I SAID SHUT UP” said Mikan as she got pissed and used her fire Alice to burn their pants. They screamed and asked Mikan to stop and she did.
“HEY” said Haru
“What was that for? You was about to burn us to ashes” said Atsuo
“Yeah” said Kaito
“I said shut up and you guys didn’t listen so I have to used my fire Alice to make you listen and it worked so good job boys” said Mikan while she smiled
“By the way…what’s your alice?” asked Mikan
“Oh almost forgot…ahem…my alice is Weather change” said Kaito
“Mine is Boosting Alice” said Haru
“And my is Girl Pheromone” said Atsuo as he smirked
“What…Girl pheromone…to tell you the truth I like theirs better” said Mikan while pointing at Kaito and Haru as they high fived
“Ha I told you she wouldn’t like it now pay us 5 bucks” said Haru
“Damn” said Atsuo as he gave Haru and Kaito 5 bucks. Mikan was just confused
“Huh…WHAT you guys were betting weather I like Atsuo alice” said Mikan angrily and they nodded
“YUP” said the trio
“Well anyway…Mikan what song are you going to sing” asked Kaito
“Uhm…I don’t know…I think ‘Look at me’ would do it…what you think” said Mikan
“Hm I guess” said Kaito
“Ok than let’s practice since the festival is tomorrow” said Haru
“Hm...” said Mikan
“Well then, you will going need some side effect right, Mikan?” asked Hotaru and they backed away in surprise
“Where did you come from Imai?” asked Kaito
“It’s doesn’t matter so answer my question Mikan do you?” asked Hotaru again
“Hm…surprise us with your work and if it goes good, we'll pay you 5000 rabbit” said Mikan and Hotaru has money sign around her
“Deal” said Hotaru as she left making their side affect
“Mikan what are we going to wear though?” asked Haru and than Hotaru came back again and backed away again.
“How the heck did she does that…maybe I should” thought four of them
“Don’t ask how I did that” said Hotaru
“Is she a mind reader now” thought four them and they backed away further
“So got no clothes to wear huh…well I help if you pay me 1000 more rabbits ” said Hotaru
“Fine…here is the 6000 rabbit” said Mikan as she handed the rabbits at her as she grinned and left in a thunder speed.
‘Wow she is sure fast” said Atsuo
“Yup” said Kaito as he agreed
“Ok than...should we begin practicing now? Since Tomorrow is the festival” said Haru getting bored
“You're so impatient Haru…why don’t you ever grow up” said Mikan as she cross her arms around her chest
“Shut up” said Haru as he turned around while he looked away
“He’s right we should” said Kaito
“Hm…ok so got the things” said Mikan and they nodded
“But wait…where are we going to practice at?” asked Atsuo and they place their index finger in their chin and BING.
“HOW ABOUT MIKAN’S ROOM?” asked the two at the same time
“W-WHAT?” shouted the shocking Mikan
“Yes…that’s a great idea since your room is big” said Kaito
“But you didn’t see my room before” said Mikan
“Narumi told us you’re a special star so you should get a big room” said Haru
“W-well yeah b-but what about Kaito room” said Mikan
“Nope…my room is always a mess” said Kaito
“Well w-what about Haru” said Mikan trying to get herself out
“Sorry…but my room is still a mess from un packing my things” lied Haru
“W-what….than Atsuo” said Mikan
“Sorry, but my room stinks” lied Atsuo as for Kaito and Haru started to whisper
“Hey do you know why his room stinks?” whisper Haru to Kaito
“No. Why?” asked Kaito but in whisper tone
“Because it always comes from his ass” whisper Haru and they started to laugh, but then Atsuo heard them and crunch his fist.
“W-what did you guys say” said Atsuo coldly as they were not going to see the light again and they gulped and backed away
“Uh...Uh…nothing oh mighty great one” said Haru
“Tch…Yeah that's right i'm the mighty one alright” said Atsuo
“Yeah mighty my ass” whisper Kaito and Atsuo glared at him and he glared back
“Hey guys stop…we should rehearse now….sigh…I guess we have to do it in my room, come on let’s go…we got lots of work to do” said Mikan as she walked away following by the trio but Atsuo and Kaito still having their glaring contest. Mikan stopped and turned at them with her hands on her hips.
“Will you guys stop it?” asked Mikan
“Okay than…I can’t stop you but I can tell Hotaru about you two kiss” said Mikan as she grinned and they glared at her
“Oh you wouldn’t and it was an accident because of someone” said Atsuo as he glared at Haru as he sweat dropped
"Hey you guys let's play spin the bottle?" asked Mikan and three people smirked
"Okay" said the trio as they sat on a circle and placed the bottle in the middle and spin it. As the bottle goes around and around the trio was having some thinking ot do.
"I hope me and Mikan will kiss" thought Kaito
"It better be me, if not, i'm going to strangle whoever kiss her" thought Atsuo
"Hm...(Smirk)" thought Haru
When the was almost about to stop, Haru went and get a drink.
"Hey Haru, come back, it's almost about to stop spinning" said Mikan
"Hold up, I'm just getting something to drink" said Haru as he went to the kitchen and got something to drink and hurry back but when it stopped it landed to Atsuo and Atsuo grinned while Kaito frowned. Mikan and Atsuo was about to kiss but Haru tripped causing Kaito to move in front of Mikan making Atsuo and Kaito kiss. Everyone eyes widen while Haru laughed. They broke the kiss and backed away. Kaito got up and went to the kitchen to rinse his mouse while Atsuo went up going straight to the bathroom and used a toothbrush and brush everywhere in his mouth.
End Of Flashback
“Try me”
“Damn she is like Imai” said Kaito
“What do you think? They’re best friend” said Atsuo
“Fine” said both of them as Mikan grinned
“Ok let’s go” said Mikan as they went to her room and practice
-next day 7:30 PM
-Back stage-
“Okay guys ready?” asked Mikan while wearing a mask
“Yeah/let’s go/party time” said the trio
“1 minute till you guys start” said the manager
“Get ready” said Mikan
-Front stage-
“Hey everyone...okay everyone having fun?” asked Narumi and they screamed yes
“Okay everyone…now hope you enjoy this and have a good time everyone…now let’s welcome MIKAN SAKURA AND THE WATER PHOENIX” shouted Narumi and the crowded screamed
“Hello everyone” said Mikan as she smiled and they shouted complement on how she looks
-Mikan outfit:
Top: black tube top with a phoenix print on the middle with a jean mini jacket
Bottom: a jean skirt that is the mid thigh
Others: she wore a black high heel boot that is 3 inches, she wore two silver hoops and her hair was tie in a ponytail with braids and a black mask with blue glitter on the sides
-Guys outfit:
Top: Navy blue shirt with a blue phoenix print
Bottom: Baggy jeans
Shoes: blue and white Jordan
Others: black mask
“Okay everyone it’s fun to be here today I hope you enjoy this song its call ‘Look at me’ ENJOY EVERYONE” said Mikan but shouted in the two last words
“Breath in and out…you can do it …I hope Manami doesn’t comes out” thought Mikan as she closed her eyes. Mikan opens her eyes. Mikan nodded a little to signal them to start. Atsuo saw this and started the drums with Haru and Kaito started the guitars. Mikan breathe in and out and opened her month to start. Everyone was quiet waiting for them start. While a raven hair boy that is sitting on a table with a girl with a brown hair girl sitting on his lap. The girl was kissing his neck while the boy is looking at Mikan carefully.
“That girl…she looks familiar and the band name…hmm” thought Natsume as he is getting little suspicious (He never seen Mikan Sakura but heard about her)
"Futari de aruite
kaerimichi doki
kodou tomerarezu
fusaketeru furishita
doushite kiki ga kogenai no?
Konna Ni mo mune ga itai
wakatteru keredo
kakusenai, tomerarenai
nande ne, anata no kotoba ga
mune WO shimitsukeru
kidzuite kokoro no naka WA mada kurikaesu dake
soba Ni isasete
mitsumeru shinzen ga
atsukumeru ikenai
Dou sureba ii no?
oshiete yo kami-sama
moshimo yurusareru no nara
yume ni mita you ni
sotto kono mune tobikomi
hanarenai, moworidotto
onegai, watashi wo mitsumeta
motto maasugu ni
ienai kotoba ga mata hitotsu, setsunai kukieta
dakishimetai de
doushite kiki ga kogenai no?
konna ni mo mune ga itai
wakatteru keredo
kakusenai, tomerarenai
nande ne, anata no kotoba ga
mune wo shimitsukeru
kidzuite kokoro no naka wa mada kurikaesu dake
onegai, watashi wo mitsumeta
motto maasugu ni
ienai kotoba ga mata hitotsu, setsunai kukieta
soba ni isasete"
Mikan ended her songs as she closed her eyes and smiled
“Not bad” thought Natsume as he was impress of her voice
“Thank you everyone and I hope you like the songs” said Mikan as she smiled and the crowd became louder
“Sorry to say but that was all for today” said Mikan as they wined
“But we’ll sign some autograph ok” said Mikan and they screamed again
“Okay it’s time for us to run see you guys bye” said Mikan as she waved goodbye


-Back stage-
“Sign autograph?” asked Kaito confusingly
“Yup! Narumi asked” said Mikan
“Aw, but I wanted to look around and have some fun” said Kaito disappointedly
“Aw...cheer up Kaito, we can go later okay?” said Mikan as she smiled for him and he blushed while Atsuo mumbled because he was jealous while Haru just grinned
“Is it me or is Kaito is getting hot in here” said Haru and Kaito glared with Mikan confused
‘W-what… think Kaito is hot? Are you gay?” asked Mikan and they fell down anime-style. Haru went towards her and hit her head
“OUCH! What was that for?” said Mikan angrily as she rubbed her head
“Idiot it was an expression…I’m saying that Kaito is blushing” said Haru and Mikan has a confusing face again
“Huh blushing…you sick” Mikan asked Kaito and he blushed more
“Idiot” whisper Haru
“Hey…hey let’s go before it get’s mushy again” said Atsuo as he can’t take it anymore. Haru notice this and grinned again
“Aw is Atsuo jealous that little Mikan likes Kaito more” said Haru
“HEY” shouted Mikan and Atsuo
“Hey…shouldn’t we go and sign autograph” asked Kaito
“Oh yeah…almost forgot. Come on let’s go” said Mikan as she dragged the trio. They went outside where their seats are. They sat down and waited for people in line. They felt an earthquake coming towards them and they backed away little. Suddenly, they knew it was their fans, Mikan was little scared while Kaito and Haru hugged each other and Atsuo was just smirking
“MIKAN-SAMA!” shouted the boys
“ATSUO/HARU/KAITO-KUN!” shouted the girls
“AHHHHHHHH!” shouted them except Atsuo that is smirking
“ONE AT A TIME PLEASE” said the security that is trying to hold them back a little. The fan went into four lines, Atsuo, Mikan, Kaito, and Haru. Mostly the line was Mikan and Atsuo because Mikan is the main goal of the Water Phoenix and Atsuo was because of his Alice. After the signing autograph, they changed into different clothes that make them comfortable and went out to check out the festival. They were having fun with each other, but still getting chased by fans. Mikan was teased from Haru and Mikan used her thunder on Haru as he ran around to cool his butt down while it made Kaito and Atsuo laughed.
“Hey let’s go inside there” said Haru as he pointed at the haunted house and the trio smirked as they looked at Mikan that is now shivering. She never did like Haunted House not even one because one time she went inside one at the amusement park and she almost fainted because someone scared her and it’s not even a monster, ghost, or anything scary, it was a person that lost their way and was asking her where is the exit.
“So Mikan…you dare?” asked Haru “Unless you’re scared”
“N-n-n-o, i-i’m… not s-scared…l-let’s g-g-o t-than” stuttered Mikan as she trying not to be scared and trying her best not to stuttered as they four of them walked inside the Haunted House. Little did they know that someone was looking at them.
“Natsume-kun, can we go inside?” asked Yua and Natsume nodded as they went inside. The four was walking around while the trio was laughing at Mikan screaming around. When they kept on walking, they spotted an old lady
“Excuse me, but can you one of you guys carry me over there” asked the old lady as she pointed right at the left corner
“Hey Atsuo…I think you can take care of this since you like woman so much” Haru teased Atsuo while he glared at him
“I like gorgeous girls not an old hag. Why don’t you, Haru” said Atsuo
“No you...I asked you first” said Haru
“I asked you second” said Atsuo
“Why don’t we just walk away since Mikan can’t stop screaming and shivering” said Kaito as he looked at Mikan feeling a little pity for and the two of them agreed
“Okay let’s go then” said Haru as they walked
“I asked nicely and this is what I get…you guys are going to give me a ride...NOW” said the old lady as her eyes turned red and started to chase them.
“AHHHHH!” shouted the trio. Mikan ran towards them to see what’s going when they pointed at the old lady that was behind her. Mikan turned around and saw a scary old lady running at their direction. Mikan turned pale and then...
“AHHHH! AN UGLY OLD LADY!AAAHH!!AHHH!!” shouted Mikan as she ran in super speed not wondering where she was going at-least not where the lady was heading to
“MIKAN/MIKAN-CHAN!” shouted the trio as they tried to find her but couldn’t but at least they ran away from the old lady
-Back to Mikan-
-Mikan’s Pov.-
When I was running away from that scary looking old lady not knowing where I was running, damn, I was scared to death. You shouldn’t have seen her face. It was dead on scary. As I ran and ran, I bumped into something or someone and then I landed on my butt. Ouch! That hurts! I rubbed my butt as I opened my right eye and saw…
-End of Pov.
-Natsume’s Pov.
As I walk with this slut into the Hunted House, a ghost came out of nowhere about and scared that slut ran away. Finally! She was getting my annoyed, but at least she is gone for now. I walked and walked when something or someone ran into me…it was that singer…Mikan Sakura
-End of Natsume’s Pov.
“Sorry about this sir. I was kind of lost an-…Nat-su-me?” said Mikan softly
“How you know my name” asked Natsume
“Uhm…I heard you from other” said Mikan
“Hm…weird for a pop star princess would wonder around this place” teased Natsume
“Hey! It is not my fault it my band…they made me” said Mikan as she pouted and Natsume thought it makes her cute, but shook his head. Mikan was wondering what wrong with him with suddenly the wall on the side started to fall right at him. Mikan saw this and so she did one thing and pushed him as the wall fell down as the rock scattered on the floor as Natsume eyes widen and so was Mikan. Her noise was touching his as for their lip was 6 centimeter away from each other and Natsume had his hands on her waist while hers’ was on his chest. They stared at each other for a while. She can smell his scent it was an expensive clone, to her it smell really good. It calms her down while Natsume smelled her scent. It was strawberry and it was his favorite fruit and it also calms him down too.
“He smells really nice and… (Ba-Dome) What the heck? Why am I feeling this way…Oh shit…my hands is on his chest…well…too tell you the truth…his chest feels very muscular…wait WHAT THE FUCK(Me:sorry) DID I SAY? Erase…Erase…but his face looks so handsome and his hair...It looks so soft…FUCK(Me: Sorry again)…DAMN!! GOT TO FORGET WHAT I JUST SAID” thought Mikan as she blushed and then stare at his eyes more
“Her scent smells like strawberry and it’s my favorite fruit too…why I have this feeling that I meet her before…Ah…can’t think” thought Natsume as he stares at her eyes too and he spotted it was ocean blue, but what make him wonders is that when he saw her on the stage he saw her with brown eyes not ocean blue eyes
“MIKAN!” shouted the trio as they were wondering where is Mikan. Mikan heard them as she was about stand up but then something is preventing her from getting up. She looked back at and glared at Natsume that is smirking right now.
“Natsume take her hands off of me” commanded Mikan
“You have guts to say that to a handsome guy like me” said Natsume in a flirting voice as he tightens the hug…well kind of a hug.
“And you have guts to say that to a pop star princess…now let go” Mikan shot back to Natsume
“What if I say no” said Natsume
“Then I guess I have to scream” said Mikan as Natsume get closer and closer to her as she blushed. Natsume went towards her ear and whisper, “Not so fast…you’ll get your scream when you come with me to my room” said Natsume as he nipped her ear playfully
“Ah! Stop…please” said Mikan as she closed her eye
“Hm…no” said Natsume as he pulled back and ready to kiss her ON THE LIP. Mikan still has her eyes closed ,but suddenly, her eyes widen when she felt something soft on her lip. She couldn’t believe he really kissed her and it’s her first kiss too. He kissed gently, but little rougher later on. Mikan was shocked so she stay still when suddenly somehow she felt like kissing him back and so she did as she closed her eyes and placed her hands around his neck as Natsume sat up while lifting her up and placed her legs around his waist. They make out for a while, but Mikan realized what she was doing and pulled away. She got up and started to run away. Natsume was staring at her running away and smirked, “She even tastes like strawberry…hmm…hope we meet again” said Natsume as he got up and walked away.
-Back to Mikan
Mikan ran and ran when she bump into someone. It was the Kaito. Mikan looked up and she was crying. She didn’t know why but it just kept on falling down from her cheek.


“Mikan, we been looking all over and….what happen? And why are you crying? Did something happen?” asked the worrying Kaito. Mikan didn’t say anything as she ran and hugged Kaito. It was the first time that Kaito saw Mikan crying. Kaito was shocked, but hugged her. Mikan was crying her eyes out but still didn’t tell him what happen. Few minute later, she stopped and whipped her tears.
“Thanks Kaito” said Mikan as she smiled that made Kaito blushed
“T-thanks f-for w-w-what” said Kaito but Mikan just smile as Kaito blushed even more
“For the hug, of course” said Mikan as she started to walk but then stopped and turned to face at Kaito
“Uhm…can you walk by my side so I don’t get scared again” Mikan asked innocently as Kaito blushed and nodded as he walked towards Mikan and they walked out safely even though Mikan screamed and screamed while Kaito just laughed and laughed and Mikan glared and glared. When they came out they spotted Haru and Atsuo. They saw Mikan and Kaito too as they ran towards them. Atsuo gave Mikan a hug and Kaito glared
“Oh god Mikan…you made us worry” said Atsuo as he smirked yo Kaito and Kaito glared harder
“Sorry Atsuo and Haru” said Mikan while Haru saw her eyes kind of red so he asked
“Hey Mikan, why is your eyes red? Have you been crying” asked Haru as Atsuo looked at Mikan eyes
“Haru is right…why her eyes are red?” thought Atsuo as he was wondering why
“Oh nothing…it’s really nothing” said Mikan as fake laughed
“Maybe because she was crying her eyes off because she was scared” Haru whisper to Atsuo, but Mikan heard him and a vein pop out from her forehead
“Maybe…or she just wants me to be with her” Atsuo smirked while Mikan had another vein pop out
“Tch yeah right, why would she be with an ugly guy like you” whisper Haru and Mikan calm down
“Or she just want her teddy bear…uh what’s its name…Uhm… Beary?” said Atsuo and boom. Three veins popped and…
“Bastards…talking behind my back?” said the angry Mikan as the two boys got electrified by Mikan
“Damn…for a girl…you can be violent” said Haru while smoke was coming out her body. Haru’s hairs were sticking out on the right while Atsuo hair was puffing out like the 80’s. The two boys got angry while Mikan and Kaito were laughing.

“MIKAN!!” shouted the two boys charged towards her
“HAHA!” said Mikan as she grinned and ran away and laughed while the two ran after following Kaito. Later one, the festival ended and they’re now walking to Mikan’s room. Mikan turned to give them a good bye group hug
“Good night Mikan/Mikan-chan” said the trio
“Uhm Good night guys” said Mikan as she smiled and they smiled back. She used her key to turn the knob and went inside to close it. Mikan saw Manami and went towards her.
“Should we go now” asked Mikan and she nodded.
“Transformation” said Mikan as she turned in her outfit
“Ok I’m ready let’s go” said Mikan
“Teleportation” said Mikan as they both went to the lake that they went before
-At the Lake, middle of the lake
“Okay what we need to do” asked Mikan
“We need to use the new technique” said Manami in mind
“But I can’t do that…remember what happen before” said Mikan
“I know but we have to finish the this technique so we can begin the next technique” said Manami
“But….-sigh- okay I’ll try” said Mikan as she closed her eyes. She started to glow blue as flouts up. Manami closed her eyes too and they where side to side.
“Water illusion” said Mikan as the background changed. It was undersea water.
“Mikan now concentrate” said Manami
“Hm” said Mikan as she calmed herself down and think in her mind. They started to glow and
“Ice Swirl” said Mikan as the water swirled and turned iced. The background became normal and Mikan did it. Mikan opened her eyes and it became widen. It was a beautiful swirl as it glitters around the swirl
“Manami I did it” said Mikan as she jumped up and down, but then fainted.
“Mikan…Mikan wake up…Mikan” said Manami but she didn’t wake up. Just than a boy with crimson eye and raven hair with a dragon came. Manami went in front of Mikan to protect her
“Don’t worry I’m not harming her…I’m helping her” said the boy
“Who are you?” asked Manami in his mind

“Hyuuga Natsume” said Natsume
“What do you want” said Manami normally
“Help your master” said Natsume as he carried Mikan
“Hi Manami…long time no time no see” said the dragon
“Do I know you?” asked Manami
“You don’t remember? Ryuu the name” said Ryuu
“Ryuu” Manami said coldly
“Aw don’t get mad because what happen when we where little” said Ryuu
“Shut up and go away” said Manami
“Whatever” said Ryuu
“Ryuu come on and get inside” said Natsume and he nodded. He closed his eyes and went inside the red stone that is being carried by the necklace that is around Natsume’s neck.
“Don’t you need to go inside her necklace” asked Natsume and Manami shook her head
“How do I know that you are going to do anything bad to my master” said Manami
“Don’t trust me” said Natsume
“Yes I don’t because I only trusted my master” said Manami
“Let’s go” said Manami as he teleported them in Mikan’s room
“Lay her on her bed” said Manami
“I don’t have to listen to you” said Natsume
“DO as I say” said Manami getting angry and Natsume lay her on her bed
“Now go” said Manami
“Whatever” said Natsume and he disappeared. Manami stared at the spot where he disappear and went towards Mikan as she nuzzled closed to her.
“Night Mikan” said Manami as she went to sleep
-Next day, 7:45 am
“I’M LATE!!” shouted Kaname as she ran and than
“Itai” said Kaname as she rubbed her head
“Watch where you going bastard” said Natsume
“Shut up Crack head” said Kaname as she stood up
“Tch what a childish boy” said Natsume as he walked away
“GRR…BASTARD!” shouted Kaname but then Natsume stopped and turned and walked towards her. Kaname stood there until Natsume went up towards her really…Really….REALLY close.
“W-What” shuddered Kaname as she blushed
“Y-you look familiar” said Natsume as he looked up at her brown color eyes and he swear he just saw some blue
“Crud…is he getting suspicious?” thought Kaname as she getting nervous
“Tch…nah…you can’t be that girl” said Natsume as he walked away and then stopped again and turned to look at him
“You need to clean my room” said Natsume and Kaname jaw dropped
“WHAT! No way” said Kaname
“Remember what you would be my slave for a day and I chose this day because I went with you to go to Central town” said Natsume as he grinned and Mikan jaw dropped anime-style.
“I do anything” said Kaname as she covered his mouth and he grinned
“Anything” said Natsume said again as he stood up while holding the manga book on his left hand
“-Sigh-yes anything” said Kaname and Natsume grinned
“Okay …I’ll go if…you are my slave for a day, and you have to do what I say” said Natsume as he smirked in his planned and Kaname jaw dropped anime-style.
End of Flashback-
“Damn” mumble Kaname but Natsume heard it
“Ah now you remember…now after school, clean my room at 4th floor, 477” said Natsume as he walked away leaving Kaname burning up angry
“AHHH I’M LATE FOR JINO’S CLASS” shouted Kaname as she started to run really fast but bump his fan club
“KANAME-SAMA” shouted the fan girls as they ran after him
“AHH! Help Me!” shouted Kaname as he ran really…really fast

-10 minutes later
“Finally –breathe- made –breathe- it” said Mikan as she tried to catch her breath with her palm on the door with her face facing the floor
“Kaname-kun?” said Narumi. Mikan looks up
“Hi Narumi-Sensei…sorry I’m late…Wait…aren’t we having Jino today” asked Mikan as she went towards her seat that is next to Natsume of course
“No because we’re going to have new students today” said Narumi “You may come in” The trio went in and all the girls screamed except Hotaru while the boys groan except Ruka and Natsume of course
“They’re going to stay here to study. So guys please introduce yourself” said Narumi
“Hey what’s up…name is Haru age 17” said Haru smiled and they almost fainted
“Hello everyone…name Kaito age 17” said Kaito as he swayed his hair back and the girls squealed
“Atsuo is the name and age 17” said Atsuo as he smiled and the girls fainted
“Okay any questions?” asked Narumi
“What’s their Alice?” asked the girl with black hair
“Changing weather” said Kaito
“Boosting is me” said Haru
“Mine’s girl pheromone” said Atsuo
“OHH/AHH” said the girls
“What’s your rank?” asked the boy
“Triple star” said the trio at the same time
“Okay that’s enough for today” said Narumi “Who would be their partner now?” asked Narumi as all girls raised their hands up except the two
“Hmm…how abo-“Narumi was cut by the trio
“Can we pick?” asked the trio and Narumi nodded

“We wanted him” said the trio as they picked Mikan and Mikan eyes widen
“W-What” shuddered Kaname
“Uhm sorry you guys but Kaname had a partner and it’s Natsume Hyuuga” said Narumi as the two glared at him
“Uhm ok than I choose her” said Kaito as he choose Aimi
“I choose…her” said Atsuo as he chooses Yua and she blushed while Natsume didn’t really care
“I choose her than” said Haru as he picked a random girl
“Okay class, today will be a free day as the trio can sit next to your partner Jai Ne” said Narumi as he left. Few seconds later, and he came back in
“Oh right…almost forgot to tell you we have a play to do since the principal wanted to see you guys in a play” said Narumi and they groan
“Oh come on, it’s just Sleeping Beauty” said Narumi and then the girls brighten up a little
“Sleeping Beauty huh? Well I think I should be a princess since I am like her” said Sumire and Yua at the same time
“I think you guys had mistook princess for witches if you guys asked me” said Hotaru and they glared at her
“Now, now everyone, I decide that we should get characters by this box” said Narumi as he got out the box and they nodded except the 4.
“Youchi and Ayaka would help too okay?” said Narumi as he walked around and all the students got a piece a of paper
“WHAT!” shouted the two people
List of the people that is doing:
Kaname- Princess Mikan
Natsume- Prince Natsume
Ami, Anna, Nonoko- the three Fairies
The Trio- Dragon
Nekome, Koko, Yu, Sumire- animals
Ruka- Prince’ father
Hotaru- Princess’ mother
Youchi- Little version of the Prince
Ayaka- Little version of the Princess
Rich people from the party: Other 6
Rich people from the party: Other 6

Servants of the king and queen: Other 3
Guards: Other 3
“Narumi…I don’t want to be a princes Mikan…I’m a guy not a girl” lied Kaname as she glared at him
“Sorry Kaname but it’s picked…well here it the script for the play” said Narumi as he gave it to Yu to hand it out.
“But why the name Mikan?” asked Kaname
“Because, the principal wanted to be name Mikan” answered Narumi
Kaname looked and looked and blushed. Natsume looked at her for a while and asked
“What are you blushing at bastard” said Natsume
“W-w-w-e…h-have t-to k-k-k-k-k”
“K? What” asked Natsume
“Kiss” said Mikan while Natsume just blinked
“What!?” shouted the other student mostly Yua and Sumire except Ruka and Hotaru that is smiling right now
“NARUMI” shouted both of them
-one week later the day the play is played
“Okay everyone gets in position” said Narumi
“25 seconds before it starts” said one of the boy
“Where is Kaname-kun? The show is almost starting” said Narumi as he look around nervously
“I’m here” said Kaname as she ran towards Narumi. Almost everyone except Hotaru eyes widen. Mikan was wearing a plain old dress while carrying a basket and wearing a ‘brown chocolate color wig’
“What?” asked Mikan
“You look like a…a ….” Anna was cut off by Nonoko
“A GIRL AND YOU EVEN LOOK LIKE MIKAN SAKURA!” said Nonoko and almost all the guys blushed
“Because I am her” thought Mikan
“5 seconds left” said the boy
“Okay everyone in position NOW” said Narumi and they did what there were told
Curtin Up
Narrator: “Once upon a time, there was a princess that was born in a castle in the middle north. The Queen of the Middle North 
was really happy, but yet sad because what happen to his husband that is killed by the witch.”
Hotaru: “Oh my lovely daughter, Princess Mikan. I hope your father can be here to see you but he have to watch us in the heaven” “Damn Narumi making me look like this” thought Hotaru
#2 Servant: “Queen Hotaru the party is ready. Were now waiting for you my Queen”
Hotaru: “Yes, I’m coming”
Hotaru left while carrying the baby
-Inside the dark Kingdom
Narrator: In a far kingdom, a place call a dark Kingdom, where the witch lives while hell was born
Yua: “Hmm I see…the Queen Hotaru had a baby huh”
#1 Troll: “Yes your majesty…what are we going to do?”
Yua: “Hmm I’m think it’s time for us to visit them…you…tell the others to get in position and get ready to go towards the Middle North” –smirk
#1 Troll: “Yes your majesty…GARDS! In Position”
Yua: -turned around- “This might be fun…WAHAHAHA”
-Back to the Middle North Kingdom
#1 Servant: “Attention Please…your highness…Queen Hotaru”
6 rich people: Claps- Claps
Hotaru: “My people, where here to celebrate my first born daughter…Princess Mikan”
6 rich people: Claps-Claps
Hotaru: “Now we can get the party started”
6 rich people: “Hurray”

#3 servant: My Queen, King Ruka from the Middle South kingdom came with his son, Prince Natsume”
Audience: “AHHH!! RUKA/YOUCHI”
Hotaru: “Hm bring them in”
#3 servant: “Bring them in”
Ruka: “My Queen from the Middle North…it’s nice to meet you and your daughter Princess Mikan”
Hotaru: “Why hello King Ruka…it’s also a great pleasure to meet you…and who this cute son of yours”
Ruka: “Say hello to the Queen Hotaru and Princess Mikan, Natsume”
Youchi: “Hm…hello Queen Hotaru” -bowed
Youchi: “Ugly hags”
Fan girls: -tearing- “AW YOUCHI”
Youchi went up to the cradle to see Princess Mikan(Ayaka). Princes Mikan was sound asleep while Youchi has a little pink spot on his cheek but hide it. He went back to King Ruka.
Ruka: Well than, I guess we’ll be going now…bye Queen Hotaru and Princess Mikan
Youchi: Bye Queen Hotaru and Princess Mikan –waved good bye to them-
Fan Girls: KAWAII
-Background changed: Green mist around the place- by Yu
6 rich people: AHH/what’s going on? -ran away-
Hotaru: What’s going on?
#1 guard: My queen –cough- The witch is here
Hotaru: What?! –Shocking voice-
Yua: I thought you are happy that I’m here Queen Hotaru –grinned-
Hotaru: Silent! You were the one that killed my husband and now you’re here…GUARDS
Three guards went in front of Hotaru in their battle stance
Yua: Foolish – Yua used her ‘power’ and made them weak as they fainted
Hotaru: No…
Yua: I won’t kill your daughter…but give her to me and I’ll raise her as my daughter –grinned-
Hotaru: Never!
Yua: You will pay for this…watch when she touch this green orb…she will fall in a deep sleep and can never wake up FOREVER! WAHAHAHA
–Audience sweet dropped and backed away-
-Yua disappeared by the mist swirling around her-
Hotaru: Oh my daughter…what am I going to do
Narrator: Just than three fairies came
-background: lights came out of nowhere. The fairies came down towards the queen
Anna (red fairy): My Queen we can help
Aimi (green fairy): Oh yes we will right, Nonoko?
Nonoko (blue fairy): Yup, I can’t wait till I get my hands on that the witch –puff her cheeks-
Hotaru: You will? But who are you?
Aimi: We are faeries that came to help your beautiful daughter
Hotaru: You are? Oh thank you so much but what are we going to do? I can’t let my daughter touch any green orb or she will fall asleep forever
Anna: Hm…why don’t we take her away from the kingdom to our home to raise her so the witch will never fine out
Hotaru: I have no choice, but take that risk
Aimi: I’m sorry Queen Hotaru but that’s the only way
Hotaru: Hm it’s decide than…take care of my daughter…I want her to be safe
Anna: Yes, we will protect her with our life
Nonoko: It can be your life but not mine
Aimi: Nonoko
Nonoko: Just kidding
Audience + the principles: laughed
15 years later, in the forest
Narrator: 15 years had pasted and it was Princes Mikan’s birthday. The three fairies told her to get some berries and so she did.
Mikan: “Lalala…hello my animal friends”
Audience: WHOA! Kaname looks like a GIRL!
Nekome (bird): chip-chip
Ruka (Bunny): Hop-Hop
Sumire (bird): Chip- chip
Koko (Owl): Choo-Choo
Mikan: Hmm…would you guys help me get some berries?
They four: nodded
Narrator: As they went somewhere far to get some berries, Princess Mikan wondered somewhere else and was lost
Mikan: Oh dear…I’m lost again…hmm I think it’s this way
Narrator: As Princess Mikan wondered around the place. She spotted a boy that is sitting under a Sakura Tree

Mikan: Hm…He looks…really dreamy
“Ew….Yuck feel like I want to throw up” thought Mikan as she felt really disgusted
Mikan & Natsume sweat dropped
Natsume: Who’s there? –Turned around-
Mikan: -sweat dropped- Uhm...Sorry I’m lost and so I was wondering do you know around this forest
Natsume: Yes, but who are you? You shouldn’t be around this place my fine lady
“Damn Narumi making saying these damn lines” thought Natsume
Mikan: Uhm…My name is Mikan and I was just around to find some berries but I got lost and who are you?
Natsume: I’m the Prince Natsume of the Middle South Kingdom
–Mikan gasp-
Mikan: Oh my…I’m sorry I didn’t know you’re a Prince Natsume
– Mikan bowed-
“I can’t believe I’m doing this” thought Mikan
Natsume: Please don’t call me Prince Natsume just Natsume would be fine
Mikan: Uhm ok Natsume
–Fake smiled-
-Natsume blush a little-
-Fire over the audience head-
Audience: AH! FIRE!

Mikan used her nullification
-Natsume groan-
Mikan: Uhm…I better get going but can you help me get the way back?
Natsume: Sure but in one condition
Mikan: What is it Natsume?
Natsume: -smirked- If you care for a dance
Audience (girls): NO!!
Mikan-shuddered-: W-what? But I can’t dance
Natsume went towards her and grabbed her palm to place it on his shoulders and he placed his on her waist. Mikan blushed
Natsume: Just follow my steps
Mikan- blushed; Hm
Narrator: As they dance, little did they know that someone was watching them
-Back to the Dark Kingdom
Yua: “I see…it looks like the Prince Natsume is with the Princess”
#5 Troll: what do you want us to do your highness
Yua: I’m thinking of capturing the Prince but first we have to make the Princess touch the green orb
#1 Troll: What a brilliant idea my queen
Yua: Of course now than it’s time to go to the Queen Hotaru castle
#1 Troll: Yes
-Back to Mikan and Natsume
Mikan: Oh dear…it’s late…I should go before my guardian will be worried
Natsume: But...
Mikan: I’m sorry

Narrator: As Princess Mikan ran away, she forgot that she was lost again, but made it back home safely
Aimi: She’s here…everyone hide
Mikan –opened the door- : Anna, Aimi, Nonoko? Where are you guys and why it’s dark? - Switch the light on-
Mikan-gasp-: Oh you guys remember
Aimi: Oh course we do
Nonoko: Yup
Mikan: Thank you guys
Anna: Your welcome and here is your present –handed a ‘pink’ dress
Nonoko: Snicker-snicker
Mikan: Aww…it’s blue….this is SO Cute
– Anna eyes widen-
Anna: What? BLUE? NONOKO!?
Nonoko: What? She likes it and thinks it’s cute
Anna: Nonoko….
Nonoko: Yes
Anna: Forget…So Mikan today we have bring you back to the castle
Mikan: What? Why?
Aimi: -tearing- oh…just get on with it
Anna: -sigh- Here goes…Your mother; Queen Hotaru wanted you to come back to the castle to see you again
–Mikan eyes widen-

Mikan: What? But I don’t want to go since I want to see Prince Natsume
–Their eyes widen-
Anna: Prince…Natsume?
Mikan: Yes…he is so dreamy and nice and handsome too
“I think I’m going to throw up…dreamy? Nice? Handsome? To me it’s like the opposite” thought Mikan
-The cast sweat dropped-
Anna: I’m sorry but you can never see him again, Mikan
Mikan: Wh-what...but why?
Anna: I’m sorry but I can’t say
Mikan: No…No…I won’t allow it…No
–She backed away-
Anna: M-Mikan?
Mikan: No…NO
–she ran away towards her room and cried
Mikan: No…it can’t be
Audience + principle: -sniff- that –sniff- was –sniff- so –sniff sad
-Background change- night time inside the kingdom
Narrator: When night came, the three fairies and the princess that is now wearing cloaks sneak inside the castle
Nonoko –whisper-: I felt bad for the Princess
Anna –whisper-: Me too but we have no choice
Aimi –whisper-: Hm
Anna: Princess Mikan, stay here ok
Mikan: ….
Anna: Come on…let’s go
Narrator: When they were gone, a voice was heard
Yua: Come towards the firewood place Princess Mikan
Narrator: Princess Mikan didn’t know who the voice was coming from but so she decided to the voice and she went through the firewood place where there was a stairs that goes around and around until she made it to the top. Back to The three fairies, as they came out from the door, the princess was missing. They gasp and were in shock. They saw her walking up the stairs.
Anna: The Witch! Princess Mikan, don’t listen to that voice! COME BACK!
Narrator: They ran towards Fire place but it was closed
Anna: That witch
Nonoko: What are we going to do now?
Anna: Ah I know, let’s combine our power to open the fire place
Aimi: Hm let’s do it
Narrator: As they did they fire place opened and they ran up the stairs
Mikan: W-what?
Yua’s voice: Don’t listen to them…don’t you want to see your prince?
Mikan: Yes, I do
Yua’s voice: Than touch the green orb and you will see him
Narrator: Mikan did what she was told but when she touched it the three fairies came in but it was too late
Yua: WAHAHAHAHAHA!! You are too late…now she will fall asleep FOREVER and I even have her little prince!! WAHAHAHAHAHA –she disappeared-
Anna: Nooo…
-She walks towards the sleeping princess
Nonoko: Princes Mikan?
Aimi: tearing
Audience: WAH! tears
Narrator: For our Princess, it was a sad thing to see. The three fairies placed her on top of the tower as the kingdom was celebrating the princess welcome back party
Aimi: What are we going to say to the Queen Hotaru, Anna?
Anna: Where not? This is going to be a secret
Nonoko: So how are you going to keep this a secret?
Anna: We’re going to make them fall asleep
Nonoko: WHAT?! Are you crazy?
Anna: No, I’m not…that’s the only until we make Mikan wake up
Aimi: But how?
Anna: We have to save the prince to make him kiss her
Audience: WHAT?! A KISS!?
Nonoko: Are you sure?
Anna: I’m positive
Aimi: Hm let’s go were running out of time
Narrator: As the three fairies made everyone in the village fall asleep they went towards the Dark Kingdom
-Dark Kingdom

Yua: Now my fellow servants…We’re going to celebrate for capturing the Prince Natsume…Have fun
All the trolls: YAHOO!
-Back to the fairies-
Anna: The prince should be in the dungeon so it’s right there
–While holding a map-
Nonoko: No that’s not it, is that one
–pointing to the place
Anna: Nonoko, you’re wrong, is this one
Nonoko: Nuh uh…prove it
Anna: -sigh- It said the word dungeon
Nonoko: ….oh…than what the heck is that one
Aimi: That’s where the Troll’s…poops and pee goes
Nonoko: EWW!
Audience: HAHAHAHA
Anna: Come on, we have to hurry
Aimi and Nonoko: HM
Narrator: As they went everywhere to find the Prince, they went to a lot of trouble to find him and made it towards the dungeon.
Natsume: Who’s there?
Anna: Don’t worry…where here to save you
– used her power to break each chain there is
Natsume: Thanks…but why?
Aimi: No time to explain come on
Natsume: Hm

Anna: Wait…here is a sword and a shield to protect you
Natsume: Thanks
Nonoko: Come on before they find us
Narrator: As they left and get his horse they went towards the gate
Yua: Hm better check on him
–She disappeared towards the dungeon
Yua: Oh, Prince Natsume
Narrator: But he was gone and the witch became furious
#1 troll: Yes, CLOSE THE GATE
#6 Troll: Closing the gate
Cast: -Sweat dropped-
Narrator: But it was close that the Prince made it and ran towards the tower
Narrator: As the witch was furious of this situation; the witch turned into mist and was on top a different tower before the Prince was
Natsume: Damn it
Yua: HAHAHA…you shouldn’t have left your place my Prince but now you’ll pay….With my powers; forbid the prince to come any closer while big thorns to protect this tower
Narrator: As the witch cast the spell the towards and the castle was sworn with big thorns around the area
Anna: use your sword to cut the thorns

Narrator: The prince did what he was told and cut all the thorn as it cut a path towards the tower
Narrator: The Prince made it through the thons and was in front of the tower, but now he had to face the witch
Yua: You shall pay, my prince
Natsume: Ugly…hurry up and let me defeat you
Audience: HAHAHAHA
Yua: With all my powers grant this wish to turn me into a dragon to make him disappear
Narrator: As she said the wish the witch turned into a big dragon
Haru: Now, DIE!
Anna: Use your shield to protect you
Audience: Go Natsume beat that ugly Dragon
Haru, Kaito, Atsuo: Were not that ugly, are we?
–Sweat dropped-
Narrator: As Natsume tried to protect himself, but the dragon swift the shield and it broke into piece
Anna: Prince, use your sword...and make her die…die…die
Narrator: Prince Natsume swishes his sword and throws it towards the dragon heart. The Dragon went towards and the prince jumped and the dragon falls while the fairies catch the prince and dropped him down the ground
Nonoko: Let’s go
Narrator: They ran up the stairs where is the Princess Mikan sleeping soundly on the bed
Anna: You have to kiss him
Everyone one except the cast: WHAT!!
Mikan thought: “Oh No…what am I going to do? And it’s the second time he kiss me…AHHH NOO!!”
Narrator: As the Prince went towards the Princess and bend his head and gave her a passionate kiss
Mikan thought “AHH!! NO NOT AGAIN”
Natsume though: “For a guy…his lip or soft…WHAT THE HECK I’m SAYING…”
“What’s going on? They should end by now” said Narumi and two people were getting jealous
“HYUUGA” thought the Atsuo and Kaito as they were furious and many fan girls of Natsume and Kaname
They broke apart
Narrator: After the kiss, the princess Mikan eyes opened slowly and smiled away. Then suddenly, everyone woke up
Hotaru: Where’s my daughter?
Ruka: Where’s my son?
Hotaru: Hey…we should be worrying my daughter! Since I haven’t seen her for 15 YEARS
Ruka: So my son is important…WHERE IS NATSUME?!
#2 guard: Presenting Princess Mikan and Prince Natsume
Narrator: As they came down while her hands are in twitch with his
Hotaru: Princess…Mikan?
Mikan: Hello, Mother
–bowed and walked towards her and hugged her
Hotaru: Oh my daughter I miss you

Mikan: I miss you too
Narrator: And that’s the end of the story as the prince and princess lived together and happily ever after. The End!
Curtains Down
Audience: BRAVO!!


Curtains UP
the cast bowed while holding the person next to them except one person
“Mikan, you alright?” asked Manami with worry face while looking at her master
“My heart can’t “Mikan” stop pounding…why? Don’t “Mikan” tell me I …lo…lo…love him? “Mikan” No, it can’t be….yes it must be a mistake” thought Mikan while holding her chest where her heart is located
“Mikan…I had been calling you and you….well…were space out” said Manami. Mikan looked at her and bent down with her knee on the floor and hugged her. Leaving Manami shocked
“Sorry Manami I’m sorry” said Mikan and Manami look’s confused but then smiled and closed her eyes and just stay there letting Mikan hugged her
-Later at night-
“Stupid Natsume…making me clean his room” said Mikan as she walk towards to Natsume that is only few doors from her room. When she was there she heard some moaning noise. Mikan face turned pale
“Aw man…he is doing it with another person…why this time…why” thought Mikan as she breathe in and then knock. After the knock, Mikan didn’t hear anything except someone coming to the door. Mikan waited and then the door opened as a handsome raven hair guy that is half dressed and was sweating
“What you want?” asked Natsume
“Hello? I have to clean remember and you guys are doing it huh?” said Kaname as she went inside seeing another lady on the bed covering her body. Kaname turned and faced Natsume.
“Looks like I was right since I can hear you and that girl moaning and screaming outside the door” said Kaname
“Whatever…aye girl…change and get out of here” said Natsume as she did what she was told. When the girl left, Natsume closed the door and looked at Kaname
“What are you looking at” said Kaname coldly
“What do you think? Clean my room” said Natsume as he went towards the bathroom to get ready to take a shower. Mikan groan 
and started to clean. It took few minutes for her to finish cleaning her room. She felt a little sleeping and went fell on the bed and she fell asleep. Natsume came out with black boxer and no top. He scanned the room and it was shiny clean, but then stopped when he spotted a person lying on the bed. Natsume went closer and hit his head. Mikan shot up and punch Natsume on the stomach on accident because she hate when someone hit her when she is sleeping
“Who the…oh Natsume –yawn- it’s you” said Kaname
“Idiot…why you punch me” said Natsume groan in the pain as he held his stomach
“Don’t call me an idiot and I punch you because I hate being awake by someone hitting me” said Kaname
“Whatever…now then…get out” said Natsume as Kaname blushed when she saw Natsume half naked but shook it off as she went out of the room.
“Stupid Natsume…can’t even say it nicely” said Kaname as she walked inside her room and did her night time routine and went off to bed with Manami by her side.
-Next Day, Morning in Class, 8:01 am-
“Oh Shoot…I’m late again…thanks to that crack head making me clean his room” said Mikan as she got a hold of her backpack and held her hat from preventing it from falling.
“Damn…I guess I have no choice but to use the other way than” said Mikan as she turned to teleport herself in front of the classroom.
-Inside classroom-
“Okay everyone, time to take attendance” said Narumi as he got his sheet
“Aimi Cho”
“Of course the beautiful and pretty Sumire is here”
-Sweat dropped-
“Uhm ok…Natsume”
“And Kaname”
“Kaname? Where is Kanam-” but was cut when they heard a bang
“h –pant- here…-pant- I am” said Kaname as she panted
“Mik- I mean Kaname-kun, you’re late, but we’ll just let that go; Okay everyone today is time to go to your ability classroom now but Kaname stay here I need to speak with you” said Narumi and she nodded as the other left.
“Mikan-chan, your teacher, Persona was to tell me to tell you to wear this mask but you have to dress as a girl” said Narumi and she just nodded
“Here is the mask, and he said your code name will be uhm…uh…I forgot...wait” said Narumi as he tried to remember while Mikan just sweat dropped
“Can this guy can get any stupid” thought Mikan as she was tapping her foot
“Oh yes! Now I remember it’s Water Phoenix” said Narumi as he handed a blue mask that has a phoenix face but blue water color
“He said he wanted you to change into your transformation” said Narumi as she nodded and he looked at his watch and eyes widen
“Blimey Hell! I’m late for a meeting…Well than I better go and by the way he said wait for him at the Southern Forest, Jai Ne” said Narumi as he left
“-Sigh- Better change” said Mikan as she closed her eyes and contract Manami as Manami teleport herself in front of Mikan
“Manami, we have to transform” said Mikan as she nodded and closed her eyes and Mikan did the same as she did her routine and changed into her transformation. Mikan shot her eyes open and her eyes was blue
“Manami, you can come if you want but change in different color like instead of ocean blue change into aqua color and your eyes dark blue” said Mikan as she nodded and her feather change into aqua color with her eyes dark blue as Mikan place the mask in front of her face and left with Manami
-Middle of the Southern Forest-
“Everyone. Here. Now” said Persona coldly as everyone did what they were told
“We will have a new student so be nice to her” said Persona as all the guys smirked because it’s a girl and the girls well some just groan.
“Persona…I’m here” said Mikan in his mind and Persona grinned while the class backed away except one
“Please welcome…Water Phoenix” said Persona and Mikan and Manami jumped down as all the guys jaw dropped and while some girls were seriously jealous
“That girl” whisper Natsume as he eyed her; Mikan saw this and glanced at him and glanced back at Manami. Natsume smirked for a while but was shocked when he saw Manami
“What the heck? She has a Phoenix too. She can’t be that Bastard too…Nah it can’t be she is a girl and that bastard is a boy and that bastard bird is ocean blue color while this color is maybe what? Aqua? But how many phoenix are there?” thought Natsume as he is disbelief but yet specious
“Okay we’re going to have a battle between Water Phoenix and the Black Cat or say Fire Dragon” said Persona as he grinned and they smirked. Natsume went in the center and so did Mikan.
“So I guess…we have to challenge” said Natsume
“Uh huh, just hurry so I can beat yeah” said Mikan coldly
“Damn, you got some spunk…okay than I’ll go easy on you but if I win, I get to have a sometime with you” said Natsume and Mikan glared him
“Tch…In your dreams but guess what? Too bad your precious little dream won’t come true in a million years” said Mikan as she is in her battle stance
“That stance…where did I see that stance before” thought Natsume as he called Ryuu and a red fire breathing dragon teleported himself next to him. He transform himself and fire glitter was over them as he was in his battle stance
“You first” said Mikan
“Fine by me” said Natsume
-Song called 恋のつぼみby Koda Kumi-
Daisuki na kimi ni deku wasu
Daiji na toki ni wa
Itsumo saiaku.
Kakkou mo kamigata mo
Natsume ran towards her as he throw a punch as Mikan bend down and slide kick but he saw this and back flipped. Mikan jump high and everyone looked amazed even Persona because never see someone jumped that high. Mikan used her Water Alice with a Nullification Barrier in front of it and throw it towards Natsume. Natsume used his fire but it was nullified so the big water ball hit him as he was sent back and hit a tree as the tree crashed down. Natsume fell but healed himself as quickly as possible, after that he landed on the ground nicely. Mikan frowned and Natsume just smirked.
“Renai ni ikiru!!” tte
Kimeta hazu na no ni
Karaburi nomi...
Umakui ka nai
Sore ga jinsei nan ka naa...
“My turn” said Natsume as he made a fire swirled and surrounded Mikan when she landed on the ground gracefully
“Damn” said Mikan because she got burned on her left shoulder but used her Water Alice to make the Fire cool down
“Ouch…got burn huh?” said Natsume as he grinned and Mikan glared at him. Mikan healed herself while her body was glowing and Natsume eyes widen
“What the Fuck? (iCHigOgRl: Sorry for cursing)” said Natsume angrily
Dakedo dou ni mo nara
Naitte omoi taku nai
“Itsuka wa watashi wo mite kureru” to
Shinjiteru kara!!
“Have you forgotten that Water is an alice can also heal” said Mikan as she smirked
-Back to the students-
“Persona is it true that Water alice can heal” asked a boy

“Yes, but it’s a very high standard to learn that technique if you have the water alice, but only few people can master that kind of technique” said Persona. He was kind of surprised too but hides it
Suki yacchunen!!
Getsuyoubi mo kayoubi mo
Dare nimo make hen no ni...
Kokoro no sakebi itsu tsutaereba ii no??
Me ga au dakede
Dokidoki ni kate nai...
-Back to the battle-
Natsume punched, dodged, kick, jumped, and etc
Mikan back up, turned and elbow hit, dodged, kick, and etc.
They both stopped for a while to catch their breath
“Damn you never give up you stubborn kid” said Mikan
“Don’t make me laugh, aren’t you stubborn too. I tell you this and I’ll only tell you once. I’ll never be defeated by a girl and I will never ever will” said Natsume
“I guess that will right now” said Mikan as he ran towards him with an water alice and tried to punch but Natsume jumped back and now on the tree branch
Kiduitara koi no hajimari
Aikawarazu hidamari ni
Watashi no kokoro yararete imasu
“GET DOWN HERE YOU COWARD” yelled Mikan as she got impatient and Natsume just grinned
“No” said Natsume as Mikan got really impatient. She used her water Alice like a water whip and used it to whip the branch and it fell but Natsume saw this and jumped really high
“Bad thing to do, Time to make this interesting…FIRE DRAGON LASH” said Natsume as he used his Alice to a big fire dragon and it headed towards Mikan.
Fire Dragon Lash: One of Natsume special attack. It was known as Fire Dragon Lash. It’s a big Fire Dragon that when it hits the owner opponent will make a big damage of 1/4 percent of the Person’s energy.

Mikan didn’t see this, so the dragon hit towards her and made a big explosion. Natsume smirked and made it to the ground nicely. Mikan was on the ground and almost can’t move. Manami was worried while Haruki was grinning. Everyone was shocked on how powerful Natsume attack was but…when Natsume went closed to Mikan. Natsume was angry because he saw her smirking
Honno chotto dake no yasashi sa ga
Ureshi sugite
Nanimo te ni tsuka nakattari
Koi tte osoroshi sugiru...
“Bad Choice” said Mikan as she used her Water alice and changed into ice so it’s like ice needles.
“Water Danglers” said Mikan and this time Natsume was caught without noticing. He was pinned down at the tree. Natsume tried to move but it didn’t work
“Fuck (iCHigOgRl: Sorry again)...GET ME OUT” yelled Natsume towards Mikan. Mikan can barely move but she can stand up. She closed her eyes and healed herself and she was shining blue as it was down, all her wounds was gone and she shot her eyes open. When her eyes opened the blue glow disappeared and turned into blue glitter
Me de oi hajimeru to kiri ga nai to
Wakatte iru no ni
Anata ni wa matte shimau
“You think you can beat me?” said Mikan as she closed her eyes
“Water Bonding” said Mikan as the background changed into under water. Mikan concentrate and shot her eyes opened
“Water Fusion” said Mikan as water swirls, swirled around Natsume and it turned into ice.
“DAMN” yelled the angry Natsume because he was trapped and was lost
“Yes…I did it” thought Mikan but she fell back and everyth
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everything was black as Sakura pedal was falling from the sky and it was only winter.
“Sakura…petals?” said Mikan while she opened her eyes a little and closed it again
Suki yacchunen!!
Dare ni mo watashi taku nai
Koi no ya anata ni ima

Toki hanatsu junbi wa dekite iru
Dakedo dokidoki ga mata
Jama shite shimau
-End of Song-

Btw,when you see ( and ) that was the creator doing so don't blame me...
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-Next Day in Mikan’s Room 7:30 a.m.-

“Hmm” Mikan moan as she stretched while closing her eyes

“Mikan” said a raven hair girl

“Hm? Oh, hi Hotaru“said Mikan as she yawn and she sat up

“Mikan, you alright?” asked Hotaru

“Hm…I’m alright…what happen?” asked Mikan with an confuse face

“You pass out” said a man with a white mask

“Huh?” asked Mikan

“Persona that’s the name…so you’re a girl and name is Mikan Sakura huh, so it wasn’t Kaname Sakura? I kind of notice that when I was watching you” said Persona

“Yeah I guess that is out but please don’t tell no one please” begged Mikan

“Hm…I suppose since you’re the famous pop star princess…hm...Very well in one condition” said Persona with a smirk

“I got a bad feeling about this” thought Hotaru and Mikan

“What is it than” said Mikan coldly. Persona turned and faced Hotaru showing that she needs to get out. Hotaru glared and left

“I need you to help the Academy and fight the AAO/ Anti Alice Organization” said Persona

“So saying you want me to take missions? Since that is the only thing that will keep my secret than whatever but only if you don’t tell my secret to anyone” said Mikan while Persona grinned

“Deal” said Persona as he was about to walk out but then stopped when he in front of the door

“Oh yes…meet me at the Southern Forest… you are going to have a mission at 6:30 pm” said Persona and he left

“Hmp…Damn…I hate him already but can’t tell anyone about my disguise” said Mikan as she clinched on the bed sheet

-Classroom 8:00 a.m.-

“Good morning my beau-ti-ful students” said the cheery Narumi as he walks in

“Morning Naru” said everyone except three people (Kaname, Hotaru, & Natsume)

“Okay class…were going to-“but was cut off by Masaki when he was holding a big stick while carrying an angry face

“Na-ru-mi…did you stole another Wipe Bean from the green house again?” asked Masaki angrily

“Now…now Masaki…ca-calm down” said Narumi as he backed away

“Naru…did you or did not?” Masaki asked again as he walked forward

“Ehh…did…not” said Narumi

“NA-RUUU” shouted Masaki as he charged towards him

“Eh…Bye” said Narumi as he left running away from Masaki

“Hey, get back here” said Masaki as he ran after him

“Today” Narumi ran to the left

“Will” Narumi ran to the right

“Be” Narumi ran to the left

“A” Narumi ran to the right

“Free” and ran to the left

“Day” said Narumi as he ran back and forth trying to get away from Masaki

“YAHOO!” shouted everyone as they left leaving Mikan, Aimi, Yua, and Natsume alone

“I’m out” said Mikan as she grabbed her bag and left

“Kaname-kun, wait for me” said Aimi as she ran towards her

“Come on Natsume-kun…let’s go to your room” said Yua

“Hm” said Natsume as they left and … yeah

-Back to Mikan and Aimi-

“Kaname-kun…i…i…need to t-tell you something” said Aimi nervously

“What is it?” said Kaname as he faced her

“I…I like you and would you consider to be my boyfriend?” asked Aimi shyly

“I’m sorry Aimi but like I said I’m not interested in any girls right now” said Kaname as she walked away being alone. Aimi looked on the floor as tear drops dropped on the floor. Few seconds had past and she ran away

“I’m Sorry Aimi, I can’t because I’m a girl” whisper Kaname while walking

-Dinner time, Cafeteria, 7:10-

“Mikan-chan, you alright?” whisper Ayaka

“Hm yeah I’m alright…uhm…excuse me” said Kaname as she left the table

“Where is she going?” asked Haru

“Don’t know…now shut up and eat” said Atsuo as he grabbed his wrist that has mash potatoes on a spoon and put in on his noise by accident when he was trying to aim it towards his’ mouth

“Ops” said Atsuo as Haru glared at him

“You did that on purpose” said Haru while having a little mash potatoes on the tip of his noise while the other laughed

“No seriously it was an accident” said Atsuo

“Hm I believe you but first” said Haru as he grabbed his’ cake and smash it towards Atsuo face as it got on his’ hair too

“Oh no you didn’t” said Atsuo as he glared him

“Ohh, yes I did” said Haru as he grinned

“Ok than, I guess this must be your special day than” said Atsuo as he grabbed a hand load of spaghetti and throw it towards him but Haru saw this and dodged and it landed on another person

“HEY! Who threw that?” asked the person that got spaghetti on the back of his head

“FOOD FIGHT” shouted Kaito as everyone started food fight and I mean EVERYONE! Well, except the teacher, they were 

trying to calm them down and the robots were just hiding and Hotaru use a force shield to protect herself so she can continue eating her sea foods selfishly

-Back to Mikan-

“Persona I know you’re here now…COME OUT” shouted Mikan that is now getting impatiently while she is still in her guy’s uniform and wearing her cap

“Since you notice me than tell me where I am” said Persona

“Right there” said Mikan as she pointed at the tree and Persona jumped down as he dissolved the tree

“See that tree? If you do not do as I say than that will be you next” said Persona as he smirked

“Try me” said Mikan

“Tch, stubborn aren’t we” said Persona as he used his alice on her but she dodge as she copied his alice and used it back towards him but he dodged it

“So, what were you saying again?” said Mikan as she smirked

“Hm good…but are you good for this” said Persona as three dark ball was behind her ready to attack her but Mikan saw this and jumped high and was now on the tree

“Good…okay now its mission time” said Persona as Mikan jumped down

“Okay your mission, is to rescue a girl name Aoi” said Persona as he showed a picture of her

“She had been capture by the AAO Academy” said Persona and Mikan stared at the picture

“She looks like someone I know” thought Mikan as she scanned the picture

“She is Natsume’s little sister” said Persona

“Great…from the Hyuuga’s” Mikan as she cross her arms around her chest

“What? You despise them or something” asked Persona

“No…just hate Natsume…that crack head” said Mikan as she looked away

“Water Phoenix, here is the map to the academy” said Persona as he showed the map to her and Persona used his index finger to point where Aoi was located. Mikan scanned the map and smirked

“This is easy” said Mikan as she disappeared to the AAO Academy forest

“Hm better wear my mask” said Mikan as she placed the mask on her face and teleport herself to room 264. When she was inside, she saw a little girl that was chain into the wall as it looks like she was being abused. Mikan saw some bruises and bloods on her, she was pissed

“Damn those AAO” mumble Mikan. She was mad on how they treated the little girl. Aoi rise her head to see who was mumbling and saw a ‘boy’ with a mask on

“W-who are you?” asked Aoi softly

“I’m known as Water phoenix and I’m from the Alice Academy. I’m here to save you” said Mikan as she used her teleportation Alice on her and teleport her next to her and then the alarm was on


“Hey! What’s going on?” asked girl 1

“Damn…must be that brat” said man 1

“Then check it out” said man 2 as they ran towards where Mikan and Aoi are


“HEY YOU! STATE YOUR NAME” said girl 1

“Water…Phoenix” said Mikan as she teleported herself and Aoi to Alice Academy

“Damn…they got away” said man 2

“Boss is not going to like this” said man 1

“You’re right…I don’t” said Reo as he walked in

“Sir” said the trio

“Hm…interesting…fine some file about that person” said Reo as he left

“Yes sir” said the trio and they left

-Southern Forest, Alice Academy-

“Phew…we’re safe” said Mikan as she put Aoi down

“Thank you One-chan” said Aoi as she smiled and Mikan eyes wide

“What the heck? One-chan…that mean sister right? Don’t tell me found out already? Damn, Hyuuga’s can sure sometime be smart except that creak head” thought Mikan

“One-chan?” said Aoi confusingly

“Huh? Oh sorry Aoi-chan, but aren’t you suppose to call me oni-chan not one-chan” said Mikan and Aoi just smiled again

“Why would I call you oni-chan when you’re really a girl? If I call you that than it will foolish, right?” said Aoi and Mikan eyes widen

“But how do you know I’m a girl” said Mikan

“Because…” said Aoi as she reach up at Mikan’s cap and left it up as Mikan’s hairs came down gracefully to her mid-waist

“Ok I gave up, but how do you know?” asked Mikan

“Hm…maybe because your hair is showing from the tip of you cap” said Aoi as Mikan sweat dropped

“Hm…you’re smart even your brother is not smart as you” said Mikan as Aoi giggled

“Hm lets me start this again…ahem…Hi my name is Mikan Sakura also known as pop star princess, but when I’m dress as a guy call me Kaname Sakura or Oni-chan if you want, but don’t tell anyone ok” said Mikan as Aoi eyes widen

“W-what? My one-chan is the famous pop star princess?” said Aoi happily with a little shock as Mikan nodded and then Aoi looked at Mikan eyes and it was blue

“One-chan…why your eyes or blue as the ocean? Before your eyes were brown?” asked Aoi

“Hm…don’t know…guess I was born that way” said Mikan as she looked what time was it and her eyes widen

“Damn we’re late” said Mikan as she grabbed Aoi’s wrist and ran towards the teacher lodge

“One-chan…slow down” said Aoi as she was being dragged by Mikan

“We can’t…were already late and I’m supposed to bring you to the teacher lodge” said Mikan as she ran

“Ahh…One-chan” wined Aoi as she had anime-style tears

-Teacher lodge-

“As you can see this is-“Persona was cut off by a door slam while the two figures is standing there

“Here is the girl” said Mikan as they both walk towards them

“Aoi?” said the man suddenly when he saw Aoi

“Daddy?” said Aoi as her eyes widen while her tears fell down from her cheek. She ran towards to her father and they hugged

“Well done Sakura” said Persona

“Hm” said Mikan. After hearing the word Sakura, Aoi’s father broke the hug and looked at Mikan

“Sakura? You mean you are from the Sakura Corp” said the man

“Hm…that is my father company” said Mikan as she walked towards the couch as she sat and pour some tea and took a sip. Aoi’s father walked towards her and gave her a hug and broke the hug

“So how is your father doing?” asked Aoi’s father

“Okay Mr. Hyuuga, what about you?” asked Mikan

“Hm good…I see that you meet my daughter so have you meet my sons?” asked Mr. Hyuuga

“Hm…only the crack head Natsume that’s it” said Mikan as she took another sip and Mr. Hyuuga sweat dropped

“What did he do this time?” asked Mr. Hyuuga

“Hm…don’t know…let’s see…we fight…argue…fight…and argue same as usual” said Mikan as Mr. Hyuuga’s sweat dropped became bigger than sigh after that

“That son of mine…I am terribly sorry of my son’s behavior. Well, Aoi I have to go for some business, so be a good girl, ok?” said Mr. Hyuuga as he gave one last hug to her daughter and left. Then , Narumi came in

“MIKAN-CHAN” shouted Narumi while running towards Mikan ready to hug her but Mikan dodge and Narumi hugged Persona instead. Leaving Aoi and Mikan backed away and sweat dropped

“NARU...GET THE HELL OFF OF ME AND WHILE DOING THAT, KEEP AWAY FROM ME!” shouted Persona angrily as he was ready to use his alice

“Ops…sorry” said Narumi as he turned to hugged Mikan but then Aoi and Mikan left

“Mikan-chan?” said Narumi confusingly

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-Back to Mikan and Aio-

“One-chan, wait up” said Aoi as she ran towards Mikan

“Aoi, we need to go back, now!” said Mikan as Aoi gave a look to her as she was confused

“Huh?” said Aoi confusingly

“You have to go to the teachers lodge so they can give you your uniform and a dorm” said Mikan as Aoi smiled and gave Mikan a hug

“Okay…bye One-chan…sees you tomorrow?” asked Aoi

“Hm…night” said Mikan as Aoi ran off and waved her hand side to side. Mikan waved back and left towards her dorm

-Mikan’s room and Pov.-

When I finish taking a shower, I went straight to my bed ready to get some sleep but then suddenly I felt a pain right where my heart is located. I stop and placed my palm where my heart was located and kneeled down. My vision became blurry as I saw Manami walking towards me. Manami said something that I couldn’t really hear. I couldn’t see anything until everything went black as I fell on the floor.

-End of Pov.

-Next Morning, 7:34 AM-

“Hm” moaned Mikan as she opened her eyes, sat up, and stretched her arms. She looked around and saw her phoenix sleeping next to her and then spotted her brother at the couch sleeping. She got up and did her morning routine. When she was done, she woke Manami and made her breakfast. Then, she started to wake her brother up

“Hey bro…wake up” said Mikan as Hoshi woke up and wipe his drool while Mikan rolled her eyes

“What happen?” asked Hoshi as he yawned

“Isn’t I’m the one that suppose to ask you” said Mikan

“Oh right…Manami flew towards my room saying you fainted and so I rush towards your room and saw you lying on the floor and so I pick you up and lay you on the bed. I was worried that something might happened to you so than I stayed” said Hoshi

“Hm Thanks…and Hoshi?” said Mikan as she grabbed her bag

“Yeah” said Hoshi

“You still have some drool on your face that you missed when you were wiping your drool” Mikan smirked while Hoshi blushed from embarrassment and wiped it off

“Go use the bathroom and when you’re done close the door I’ll wait for you outside” said Mikan as Hoshi went towards the bathroom to get ready when Mikan was outside she said…

“Tch…idiot…he should have known that I won’t wait for him” said Mikan as she walk towards her class and than


“Itai…Who-…oh it’s you crack head” said Kaname as she got up and dust the dirt out from her shorts.

“Bastard, watch where your’ going” said Natsume as he started at her. Kaname looked up and saw a girl, but this time it wasn’t Yua, she was more sluty than the other one

“I see you’re having fun again” said Kaname, but Natsume ignore what she said but Kaname whisper something to Natsume when Natsume walked beside her

“Crack head” whisper Kaname while Natsume said

“Loud mouth”

“Old Man”

“Droopy Eye”

“Slanted Eye”

“Shut Up, Strawberry print” Mikan eyes widen

“WHAT? YOU PEVERTED CRACKHEAD” yelled Mikan but Natsume and the girl wasn’t there no more.

“What? Where did they go…Hm…oh well, argue with him later” said Mikan as she started to walk. When she made it to class, she was in her seat as she laid her head on the table for a while. Just than Narumi came in

“Class…settles down, we have a new student” said Narumi as a little girl wearing girl’s uniform as she stepped inside. Natsume and Ruka eyes widen but mostly Natsume with shockness

“Hi everyone…my name is Aoi and it’s a pleasure to meet you” said Aoi as she smiled. Natsume stood up and ran towards Aoi and 

gave her a hug as Aoi hug him back. Everyone eyes widen except two people that Hotaru that is taking pictures of them and Mikan that was busy spacing out in the window

“Hey little girl…do you know who are you hugging?” said Sumire as Aoi looked at her and burned her hair

“AHH MY HAIR!! NATSUME-SAMA WHY?” asked Sumire as she ran around

“He didn’t actually…I did” said Aoi as everyone except the three eyes widen and looked at the little girl that is still hugging her brother

“If you say anything bad or insulting about my sister, I’ll burn you tell there is no left of you” said Natsume as he glared at her and it made everyone except three people shocked

“Sis-ter?” whisper everyone except three people

“Yes, I’m his’ sister and who is my brother’s girlfriend?” asked Aoi as Yua raised her hand up. Aoi glared at her as she broked the hug and walks towards her. She was now in front of her and burned her hair too

“AHHH” shouted Yua as she too ran around while everyone laughed

“Stay away from my brother” said Aoi as she walked towards Mikan

“Hi Oni-chan” said Aoi as she hugged Mikan while Mikan hugged back

“ONI-CHAN?” shouted everyone with shockness except three people. Hotaru know since Mikan told her telepathically and Hotaru told Ruka, but Natsume was shocked and angry but hide the shockness. Natsume march towards them and broke the hug as he pulled Aoi away from Mikan

“Ni-chan!” said Aoi as she pouted

“Aoi, stay away from this guy” said Natsume as he glared at Mikan but Mikan just looked bored as she stood up and walked towards Natsume

“But brother, he saved me from the AAO Academy” said Aoi and everyone was shocked except two people

“You? Saved my sister?” said Natsume as she nodded

“Got a problem? Well anyway I’m out” said Kaname as she walked towards the door but stopped

“Aoi-chan…you want to come with me to Central Town?” asked Kaname as Aoi nodded while she break free from Natsume grip and ran towards Kaname and they left but then stopped when Narumi need to say something

“Hey you guys” said Narumi and they turned and face him

“I forgot to say something…ahem…two days will be the winter ball so go and get ready” said Narumi as they nodded while Hotaru, Ruka, Anna, Koko, Nekome, Yu, Nonoko, and the trio stood up

“IT’S SHOPPING TIME” said Anna and Nonoko as they cheered

“Wait…I’ve got to call my brother and sisters to come” said Mikan as they went to find Mikan’s brother and sisters and even Natsume’s brothers came as the group left to go shopping even Natsume followed them but went with his group (Ruka, Koko, Nekome, and Yu)

-Central Town, near the bus stop-

“Ugly” said Hana and Youchi to Mikan as they walked and the other group sweat dropped except Natsume and Hotaru



“Cold hearted children”

“Clumsy” -Hana

“Shut up”

“Loud mouth”-Youchi

“SHUT UP” said Mikan as she was about to use her alice but then the trio hold her back

“Hey…Hey…Hey…calm down Kaname” said Haru

“Yeah, cool it” said Atsuo

“Those bratty heads…always get on my nerves. Natsume, what did you teach to your little brother?” said Mikan as she tried to get out from their grip

“I don’t know what you are talking about and beside aren’t you suppose to tell that to your younger sister too” said Natsume

“LIAR! I didn’t do nothing to my little sister, it must be you who did it” shouted Mikan

“They are just kids” said Kaito

“Yeah devil kids” mummbled Mikan as Haru and Atsuo let go of her and she fell forward making her face hit the ground while the other laughed except Hotaru

“Ops…1…2…3… RUN” shouted Atsuo and Haru as they ran away

“I’ll get you guys” said Mikan as she was about to run but felt someone tugged her sleeves

“Oni-chan, can we get some fluff puff?” asked Ayaka as she tugged on Mikan’s shorts

“Hm…hey you guys go ahead and I’ll bring the little kids to the fluff puff stand” said Kaname and they agreed. Hana, Youchi, and Aoi came too with Mikan to get some fluff Puff. Ayaka got a hold of Youchi hand and they walked like a couple of course as Ayaka and Youchi blushed and Hana look disgusted while Aoi just smiled. When they made it, Kaname bought them their fluffy puff and they ate it under the Sakura tree. When they finished they went shopping. They bought clothes and Mikan tried some clothes for Youchi and it was adorable as they laughed and Youchi blushed from embarrassment. When they were done, they meet each other at the bus stop

“Thanks oni-chan for spending some time with me” said Aio

“No problem…Let’s have fun next time ok?” said Kaname

“Hm…next time” said Aio as they went inside the bus. They made it back safely and waved good bye to each other and went back to their dorm and went to bed. It was late; many people slept and have beautiful dreams except one person that was not asleep and was awake

-Late at night-

“Mikan, we have to do the other techniques” said Manami while Mikan nodded

“Hm, let’s transform first” said Mikan as she closed her eyes and transform in her outfit. They teleport to the lake and they use a technique called Frost Nova. It took some time but Mikan 

accomplished it. When they were finished they disappeared, but little did they know that someone was spying on them

“Boss…I record the whole thing” said man number 1 as he walks holding the camera recorder

“Good…now bring the tape back to the AAO Headquarter” said Reo

“Yes, sir” said the man as he disappeared also

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-Next Day, Morning, 7:59 -

“Good Morning everyone” said Kaname as she walked in the classroom

“MORNING KANAME-KUN” said the fan girls and other people. Sumire then went up to Kaname and asked

“Kaname-sama…would you be my partner for the winter ball?” asked Sumire as she fake being shy

“Sorry Shoda-san, but…I’m not going to the dance” said Kaname as Sumire was disappointed and so was the fan club

“Oh it’s okay…bye Kaname-kun” said Sumire as she fake being innocent as she walked away. Kaname sigh and then smiled.

“HOTARU” shouted Kaname as she ran towards Hotaru but then


Kaname dodge every single Baka bullet except


“AHHH…HO-TA-RUUU” said Kaname as she got hit by Hotaru Baka Cannon

“Don’t ever hug me” said Hotaru as she went back to work

“Hotaru no Baka!” said Kaname as she got up and went to her seat. Just then, door slam open with two figure walking in. It was Natsume and Yua. Natsume walk to his seat and Yua walk to hers and then Narumi came in with a smile

“Morning my class…today will be a free day since today is going to be winter ball so get ready and go shopping” said Narumi as the class room cheered.

“Hey Kaname-kun, are you really not going to the dance?” asked Anna

“Yeah” said Kaname

“Awh…and I hoping for you to come though” said Nonoko as she frowned

“Sorry guys but I got to go” said Kaname as she stood up following by the trio as they left

“Hm…wondering what’s going on” said Yu

“Don’t know. Oh no! I forgot that I had to help and cook for the winter ball” said Anna as she ran to the kitchen

“Anna, wait for me” said Nonoko as she ran after

“Now that she mention it, I have to help decorate for the ball” said Koko as he ran off

“Yeah me too” said Yu as he ran off too

“Ditto” said Nekome as he follow them and so was everyone else as they left to help

“Ruka, let’s go” said Hotaru as she left the room following with Ruka. Only Natsume and Yua were the only one left

“Natsume-kun let’s go too” said Yua as she cling on his arm, but Natsume shook it off leaving Yua shocked

“Natsume-kun?” said Yua softly

“Get away from me you ugly hag” said Natsume coldly as he stood up

“Natsume-kun…what are you doing?” asked the angry Yua

“Breaking up with you” said Natsume as he walked out

“NATSUME” shouted Yua as she ran after Natsume

“Natsume you liar….don’t tell me this is true” said the angry yet crying Yua

“I’m not lying and it’s true and beside I never did love you only play with you like Aimi…now go away” said Natsume as he walked away while Yua ran away.

-back to Mikan and the trio-

“So what do you guys want to do since the ball doesn’t start until few more hours?” asked Mikan as she placed bother hands behind her head while walking

“Don’t know…what about you?” asked Kaito as he looked at Mikan

“Hm…don’t know either…do you guys want to go to Central town?” asked Mikan

“Hm…maybe…what bout you guys?” asked Kaito

“Sure” said Haru

“Eh…why not” said Atsuo

“Does that answer your question?” asked Kaito as Mikan smiled

“Yup” said Mikan as they walked the bus and went to Central town

-Central town-

“So what now?” asked Mikan

“Hm…let’s go and get some fluff puff since you love them so much” said Atsuo

“YAY!! FLUFF PUFF” said Mikan as she jump up and down as other people stared at him weird. Haru saw this and stopped Mikan from jumping

“Idiot…remember you’re still a guy so act like one” said Haru

“Ops…sorry” said Mikan as she went towards the stand and bought 4 for each of them. They thank her and she smiled. They sat on the bench and started munching on them. The trio sweat dropped on how fast and how she looked when she munch on those fluff puff. When they finished they walked around. Mikan was scanning around when she saw something that was so pretty. It was a necklace that is a amulet. A heart shape with water blue stone in the left hand side on the top while it said on the middle of the heart ‘together forever’

“Wow…” said Mikan as she looked closely

“Mikan…let’s go, it’s getting late” said Atsuo

“Okay…coming” said Mikan a she glanced at the necklace on last time before she left

-Mikan’s room-

“Aw I knew I shouldn’t have choose what to wear yesterday” said Mikan as she looked inside her closet. She already had an outfit for her singing, but she wanted another dress for a special surprise. Then suddenly, Manami came out of nowhere with a dress that is carried by her claws as she flew towards to Mikan. Mikan looked at the dress and smiled

“Thanks Manami…you’re a saver” said Mikan as she got dressed that she need to wear for singing.

“Now stay here. Also, here is your dinner ok” said Mikan as she placed Manami’s dinner on the floor and she teleported herself at the winter ball that is placed on the Alice Academy auditorium.


“You're late..again” said Atsuo

“Shut up” said Mikan

“Stop arguing” said Kaito

“10 seconds” said the man

“Come on you guys before it going to start” said Haru. They went into place and now waited for Narumi


The light went off and then Narumi signal them to look at him

“Everyone it’s time for our special guess…Now let’s give round of applause for Mikan Sakura” said Narumi as the curtain went up and the light flash at them. Everyone eyes widen. They look super pretty as the light make them shine.

Mikan’s outfit:

Mikan’s wearing a white tube dress that is the length to her mid-thigh. She had a sky blue bow on the right hand side that is on the tube dress. Her dress was cover with some glitter and she even wore make-up but not too much just white glitter eye shadow and some blush. She wore white 2 inches high heels and wore a white mask and a diamond necklace and earring with her hair down.

The trio:

The trio wore the same thing of course. They only wore white shirt with three un-button buttons and black pants and black shoes while wearing a Christmas hat

“AHHH!” shouted the fans of the Water Phoenix

“OHAIYO MINNA-SAN! I’m happy to be here. I hope you enjoy this song that I made” said Mikan as Kaito staring to start the guitar and then Haru and Atsuo

chi no soko de unaru koe wa ten wo tsuki sora wo kirisaku
sono kizu wo shitataru mizu wa
kono daichi uruoshi yume wo yadoshita

soto no sekai wa naniro?
migi mo hirari mo ima wa kowaku wa nai muchi no tane

kono karada de uketa kiseki wo karasanai you ni

hajimete mita hikari wa mabushikatta
nee hora nobite yuku yo

taritsukeru atsui hizashi naguru you ni fukitsukeru kaze
sono kareta nodo ni shimiru isagiyoku uchitsukeru ame wa megumi

hi ni shita yume wa nanairo
mijuku na chikara ima wa buki ni kaeru michi no tane

sono kadara de shiru genjitsu ga okubyou ni saseru
demo tashia ni hiari wa mabushikatta
saa hora nobite yuku yo

kono karada de uketa kiseki wo karassnai you ni
hajimete mita hikari wa mabushikatta
saa hora

soshite itsuka kiseki no hana saite...

“And that raps it. I hope you guys have a fabulous winder ball and good night everyone” said Mikan as she waved goodbye while the fan cheered. Then the curtain went down

“Hey guys, I see you guys later okay” said Mikan as they nodded. Mikan used her teleport alice as she dress up in the dress that Manami picked for her. She redo her hair, but change in the Water Phoenix girl form. She still had her dress that Manami pick out. She looks at herself on the mirror and smiled

“Manami what you think?” asked Mikan and Manami nodded

“Okay, then I’ll be going now, bye” said Mikan as she disappeared

“I have a bad feeling about this” said Manami to herself

-Back to the winter ball

“Wow…Mikan was great up there and now I know why she didn’t want to come” said Anna. Her dress was pink and snow flake on the left side with a white bow behind her and a pink high heel

“Yeah, and did you saw her dress it was so gorgeous” said Nonoko. Her dress was the same thing as Anna but different color. Except pink it’s navy blue with a black bow instead of white and navy blue high heel

“Idiot” said Hotaru. Hotaru is wearing a purple shining dress that reaches under her knee cap and wore purple high heel shoes

“What are you guys talking about” asked Koko. Koko is just wearing a regular tuxedo, with a white bow

“Where talking about Mikan” said Nekome. He was wearing the same tuxedo as Koko but blue bow

“Oh yeah…she looks hot on that dress” said Nekome and Nonoko glared at him.

"But...not as hot as you Nonoko" said Nekome and Nonoko smiled and kissed him

"Nice" said Koko and Nekome gave him a thumb up

“So is she going to be here?” asked Ruka. Ruka was wearing the same tuxedo too but with a light blue bow

“Don’t know, but she said she isn’t but she can change her mind right?” said Yu. Yu is wearing the same tuxedo but a black bow. When they were asking each other weather she is coming or not, the door opened with a girl figure standing there. Everyone turned and their eyes widen and all the boys jaw fell. Even Natsume was shock, but stared at her from head to toe

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“Don’t know, but she said she isn’t but she can change her mind right?” said Yu. Yu is wearing the same tuxedo but a black bow. When they were asking each other weather she is coming or not, the door opened with a girl figure standing there. Everyone turned and their eyes widen and all the boys jaw fell. Even Natsume was shock, but stared at her from head to toe

Mikan was wearing a water color blue dress that shines on the bottom tip and the upper tip and on the middle of the waist. She had a white bow on the back as she wore 2 inches white high heal and yet still wearing her mask but different style but still white. Her hair was curled on the tip and she wore snowflakes earrings and a matching necklace. She walked down to the group and smiled. All the guys blushed and looked down

“Hi guys…sorry I didn’t tell you but I want to surprise you guys” said Mikan

“It’s okay …but…you just look so beautiful” said Anna

“Okay students, this is going to be our last dance now pick a partner and let get the dance started” said Narumi as the they lower the lights so it was kind of dark. People walked to the dance floor and started to dance. The couples went up and started to dance even Hotaru and Ruka, but of course Hotaru said he has to pay her, but it was the last dance so Ruka frown and paid her. Mikan was sitting down looking at them having fun and then suddenly a man was wearing a white mask asking her to dance with him

“Would you be kind and be my partner?” asked the man as he placed a hand in front of Mikan and guess who is it? Yup it’s Natsume Hyuuga. He is wearing a black woven long sleeves shirt with two un-button buttons with black shoes

“Uhm…sure” said Mikan as she gladly placed her palm on his. Natsume brought her in the middle of the dance and they started to dance.

“I thought you might not know how to dance” said Natsume as he stares with his crimson fire eyes with her ocean water eyes

“Well your wrong…in fact I do know how” said Mikan as Natsume made her twirl as glitter blue was around her

“Hm…I can see that” said Natsume

“So…who are you anyway?” asked Mikan

“Someone you know” said Natsume

“Hm…someone I know huh…since you have raven color hair and crimson eyes…eh…I don’t know” said Mikan as Natsume sweat dropped

“Maybe this can clear you” said Natsume as he took off his mask and Mikan eyes widen

“N-N-Natsume?” stuttered the shocking Mikan

“Hm…since you know now tell me your name” said Natsume as he brought them closer

“Uhm…Uhm” was only Mikan said as she looked at Natsume’s eye.

“Uhm-Uhm isn’t a name. Seriously…what is your name” said Natsume as he brought his lip closer to her. Mikan eyes widen as he kissed her. She turned red, but then Mikan somehow automatically closed her eyes and kiss him back. They kissed for a while but stopped for air.

“I can give you another one for telling me your name” said Natsume as he smirked


“Not speaking eh? I guess you want another one” said Natsume as he kissed her again, but then they heard a big explosion coming from outside.

“What’s going on?” Mikan asked after when she broke the kiss

“I don’t know” said Natsume as Mikan just looked at him as he brought her closed like he protecting her

“Everyone please calm down…the AAO Academy is attacking us…so please...calm down while the dangerous ability follow me” said Narumi as the teacher and the dangerous ability students went out to help with Natsume and Mikan following along.

“What the heck?” said Mikan as she scanned the place. It was a total mess

“There she is! Get her!” said the man as he pointed at Mikan

“Crud…why they want me?” asked Mikan as she changed in to her outfit and so did Natsume as he dragon was by his side and Manami came too

“Manami” said Mikan

“Hi “said Manami

“This is not a good time to say hi when were being attack by the AAO” said Ryuu and they nodded

“Natsume go there and I settle them over there” said Mikan as he nodded. Mikan and Manami fight some mens as Natsume and Ryuu fight the other side and so was the Dangerous ability class and the teachers. They fought and fought until few were left. When someone was about to attack Mikan from behind, Natsume saw this and ran as fast as he could to protect her. Natsume used his fire balls to attack him. When that happen Mikan turned, she was face to face with Natsume that is only 3 inches away. They stared until they heard a shot gun. Everyone tried to see what happen, but can only see smokes. They saw Reo still standing with a gun as he shot at and hit Mikan at where her heart was located. Reo cursed because he suppose to shot Natsume not Mikan.

“MIKAN” shouted her friends. Natsume looked around as he saw a figure lying on the floor. Natsume know it was her as he ran towards her. His eyes widen seeing Mikan Sakura got shot as the blood was spilling out from her chest. Natsume picked her up telling her to wake up. Mikan eyes slowly opened.

“N-Natsume” said Mikan

“You alright?” asked Natsume

“Yeah…I just wanted to say I’m sorry” said Mikan as her tears started to go down and Natsume was had a confused face

“Why say sorry?” said Natsume

“Because…I lied…I lied that I was Kaname Sakura when I’m really Mikan Sakura and I was trying to be someone else except my own regular self and I wanted to say…I-I-I-I…L-Love…Y-You” said Mikan as she started to cough out blood and then fainted. Natsume eyes widen and his eyes was showing shockness. Somehow his heart wanted to say I love you too, but the words aren't coming out from his' mouth. Everyone looked at the them and started to tear. Atsuo, Haru, and Kaito were there too.

“I guess we can’t win huh Atsuo” said Kaito as he was too tearing

“Yeah I guess your right” said Atsuo. Reo looked at the them with disgust.

“GET HER” said Reo as the guard stood and ran straight at Natsume and Mikan

Natsume placed the Mikan on the floor. He stood up with his eyes are now fire red. Natsume had two fire on his palm and it became bigger and bigger.

“You will regret it for coming here” said Natsume coldly. Ruka was quite shock as Hotaru saw this and asked

“What’s wrong?” asked Hotaru

“…Natsume…the way he sounded…it sounded different…I never heard him sound like this or even act like this” said Ruka

“Hmm…that Hyuuga must cared for Mikan” said Hotaru

“Hmm…maybe” said Ruka

“FIRE REVOUTION” shouted Natsume as he aimed towards them

-Fire Revolution

The fire power is quite a strong power. It is a medium size dragon as it multiply as much dragons as you wanted and aimed at the target. It goes pass any barrier and hit directly to the opponent

“AHH…CRUD” said Reo as he got burned by the fire

“RETREAT…Will be back to get her” said Reo as they flee. Natsume walked towards Mikan and carried her. He ran passed his friends and headed to his dorm following with Manami and Ryuu. When he made it, he laid her down on his bed.

“Manami, can you heal her?” asked Natsume

“Hm” said Manami as she used her healing power to heal her as she shines blue. It took a few minutes but Mikan opened her eyes as she change back to her regular form with her guy outfit.

“Hm…where am I?” asked Mikan

“You’re in my room” said Natsume

“Oh…I see then I better be going then…come on Manami” said Mikan as she got up and started to walk but before she was about to walk she felt someone got a hold of her right hand wrist

“I love you too” said Natsume as Mikan eye widen but then it became more widen when he kissed her. She kissed back and closed her eyes as they kiss with passion. Natsume never thought that kissing her make him feel so good. When they stop to get some air, they look at each other and looked the opposite way while blushing. Ryuu chuckled and went inside Natsume’s necklace.

“Mikan?” said Natsume

“Yeah Natsume” said Mikan as she looked at him

“Can you be my girlfriend?” asked Natsume asmMikan smiled and hugged him

“Yes…I would be glad to be your girlfriend” said Mikan as Natsume smiled for the first time and hugged her as Natsume and Mikan fell back making Mikan on top of him

“Thanks” said Natsume as they broke the hug

“Hey Natsu-kun…uhm…can I sleep here?” asked Mikan

“Hm” said Natsume as Mikan went on the bed and Natsume pulled the sheet over them and they snuggled together

“Manami why don’t you come inside the necklace so you can heal yourself and by the way…thank you Manami” said Mikan as Manami nodded and went inside the necklace

“Hey Mikan, why don’t you ever take that cap off” ask Natsume


“Because what?”

“Because I don’t want to take it off until I feel like it” said Mikan as she stick a tongue out

“Mikan” groan Natsume

“Night Natsu-kun” said Mikan as she peck on his lip and turned and went to sleep

“Hm…night” said Natsume as hug her back and went to sleep

-Next Day-

It was still winter as the white snows falls down from the sky as the birds were in their nest snuggling to their baby eggs that is not hatch yet, Mikan opened her eyes slowly and lightly yawns, she rubbed her eyes and she sat up and looked around, but she couldn’t find Natsume.

“Natsume?” said Mikan

“Na-Natsume?” said Mikan as she looked around again as she clinch on the sheet as she looked scared. She jumps up when she felt someone’s arms around her waist.

“Miss me?” said Natsume as he lie on her back

“Maybe” said Mikan as she got out from Natsume’s grip and went to the bathroom as she teleport herself to her room to change and called Manami out. A blue bright light sway around Mikan as Manami appeared in front of Mikan.

“Manami…stay here ok” said Mikan as she still wore the guy’s uniform and Manami nodded

“I’m going to put a barrier around this room so that they can’t get inside so stay here and here is your breakfast” said Mikan as she placed her breakfast on the floor as Manami munch it down her throat. Mikan smiled as she went and did her morning routine. When she was done, she got her things and teleport herself to Natsume’s room. When she was there, Natsume was already near the door; he turned and saw a figure.

“Hurry up will yeah” said Natsume as he started to walk

“Hmp…okay Mr. cranky-pant….is this how you treat your girlfriend?” said Mikan as she ran towards him but closed the door when she was out.


-Inside classroom-

“I wonder how is Kaname is doing?” asked Anna as her face was showing worry

“Now that you said it, I’m worried too” said Nonoko as Anna and Nonoko hugged each other and cried.

“Hey, we want a hug too” said the boys that are Anna and Nonoko’s boyfriends. Just then, the door slams open with two figure standing but walk towards their seat.

“KANAME/SAKURA-SAN” shouted their friends as they went towards her and gave her a hug.

“C-Can’t breathe” said Kaname as they broked apart

“Sorry” her friend's apologized. Kaname sigh and then smiled but all the girls still blush. (Note: Some girls still don’t know that she is a girl)

“HOTARU” shouted Kaname as she ran towards Hotaru but this time Hotaru let her hug her. Everyone eyes widen because usually Hotaru would have used her Baka gun on her.

“I let you hug me this time because you got me worry "whisper Hotaru to Kaname as she smiled and hugged her tight. Then, Mikan whisper something back to Hotaru that shocked her.

“Hotaru, Natsume and I are going out” whisper Mikan.

“Hm…that’s good but if he hurts you, he is toasted with my new upgraded Baka gun” whisper Hotaru evilly and Mikan sweat dropped

“Eh…Hotaru-“Mikan was cut off when the she felt the floor shaking.

“Uh-Oh” said Koko

“What?” asked Anna

“You’ll see…TAKE COVER” said Koko but shouted the two last word and hide under the desk

“KANAME-KUN” shouted the fan girls as they ran inside the classroom with lots of gift: Flower, chocolate, cards, fruit basket, and etc.

“AH! ” said Kanameas she reached her hand as Natsume just smirked and helped his girlfriend out. They ran outside the door as her fan followed them. When they were running, they turned and stood behind the building and wait until they lost the fan girls. When the fan girls left, Natsume and Mikan stepped out and sigh.

“Thanks Natsume” said Mikan


Kaname Sakura, please come to the headmaster office, I repeat Kaname Sakura, please come to the headmaster office, Thank you

“Hm wonder why I need to go to the headmaster office” asked Mikan as she placed her index finger on her chin

“Hm don’t know, but you better go” said Natsume

“Hm…okay bye than” said Mikan as she kissed his cheek making him blushed a little but hide it behind his bangs, but Mikan saw this and smiled

“Aw, Natsume, you look so cute when you blush” said Mikan as she walked away towards the Headmaster office. When she made it there, she knocked on the door three times.

“Who’s there?” asked the headmaster

“Its Kaname Sakura sir” said Kaname

“Hm…come in” said the headmaster. Mikan turned the knob and walked in. She saw a man around 40 years old . He is wearing a black suit with black shoes and a dark blue tie that matches his eyes and his hair.

“Take a seat Sakura” said the headmaster as Mikan nodded and took a seat

“I believe your real name is Mikan Sakura, am I correct?” said the headmaster as Mikan nodded

“Hm I see…can I ask you why you change your name as Kaname Sakura than?” asked the headmaster

“Because I know that the AAO are capturing me” said Mikan as he read his mind

“Hm…that is why I’m sending…” the headmaster wasn’t finish what he was saying because Mikan was cut him off

“Me to America Alice Academy am I correct?” said Mikan

“Hm…using your alice now…yes you have to go there for few month because my sources are telling me that there not going to let you go just like that…but wanted you to join them and Reo wanted to use you as his weapon to take over the Academy" explained the headmaster while Mikan just looked at him.

“But it’s just few months, we'll tell you when you can come back, okay?” said the headmaster as Mikan smiled

“So, when am I going to America?” asked Mikan

“Today, 6:30” said the headmaster and Mikan eyes widen

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I hope you guys like it, and I need comments before updating more chapters~~
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Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a magical country called Alicea which was surrounded by five different kingdoms. So, what’s the catch? There were two kinds of people living in this country, the ordinary people and the alice-wielding people. An alice is a special kind of ability or power born to some of the people in this country. People with alice were considered special and gifted, and most of the noble families in the kingdoms were alice-wielders.

The most powerful among the five kingdoms was the Hyuuga Kingdom ruled by the Hyuuga royal family wielding the fire alice.

It had been several decades since the last war when the other kingdoms had tried to grab the current power that the Hyuuga Kingdom held. For now, peace surrounded the kingdom after treaties with the other kingdoms had been made. People in the kingdom, common or alice-wielders, continued their daily activities; going to the market, gossiping, children playing around. But inside the castle walls…


The wide door opened with a bang to reveal the confused maids who were still in the middle of their work.

“Have any of you seen the prince?!”

Twenty apron-clad maids shook their heads; then the door was closed again.

“What was that?”

“As usual, the prince is nowhere to be found.”

“He escaped from his lessons again.”

The maids began to giggle, until the loud voice of the head maid stopped them.


The royal tutor stopped to catch his breath as he panted.

“Yo Gokisho-sensei!”

Gokisho looked up and stared at the handsome young lord with blond hair and blue eyes. He quickly grabbed his hand and with tears falling from his eyes, he begged, “Nogi-sama! Where’s the prince? You’re his best friend, right? You know where he’s hiding? The king will surely have my head if he thinks that I’m not doing my job properly. Please Nogi-sama!”

Ruka Nogi, the heir to the Dukedom of Ravenhurst and the prince’s best friend, sweat-dropped.

“Er… No. I have no idea…” he said. “I actually came here to visit him.” ‘Natsume, what are you up to now?’


۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

Up on one of the branches of a Sakura tree outside the castle walls, a young man of about eighteen with dark raven hair was awakened by the noise from the palace.

“Tch. What an annoying old geezer,” he muttered as he removed the manga from his head to reveal a pair of crimson eyes. Knowing that soon enough, the palace guards were going to search this place, he jumped from the tree and straightened to his full height of six feet. He gave one last glance at the castle, then gave a smirk as he grabbed some pieces of clothing that he had prepared, and walked off towards the town.

Hyuuga Natsume Hotohori Ryuugi or Hyuuga Natsume for short was the prince of this glorious kingdom.

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞


An auburn-haired, sixteen-year old girl in ponytails dashed towards the house balancing a huge basket of laundry on top of her head and several plastics of cosmetic items. “C-coming!” she yelled in response, panting at the heaviness of her baggage.

As she reached the front door, her stepmother was already waiting for her, her hands on her waist with a look of annoyance on her face. “Where were you?” she asked in irritation.

“Ano… okaa-san… the basket is quite heavy and I had to stop in the store to buy the things that Sumire requested so…” Mikan tried to explain but was just cut off by her stepmother.

“Excuses, excuses!” Lady Hikari snapped. “Why don’t you just admit that you became lazy so you were not able to finish your chores on time?”

‘No one could finish the chores that you all are giving me!’ Mikan wanted to scream at her but she kept her mouth shut. “Gomen, okaa-san.”

“Go back to the kitchen and prepare our dinner,” her stepmother ordered.

Mikan bent her head in a bow, then carried her baggage and went to the kitchen through the backdoor. She sighed as she reached the kitchen and rested her head against the wall.

‘Damn them all!’ she cursed silently. 'If only father didn’t die, if only he left me something so that I could have lived off separately from these monsters…'

Mikan Sakura, sixteen years of age, was living as the step-daughter of Lady Hikari, but it was just a front. She actually lived as an all-around maid in the household. After Mikan’s mother died when she was five, her father had given all his attention to her, showering her with all the love that a father could ever provide. Their family belonged to the ordinary non-Alice wielders but her father was quite a successful businessman. Despite that, Mikan was brought up not to depend on other people. She knew how to do household chores and she tried to help her father whenever she could.

When she was eleven, her father came home with a woman named Hikari and her two daughters. Lady Hikari Shouda-Sakura, as she was introduced, was the widowed daughter of one of her father’s business associates and belonged to a noble family of alice-wielders. When Mikan tried to ask for explanations as to the reason for the sudden marriage, her father just shook his head and told her that everything would be okay. Though quite stern in appearance, Lady Hikari was quite nice during the introductions, but her attitude changed every time her father was out. Mikan didn’t mind it at first since Lady Hikari didn’t direct her attacks at her but when her father died two years later due to an accident, her life took a 360 degree turn around. It turned out that her father owed Lady Hikari’s father a huge amount of money and would have been sent to jail if not for Lady Hikari’s interference. It seemed that Lady Hikari had developed an affection for Mikan’s father and used his debt for him to be tied down to her. But when he died, Lady Hikari forced the debt on Mikan’s shoulder, even taking claim on the house that was rightfully hers as inheritance, since there was no contract that the marriage had dissolved the liability.

Mikan gritted her teeth in frustration. ‘Forcing me to call her ‘okaa-san’ when she and her daughters actually treat me like dirt!’ The real purpose was actually to show-off their charity to the orphaned daughter of her deceased husband and to gain sympathy and approval from society.

Mikan sighed again as she took the ingredients that she needed to cook when she heard loud voices upstairs. ‘Those Shoda sisters are bickering again…’ she concluded. Sumire Shouda, sixteen years old with dark, permed hair possessed the alice that allowed her to have the senses of a cat and a dog, and she was the self-proclaimed president of the prince’s fan club. Karin Shouda, fourteen years old also possessed the same alice, and was a member of the same club (though they often fought on who should be the real president). Based on what she had heard, Lady Hikari had the cat alice while her first husband had the dog alice, therefore their children possessed a combination of both alices. In Mikan’s opinion, their alices were not really impressive, but the fact that they were alice-wielders gave them an air of superiority, letting them think that they were above ordinary people like her.

Sometimes they thought too highly of themselves especially with matters concerning the prince. It was Lady Hikari's greatest dream that one of her daughters would marry the prince of the Hyuuga Kingdom, Prince Natsume. No wonder both grew up to be vain and lazy as if they were really born to be princesses. Mikan wasn’t sure what gave them the confidence that one of them would definitely marry the prince. Maybe because they were alice-wielders, so they had a great chance. But the more the admiration of the Shouda sisters for the prince grew, the more Mikan learned to hate him. It was because when she was little, she had seen from afar how obnoxious and cruel the prince could be when her father brought her to the castle for a business purpose once. She saw him burning a girl’s hair after the girl tried to hug him. That was a picture that had stuck in her mind and she completely hated the way girls would sigh and gush over his good looks without knowing what he was like. ‘Was he really good looking?’ she wondered. But she never had a clear view of the prince, nor did a lot of his fans, since the prince trained for several years in the neighboring kingdom and had just returned.

As she heard another couple of yells upstairs, she just shook her head and gave her full attention back to her work. She still had to go to the market to buy ingredients for the next day’s meal.

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

After Mikan had finished her chores, she prepared her small run-down carriage to go to the market. “Hello Munchkins dear,” she smiled warmly as she greeted her old horse. After she had readied him, they took off towards the center of the town. They stopped a few blocks before the market place since it would be full of people by now. She was about to leave when she noticed that Munchkins seemed uncomfortable.

“Munchkins, are you okay?” she whispered. She grabbed the rope tied to the mare and noticed that there was blood on her mane.

“Oh no, what could have happened?” she thought despairingly as she removed the strapping on the mare.

She tried to check if there was a wound or something, but she could not get a clear view of the mane since Munchkins refused to bend her head. Left with no other choice, she climbed onto Munchkins’ back. She checked the mane and could feel her heart stop when she saw a gash.

‘Who could have done this?!’ she thought angrily. “Shhh… it’s okay, it’s okay,” she tried to console the horse letting her hand run over the mane. Big mistake. The horse jerked when it felt the pain and began running forward with Mikan on its back holding only to its mane.

“Munckins, STOP!!”, Mikan yelled as the horse continued to run wildly with her clinging for her dear life. ‘No, don’t go to the market place!’ she prayed. But Kami-sama seemed to be asleep and the horse continued to run amok. She was horrified when she saw a tall, dark-haired guy walking on the street, munching on a piece of apple.

Mikan pulled Munchkin’s hair so hard that the mare yelped and threw Mikan off her back and she flew straight toward the dark haired boy.


The boy glanced at the sound but it was too late. Something or someone knocked him flat on the ground.

“Itai!”, Mikan winced as she massaged her backside, then she noticed that she was on top of something.

“EEEIIIII!” she shrieked when she noticed that she was straddling the boy. “Gomen-masai!” she apologized as she leaned forward to look at the boy’s face, trying to check if he was hurt or something. At the same time, the boy pushed himself up causing their foreheads to hit.

“Ouch!” Mikan cried. She grabbed the boy’s shirt for balance causing him to look up… and their lips met. Both hazel and crimson eyes widened in shock that they couldn’t move.

“Oi! This is a market place! Get a room you two!”



The boy pushed Mikan off causing her to fall backwards.

“OUCH!” Mikan cried as she fell. “You bastard! Don’t you have any manners?”

“How could I remember my manners when an idiot girl just knocked me off and kissed me?!” he shouted back.

“I did not kiss you! You kissed me! And it wasn’t my fault that my horse threw me off!” Mikan yelled back.

“Why would I kiss an idiot like you? An idiot who doesn’t even know how to control her own damned horse!”

“I know too, you jerk! You were the one not looking! You were reading a book while walking on the street!”

“You were at fault!”

“No, you were!”







“Shut up, you polkadot-panties girl!” the boy yelled out loud causing the girl to gasp. The people who were just curiously watching the entertaining spectacle began to laugh.

Mikan turned bright red. ‘He saw her underwear?’ “YOU HENTAI!!” she shouted, then slapped him hard across the cheek, and ran away in embarrassment.

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

“Your highness! What happened to your face?” Jinno, one of the ministers asked, completely aghast at what he saw. “Who dared do this?! Call the guards!”

“Shut up, old man!” Natsume glared at him; then proceeded to walk towards his room, completely ignoring the commotion that he caused.

He threw himself on the bed, placing his hands at the back of his head as he stared at the ceiling. What happened that afternoon continued to replay in his mind. ‘That idiot girl! How dare she slap me!’ he thought in irritation. Just then a sudden thought entered his mind which caused him to chuckle. ‘What a bad taste in underwear.’

After a few months, since his return in the castle after years of training, he had finally found something entertaining that would definitely relieve him from boredom. He closed his eyes as an evil smirk curved his lips; anticipation began to build within him. ‘You seem to have a purpose, little girl. It would be fun tormenting you... But I need to find you first, then I’m gonna give you hell…’
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Mikan groaned at the thought of going back to the market place, praying against all hope that she wouldn’t have another unfortunate encounter with the boy she met a week ago. Well, a week had passed and coincidence or not, meeting again with that bastard would mean that she was indeed the unluckiest girl in the whole of Alicea. Not only was she made into a servant in her own home, but her first kiss was stolen by some idiotic and arrogant pervert.

She kept her senses alert making sure she would know if ever that dark haired jerk would suddenly appear. So far, everything for that day had gone quite well. She was not able to sense any trace of him. She gave a sigh of relief as her task was near its completion. She had already bought the vegetables, spices, oil, and other items she needed for cooking as well as the other things ordered by her evil stepmother and stepsisters, except for the meat. She made her way towards the meat vendor; then suddenly stopped as her gaze fell on the familiar sight of jet black hair. The guy was leaning against a post munching a piece of apple while ignoring two girls who were quite keen on attracting his attention.

Mikan stiffened; then turned around hoping that the guy hadn’t seen her. Then she groaned when she realized that she had to pass by him to get into the meat vendor. Taking a deep breath, she marched passed him trying her best to keep her face straight, hoping that he wouldn’t notice her behind the huge stack of purchases she was carrying. But God seemed to hate her…

“Yo, Polkadots.”

Mikan gritted her teeth but continued to walk away, ignoring the source of that call. She quickened her step towards the meat vendor, paid for her purchase, then walked back in order to return to her carriage. She suddenly stopped when she felt someone block her way, cursing fate for always getting her into trouble. Even with loads of groceries blocking her line of vision, she already had an idea as to who it was.

“We meet again, Polkadot panties girl.”

Mikan groaned again. “Can you just pretend you never saw me?”

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

Natsume smirked as he stared at the girl in front of him, her hands full of grocery items that it already covered her face. He had gone back to that market place twice within the week hoping to see and torment his would-be toy. He reached up and moved one paper bag to reveal a pair of hazel eyes glaring at him.

“That’s impossible. I’m not an actor, you know,” he replied, his tone masked with amusement.

The girl mumbled a curse then looked at him again. “Now you saw me, so can you please step aside? This is really getting heavy.” She adjusted her arm but it only worsened the position of her purchases as one of the bags began to fall. “Damn! Can you help me here instead of standing there like an idiot?”

Natsume smirked. “You sure have quite a mouth, little girl. You didn’t even say please.”

“Ahhhhh!” The girl yelped when one of the bags fell but Natsume was quick enough to catch it. She gave a sigh of relief. “Thanks.”

“No prob,” Natsume said coolly then stiffened when he caught a glimpse of a guy with a star under his left eye, causing him to carelessly dump the bag on top of the items she was carrying and making the other bags to fall to the ground.

The girl stood rooted to the ground looking at the items she had purchased littered on the floor. Then a string of colorful curses followed…

“You stupid bastard! Are you doing this on purpose?! You moron…!”

But Natsume was no longer listening at her. ‘Damn! What is Andou doing here?’ he thought. ‘Are they already sending the elite guards to look for me?’ Tsubasa Andou, the shadow manipulator, was one of the more skilled soldiers in the castle despite his young age. And Natsume completely hated him. He had been assigned as his bodyguard before and he was the one who had managed to catch him during one of his escapes from training. Then he noticed that people were already looking at him making him aware of the commotion that the little girl was causing. “Damn!” Natsume cursed silently. If this goes on, he’d be caught because of the girl’s yelling.

Mikan stopped yelling when she noticed the pervert’s silent state. Within their two chance meetings she already knew that he was not the type who would just silently listen to her tirade. He was the type who would get even. So, his silence was kind of suspicious. He seemed to be watching out for something. Chance came when he turned his eyes to glance at something… or someone and she noticed that he was watching the guy wearing a blue cap several feet away. An evil smile slowly crept onto Mikan’s lips. So, he was hiding from someone, eh? This was the time she could get even with this bastard.

The second that mischievous glint appeared in the girl’s eye, Natsume already realized what she was up to. Before she could scream, Natsume pulled her into the corner and clamped his hand over her mouth. But the girl continued to struggle, throwing her fists at him or kicking his feet. As though not satisfied with the pain she was inflicting on him, she bit his hand. Natsume grunted in pain but he knew the second he withdrew his hand, the girl would make enough noise to catch Andou’s attention. Damn! There was only one alternative left. He pulled her to him… then slanted his mouth over hers.

Time seemed to have stopped moving for the two until…

“Hey, there’s a proper place for that,” a man who passed by commented.

Natsume lifted his lips and looked at the girl’s shocked hazel eyes. He then grinned at the man and said, “Yeah, I guess we have to do that. Right, love?” Without further ado, he dragged the poor stunned girl away from that place.

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

When Mikan recovered from her stunned state, the boy had already led her quite far from where they had previously stood.

“You bastard!” Mikan yelled as she pulled her arms from his hand and threw a punch at his face. But the boy was quick enough to block it.

“That was quite a delayed reaction, little girl,” he commented dryly.

“How dare you kiss me?!”

Natsume cocked one eyebrow at her. “That was a kiss? I just kept you silent.”

Mikan’s face began to heat up in anger. “You assaulted me, you pervert! And that’s the second time!”

“Sheesh. Don’t fantasize that I would lust after you,” Natsume snorted as he let his gaze pass over the girl’s features from her messy hair in pigtails, her ragged and loose clothing, up to her worn down slippers. He closed the distance between them and raised his hand to lift her chin up. “Besides, aren’t you lucky to receive your first two kisses from a handsome guy like me?” he added with a smirk.

“You conceited jerk!” Mikan gritted her teeth in anger and slapped his hand from her face. “Handsome, eh? You think too high of yourself mister. Who cares about your looks when you’re just some lazy perverted freak who likes to waste his time disturbing other people’s lives?” she spat at him.

Natsume laughed silently. ‘Who cares about me? Practically everyone,’ he wanted to say to her, but preferred to keep that fact silent.

Mikan’s eyes suddenly widened when she noticed that all that was left of her purchases were five bags that were hangingover herarms.

“Oh my God! My groceries! The eggs, the vegetables, the fish!” she gasped as she realized that she had dropped many of what she had bought when the boy dragged her. She turned to the boy, her eyes brimming with unshed tears. “This is all your fault! Now, what will I do? How am I going to explain this to them?”

Though he felt guilty of for what had happened, Natsume just shrugged, then pulled out something from his pocket and threw it at the girl.

“Here, that should compensate for whatever you have lost,” he said.

Mikan caught the pouch and opened it. Her eyes widened as several pieces of coins dropped into her hands. It was more than 10,000 rabbits!

The boy smirked at her. “You’re the one who practically owes me something after that slap you gave last week.”

But Mikan wasn’t listening. The boy’s attire, though not rags, was simple yet he was carrying this amount of money? And wasn’t he hiding from someone a while ago? A sudden realization came to her as she lifted her eyes to meet his.

“You’re a thief, aren’t you?” she breathed, slowly backing away from him.

Natsume’s brows furrowed at her words. ‘Thief? Me?’ “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Why are you carrying such a huge amount of money? You don’t even look rich!” Mikan argued, as fear began to engulf her. ‘What if he’s a criminal? What if he does something to me?’ Unconsciously, she continued backing away.

“Idiot! I’m not a thief. That money belongs to me,” Natsume retorted back. Then he saw that the girl was backing towards an empty space. Shit! There was a small cliff behind her. “Hey…” he stepped forward to warn her.

“Don’t come near me!” the girl shouted at him, and continued backing away, until her foot met nothing but empty space. It was too late when she realized it. She started falling backwards.


“Stop yelling you idiot! You’re making yourself heavier than you already are!”

Mikan opened her eyes and realized that the boy had managed to catch her hand while holding on to a tree branch, and that she was hanging about ten feet from the ground. While she was thankful that she was saved, her savior’s words still annoyed the hell out of her.

“I’m not heavy!”

“SHUT UP and pull yourself up!’ the boy yelled at her as he tried to pull her. But luck wasn’t on their side. The branch broke, and they both fell down.

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

Mikan felt the pain all over her body as she opened her eyes. And she was shocked to find herself staring at the boy’s face, with him half-sprawled on top of her.

She looked down and gasped when she noticed his hand… was positioned on top of her breast. The boy groaned as he tried to lift himself up. And in doing so, he grabbed at whatever was near his hand. A loud gasp caught his attention and he found his hand on top of Mikan’s breast. Shocked silence came over them. Then suddenly…



Mikan’s eyes widened as she felt Natsume squeezing her breast as if trying to find out something.

“Strange. So you do have breasts…”

That did it. One moment Natsume was lying on top of her, the next second he was sprawled on the ground sporting a swollen left eye. He chuckled as he saw Mikan stumping her feet in anger as she left. Then he groaned when he felt pain in his eye. ‘The little girl has a strong punch.’

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞
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Mikan had completed all the tasks assigned to her, although it took almost twice the time that she would normally use to buy stuff in the market place. Feeling angry at that pervert for causing her another load of trouble and nervous comprehension for facing her stepmother at being late, Mikan couldn’t do anything more but sigh in defeat. All she could do now was to finish all her other chores faster to compensate for the time lost.

As she neared her home, she saw the outline of three women standing by the front door. Mikan groaned. She was late for cooking lunch. By now, the food should already have been prepared and she bet those three lazy cats were too hungry and angry but could not prepare food on their own.


Mikan flinched at Sumire’s loud yell even before she stepped out of her run-down carriage. There was no point making excuses. The three ‘ladies,’ she scoffed inwardly at the word, were too angry to listen to any explanation she’d make.

“I’m sorry. There was trouble in the market place,” she simply stated, not bothering to explain what really happened.

“You bitch! I bet you were flirting with some good for nothing boys! You deliberately left us here without food so you could have your fun!” Karin shouted at her.

“Girls, girls,” Lady Hikari said calmly to her daughters. “Remember your manners. It’s no use wasting your precious voice on a dumb girl like her.” She turned her frosty glare towards Mikan and said, “There’s no food for you until you have finished all your chores.” Then she turned to Karin, “My dear, just take a deep breath and don’t mind the silly girl. You won’t like wrinkles on your lovely faces at such a young age.” She then left the girl gaping at her back.

“Oh, really?” Karin’s eyes widened. “Oh my God! I should watch out for my temper, else my flawless skin will have wrinkles. Prince Natsume won’t like wrinkles on my face.” She glared at Mikan. “This is your fault, you idiotic girl. If I find one spot on my face tomorrow morning, you’ll be sorry!”

“Too late,” Mikan blurted out in amusement before she could stop herself. “There’s one already about to come out,” referring to a slight reddish spot on Karin’s left cheek.


Karin’s shocked reaction was enough to lift Mikan’s spirits and she burst out laughing. After Lady Hiraki’s threat, she felt relieved. Unknown to them, she had already eaten back at the market place due to the extra amount of money the pervert had given her. But that laughter died down as soon as she saw Sumire’s expression. Sumire crossed the distance between them, then raised her hand. Mikan closed her eyes, expecting any moment the colliding of that hand against her cheek. But instead of feeling the pain, she heard a loud…


“OOOUCH!” then a thud was heard.

She opened her eyes and gawked as she saw Sumire sprawled on the ground with a huge circular mark on her forehead. ‘What the hell just happened?’ she wondered.

“I think you completely forgot my warning, Permy. I am the only one who is allowed to hurt that idiot.”

Mikan’s eyes suddenly watered as she heard that beloved voice. She slowly turned around and right behind her stood a slender and beautiful teenager, with short, black-violet hair and violet eyes… holding a large gun.

“H-hotaru?” Mikan whispered. “Hotaru, is that you?” She took a step closer, then broke into a full run, her arms stretching to embrace her sweet and beloved…



Mikan flew a couple of meters back with a huge lump on the forehead, just like Sumire.

“You’ve gone too far Imai!” Karin screeched out, still holding her reddish cheek.

“I think you’re the one who has gone too far, Shouda. I’ve only left for three years and you’ve been treating Mikan like this. I warned you before to take care of her,” Hotaru said.

“She is our servant,” Sumire spat at her as she straightened herself, dusting the dirt off her skirt.

“She’s your stepsister. And this house belongs to her,” Hotaru reasoned in her usual emotionless voice.

Sumire laughed at that. “This house belongs to us as payment for her father’s debt.” Karin nodded in agreement.

“But still you have no right to treat her like that,” Hotaru persisted quietly.

“You have complaints Imai? I am Lady Sumire Shouda. I am from a rich, noble, and well-respected family; a family of alice-wielders. One word from me to my grandfather and poor, arrogant you will be put into poverty,” Sumire threatened in a haughty tone.

“Oh really?” Hotaru caressed her baka gun, her voice low. “In case you didn’t know, I am also an alice. Therefore you’re not the only one who possesses such influence. A lot of your grandfather’s clients depend on my products. One word from me also and your grandfather could lose a lot of clients. My alice is much more important to this kingdom than any of yours. So you have nothing to threaten me for.”

Sumire and Karin were dumbfounded at that declaration. Since they seldom left the house, they were not really familiar with the people living around the area. The Imais were not a family of alice-wielders; therefore they never really paid attention to them. They only knew Hotaru Imai as their neighbor and Mikan’s so-called best friend. But Hotaru had been gone for more than 3 years. For what reason? Well, they didn’t really know.

Sumire gave Hotaru a hateful glare; then turned to Mikan. “Don’t think that because your nosy friend is back, we’ll just let you get away with this, bitch!” She then pulled Karin back inside the house.

Mikan’s hazel brown eyes followed them as they entered the house. Despite that threat, she couldn’t help but feel happy that her friend was back.


“Put that thing down first, Hotaru,” Mikan whispered, tears threatening to fall from her eyes.

Hotaru gave a small smile; then dropped the baka gun. Mikan launched herself into Hotaru’s arms then sobbed, no longer able to stop the tears from coming out.

“Y-you i-idiot! W-why d-did you s-suddenly l-leave?” she cried between sobs. “Y-you didn’t even l-leave a letter or a n-note or j-just a-anything! And I didn’t even know you’re an alice!”

“It is a long story,” Hotaru explained, returning Mikan’s embrace. “But you’re aware that I’ve been inventing a lot of things, though small stuff since we were young. Someone from the palace saw one of my inventions and everything just happened. They learned I was an alice so they took me to train in Gakuen Alice.”

“G-gakuen Alice? You mean the elite school for the alice users?” Mikan asked.

Hotaru nodded. “Not all alice-users are allowed to enter that school. Only high-level alices, that are so significant that they could help with the kingdom’s economy or security, are being trained there.”

That confused Mikan. “But why are Sumire and Karin not in that academy also?”

Hotaru snorted at that. “Their alices are only good for finding stuff. And you could even use a real dog for that.”

Mikan’s cheerful laugh rang across the area. But the smile on her face suddenly died down as a thought came to her. “Are you going to stay for good, Hotaru?”

“No,” Hotaru simply stated. “They allowed me only a week to visit my parents then I’m to go back to the academy.”

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

“Your majesty.”

Bright crimson eyes looked down from his throne to the dark haired youth kneeling before him. “Welcome back, Andou-san,” the king’s authoritative voice boomed as he greeted the young man.

“Ah, Tsubasa-kun. It’s been a while. I’m glad you made it safely back,” Narumi, the blond-haired minister, greeted cheerfully.

“Andou, you have anything to tell us?” Jinno asked.

Tsubasa Andou lifted his head and looked at the people whose eyes were on him. Ryuuzaki Hyuuga, the King of the Hyuuga Kingdom sat on his throne with two of his most trusted ministers standing at each of his side. He was sent on a mission to spy on the surrounding kingdoms after some suspicious activities had caught their attention.

“It is as you have suspected, your majesty,” he started. “Persona is with the Hirazaki Kingdom.”

Jinno cursed as he heard the news. “So, it was he who was plotting to start a revolt against the Hyuuga Kingdom? We should have sentenced him to death instead of sending him on exile.”

Narumi’s expression turned serious. “Your majesty, we have to do something.”

A sorrowful expression crossed the king’s face as he bent his head, his long hair covering his face. He had brought up Persona like his own son so his betrayal hurt him more than anyone else. Twenty five years had passed since the last war between the Hyuugas and the Hirazakis and Persona’s father was a general of the Hirazaki Kingdom. Before the war, Persona’s father had saved his life and it was a debt that turned into friendship which he greatly valued. But because of the war, they had no choice but to become enemies. And fate had even turned the tide into the worst scenario… he was the one who killed his friend… in front of his son, Persona. After the treaty was signed between the two kingdoms, he took the orphaned boy and brought him up like his own son to relieve his guilt and to compensate for what he had done to his friend. He had thought everything was okay. He had thought Persona, only three years old at that time, had forgotten his deed. And he had tried his best to keep the child from learning the truth. But he had underestimated a child’s memory. Though Persona never mentioned it, it seemed that he remembered all that had happened and despite Ryuuzaki’s repentance, he never forgave him. And Ryuuzaki realized it too late. Persona was as evil as his alice. But guilt had driven him to exile Persona instead of giving him the sentence he deserved for his crimes.

“What are they planning?” he asked, trying to hide the sorrow in his voice.

“I’m not sure about this. But they seem to be gathering information… on the nullification alice,” Tsubasa responded.

“Nullification alice?” Narumi repeated, quite confused.

“The sole alice that could cause the defeat of the entire kingdom. Rendering all alices useless would enable a full force attack on the Hyuuga Kingdom. Even if we have the strongest army, we won’t match up if we couldn’t use our alices,” Tsubasa explained.

“That’s preposterous! The nullification alice is just a myth! There’s no one in the history of Alicea who has ever possessed such an alice!” Jinno argued heatedly.

“But the story on the first king of the Hyuuga Kingdom…?” Tsubasa continued.

“That was just a story! One of the fictional legends on how the Hyuuga Kingdom came to be!” Jinno cut him off. “If it was true, it would have been written in the history books of the kingdom! King Satori Hyuuga and his men had won the battle by their own strength, not because they had the help of someone who nullified all the enemies’ alices.”

Ryuuzaki raised his hand to stop Jinno, then turned his attention to Tsubasa. “Do you know what is their basis for thinking that the nullification alice is real?”

Tsubasa shook his head. “I’m sorry but I have no idea.”

Ryuuzaki sighed. “If Persona is within the Hirazaki territory, we don’t have any control over him. For now, we just have to investigate the truth behind their plans. Claiming that there is a nullification alice is something that cannot be proven in an instant. They must have a reliable basis to believe it.”

Narumi nodded in agreement with the king. “Tsubasa-kun, I think you know what to do. Find out whatever you can about the nullification alice.”

“As you wish, sensei.”

۞ ۞ ۞ ۞ ۞

Natsume’s earlier good mood had turned rotten when he caught sight of Tsubasa Andou walking out of the throne room with Narumi and Jinno.

‘What is that bastard doing here? What is he up to?’ he wondered angrily.

He slammed the door into his room; then kicked the wall near his bed, causing the wall to crack, and a hole was formed. He threw himself onto the bed when he suddenly thought there was something off with what had happened. ‘The wall cracked just like that?’

He got out of his bed, lifted his hand to touch the surface of the wall just above the hole, then tapped on it. It was made of cement. So how come a hole was formed on the lower part? He knelt and leaned towards the damage and examined the hole. The lower part was made of thin wood which seemed to have decayed after several years had passed. He lit up a fire on his finger and glanced inside. Based on the shadow, he could make out that there was really something hidden inside. Curious, he pushed the wood making the hole even bigger then he pulled an old bag out.

He opened the bag and saw that the contents were all parchment and scrolls. He opened one of the parchments and began to read.

Your majesty,

It would be a great honor for me…

‘So these are just old letters to a former king of the Hyuuga kingdom,’ he thought. He was about to put it back into the bag when something caught his eyes.

…no one is to know that a nullification alice existed.

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…No one is to know that a nullification alice existed.

The last words in the letter caught Natsume’s attention as he opened the letter and carefully read the contents.

- o -

Your Majesty,

It would be a great honor for me to grant upon your request. But forgive me for being blunt, I have to refuse. We all made a promise to Heihachi-san. I, on my part, wanted to give him credit for all that he had done for us. He deserved to be written in all the history books of this new kingdom as a hero. He even gave his own life to give us the win, although it meant betrayal against his own kingdom.

But he made his request, his death wish. He wanted to die without letting his name be known to all of the Hirazaki Kingdom as a traitor who caused the defeat of the kingdom of his birth.

My lord, let him be. Let us fulfill his wish. No one is to know that a nullification alice existed.

Your servant,

Higoma Seiji

- o -

Natsume’s brows furrowed as he stared at the letter. ‘Nullification alice, huh?’ he thought. As far as he knew, there was no record of any person having such an alice. There were some speculations before, related to a certain folktale that had challenged the great history of the Hyuuga Empire, and brought suspicions that Hyuuga Satori, the first king of the kingdom had won over the dominating Hirazaki king centuries ago through the help of a person who had the nullification alice. But it had never been proven. And the said legend had been subject to cold shoulder and reluctant acceptance from the proud men of the Hyuuga Kingdom.

Natsume flopped himself over his bed, still holding the letter… the only object that seemed to be the missing proof that the nullification alice did exist. It couldn’t possibly be a prank, could it? The yellowish surface of the paper was proof enough that it had survived through hundreds of years. Besides, the name of Higuma Seiji was recorded in history as one of the trusted men of King Hyuuga Satori during the war. Natsume frowned at the implication of this discovery. If there was one person who had the nullification alice before, it is possible that it still exists in the current times.

‘Maybe I should investigate on this,’ he thought as he drifted off to sleep.

With the three wicked witches from the West gone for a visit to one of their friends from the social circle, Mikan couldn’t help but feel happy and free. She visited Hotaru in her old home to catch up with the lost times, but unfortunately, she wasn’t able to stay long since Hotaru had somewhere else to go to. So she decided to visit the orphanage that was just a few distance away from their home. The orphanage had been her haven for the past years every time she felt the unhappy and depressed with her life. The children loved her and she adored them back. Whenever her stepmother and stepsisters were out, she would complete her chores, and try to find some time to visit the orphanage. She would prepare some cookies and bread to share with her little friends while they would go through their usual storytelling sessions.

As soon as she was within the view of the children, they all cheered and jumped onto her. Mikan couldn’t help but laugh gaily as she saw them exclaim with happiness on the food she brought. Although she was annoyed as hell with the pervert boy she met in the market, she was still thankful for the money that he gave her. She just wished it wasn’t stolen as he claimed; else she would have battle it out with her conscience for using the money.

Mikan guided the children into their favorite spot near the woods and began to tell them the story of Aladdin and the magic lamp.

Natsume had escaped again from the castle walls and was walking near the woods when he heard joyful laughter and cries a few distance from where he was. He followed the voices and found himself staring a group of young children dancing and cheering with a familiar graceful and pretty young maid with pigtails. He leaned at a tree trunk and observed the girl’s happy chatter with the kids

“Onee-chan…” a small girl pulled at the young maid’s dress.

The pigtailed girl smiled down and touched the girl’s face. “What is it, Kairi-chan?”

“Please tell us another story…” the girl pleaded.

The boys also flocked around her. “I want a knight’s tale!” one boy shouted.

“Mikan nee-chan, I want the story of the Hyuuga prince and the dragon!” exclaimed another.

“Hey, I can only afford to tell one story now. I have to go back to work,” the girl named Mikan told them patiently.

“Onee-chan, do you know the legend of the fire kingdom?”

Mikan glanced at the boy. “Huh? Which one?” There were many legends and folklores in the Hyuuga Kingdom, most of them regarding the war wherein the Hyuuga Kingdom was established after Hyuuga Satori and his men defeated the Hirazaki Kingdom.

“I heard sensei arguing with someone about it. He said the story is trash and that the author insulted King Satori for writing that he only won because of someone who can nullify a person’s power,” the boy explained.

“Ah, I heard about that too. But my okaa-san won’t let me read it. She said it’s not a good story,” a girl interjected.

“I’m curious. What is it all about?” another boy asked.

Mikan sighed. “I think you should choose another story. That tale is quite controversial. Besides, it’s a tragic story.”

“It sounds interesting. I want to hear about it,” Kaede said as she clapped her hand in anticipation.

“Me too!”

“Mikan-chan, please…”


That brief overview had sparked the children’s interest. Mikan sighed as she stared at those puppy looks they had been giving her. She knew that particular legend by heart. It was a book that her father had given her during her 10th birthday. Though many didn’t like it, she had loved the story because there was an attached sentimentality on it.

“Okay, but don’t tell anyone I told you about this, okay?” she winked at them, and all the children nodded.

Mikan settled herself against the tree trunk and the children also followed suit. They sat scattered in front of her, with expectant faces.

Mikan smiled and started her story…

“Once upon a time, a goddess fell in love with a human and descended into earth to be with her loved one. The couple had twin sons named Hira and Huga and they lived happily for several years. But a goddess was not meant to live on earth for so long. She had no choice and the time came that she had to go back to the heavens and left her husband and two sons. The husband, had drunk himself in grief, and after a few months, he died.”

“What? Somebody died already?” one of young boys commented.


Mikan laughed. “I’m just starting. Anyways, the two young boys, being sons of a goddess developed powers that are beyond that of a normal human being. The eldest son Hira was gifted with the power of control water, and the second son Huga was gifted with the power to control fire. And though the two were twins, Hira was more ambitious and greedy compared to Huga. Being younger, Huga followed and helped Hira to fulfill his ambitions and to build his kingdom. But as years passed, Huga began to realize his brother’s selfishness and cruelty. When at one time, he tried to stop Hira from killing a peasant because of a minor crime, Hira got angry and used his power and injured his younger brother. After that, the two brothers walked their separate ways and Huga managed to build his own kingdom and stayed away from interfering with his brother’s affairs.”

One of the boys snickered. “This sounds like the Hirazaki and Hyuuga Kingdoms.”

Mikan sighed inwardly. That had made this particular legend the subject of a lot of criticisms. After all, it was acknowledged that the Hirazakis and the Hyuugas were distant relatives and that Hyuuga Satori was once under the Hirazaki’s rule before he revolted against the king’s cruelty and was banished. In addition, those born of Hirazaki blood had the water alice, while the Hyuugas had the fire alice. She continued her story. “Even though Hira managed to build a vast and powerful kingdom, he was not contented and still continued to seek for more power. He conquered the other less powerful kingdoms and made them bow down to him. He granted his men a part of his own power that allowed them to develop powers of their own and thus became invincible as against the opponents’ armies. Time came when he was the ruler of almost all the land except the Kingdom that Huga ruled.”

“The kings of the Hirazakis had always been selfish and cruel,” a girl said. “That’s what grandpa had said.”

“This is not about the Hirazaki and Hyuuga Kingdoms. This is just a tale,” Mikan tried to explain.

“The powers of the brothers were equal in strength and though Hira wanted to conquer Huga’s kingdom, he knew it would end in stalemate. One day, a prophecy came to the knowledge of Hira that could destroy the other kingdom and make him rule over all the land. The prophecy showed that a pair of lovers will be the cause. The king searched for the lovers using the limited clues provided and when he found them, he fell in love with the girl. Believing that the girl Yuka was the one in the prophecy, he then ordered that her lover Heihachi will be taken as a front line soldier to die in the battle.”

“King Hira forcefully married Yuka and ordered the attack on Huga’s kingdom. On the other hand, Heihachi was placed into battle against his choice. After the clash between the armies, the young soldier lay wounded and weak. Beside him was another man, an enemy who was also wounded and almost dead. The enemy asked him to kill him as to not prolong his suffering. But Heihachi, being kind-hearted, lifted the enemy, despite his weak self, and helped to cure him. It turned out that the man he saved was no other than King Huga himself. Huga was extremely grateful and made Heihachi his trusted friend and soldier.”

“The news of the defeat of one of the huge platoon of the enemy’s kingdom brought ecstasy to King Hira. Thinking that since he had already married the girl of the prophecy, he would win the war. So he ordered a full scale attack on the Huga Kingdom. Yuka, who had overheard the news regarding the supposed death of her lover had come into grief. She went inside the temple and offered herself to the gods in exchange for the defeat of her husband’s army. When her ladies-in-waiting came for her, she was already dead.”

“The attack on Huga’s Kingdom was brutal and since Hira’s army was more powerful, they were placed in such a compromising situation. It was then that Heihachi learned that his beloved Yuka had died. He grieved for her death and offered his soul to the gods in exchange for Hira’s defeat. A sudden glow appeared from his body and began to spread all over the land. After that, he was severely weakened. But before he died, he told Huga to lead a full counterattack on the Hiras, that he had nullified the powers of the Hiras. Huga followed his advice and as Heihachi had said, the Hiras were rendered powerless after they lost control of their power which caused the army’s downfall. The Hiras lost the war and their kingdom heavily damaged. But because he was still his brother, Huga forgave Hira and let him continue to rule his kingdom. Over the years, Huga’s kingdom prospered more than Hira’s and his descendants continued his legacy. It was the age of the rise of the Fire Kingdom. The end,” Mikan finished as she turned an expectant look over her audience.

The kids were looking at her with awe.

“I don’t know,” a boy commented. “But it lacked action. I think I like legend wherein the Hyuuga king summoned the fire god and destroyed the whole Hirazaki kingdom more.”

“But… it doesn’t seem like a bad story,” another boy added. “Why is it many seemed to hate it?”

One of the older kids just ruffled the boy’s hair. “It’s because many had said that the story was the closest to the truth of what had happened during that war. But it stung the Hyuuga pride that the legend gave credit to someone unknown for causing the enemy’s defeat rather than giving the full credit to the king and his army.

Mikan smiled at them. “Actually, legends are just fictional tales. I don’t think any of those stories resemble the actual event that happened. It should have been part of our history if that was the case.”

The children seemed satisfied with her explanation. And after they have finished packing up, the children bade their farewell.

Mikan waved at the children as they ran back to their homes. That small interlude left her light and cheerful. Despite all the sufferings she had experienced from her step family, she still felt loved whenever she was with those young and energetic children. She whistled gaily while gathering her things, when she heard a loud snicker behind her.

She turned her head and gasped as her eyes befell a boy with black raven hair and crimson eyes leaning against a tree, and looking at her with amusement. The pervert!

“You!” Mikan exclaimed loudly. “What the hell are you doing here? Are you stalking me?!”

Natsume snorted and stepped forward towards her. “Stalk you? Dream on, polkadots girl.”

“I have a name and it’s Sakura Mikan, not Polkadots,” Mikan snapped in irritation.

Natsume just shrugged. “Whatever, polkadots.”

Mikan glared at him. “I believe I told you my name. I think it’s rude not to introduce yourself properly.”

“Why should I?” Natsume lifted a brow. “What good would it do to me if I give my name to you?”

Mikan lifted her chin up and turned her back against him. She continued to clean up some of the items that the children had missed. “Since when did you arrive?”

“Since you were starting that dumb story. I never heard such a lousy storyteller as you,” he replied.

“If you’re just here to insult me, better leave,” Mikan said quietly not bothering to look at him. “By the way, I forgot to thank you for the money you gave me. Truth is, it was more than what I lost during that day.”

Natsume smirked. “Really? So, you’re beginning to like me?”

Mikan snorted in reply. “I’m not like other girls. I’m only thankful for your help but that doesn’t mean I like you.”

Natsume’s brows rose at that. “Not like other girls, huh? I bet if I were the prince, you’ll be begging for my attention.”

“Hah! How conceited. Dream on, moron,” Mikan countered.

“So you’re saying you’re not interested with the prince,” Natsume asked, genuinely interested in her answer.

“Truth to tell? I hate his guts.”

Natsume was surprised. “You’ve met him?” ‘Does she know me?’

“I saw him once when I was still small. That was enough for me to know what a bastard he is,” Mikan shrugged her shoulder as she replied.

“Unbelievable,” Natsume mumbled in amusement. “A girl who’s immuned to the prince’s charm, eh?”

“Tsk. Charm my ass,” Mikan snorted.

“Prove it, little girl,” Natsume challenged. Well, he couldn’t help it. It was HIM whom they were talking about.

“How?” Mikan raised her brows.

“Whatever. You can call him names or whatever you like,” Natsume said as he shrugged his shoulders. As far as he knew, no one would dare call him names even outside of the castle.

“Is that all?” Mikan asked, her lips lifted in a grin. She walked towards the boy and looked at him in the eye. “Prince Natsume is a jerk!”

Natsume looked aghast. It was the first time someone, much more a girl, said such things against him.

“He is a stupid moron who does nothing but mopes all day in the castle. He’s a lazy, incorrigible loser who thinks people are all his slaves. He’s so conceited thinking all the girls in the kingdom likes him just because he’s good looking. Well, I say he’s a monster inside out! He…blah…blah!”

Mikan continued to rattle for God knows how long until she was panting after she finished screaming at the boy in front of him. Natsume, on the other hand was left dumbfounded.

Mikan suddenly straightened and a slow grin crossed her face as she studied the boy’s indignant reaction. “Well, since you won’t give me your name. I know a perfect name just for you,” Mikan drawled slowly. “From now on, I’ll call you Natsume since you’re a freaking bastard and pervert just like your prince!”

She lifted her brows and smirked at him as she turned to leave the stunned prince. “Bye, Natsume no baka!”

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The servants all flinched when they heard the door gave a loud bang after the prince arrived just a while ago. He was certainly in a bad mood, though they couldn’t recall a time when he was ever in a pleasant mood. The best mood so far that they had seen on Prince Natsume was his blank expression.

The prince was not violent nor had he ever laid his hands or alice on any of them, but he held a reputation on being one of those who had the shortest temper ever. And no one was sane enough to try to put that temper into a test. So, people would rather stay themselves away from his possible wrath. Only girls and aspiring brides normally take the effort to try on the prince’s patience. The usual thing the prince would do was just avoid them, but there was already a rumor that he had set a girl’s hair ablaze after she tried to seduce him and set him up to force marriage to her. Most people were cautious around him, knowing how powerful his alice was. It was even rumored that his alice held much greater power compared to his father’s.

After silence had finally returned, the servants let out a sigh of relief and were only left to ponder on the cause of the prince’s displeasure.


As soon as he slammed the door to his room, Natsume kicked the chair near his desk in irritation. He felt like burning something, unfortunately, the object or rather the person subject to his rage wasn’t on sight. He took a deep breathe to calm himself then flopped himself on his bed.
The image of the pig-tailed brunette entered his mind and he let out a string of curses. How dare she insult him! He could actually throw the stupid girl into prison for such an insult against the royal family, and not just the royal family… him, the crown prince! How he loved to see that haughty face beg for his forgiveness. But he wasn’t that cruel. Though it irritated him as hell, he couldn’t help but admire the girl’s courage.

“I think I’m getting daft,” he murmured to himself, realizing how ironic his reaction was.

He turned his head towards his desk and saw a piece of paper under a heavyweight. He stood up from his bed and took the paper. It was the letter that he had found yesterday.

“The nullification alice,” he whispered as he reread the letter. He suddenly remembered the story that the pigtailed girl had narrated to the children. He was familiar with the story including the controversy involved. There were a lot of speculations why such a fiction could cause that much controversy. But unknown to the public, it was King Satori himself who started everything. Being the crown prince, he was taught everything about the Hyuuga Kingdom, and that included its history, its management, all the most influential people in the land, allies and enemies among other kingdoms, as well as folklores even if it was insignificant or not. It was said that while the first Hyuuga king was on his death bed, a man came upon the request of the king and handed him the book which contained the legend. Since he was weak, the king requested the legend to be read before him. Many of the elders and leaders were present in that room when the legend was read and it caused quite a stir especially when it mentioned that the loss of the water kingdom was due to its being nullified. Although the story was supposed to be fictional, many of the events and even the people symbolized the real events during the war between the Hyuuga and the Hirazaki. But King Satori had a different reaction. He had thanked and praised the author and declared that the story be officially accepted as one of the legends of the Hyuuga Kingdom. The old king had treasured that book and upon his death, the original book was even found on his hands.

Natsume narrowed his eyes when he remembered something as he stared at the letter. ‘Higoma Seiji…’ Come to think of it, the author of legend was Higoma Keichi. Were they related to each other? The more he thought of it, the more he was convinced that the real story behind the fall of the Hirazakis was encrypted within the legend. Natsume closed his eyes but his mind still continued to be bothered. The nullification existed before. The question now, does it still exist?


Ruka Nogi glanced worriedly at his bestfriend. “What is this all about Natsume? Why did you ask me to bring Seito here?” His eyes suddenly widened. “No… don’t tell me…!”

“I’m going to leave for a short while,” Natsume said.

“Are you crazy?!” Ruka yelled at him as he paced back and forth across the room. “You are the prince! You can’t just leave as you please! I’ve kept your little escapades but being gone for quite a while is a different matter!”

Natsume’s crimson eyes followed his friend’s form as he continued to grumble. “That’s why I told you to bring Seito,” he said calmly. “He has the morphing alice and he could change into me temporarily.”

Ruka paused and focused his attention on his friend. “He can copy your face,” he agreed. “But he couldn’t copy your attitude!”

Natsume sighed. Of course he had thought about it. Although Seito’s alice was quite useful, his stupidity would definitely foil his plans. “I’ll ask father to stay in your house for month. That way Seito would be out of everyone’s notice. You just need to be with him all the time to avoid him making a fool out of me.”

Ruka rubbed his head. “You’ve thought of everything, haven’t you?” He looked at his friend and saw those cold and determined crimson orbs looking back at him. Ruka couldn’t do anything but sigh in defeat. “Can you please tell me what this is all about?”

“I need to investigate something,” Natsume simply said.

“About what?” Ruka persisted.

“I’ll tell you when I have already gathered enough information,” Natsume replied. “For the mean time, just trust me on this.”


Natsume rubbed his head in frustration at the result of his investigation. He was getting nowhere with the only clue he had. He had researched days before about the Higoma family and learned that Higoma Keichi was actually the son of Higuma Seiji. He checked the family register and learned that the Higoma name was at the brink of extinction. The last son of the Higomas failed to produce an heir that would carry on the family name. He located the Higoma residence and was surprised to know that the old man already died a month ago and his only daughter had already returned with her husband to a neighboring kingdom. What was worse, the girl was married to someone from the Hirazaki Kingdom.
Though peace treaties had already been made between the kingdoms, Natsume couldn’t help but still feel distrust over the Hirazakis. The two kingdoms merely tolerated each other and Natsume had the feeling that if given a chance, the Hirazakis will do anything to destroy the Hyuugas.

‘Do I have to travel to the Hirazakis?’ Natsume groaned at the thought. He wasn’t able to prepare an identification that would allow him to enter other kingdoms. Considering the strict management in the castle, it would be hard to find someone in the Hyuuga Kingdom that could prepare a fake identification for him, unless he would seek approval from his father, the king. ‘That’s unlikely,’ Natsume thought. King Ryuuzaki would never allow putting his only son in danger by spying on other kingdoms.

He was walking along a secluded area near the market place. Only a few people were using this path since it was rumored to be inhabited by thugs. While walking, he noticed two men talking to each other. There was nothing wrong with it except that his instincts told him there was something off with the picture. All those years of training had taught him to be aware and alert of his surroundings and to rely on his instincts. He took the map from his jacket’s pocket and pretended to look at it as if he had gotten lost while carefully observing the two at the corner of his eye. For one thing, he immediately noticed an emerald studded earring on one of the men which looked like an alice controller.


Mikan checked her purchase list and sighed. The three wicked witches listed so many items to buy that she no longer knows which one to buy first. Some of the items are located in the farthest part of the market. But then it would be better if she bought those items first so that she won’t have a hard time going back and forth.
She smiled as she remembered that there was a short cut towards that area. It was quite secluded but it would save her time from pushing her way in the midst of the crowd. She was walking along that path when she noticed a familiar looking guy reading what looks like a map. She stepped back and hid behind a box observing the guy’s actions and he seemed to be watching out for the two men who were talking near the post. The guy turned his head slightly, and Mikan’s eyes widened when she finally recognized him – the pervert “Natsume” guy!

An evil grin crossed Mikan’s face as a thought occurred to her. The pervert was up to something suspicious. And it would be Mikan’s ultimate pleasure to catch him red-handed.


Natsume had been trailing them for quite a while until the men reached what seemed to be a hidden area under the bridge. The men still failed to notice him. However, he had felt that there was someone behind him. If that person was trailing him, he was making a very bad job of doing it. He could hear the person’s light footsteps about ten meters away. He decided to catch that person first, before he proceed. He started walking, then quickly hid behind a dark corner. The person took the bait and followed. When he rounded the corner, Natsume grabbed him and held a knife on his throat.
“Who are you and why are you following me?” he hissed but he was surprised when he found the person he was holding was a delicate, small-framed female…

She slowly turned her head and he found himself staring at a pair of mischievous hazel eyes.

“Uhm… hi?” she forced a smile sheepishly.


Just then, a thundering sound was heard and Natsume saw a carriage approaching.

“Shit! Get down,” Natsume hissed as he pulled the girl behind a barrel, then covered her mouth.


Natsume peeked behind the barrel and saw a group of men stepped out of the carriage. Then his eyes widened when it fell on a young man with blue star under his left eye.


Natsume couldn’t help but curse silently. It was a mistake to come here totally unprepared. The men who stepped down from the carriage have strong auras which mean they have powerful alices. Although his alice might overpower all of them, he couldn’t take the risk. Andou Tsubasa was one of the most trusted and skilled soldiers of the kingdom and was often sent to dangerous spying missions. If Andou was with them, it means that there was something important with those men. He couldn’t possibly mess it up. Using his alice would automatically reveal his identity considering only the Hyuuga royal family has the fire alice. And to add that there was an idiot who followed him could cause more trouble. It was safer to withdraw and leave the matter to Andou.

He bent his head towards the idiotic girl and whispered. “Do not make a single sound or we’re dead.” The girl nodded in response.

Natsume thought everything was going to be alright when the girl suddenly squeaked.

“Shit! What now?” he hissed angrily. He noticed the girl was sweating heavily and was pointing to something at their feet.

Natsume looked down and saw a tarantula slowly creeping towards the girl’s foot. Natsume was about to throw his knife on the creature when the girl finally yelped and jumped on him when the spider reached her foot, bumping her head against the barrel. The barrels they were hiding at fell and attracted the attention of the men.

Natsume groaned when the men surrounded him with the girl dead faint on top of him.


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“What do we have here?”

‘Shit!’ Natsume tried to get up, pushing the girl on top of him. If worst comes to worst, he had no choice but to fight. But for now, he had to come up with an alternative or wait for Andou to give him any signal on what to do.

“Get up brat!” one of the men shouted at him giving him a kick.

Natsume grunted as he felt pain on his side, but when he saw the man deliver another kick which was aimed at the girl, he pulled her into his arms protecting her from the beating. He clenched his teeth as he felt another kick on his back. ‘Damn! If it goes on like this, I have to use my alice.’

Just then someone stepped out and tapped the guy beating him. “You don’t have to be so vicious, Sato. They seemed to be lovers who have eloped,” the blue-haired guy with the star under his left eye intervened.

“You’re too soft Kail. Innocent or not, they’re not supposed to be here,” another man said, then turned to his companion. “Kill them.”

The guy called Kail gave a wicked laugh. “Who said I’m being soft?” he asked in amusement. “I just want to have a little fun.” He let his gaze travel the girl’s body enveloped in Natsume’s arms and began to lick his lips. “The little girl’s pretty.”

The other men seemed to understand what he meant. “Your pervert and criminal side is showing up Kail,” one of them laughed.

“Leave them to me. They won’t be able to escape,” Kail said. He stepped on Natsume’s shadow and leaned towards him. “Welcome to your nightmare, lover boy.”


“You’re a bastard Kail.”
The blue haired guy winced at the prince’s tone. Well, he didn’t have a choice anyway. It was for their own safety that he had to act a little too harsh and tied them both, although he knew too well the prince could burn the binds in an instant with his alice. “Come on, your highness. My little acting should deserve an award,” he grinned at him which only earned a glare in return. Giving a loud sigh, he began to untie his binds and turned a serious look at Natsume. “You know you shouldn’t be here. But I’m thankful you didn’t expose yourself. All my hard work could have gone to waste.”

Natsume grunted as he massaged his sore hands. “Who were they?” he demanded.


“Figures,” he murmured in disgust, then lifted his brow at the older boy. “How come they trusted you that easily?”

The blue-haired boy just gave him another of his irritating grin. “Because I introduced myself as Himitsu Kail. One of the most wanted criminals in the Hyuuga Kingdom. Of course, the real one was already dead, not that the public is aware of it. All I did was to ask his majesty to change the picture to mine. And viola, I’m a hotlist criminal.” He sat in front of him, and looked with amusement at the prince’s get up. “Nice disguise, your highness,” he commented.

“Stop calling me that. You know damn well this is not the place to use formalities,” Natsume glared at him.

The guy just shrugged. “They all have left. We’re the only ones here right now, so it’s still safe.”

“How do you know?” Natsume asked, uneasily looking at the closed door from time to time.

“I’m a shadow manipulator. I can survey areas using the shadows. That’s why I’m the perfect man for spying jobs,” he said as he squatted beside him.

‘No wonder it was easy for him to catch me before,’ Natsume thought in disgust.

The guy glanced at the unconscious girl lying on the floor. “By the way, who’s the pretty lady?’

Natsume gave the girl a glance and scoffed. “She’s no lady. She’s an idiot.”

A smirk formed on the guy’s mouth. “So, his highness likes idiotic girls.”

“Shut up Andou,” Natsume glared at him. This guy had been a pain in the neck since that one time he had served as his bodyguard.

Andou Tsubasa laughed. “You’re still angry over that time I caught you during one of your escapades, huh?”

“I said shut-up.”

“Okay, okay,” Tsubasa grinned, holding up his two hands in surrender. “Anyway, going back to the little girl. What’s she doing with the prince?”

“She doesn’t know anything,” Natsume sighed.

“Eh?” Tsubasa cocked his head. “Then why would she be with his highness?”

A tick formed on Natsume’s forehead as he heard that formal address. “Stop calling me ‘your highness’ or ‘prince’ or whatever,” he demanded. “You’re going to expose me in no time. That girl doesn’t know anything, so it’s better to let it stay that way.”

They paused when they heard a slight moan and they turned to see the girl slowly getting up. “Ouch! My head hurts,” she mumbled. She gasped when she realized that her hands and feet are tied and while the pervert Natsume was rubbing his sore hands. She felt terror as she gazed to the other man in the room.

“Don’t worry. He’s not a bad guy. He’s a Hyuuga soldier,” Natsume said.

Mikan’s eyes widened in surprise. “You know each other?”

“I caught him once trying to steal some ladies underwear,” Tsubasa laughed which earned him a glare from the prince. He then walked towards Mikan and untied her binds.

Mikan visibly relaxed. The man was quite young, in his early twenties maybe. He looked a bit scary, considering the way he dressed in rugged and dirty clothes making him look like a criminal. But when she heard he was a soldier, she let down her guard. And his eyes were gentle as he looked at her making her trust him even if she doesn’t really know him at all.

“Andou Tsubasa at your service, my lady,” he winked playfully at her, which made her giggle. “But in the underground community of criminals, they know me as Himitsu Kail.” He twisted his face to look like his wicked and dangerous criminal personality.

Mikan giggled again. “After seeing your real personality, I’m not sure I could imagine you acting like a criminal, Andou-san.”

“I’m a good actor,” Tsubasa boasted. “And just call me Tsubasa. Or better yet, Tsubasa-niichan.”

“Mou, even your cruelest face won’t match that of pervert Natsume,” Mikan chided, then her face softened to reveal a serene smile. “I never had a brother before.”

But Tsubasa was no longer listening, too surprised at what he heard. “Natsume?” he raised his brow. He couldn’t believe that the cold prince would allow anyone, aside from his family and bestfriend, to call him by his first name. “You’re calling him Natsume?”

Mikan’s face had gotten red. It was one thing to insult the prince’s name in front of the perverted boy but to say it in front of a soldier was another thing.

“I… er… I sort of gave him that name,” Mikan hastily explained. “I guess it’s too far from his real name, huh?”

Tsubasa chuckled. “I don’t know his name either. He’s just some brat who likes to cause trouble.” He smirked as he gave a look at the frowning Natsume. “But why the hell would you name him after the prince? Does he even look like a prince?” he asked, trying to hold his laughter.

“She probably fantasizes on the prince and she’s just using me to fulfill her fantasies,” Natsume snorted, but his amusement was cut short when he felt a shoe connecting against his head.


Natsume shrugged as he massaged his head and turned to Tsubasa. “There goes the answer.”

Tsubasa looked shocked as he stared at Mikan who had cupped her mouth after realizing what she said, then his shoulders began to shake, then they heard a loud shout of laughter from him.

“O-oh m-my K-kami…” he managed to breathe while laughing. “This is priceless!” He looked up the annoyed prince, and he began laughing again.

“Y-you’re not going to execute me?” Mikan asked hesitantly, confused at the soldier’s reaction.

“Why should I?” Tsubasa grinned. “That was the funniest thing I ever heard. I never knew any girl who would think that way against the prince.” An evil smile formed on his face. “By the way, do you know why the prince doesn’t show his face in public?”

Natsume’s brows furrowed as he glanced at Tsubasa. ‘What the hell is this idiot talking about?’ he thought.

“Why?” Mikan leaned, intrigued at what Tsubasa was to reveal. “They said he’s so handsome that girls flock over him whenever he shows his face.”

“Hah! You believe that rumor?” Tsubasa scoffed. “A face that can launch a thousand ships? Hahaha. More like a face that only a mother can love. Truth is, the prince isn’t handsome at all. The one rumored to be handsome is actually his bestfriend, Lord Ruka Nogi. But you know the male ego. So, he doesn’t show his face and the rumor just began.”

“Really?” a huge smile crossed Mikan’s face, then she began laughing also. “What about the news that the princess of Kamigawa Kingdom fainted when she saw him?”

Tsubasa laughed again. “That was because she was surprised she mistook the prince as the guard.”

While the two exchanged stories and theories about the prince, Prince Natsume sat there on the corner fuming at the insults at him that kept on going.

“You idiots,” he growled.

Mikan turned her head at him when she heard his voice. “Oh, Tsubasa-niichan. I forgot we have a prince fan boy here,” she giggled. “Sorry Natsume-kun, your namesake doesn’t seem who he was.”

“Oh sorry I forgot you’re a Prince Natsume fanboy,” Tsubasa guffawed which earned him an angry glare from the prince. All of a sudden he felt heat under his buttocks.


“What happened?” Mikan asked worriedly.

“Eh… n-nothing. T-there’s something sharp under me,” Tsubasa lied. Maybe he had gone too far seeing how irritated Natsume was. If Mikan wasn’t around, he was sure he would end up roasted alive.


“I’ve been thinking on a plan so that both of you can escape without forcing me to reveal my disguise,” Tsubasa said after they had eaten their food. Mikan and Natsume both turned their attention on him. “I’ve secretly sent a message to one of my comrades and they’re going to take action tomorrow.”
“Why the hell tomorrow?” Natsume asked impatiently. “We can leave now and be done with it.”

Tsubasa turned a serious look at him. “I’m on an important mission right now and their trust on me is the only thing that I need to hold on. I can’t mess this up, and you know that damn well.”

He stood up and took their plates. “I believe they’re not going back till morning so I’m going to pull this out before they try to harm you both.” He smiled gently as he looked at Mikan’s worried face and ruffled her hair. “Don’t worry, I won’t allow them to hurt you.” With that, he left the room oblivious to the prince’s frown when he saw his affectionate gesture towards the girl.

Mikan turned her head towards Natsume and saw him glaring at her, which she returned back. Then she noticed the bruises on his face. Her expression softened, feeling a little guilty when she threw her shoe at him. She then crawled towards him.

Natsume’s eyes narrowed at the girl as she gets closer to him. “What do you want, Polkadots?” he asked in a cold voice.

Mikan just ignored him, and sat in front of him. She reached for the end of her skirt and tore a piece, then dipped it on the water provided by Tsubasa. Then, she leaned closer to Natsume.

Eyes widening, Natsume stiffened as her face leaned closer to him. “Hey, what the hell…?”

“Stop moving around and let me clean your wounds,” she said calmly.

Feeling stupid at his little blunder, he grunted. “You don’t have to, idiot.”

“Thank you,” Mikan responded softly.

Natsume’s eyes widened. “You’re thanking me for calling you an idiot?”

Mikan felt the urge to roll her eyes but calmed herself. At least he had stopped protesting and allowed her continue her task. “No, thank you for protecting me,” she said quietly as she continued to clean his face. “I wasn’t fully unconscious when I fell on you. So I felt you covering me with your body while they were beating you,” she explained gratefully.

Natsume sat still observing the girl in front of him. Hell, he didn’t know what came in his mind that he protected her from those thugs. But he got to admire her. She was prideful, but she knows when to bow down. He could tell that she was sincerely grateful. As he sat there doing nothing, while allowing her to clean his bruises, he took the time to finally scrutinize the girl who had been the object of his amusement for some time now. Andou was wrong. The girl isn’t pretty… she’s beautiful. Though it was severely hidden under that hideous clothing and ridiculous pigtails. She’s a teenager already for pete’s sake, not some grade school kid. Some girls younger than her are already getting married. But looking at her now, despite her disheveled state, her long brown hair had loosened from their usual pigtails and were now cascaded over her shoulders, revealing a part of that concealed beauty within her. Natsume’s eyes traveled from her hair to her eyes, and paused on her lips.

Mikan felt him staring at her and it made her uncomfortable. She looked up at caught his gaze. “What are you staring at?” she asked in an annoyed voice.

A slow smirk crossed Natsume’s face. “I was just thinking… our lips had already met twice. But I really never got to taste you.”

Mikan gasped as blood came rushing to her face. She smacked the cloth on his face and went back to her area, seething over the chuckle that came from him. “You pervert,” she hissed.

Suddenly, the door slammed open and Tsubasa rushed inside. “Damn, they’re coming back,” Tsubasa said in a panicked voice. He hurriedly went to Natsume and tied his hands. “I’m sorry prince but I have no choice,” he whispered. Natsume nodded and calmly leaned against the pillar. Tsubasa closed his eyes as he touched a shadow trying to read the movements outside room by connecting the shadows of different things.

“Shit! There’s not much time left,” he grumbled as went to Mikan, the grabbed her and forced her to lie down

“Tsubasa nii-chan…!” Mikan gasped in surprise which caught Natsume’s attention.

That hurt look didn’t go unnoticed by Natsume. “Andou! What the hell are you doing?!”

Tsubasa ignored him as he gave an apologetic look at Mikan. “Shh… trust me on this, Mikan. I need to do this so you’ll both live.”

He tied Mikan’s hands on the pillar ignoring both their protests. Mikan trusted him completely, so what happened next shocked the hell out of her. He tore a piece of Mikan’s skirt which made Mikan yelp. He then stuffed the cloth on Mikan’s mouth.

“You son of a bitch!” Natsume yelled, a flick of fire glowed in his hands.

Noticing this, Tsubasa turned to him. “Stop it Natsume. Shit! I’m doing this for the both of you!” he yelled back, then turned a pleading look at Mikan.

“Cry! Do anything, think of anything that could make you cry!” Tsubasa said in a hurry.

He began tearing Mikan’s clothes, showing half of her breasts, her skirt hiked up to her thighs.

Natsume’s eyes burned as he saw what Tsubasa did. “What the hell are you doing Andou?! Get off her!” he shouted, activating his alice but Tsubasa was quick enough and caught his shadow, throwing him off guard.

“I’m pretending to rape her, you idiot!” Tsubasa hissed as he unbuckled his pants hovered himself on top of the struggling Mikan. “Continue to struggle, Mikan,” he whispered.

“Get off her you bastard!”

Just then, the door opened and revealed one of the men. He took one look at the furious boy in binds and the girl in ripped clothing whimpering under his comrade and shook his head.

“Stay out of this, Sato,” Tsubasa growled at him, showing irritation at the disturbance.

“You really are a bastard, Kail,” he grinned and closed the door.

Tsubasa let out a sigh of relief and lifted himself from Mikan. He took off his jacket and covered her. Then he took the cloth from Mikan’s mouth.

“I’m sorry Mikan.” He untied Mikan’s binds and embraced the sobbing girl. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry.”

Just then he felt his hair being pulled, releasing his hold of the girl and found himself facing the prince. The next thing happened so fast, and he only felt a hard punch connecting against his cheek

“I’m going to kill you Andou!” Natsume growled as he held Tsubasa’s collar. He was about to deliver another punch on his face when Mikan threw herself shielding Tsubasa from Natsume’s wrath.

“Stop it Natsume-kun,” Mikan pleaded, her face against Tsubasa’s chest.

Natsume was dumbfounded as he stared at the pair. Tsubasa smiled sadly as he gathered her in a comforting embrace, then turned to look at Natsume. “Look, the world isn’t as simple as you think. If you want to survive this kind of world, you need to think and not let emotions overrule you,” he quietly said.

Mikan wiped her tears and released herself from his hold. She clutched the jacket over her torn clothing and looked up to him. “It was necessary, wasn’t it?” she whispered.

Surprise was the right word to cross Tsubasa’s face as he stared at the girl, then it was replaced by admiration. He was worried that he had traumatized the girl with what he did but she was stronger than he thought. “Yes, it was necessary.”

“Then, you have nothing to apologize for,” Mikan smiled at him.

Tsubasa smoothed her hair fondly and turned to Natsume. “By the way, nice acting, Natsume-kun.”

Natsume gritted his teeth and looked away from them. And he wasn’t acting. He couldn’t understand what he felt when he saw Andou tearing Mikan’s clothes. He felt anger like he had never felt before. He tried to control himself knowing that Andou would never rape Mikan for real but seeing him touch her made him boil with rage. And what infuriate him more was Mikan’s reaction. Even after everything Andou did, she still clung to him, trusting him with her life.

‘What’s with Andou that made her trust him like that?’ he thought angrily.

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