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Official Suggestions and game balancing thread
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27 / M / Los Angeles
Posted 6/22/08
Who would want PvP in such easy combat?

Man this beta isnt too good, but at least it isn't that glitchy either, well, too my knowledge it isn't, well anyway I was thinking.that Crunchyland needs something more

Meeting people on Crunchyland is impossible i Suggest a Crunchyland avatar friends list, and the crunchyland chat room is almost always dead, and people rarely talk in the forum, so the only way i can think of is make a buddy list for avatars, and stuff u get the idea?
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28 / F / San Diego :)
Posted 6/22/08 , edited 6/22/08
*Better drawings..and some of the clothings are expensive but useless O.o like...a lvl 16 shirt that doesnt even do anything!
*PvP pleaseee
*sometime i kept the same items OVER AND OVER!! 50 times already!
THats all (:
Posted 6/23/08
Posted 6/23/08 , edited 6/23/08
there should be actual weapons.not just a couple of swords and a basket ball.

there should be a whole lot more!!!

and some potions that could raise attack/defense etc by like 10% for the battle.
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31 / M / AZ (in the meantime)
Posted 6/23/08

gunblastergun wrote:

Who would want PvP in such easy combat?

whats the point in playing if theres nothing to boast about? nothing really. when u reach max level just make a new one lol...

even if the combat is basic and simple, pvp provides more fun than it already is
Posted 6/23/08
^agree's with above statement

nice point!
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20 / M / Home
Posted 6/23/08
fighting against other avatars sounds fun
Posted 6/23/08
hey shinji?

did you see my item design?
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43 / M / canada
Posted 6/24/08 , edited 6/24/08
Let's see, I've played up to lvl 33 as the general fighter type.

1. A safety deposit box could be nice but that could affect load times and overall performance of the site maybe? Another 10 items to inventory would allow people to buy a "non-combat" outfit to keep.

2. Random XP bad, very, very bad. Kill a Lvl 33 and get 4000+(maybe) then get 300 for a Lvl 34 next fight?
Suggestion: A set amount based on the Avatars Lvl then -/+ 10% based on Lvl difference.
Then open up the caps on generated npcs Lvls to Avatar Lvl -4 and +10.
Example: Lvl 33 would face Lvl 29-43 npcs.
-40% xp on Lvl 29
+100% xp on Lvl 43

Edit: On second thought random could be made to work IF it's a set amount based on Avatar Lvl with a +/- bonus of random amount.

3. More items, even if they have the stats of existing items. Just so we can be different.
Example: Battle Axe, Warhammer, +25 Attack (same as standard longsword)

4. Link Explore to quests that can give special items.
Example: Click Explore and you meet a little girl who has lost her cat in "The Really, really dark and scary forest of no return". As it is...well I just lost 110,000 gold walking around. That's the last time I take a stroll through Crunchyland.

5. PvP battles where strategy will have value and so will items that defend against elemental types of damage.

I'm working on a caster type Avatar now. I'll let you know how it fares but so far;
Rely on normal physical attacks for the first while until you're a high enough Lvl to get some decent items to increase power. Put points into Magic and Vitality and just a bit into Strength at the beginning.
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23 / F / NC
Posted 6/24/08

ziona2k wrote:

and for me, fighting is too easy, not really a challenge... My 2 avatars can defeat an opponent 3 levels above them in few moves....
For example my ziona2k's avatar (level 11, rite now) can defeat a level 14 in about 10-15 hits, and doesnt lose that many hp...

here's to illustrate how easy it is, and i didnt use and potions:

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40 / Weird World
Posted 6/25/08
Umm .. I like Crunchyland and I agree... that the stronger monster we beat..,the more EXP... I mean.. I was fighting lvl 13 skeleton warrior and earned 300+ XP and I fight the same lvl skeleton warrior and I get only 100+ EXP.. ^^ Umm.. Thank you for Shinji ^^ *bows* (I hope when the beta ends.. the avatars don't get deleted XD)
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24 / Heaven
Posted 6/25/08
Thats something i wrote in another topic:

i think that shinji should make a script that choose the items power...
something like:

and then the script will do the following formula:

So a lvl 23 item will be either:
46 Defense
46 Attack
23 Defense 23 Attack
35 Defense 12 Attack (34.5 and 11.5)
12 Defense 35 Attack (11.5 and 34.5)

And about the bonuses:
im sure all of you played some of the MMORPGs that we all know...
and im sure all of u know that almost in every mmorpg you can enchant/mix/whatever the item and then it will become stronger, like putting a scroll on the item (maplestory) or putting a bless on the item (MU online)
so... i think item bonuses should come from doing a mix of something, lets say that every right handed weapon will have 5 max enchants, so if u mix it with 5 "Small Strength Stone" so the item bonus will be 5 Strength... and if mix it with 5 "Medium Strength Stone" it will get 10 Bonus, etc...
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27 / F / Mental Utopia
Posted 6/25/08
The magic seems rather pointless to me right now. I think you should make it go up more per magic point because right now I have lots of mana and only a really weak attack (compared to my normal attack) to do with it, which seems rather opposite of my goal to use it. If you want to, you can choose just one magic to enhance (eg. earth, fire, water, lightening) per point you add to the magic. That way, magic isn't overwhelmingly powerful all together, and you can have specialized "mages" in a way.


Strength 5 [+]
Vitality 5 [+]
Magic 5 [+]

*Click on [+] next to Magic*

Magic to enhance:

FIre 1 [+]
Water 1 [+]
Air 1 [+]
Lightening 1 [+]
Earth 1 [+]

*Clicks on Earth [+]*

*Eath goes from 0-1 to 1-2 or 1-1*

Whatever, I guess something like that. The ones up there next to the magic are the levels of that type of magic. You can probably figure the rest of the balancing yourselves, but I think you need to look into something for the magic, or its pointless.
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20 / M / Home
Posted 6/25/08
shinji,you have to make stronger the moment,my avatar is in lv7,and i can take down a lv10 monster easily.And every monster I fight can only give me 1 of damage in every of its attacks.
Posted 6/25/08 , edited 6/27/08
they're always smiling why?its so stupid oh and they're not even moving what is that?ohhh his/her hands arent bleeding when he/she holds the extreme ninja star...its supposed to be held in the middle!and ur always denying designs why do you deny the designs?

jesus shinji the guy above me is right their too weak make them o up to 10 levels higher im level 11 and i take down a level 14 enemy in less than 6 seconds

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