actual anime hair
Posted 6/5/08
ive been reading all these topics about people wanting to have anime hair and how cool it is, but does anybody have any pics of yourself or someone with hair like an anime (not a wig though the real thing) i think that it would be an intersting thread if pics were posted.

Ps this isnt asking for cosplay pics because i know someone will say i am and post a lonk to a similar topic

didnt look but if its a duplicate lock it
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Posted 6/5/08 many hair thread....

~i never try making my hair anime style.....
but my brother always put many gel in his hair that his hair go up.....
..close to An anime style....lolz
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Posted 6/5/08
As GintokiSakata said, no more hair threads.

Use the one in his post, thanks.

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